So, in response to my post about the first half of TIME-FLIGHT, my good friend Glenn Walker had a little story to share in the comments.  I thought this was a great little anecdote and deserved some more bandwidth, so I asked if I could share it in a post and he said yes.

If you like pop culture (especially comic books, movies, tv shows and music), then check out his pop culture blog – WELCOME TO HELL.  And if you’re a fan of things potato-ey, then by all means, get your butts over to FRENCH FRY DIARY.  Glenn is the mad genius behind both those blogs.  Also, he’s a good friend.

And now, Glenn’s story about TIME-FLIGHT…

I don’t really remember much about this one beyond it was at Heathrow and features the Concorde. The serial does however hold an important part in my memory.

When it first aired in the Philly area, the PBS station was stripping them weeknights at 11. A friend and I had gone over to The not-yet Bride’s house to watch it. I decided I was going to ask her out for the first time that night.

It was also the first time I met her father. Nearly three decades ago he was big, strong, and intimidating. He looked me in the eyes, said he’d heard about me, then shook my hand. He didn’t let go. And he squeezed until we all heard cracking noises. Then he let go.

That was the night we watched Time Flight. I didn’t ask her out for another two years.

In case you’re wondering, he did ask her out, she said yes, and they’re happily married and I’m pleased to count them both amongst my friends.