Recap: Adric and The Doctor get into an argument; the boy wants to go home to E-Space. The Doctor, wanting to get away from Adric, lands the TARDIS on Earth, 26th century. In a cavern. Where androids are attacking the people there. And there’s a bomb, which The Doctor defuses. The Cybermen are behind it, but our heroes don’t know it yet. The time travelers and a group of Earthlings follow the signal to an Earth-bound space freighter. But the danger has just begun as The Doctor and Adric are found looming over some dead crewmen…

Episode 3:

Having ordered the alarm to be sounded, the captain complains about it. Ringway reports to the bridge that he’s caught some stowaways and ordered to bring them to the bridge.

The Cybermen identify The Doctor on their viewscreen; the Cyberleader says they must make sure The Doctor suffers for his crimes against them.

Tegan and Nyssa talk Lt Scott out of going out to find out what’s going on.

The Cyberleader orders for his personal guard to be activated.

The Doctor tries to explain they have nothing to do with the previous disappearances, much less the murders. While the captain interrogates he and Adric, a power surge alert comes on. She accuses The Doctor of it being his work.

Nyssa identifies a massive electromagnetic field nearby.

Cybermen, in large baggies, come to life.

The captain questions the story The Doctor and Adric just gave her about the bomb on Earth and the signal traced back here. Another power surge is detected.

Kyle and Scott argue that they should go out and investigate. Nyssa says they need to stay.

The bridge crew tracks down the power surge to hold number four. Apparently, this has happened several times before, but never quite so strong. The Doctor advises shutting down the main power line that hold is run off of. He says he doesn’t know who is behind it, but they’re up to something.

The Cyberleader’s personal guard is activated; he learns that the crew knows of the power drain and says they will take the ship at once, ordering the activation of others to continue.

The captain refuses the first officer’s suggestion to drop out of warp. She refuses not only based on losing her bonus and having to pay a fine if they’re late. Despite the first officer arguing, she continues to refuse.

Nyssa says the electromagnetic field has diminished and says it’s safe if they want to go out. Tegan tells Kyle to let her wear her overalls, since the professor isn’t going out. When Scott opens his mouth to protest, Nyssa has a great line, one perfect for dealing with Tegan, “Don’t bother to argue.”

Scott gives Nyssa a communicator. He then leads a group of his soldiers out.

Ringway oversees some crew moving crates.

Adric answers The Doctor’s earlier question of “Why a bomb,” saying that a missile would never get through Earth’s Red Alert status.

The security cameras start going on the blink. The captain alerts Ringway. He and his men take positions behind the crates they set up outside the hold.

The Cyberleader and his guard march through the hold.

Tegan whines how big the hold is, saying they’ll never find The Doctor.

The Cybermen show up on the security monitors and The Doctor is horrified to see them. The Cybermen engage in a Cyberfirefight with the crew. The Doctor urges the captain to recall her men.

Scott and Tegan and soldiers hear the blaster fire and set their weapons to kill.

I love the marching music that accompanies the Cybermen. I need to go back and check all previous ones, to see.

Ringway enters the bridge, ordering the captain to shut up, that he’s taking control of the bridge. It seems that he’s the mole working with them. The Doctor tells him that he knows the Cybermen quite well. The captain accuses Ringway of being a traitor (rightfully so), saying they must have paid him well.

I bet it isn’t in gold,” The Doctor says, going into a bit of exposition, reminding us that the Cybermen have a deathly allergic reaction to gold. Much of this is done for Adric’s benefit, as The Doctor tells him this directly. Ringway tells The Doctor, “When the time comes, killing you will be a joy.”

Adric tries to slip his academics badge off, but Ringway notices and grabs it. He sees that it’s made of gold. As Adric struggles with the traitor, The Doctor attacks Ringway, knocking him out. Verger, the first officer, shuts the blast doors to the bridge, stopping the Cybermen from entering.

The captain says the doors will hold until they get to Earth. “There’s only a few of them, the security boys can handle it.” The Doctor reminds her that this is an invasion force and there are more than a handful on board.

Adric asks how many of the silos are being transported to Earth. The captain answers fifteen thousand… and then stops, realising what that means. “No… it’s not possible!”

The Cybermen prepare to break through the bulkhead shields. The Cyberleader gives the order that The Doctor be taken alive.

Tegan and Scott and a handful of soldiers wander, apparently the only survivors. They search the bodies for Adric and The Doctor, not finding them. As they search, they see several Cybermen and hide, watching them from afar.

Ringway starts to recover; the captain has a great line. “I’ve just composed a rather nasty epitaph for him.”

Lt Scott points out that the ship crew had the same weapons they did and weren’t able to take down any of the silver creatures – he suggests direct combat is not the way to go. What, a military man in Doctor Who with a brain?

The Cybermen start cutting through the bridge door with a CyberThermalLance.

The Doctor attempts to stabilise the shield by tapping into the antimatter drive. There’s a clever bit of scientific swoggle, but you’ll have to watch the show.

The soldiers ambush the Cybermen guards. Both go down and Tegan rushes forward, grabbing the Cybergun and shooting the Cyberman, killing it. The other escapes.

As the shield door becomes soft (cuz a thermal lance just makes an entire surface soft, instead of cutting through it, apparently), the Cyberleader orders a Cyberman to Cyberpunch the door. The moment he does, the door becomes solid suddenly, with the Cyberman fused into it.

The Cyberleader says he anticipated this, saying The Doctor is a crafty opponent. The wounded Cyberman makes his way to them, crawling. The Cyberleader’s second says that according to Ringway, there were only ten crew, and all have been accounted for (killed, or stuck on the bridge.)

Then he has lied,” replies the Cyberleader. I love their logic. He then orders the activation of reinforcements.

Cybercharges are placed on the bridge door. They blow the door open, the explosion knocking The Doctor, Adric, the captain and Verger to the floor. By the time they get up, the Cybermen have entered and take them prisoner.

The Cyberleader approaches The Doctor, “So, we meet again, Doctor.” He gestures to one of his Cybermen, who approaches The Doctor with his Cybergun, but then turns and shoots Ringway. “He deceived us,” the Cyberleader explains.

The Cyberleader gloats about his plan to destroy Earth. For creatures with no emotions, they sure are a Cyberproud people, no?

Reactivation has commenced, and we get a montage of Cybermen escaping the silos, bursting out.

Scott, Tegan and soldiers hear the noises and investigate. They are surrounded by Cybermen and the humans scatter. We get another montage of marching Cybermen with marching music.

The Cyberleader Cybergloats, “My army awaits, Doctor!” We get a close up of our hero, who swallows, quite nervously… and the credits roll.

Another fantasic Cybercliffhanger. (And I Cyberpromise, I’m done with the Cyberoverkill.)

Episode 4:

The Cybermen begin tampering with the ship’s navigational systems. The captain and Verger protest, saying that if they mess with it while in warp drive, the ship could disintegrate.

The Cyberleader replies, “Your technology is primitive compared to ours, mistakes will not be made.” So perfectly Cybermen.

Tegan moves through a corridor, alone. Cybermen are seen moving about.

On the TARDIS scanner, Nyssa and Professor Kyle see the Cybermen and are shocked at the size of them.

Scott, reunited with several of his soldiers, look for Tegan.

The Doctor postulates that the ship is being turned into a flying bomb.

The Cyberleader reveals that the purpose of this attack is to take out the conference on Earth – the conference is a gathering to sign together a pact to unite against the Cybermen. The Cyberleader feels that destroying Earth will destroy any chance of unity. (I would think the opposite would be true.)

Scott calls Nyssa, telling her that they’re uninjured (so I guess none of the soldiers got killed, my bad) but they lost Tegan.

Tegan gets captured by Cybermen.

Scott leads his soldiers back to the TARDIS, but the Cybermen are on their tails and enter the ship. By concentrating their fire, they kill one and use a second’s gun against itself. Professor Kyle is killed in the chaos, however.

Tegan is brought to the bridge, and the reunion allows the Cyberleader to realise that the Time Lord has emotions and affection for Tegan. The Cyberleader says this is weakness, The Doctor disagrees. The Cyberleader gives the order to kill Tegan and when The Doctor protests, the Cyberleader calls off the order, saying he has power over The Doctor now.

Scott leads his men back out. Nyssa gets emotional with him, not wanting them to leave.

The Cyberleader gives the order to evacuate the ship, but says they’ll be leaving the crew behind. Two Cybermen are left behind to observe the crew on the bridge and keep them from trying to interfere with the controls.

Tegan and The Doctor are ordered to be brought to the TARDIS, but Adric must stay behind. The Cyberleader threatens Tegan’s life if they disobey. Adric argues for The Doctor to go, and The Doctor shakes hands with him, wishing him good luck.

Adric says goodbye to Tegan, “I’ll see you soon,” as she is pushed out by the Cybermen.

The Cyberleader gives orders for the Cyberfleet to meet him near Earth; he plans to go via the TARDIS to observe the ship’s impact with Earth.

Scott contacts Nyssa, saying that the “robot-things” have left the ship, but he hasn’t located The Doctor yet.

Adric asks if there’s a way to alter the course so that it misses Earth; the captain says they’ll have to deal with the two Cybermen first.

The Cyberleader receives confirmation from the fleet on his plan; after the impact, a small force will arrive to help him subdue any survivors.

Scott splits up his men.

The Doctor and Tegan enter the TARDIS, and they tell Nyssa that Adric is “safe… for the time being”. She’s startled when the two Cybermen enter behind them.

Scott and several soldiers enter the bridge, taking out the Cybermen on board.

The last of the Cybermen being reanimated exit their silos. I thought they were all gone?

In the TARDIS, the Cyberleader has The Doctor lock on to the freighter’s coordinates, so they will follow it to Earth. The Cyberleader sends his Cyberman to search the TARDIS.

Adric and the crew try to hack into the Cybermen control device. Adric starts working on the triple logic code lock. Scott, the captain and soldiers set up a barrier to prepare for a firefight against the other Cybermen (guessing those are the ones that just reanimated.)

Tegan begs The Doctor to do something. The Cyberleader says their plan will not fail. She throws a tantrum and almost turns the TARDIS sidewards.

Adric solves the first logic code. Trying to see what they can do, Verger makes the freighter jump time warps. So, it’s a time traveling ship, too? Why wasn’t this mentioned before? Pretty sure the Earthlings didn’t have time travel in the 26th century before.

The Cyberleader orders The Doctor to follow the ship.

When Verger says the ship is traveling backwards through time, the captain says it’s impossible. Adric says it’s not when, “You have an alien machine controling your ship.” Uh huh. Okay. That’s pretty fucking weak, even for Doctor Who.

The Doctor says he cannot follow the ship, it’s not on a fixed course. Even when the Cyberleader threatens Nyssa, he doesn’t budge.

Adric says if they can solve the last two logic codes they might be able to do something about their predicament.

The Doctor reveals that the ship is still heading towards Earth, so the danger remains. The Cyberleader is pleased. Tegan is horrified. The Cyberleader gloats that Earth “will never have existed as you know it.”

The ship comes out of warp drive as Adric solves the second code.

Despite The Doctor’s protestations earlier, they seem to have followed the ship again. The Cyberleader says to remain there, not get closer, to watch the impact from afar.

Adric hurriedly struggles with the computer, trying to solve the last logic code. The captain yells at him to hurry up, they’re abandoning ship. They argue, Scott eventually grabbing Adric and dragging him along into the lift, so they can get to the escape pod.

However, as the door shuts, Adric says, “Of course, that’s it,” and slips back into the bridge as the door shuts.

The TARDIS scanner shows an escape pod leaving the ship; the Cyberleader proclaims it is his guards leaving the ship before impact.

The Doctor announces that it may be of some interest to note they’ve traveled back “some sixty-five million years.” Tegan is too wrapped up in her self misery to get the hint, and says, “Big deal.” Nyssa has to educate her.

The Doctor gloats at the Cyberleader, saying the Earth is safe.

Adric continues to work with the computer, saying he must do it, he can do it. A wounded Cyberman crawls and staggers through the hallway to the bridge.

Scott contacts Nyssa via the communicator; he tells them they escaped but Adric is still on board. The Doctor solemnly pulls out Adric’s star from his pocket. Hiding it behind his back as the Cyberleader crushes the communicator, he tells him, “You’ve failed, Leader.”

The Cyberleader says The Doctor won’t be able to enjoy it, and levels his gun. Tegan grabs him from behind and the Cyberleader struggles, spinning around. The Doctor grabs him from behind and crushes the gold badge against the Cyberleader’s filtration unit. The Cyberleader lurches and cries out and fires randomly, hitting the TARDIS console. As he falls to his knees, The Doctor grabs the Cyberleader’s gun and shoots him with it.

Adric is perplexed; he says out loud, “There’s something missing… something I’ve forgotten.”

The Doctor rushes to work the TARDIS console, but says there’s too much damage.

Adric works the computer, but a wounded Cyberman staggers onto the bridge. As Adric realises the solution, the Cyberman shoots the device, but collapses to the floor, dying.

And now, I’ll never know if I was right,” Adric says, his face a mask of fear and regrets.

The Cyberleader’s companion returns to the console; Nyssa shouts to The Doctor, but he yells, “I must save Adric!” Nyssa grabs the Cyberleader’s blaster and kills the other Cyberman.

The three stop to look at the scanner as the ship impacts into Earth. Nyssa screams out Adric’s name.

There’s a close up of Adric before impact.

The Doctor closes the scanner as the girls embrace. He staggers away from the console, stunned. Tegan and Nyssa cry and embrace again.

The credits roll, in a unique way. No usual ending credits sequence, no music. Just silence, Adric’s smashed badge on black, and the credits rolling. This is the sole time the credits were ever run without music.

Powerful… but ultimately, Adric died for nothing. He didn’t die to save the day. Why not have him come up with a way to send the ship back in time on his own – his choice to stay and have to guide it back to a point where it would be safe to impact Earth? That would have given his death MEANING at least.

Other than that and some silly bits, this is one of my favourite serials. Sadly, it’s followed by one of the worst ones ever. Ugh, I’m dreading that.