Good news, kids.  Your favourite Doctor Who blog is returning…

What?  This ISN’T your fave DW blog?

Well poopy on you!

Anyhow, THIS blog is soon returning.

Starting next year, that is to say, January, as in the month that starts tomorrow, I’ll have some posts about some of the Doctor Who audio plays I’ve listened to recently.  Some will even have links where you can listen to them for free!

How cool is that?

And then, most likely starting in February…

(drum roll, please)

The view and blog postings will continue where we left off!  That’s right, back to Season 19, the Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Adric, Nyssa!  This is happening (so long as the system holds up) and will begin NO LATER than February.  I’m going to take January to test things out and get ahead a bit before I post a schedule and a start date, but I assure you it will be no later than the first week of February.

Are you excited?  I am!