I hate this serial with a passion. It’s just stupid.


Here we go.

Episode 1:

A supersonic flight makes its way to Heathrow airport. The Concord calls in to the airport for approach. The air traffic controller speaks to them, but suddenly their communication gets serious interference. The pilot doesn’t give acknowledgement and the controller reports it to his superior.

The radar signal becomes intermittent. Suddenly, it disappears from sight and on the radar as well!

In the the TARDIS console room, things are somber with The Doctor and companions. The Doctor says that the crew have been returned to their own time. Nyssa reports that the cyber-fleet have been dispersed. Tegan chastises them for ticking off their “shopping list” and reminds them that Adric is dead. She demands that The Doctor go back, but he refuses.

All three confess they will miss Adric greatly.

The Doctor decides to take them to the Great Exhibition of 1851 to cheer them up. When he activates the TARDIS, things go awry. They have to make an emergency materialisation when they’re drawn into the time flight path of the missing Concord.

The TARDIS shows up on the radar of Heathrow, in the air above Heathrow. The Doctor activates a “coordinate override”, and they disappear, appearing in the terminal.

The Doctor dashes out of the TARDIS, but Nyssa tries to assure Tegan that they’ll fit in, but Tegan tells Nyssa that police boxes “went out with flower power”. They follow him out, finding him lamenting the state of English Cricket, as airport security arrive.

In the main office, the controller and officials are discussing the missing airplane when they get a call about a police box in terminal one. While the controller briefs his superiors on what happened, the security head goes to terminal one.

Once there, he asks The Doctor if he’s responsible for the police box. The Doctor’s response is classic: “Well… I try to be.”

Security head insists The Doctor open the box. The Doctor insists that the man contact UNIT and gives his credentials and contact. When they contact UNIT, they clear him and recommend that the airport officials bring The Doctor into the fold regarding the disappearance.

The Doctor makes the connection between the aircraft and the turbulence they experienced earlier.

Another Concord is prepped to go up, carrying the TARDIS, to fly the same route, to determine if there is a time warp or not. The officials comply, though their disbelief is high.

Captain Stapley greets The Doctor and his companions and brings them aboard for take off. The Concord is cleared and takes off. (I always wanted to ride in one, sounded so neat.)

The Doctor makes a clever comment about the Concord being smaller on the inside than the outside. He and his companions enter the TARDIS once the plane is on the same approach.

Again, the same interference is heard by the air traffic control.

Nyssa says they’re time traveling, though Tegan remarks that the column isn’t moving. The Doctor confirms they’ve flown into the time corridor. He goes to the cockpit.

There, Captain Stapley tries to contact Heathrow, but The Doctor tells him that it’s pointless to try. Stapley tries again and receives a response, giving him clearance to land. The Doctor seems dismayed, the captain pleased.

The traffic controller and his superior lament the disappearance of another Concord.

The Concord lands and the captain and The Doctor exit. They appear to be at Heathrow! The girls depart, but Nyssa feels there’s something ‘unreal’. As they disembark, Nyssa looks over and sees some corpses, and screams. The others don’t see it, but The Doctor suspsects they’re under “perceptual induction”.

He makes them concentrate on their environment. As they do, things become fuzzy, the air colder, and suddenly the illusion is broken – they find themselves is a rocky wildland. The Doctor somehow knows they’re ~140,000,000 years in the past.

He does confirm they’re still at Heathrow, though in the Jurassic period. When they examine the landing gear, they see it was a harsh and violent landing. The captain realises that the crew and passengers from the other Concord must be nearby, but The Doctor says he hopes they find them before they, themselves, are found.

When the captain questions what he means, The Doctor says that someone is behind the illusion.

Tegan sees the other Concord and rushes to it. The Doctor cautions everyone to stay behind, but follows.

In a cave (or building?), a strange robed figure chants in front of a crystal ball. He crows that “All thing come to their appointed end, soon. Soon!”

The Doctor and Tegan see a strange building.

Nyssa, with the crew, senses danger and rushes off. The crew follow.

The robed man sends the passengers/crew from the first Concord on some task – it seems he has them enslaved/controlled.

The crew sees the M-4 highway; the captain and Nyssa remind them about the illusions. Nyssa doesn’t see it, and as they look, it fades.

The Doctor and Tegan find the remnants of a spaceship. He says it’s been there a long time. They return to their Concord, to find Nyssa and the crew gone.

The crew and Nyssa see a bunch of people moving the TARDIS; the captain’s co-pilot and navigator (Bilton and Scobie) see two crew they recognise from the other flight and rush over to talk to them. They seem to be under a spell, believing that they’re in New York.

When Bilton and Scobie try to stop them, strange creatures manifest about the co-pilot and navigator and disappear with them. The Doctor and Tegan show up and Captain Stanley tells him what just happened.

The robed man activates his crystal ball, and we see our heroes in it. He chants in some strange language. He gestures and suddenly, two of the creatures appear around The Doctor and surround him in foam… and the credits roll.

Okay, so far, not horrible. But the stupid part hasn’t come to be revealed yet. That was a decent cliffhanger. On to the next.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The Doctor is surrounded by a foamy substance. A strange voice within calls out to him, asking for help. Nyssa says not to interfere, and as they watch, the foamy substance fades, revealing The Doctor, who seems quite well.

He tells them that the creatures were Plasmatons, protein agglomerations assembled from the atmosphere. Nyssa interrupts his explanation to tell him that the TARDIS has been taken away.

Bilton and Scobie materialise in the room with the robed man. He grins and smiles (he’s green-ish skinned and portly and bald and moustachioed and has extra folds of skin and horrible teeth) and it’s not pleasant.

A bespectacled older man approaches The Doctor, Stapley, Nyssa and Tegan, asking if they’re from the other Concord. It seems he’s Professor Hayter, from the first Concord. He’s not under the spell of the illusion. They explain that they’re there to help. He is under the impression they’re in Siberia, trapped by the Russian.

The strange man sends his slaves to work; one of Stapley’s crew seems to be resisting the mental control, but the man chants at him again, enforcing the spell.

Hayter relates the story, saying he was able to resist the illusions, saying he’s an expert in hypnosis (this show loves hypnosis) and thus was able to resist. He suspects whomever is behind this is using ultrasonics, but he’s not sure who it is (I guess he was dissuaded of his assumption that it was the Soviets off camera.)

They ask the professor to show them to the “mausoleum”. Tegan reveals they’ve traveled back in time, which has not yet been revealed to the professor and he finds this hard to believe, but he agrees.

The robed man moves about the TARDIS, making elated, almost loving sounds. He tries to enter, but it is locked. An alarm goes off and he goes to the crystal ball, to see The Doctor and companions approaching. He changes and gestures.

The Doctor and companions see a great edifice, almost like an ancient temple (think Mayan or so and you’ll get the general idea.) Suddenly, Nyssa begins gasping and calls out for The Doctor. She’s having trouble breathing.

Suddenly, she begins speaking in another voice, warning them away from the temple, to return to their ship. She tells them to resist, but suddenly she is engulfed in the same manifestation that the Plasmatons put The Doctor in.

The Doctor leaves Tegan with Nyssa, to await he being free. He takes Stapley and Hayter with him to find the source of their troubles. They enter the temple, Hayter arguing every explanation The Doctor gives him. They explore, finding the trapped crew/passengers, including Bilton and Scobie, trying to open something (a ship?)

As Stapley and Hayter argue, The Doctor heads off on his own. When they release that he’s left them, Hayter says, “I don’t care what his qualifications are, if you ask me, this Doctor’s a lunatic!”

Stapley wins major points by regarding the older man and saying, with some snark, “I don’t believe I did.”

Faced with a fork in the hallway, The Doctor flips a coin. He doesn’t like the result, so he reverse the coin on his hand and takes that path. This leads him to the robed man’s crystal ball room and the TARDIS!

The Doctor approaches the TARDIS, but the conjurer, who introduces himself as Kalid, approaches him. Kalid claims to be a wizard from Arabia, who travels by the power of the spirit. The Doctor questions this, not believing it.

Kalid claims that his “familiar spirits” have informed him about The Doctor’s “cabinet”. The Doctor questions Kalid, demanding to know why he needs slaves when he has the Plasmatons.

Nyssa sleepily sits in the foam, and the voice whispers to her about resistance. Tegan stands watch, unaware of what Nyssa hears.

Looking rather like a madman, Kalid beckons to The Doctor, inviting him to approach the crystal ball. We see Nyssa and Tegan. As Kalid chants, it changes to a picture of Stapley and Hayter. The Doctor says it’s impressive, but his chanting is nothing but a trigger.

Stapley, urged by Hayter, tries to approach Bilton. Bilton seems they’re in Heathrow and is going through the pre-launch checklist. Suddenly, Stapley falls under the spell. Hayter snaps him out of it, bringing up The Doctor. Stapley does the same with Bilton, though it is Tegan’s name who snaps him out of it (I don’t blame him, hubba hubba.)

Kalid seems to feel that The Doctor and he will join forces and rule the universe together. The Doctor refuses. I imagine this bit is a big hint, no? The banter stops when Kalid gets an alarm from his crystal ball about Stapley and Hayter breaking others out of the control. He begins chanting.

Nyssa is freed from the foamy stuff. She collapses as Tegan watches.

As Stapley and Bilton try to snap others out, Plasmatons appear. Lots of them. Stapley and others try to escape, but they’re blocked off.

Nyssa tells Tegan that they have to go to the citadel, that The Doctor is in danger from Kalid.

The Plasmatons bring Stapley, Hayter, Bilton and Scobie to the control room. When they move against Kalid, a barrier surrounds them.

Nyssa seems to have a special intuition and leads Tegan to the citadel; they follow the path leading to the control room.

Kalid demands the key to the TARDIS, or he will harm the prisoners. The Doctor refuses. An alarm signals the girls in the corridor and Kalid chants.

Tegan and Nyssa turn a corner and find Adric! Nyssa says that it’s a trick. Adric says if they advance, it will kill him. Nyssa points out that Adric is wearing his badge, which was destroyed. The girls move on and Adric screams and fades.

The girls move deeper in, to the heart of the citadel; Kalid says not even he has been able to go so deep. More chanting. More stupid, stupid chanting. Ugh. So stupid and annoying.

The girls encounter the Melkur. Nyssa defies it and storms on.

The Doctor gloats, saying a power greater than Kalid’s is protecting them. Despite Kalid’s intentions, they make it to the inner sanctum. Again, Kalid demands the TARDIS key. Not cabinet, but TARDIS. Hmm. Kalid threatens to harm the prisoners again, but The Doctor says they’ve gotten good as resisting his sorcery.

Kalid summons a dangerous creature to threaten the captives. The Doctor continues to resist. Kalid demands the key.

Nyssa has a premonition about The Doctor and demands Tegan help her. Together, they lift a heavy item in the inner sanctum and use it to destroy what appears to the power source.

The creature disappears and Kalid falls to the ground, green ooze running out of his nose and mouth. Hayter says there must be some explanation for everything; when The Doctor says he won’t find what he’s looking for, Hayter crows when he does find it – in the altar, beneath the crystal ball, wiring.

Psychotronics, you call it, Doctor? I call it electronics,” the professor quips.

I don’t understand,” The Doctor says.

No, Doctor, you never do understand,” says a familiar voice from behind. Kalid stands up, laughing and removes his mask and robe to reveal… THE MASTER!

You never do,” he says, laughing, disrobing… and the credits roll. Okay, I have to admit – THAT would’ve been a great cliffhanger.

Yes, I know, I should be glad it’s The Master. I… well, let’s just wait till the follow up post. So far, it’s not as horrible as I recall. Maybe now that the stupid chanting and facade is over, it’ll be better than I remembered.