As you’ve likely heard of, if not actually heard, there are a buttload of Doctor Who radio plays/audio dramas by Big Finish.  These aren’t audio books, but actual multi-actor plays.  I’ve only just gotten into them in the past couple months, after only hearing about them the past few years.

One “series” that caught my attention was the DOCTOR WHO: UNBOUND.  Eight stories, each of them most assuredly NOT in canon.  (The canonicity of the Big Finish dramas is uncertain in general.  The BBC and the show’s overseers have not, that I’ve heard at least, addressed the matter.)  UNBOUND is a series of “What If?” scenarios, intentionally diverging from the actual stories.

Auld Mortality cover

The first is Auld Mortality – starring Geoffrey Bayldon as the First Doctor. Trust me, if you’ve seen any amount of British television, you’ve seen Mr Bayldon in something.  It’s interesting to note that he was offered the role of The Doctor twice, but turned it down.  He also appeared in a Tom Baker serial, too.

His co-star is Carole Ann Ford, reprising her role as The Doctor’s grand-daughter, Susan.

The premise of this UNBOUND is “What if The Doctor and Susan never left Gallifrey?”  There’s more to it than that, but that’s the short of it.  I won’t get spoilery, but let’s just say that there’s something sinister afoot, too.

It’s a fun story.  Light-hearted and touching.  I don’t know that it would be as enjoyable for the newer fans of the show, but the classic fans, especially those familiar with the First Doctor and Susan, most assuredly will enjoy this.

Also, if you’re thinking of buying it, consider this – it’s $4.99 to download (about $8 for the CD), but you can “subscribe” and get the entire eight stories from UNBOUND for $25 download (or approx $50 on CD).