Recap: Arriving in 17th century England, The Doctor and his companions discover an alien ship has crash landed there!

Episode 3:

The headman of the village arrives, in the nick of time, to save Mace and The Doctor. But he has a wrist bracelet on and orders them locked in the harness room.

Nyssa rearranges furniture in the TARDIS.

Adric runs away from the house.

Tegan is outfitted with a control bracelet.

The Terileptil orders the headman to report – the bracelet allows him to hear the thoughts, but he is frustrated at the headman’s static-y mind. The headman does report that The Doctor has been taken prisoner.

Nyssa works on some contraption. Why she needed to bring a bed into the TARDIS control room is beyond me. She pushes the contraption into a bedroom in the TARDIS and has to sit down, as she’s tired. This is fascinating drama. Or something.

Tegan is enslaved by the control bracelet. She is given a case of the blue crystals (or maybe they’re vials?) The alien tells her to be careful not to drop them, or she’ll be dead within minutes.

Someone knocks on the TARDIS door. Nyssa opens the door, letting Adric in. He’s all panicky and whiny cuz The Doctor isn’t there.

Mace gets melodramatic in their cell. The headman and the poacher enter. The Doctor and Mace try to remove the headman’s bracelet, but he escapes out, leaving the poacher inside the cell. They remove the power pack from the poacher’s bracelet.

The headman recovers – it seems his power pack was removed. He talks to the villagers (most of which do not have control bracelets), telling them about the voice and vision in his head, ordering him to go after The Doctor.

The villagers realise that he was possessed; they decide that the prisoners are warlocks as well.

Nyssa works on the contraption. Adric wants to go look for The Doctor, but Nyssa argues that he should stay.

The Terileptil reports to others of his kind, saying the work is complete and will be delivered to London that evening. He tells them about the time travelers, but says they and their ship will soon be theirs.

Villagers find the TARDIS. They run off.

SlaveTegan puts the vials in secure cases.

The villagers in the miller’s barn/stable prepare to burn the prisoners.

The android breaks down the wall to the cell, then exits and attacks the villagers. The villagers think it is Death and flee.

Nyssa prepares to test the device (a sonic weapon of sorts) in the bedroom – she’s testing it there, hoping it won’t cause any damage to the TARDIS.

The Doctor and Mace are brought to the estate cellar, where Tegan is casing the vials. Mace points out that she is wearing a bracelet and The Doctor tries to reach out to her. Mace and The Doctor are brought before the Terileptil; Mace reacts, understandably, with fear.

The Doctor tells the Terileptil that he wanted to help him return to his planet; the Terileptil says he is not a fool and indicates the scarring. The Doctor says he understands that he’s been in prison, but doesn’t care about that (apparently that sort of scarring can only happen to a Terileptil in one place – “the Tinclavic mines of Raaga”.

Right. You can identify where he was imprisoned by the type of injury? I know The Doctor knows everything, and exposition is the way to tell the viewers what’s going on, but damn, that’s just clumsy and stupid.

The Terileptil points out that he is a fugitive – to return home would be death. The Doctor suggests a life on an uninhabited planet. The Terileptil is unwelcome to this proposition. He says he would rather use The Doctor’s ship instead.

We learn that there are two other Terileptils and they plan to kill the entirety of Earth’s population.

Adric fetches some components or tools for Nyssa. He frets and whines that he can’t help anyone and says he’s going to go look for The Doctor. Nyssa argues this again. However, Adric is stubborn and exits.

On the scanner, Nyssa watches as the villagers capture Adric. She starts to run out, but then stops and closes the doors, realising she couldn’t help.

The Doctor is shackled; the Terileptil says his mind would be too strong for a control bracelet.

Nyssa mopes and kicks her machine.

The Doctor is placed in a cell. Guess it’s the same one Tegan and Adric were in?

The vials are loaded aboard the miller’s cart by Tegan and Mace (who now wears a slave bracelet.) The Terileptil places a vial into a handheld device.

The Doctor lays out the content of his pockets – sonic screwdriver, power packs, safety pin, twine. He says one day he’ll set up a proper survival kit. The Terileptil, accompanied by Mace and Tegan, enters and catches him with the sonic screwdriver. He is told to drop it and the Terileptil SHOOTS THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER, DESTROYING IT!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!

I feel as though you’ve just killed an old friend,” The Doctor remarks.

The Terileptil says he is going to kill The Doctor, but first will show him how he plans to kill all the Earthlings. He has Tegan pull a cover off a cage, revealing rats inside. The alien activates the device he put the vial in and beams the rat.

He says they will spread a biologically re-engineered plague that will kill everyone.

He leaves Tegan and Mace in the cell with The Doctor. The Time Lord pleas with her not to open the cage, but she reaches over and begins to unfasten the cage door… and the credits roll.

Episode 4:

While pleading with Tegan, The Doctor discharges a power pack at Mace’s gun. The shock forces him to drop the weapon (though, I have to note, he carries two, so… yeah, more crappy writing) and The Doctor kicks it under the bed.

While Mace goes for it, The Doctor disengages the power pack on Mace’s bracelet, then struggles with Tegan, doing the same.

The Terileptil sends the android to find the TARDIS.

Adric is dragged off by the villagers.

There’s a fun bit of banter. The Doctor asks Tegan how she’s doing. She replies, “Groggy, sore and bad tempered!” The Doctor pauses a moment, the remarks, “Oh… almost your old self!”

Mace picks the lock on The Doctor’s shackles.

Nyssa hooks up the device. So, she was kicking it earlier for no good reason?

The Terileptil heads off in the miller’s cart, leaving instructions with the miller, who sets off to do them, though we didn’t hear what specifically.

Tegan questions whether the Terileptil was sincere about his threat to kill everyone. When The Doctor affirms that he was, Tegan says it’s monstrous. Yep, thanks for pointing that out. Great writing here.

Mace tries picking the door lock but The Doctor takes Mace’s gun and shoots the door, freeing them.

Nyssa puts on some big headphone/protectors and tests the device. Everything shakes. She smiles and turns it off.

The miller is in the control room and locks The Doctor and companions behind the walls. The Doctor rewires the switch to the door and the wall disappears. The miller goes to investigate and The Doctor and Mace pounce on him after Tegan distracts him. They remove his bracelet power pack.

The Doctor asks Tegan to look around and she mocks him, asking if he thinks they left a forwarding address. The Doctor almost loses his temper with her, but restrains himself. If I were The Doctor, there’d be two companions left behind after this story.

The android comes across the men dragging Adric along. Seeing the Grim Reaper, they run off. Adric hides behind a tree. The android walks off. Adric follows, hiding behind bushes. Yes, really.

Tegan and Mace try to read the Terileptil papers, to no avail. The Doctor deactivates the control panel, freeing the enslaved villagers. Tegan gets snarky. Yep, you can snark all you want for the rest of your life, in 17th century England, bitch.

Nyssa sees Adric causually walking towards the TARDIS, so she runs out. The android comes from behind the TARDIS. She runs back in, android at the door. Adric runs up and kicks the android. Android unleashes some robot fu on him, losing its grim reaper cloak the process.

The android enters the TARDIS. It fires a blast at the doorway inside, then enters the hall way. Nyssa activates the device. It enters the room and blasts the device, which seems to keep working. The android goes boom. Nyssa struggles to shut it off, but manages.

Adric, rubbing his neck, enters and sees the destruction and checks on Nyssa, who is “a little sad” for destroying “such a magnificent machine”. She goes to check on the TARDIS.

Again, Adric and Nyssa argue over going to find the others.

Mace raids the gun cabinet in the estate. The Doctor and Tegan are trying to find a way out – the window Adric slipped through has been sealed. They hear the sounds of the TARDIS, but it doesn’t appear.

Inside the TARDIS, Adric begins to panic. Nyssa cautions him to stay calm. She then theorises that the sonic booster did damage the ship.

In the house, the TARDIS flickers in and out of sight.

Try and think what The Doctor would do if he were here,” Nyssa says, trying to stay calm herself. Adric remarks that he’d probably get angry. Nyssa snarks. Adric thinks a moment, then exclaims, “Got it!” He strikes the console with his fist and it does the trick!

The TARDIS materialises. Tegan tells The Doctor he should “get this crate serviced, you know.” The Doctor is not exactly thankful to see the companions. He storms in as Mace and Tegan thank Adric.

Inside, Mace does the usual, “This isn’t possible” bit. You know, I would have enjoyed Mace as a companion.

The Doctor gets snarky with Adric. There’s a lot of snark going on.

The Terileptil has made it to London.

The Doctor uses a scanner to find an eletrical signal – something that wouldn’t be around in 17th century London. He lands the TARDIS in the street nearby.

Three Terileptils gather around the machine releasing soliton gas. The one from the estate says enough and they shut it down.

Seeing the miller’s cart outside a bakery, The Doctor and companions go inside. Adric stumbles and makes a noise, alerting the Terileptils in the next room. The Doctor arms himself with a torch and he and Mace enter the next room, seeing their old friend. They don’t see the other two hiding behind the partially opened door.

The terileptils attack. Mace shoots one, while The Doctor struggles with the other. The torch is dropped and starts a fire. The Terileptil’s gun, also dropped, explodes from the fire, but The Doctor realises this is going to happen and gets his companions out first.

The explosion sets fire to the rest of the bakery. Outside, The Doctor and companions throw the plague vials into the fire.

The Terileptils burn inside.

When The Doctor says he and his companions must leave, as their presence will lead to too many questions, he offers to take Mace somewhere. The highwayman declines, saying The Doctor’s life is too exciting. “I shall stay here and fight the fire. A much, much quieter occupation!”

Goodbyes are said, but The Doctor gives Mace the control chip from the Terileptil control panel. When Nyssa questions this, saying, “Won’t that confuse the archaeologists,” The Doctor gives her the shushing gesture and ushers her inside the TARDIS.

Tegan asks why they didn’t stay to help put out the fire; The Doctor says he has “a sneaking suspicion this fire should be allowed to run its course.” When Adric asks what he means, he only says that he’ll explain someday.

The last show shows a street sign ablaze. The sign reads “Pudding Lane”… and the final credits roll.

A quick Google search reveals that the Great Fire of London, which took place from September 2-5th in the year 1666, started in a bakery on Pudding Lane.

A decent serial, all in all. Not a great one, by any stretch, but far from horrible. Better than KINDA, certainly.