I recall very little from this, though I know the season, being the 20th anniversary, has a theme of villains from The Doctor’s past. I recall a bit more, but let’s let things play out first…

Episode 1:

We open on Gallifrey (we know it’s Gallifrey because of the robe worn by a figure.) It’s a dimly lit room (unusual for Gallifrey, usually they’re well lit) and ominous music is playing (not so unusual.) The figure rearranges some data crystals and a vortex appears… and within it…

Well, shit, so much for subtlety. It’s obviously Omega! He asks if the Time Lord has made his choice, and the robed Gallifrey says that he has, though it has not been easy. The choice is The Doctor. Omega agrees.

In the security chamber, a security circuit goes off. The security men replace the photon cell and pick up the transmission of one of the Time Lords’ bio-extract. They cut the signal and one of the men goes to report it, as this is high treason.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor tampers with stuff. He and Nyssa are repairing the audio link up for the scanner; they seem to be unconcerned about the lack of Tegan in their life.

We switch to a Dutch city. A couple youths are doing the hostel thing. One of them is on the phone and gets out of the booth as the other walks over; the latter sees a policeman and gets worried, but the other says they can’t get in that much trouble for a lost passport.

They discuss where to spend the night, but one of them has an idea.

Nyssa wants to do more repairs – the navigational system, the state of temporal grace, but he wants to retire for the evening, so to speak. As he leaves, Nyssa calls him back to the console room as some alert comes through.

Omega demands why the full bio-extract file wasn’t sent. The Gallifreyan says he will investigate and deal with it, if it was detected. Omega says they cannot put things off, the TARDIS is already under his control.

The Doctor sees they’re being drawn to some large magnetic force and hurries to change course to “anywhere, as long as it’s away from here!”

The youths find a place to stay, though one isn’t too thrilled. The other leads him (Colin) down into a mausoleum. Colin realises they’re in a crypt and gets all scaredy-cat. They choose an area that is dry and warm.

The security men confer – it was The Doctor’s bio-extract that was being transmitted (as we already knew). The one man reports that the Castellan is not treating this with great urgency and will see him tomorrow (a lax Castellan, what a shocker.) They discuss the fact that only a member of the High Council could have transmitted that data.

The younger departs, retiring for the night. Shortly after he goes, the silhouette of a Time Lord is seen entering the security chamber. The security man turns when the door opens and greets him, only to be shot by an impulse laser. The mysterious agent then sabotages their console.

Colin is teased by his friend for being fully dressed when about to slip into his sleeping bag, but Colin is too nervous. His friend gets him to “at least, take your boots off!”

The Time Lord reports to Omega that all is ready. When the Time Lord questions if this is the only way, he says it is – he can enter their dimension but cannot stay without some physical body to bond to. This doesn’t bode well for The Doctor.

In the TARDIS, Nyssa sees something approaching the TARDIS in space. The Doctor identifies it as extra-dimensional and they rush out of the console room down the corridor into the TARDIS.

The light passes into the console room, bending reality about it. It pursues them and they move in slow motion at first, then stop. The light arrives and we see the ghost form of Omega merge with The Doctor. Nyssa calls out as The Doctor collapses.

Colin is awoken by the sound of the TARDIS materialising. He wakes his buddy, who I think is named Robert, but I’m not sure. He doesn’t believe that Colin heard anything and goes back to sleep, but Colin goes to investigate.

Torch (that’s a flashlight, my fellow Americans) in hand, Colin enters the next room. He sees a doorway that wasn’t there before, and the door slides up. A brilliant light is behind it, from which exits a rather bizarre armoured form, looking like a humanoid dragon or something. The figure shoots Colin, who screams and disappears/is disintegrated/or something.

The Doctor wakes. I guess we’re not supposed to know it’s Omega yet, but I don’t know how any long-standing viewer of the show wouldn’t have recognised him. Nyssa says she thought he was taken over, and The Doctor says it attempted to do so.

When she brings up that the sensors detected that the creature was made of anti-matter, The Doctor seems worried but still doesn’t make the connection. Seriously?

Robert or whatever his name is wakes up, sees that Colin isn’t about, and goes looking for him. Again, the door opens, again the brilliant light, again the weird armoured figure. He dodges when the creature fires its raygun, which takes out a statue instead. He runs off.

A gathering of Time Lords are assembled. The Lord President is accessing the Matrix and confirms that the creature is powerful and formed of anti-matter. Several Time Lords begin to OH MY FUCKING GOD IT’S MICHAEL GOUGH! THIS IS SO COOL! I FORGOT HE HAD ANOTHER ROLE BESIDES THE CELESTIAL TOYMAKER IN DOCTOR WHO!! MY DAY IS MADE!!!! SQUEEEEEEE!

Ahem. Sorry. Yes, several Time Lords begin discussing the matter of extra-dimensional travel and anti-matter. One (played by Gough) asks if the Matrix knows the location of the creature, but it is revealed that the creature is shielded. It seems they are aware that The Doctor was the target of the creature, but not whom is trying to cross over.

Nyssa researches the TARDIS data bank, reading up on Q star energy (the energy shielding the creature) and identifies a location called the Arc of Infinity, which The Doctor says is how the creature crossed over.

Omega and his crony confer; the crony says he detects a weakness, but Omega says it is no concern of his.

The Doctor and Nyssa reason out that for the creature to have had a chance of bonding with him, it would have had had access to the bio-extract data from Gallifrey!

Colin’s friend sits outside, by himself, worried.

The young security station (Matrix station, perhaps?) operative, back in his workplace, is approached by a guard (played by Colin Baker, which I remembered he debuted on the show in this role), who gives him a data card, telling him to feed it into the Matrix. When he delays, the guard points out the Presidential Seal.

The man says he’ll have to get confirmation and the guard (Captain of the guard, I think) orders the two guards accompanying him to arrest the man. The man begs off, saying the order to recall a TARDIS is an unexpected one. He asks where the TARDIS should be recalled to, and the answer given is the security complex.

Suddenly, The Doctor’s TARDIS is rerouted to Gallifrey. He says it must be urgent, as it’s only been used once before.

Colin’s friend returns to the crypt/mausoleum, and hurried gets his shoes on and grabs his stuff. However, as he hurries, he sees Colin carrying a strange device. Colin is in a zombie-like state (not decaying or anything, but walking sluggishly, head at a tilt, blank-eyed, mouth open) and his friend rushes away, frightened.

The TARDIS is seen materialising and back at the Matrix/Security station, Commander Maxil (Colin Baker’s character) enters to ask about it. The operative confirms that it just arrived. He asks why Maxil is treating The Doctor like a criminal; Maxil says he’s just following orders.

Colin’s friend (whose name is Robin, just looked it up, yay Wikipedia) goes to the hostel and checks in. There’s a phone message waiting for Colin, his cousin is arriving the following day.

The Doctor and Nyssa exit the TARDIS. He tells Nyssa they’re in the Security Compound. The door is handprint operated but The Doctor sends Nyssa to get a kit to see if he can hack it. As he works, The Doctor informs Nyssa that he fears that the Time Lords have brought him back to kill him, rather than have to track the anti-matter creature down.

The security operative dude keys the door to open for them and they depart. One of the guards sees them in the corridors and calls it in. They narrowly escape some guards, only to run into Maxil, who shoots The Doctor. The Doctor collapses, guards grab Nyssa who calls out his name… and the credits roll.

Rather ironic, Colin Baker shooting the Fifth Doctor, what what? Decent cliffhanger, nothing extra-special, mind you, but decent.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

So, The Sixth Doctor shoots the Fifth… Nyssa and The Doctor are dragged away by guards.

Councillor Hedin (Gough) and the Castellan are discussing The Doctor. The latter complains that whenever The Doctor comes to Gallifrey, there is violence. Hedin has a wonderful line, “Perhaps it is we who should modify our behavior.”

Nyssa and The Doctor are escorted into the TARDIS. Maxil and his men enter and Maxil removes a component from the TARDIS console and tells her if they leave the TARDIS again they’ll be killed.

The Castellan is challenged by Lady Thalia about The Doctor and the way he’s been handled. The Castellan visits, instructing Maxil to be sure that The Doctor appears before the High Council when he’s recovered.

Robin waits at the airport for Colin’s cousin.

The Matrix/Security operator dude, I’m not sure whom/which he is, gets a report print out and takes it, folds it and leaves his station with it.

Robin meets Colin’s cousin – TEGAN!!! He says he’ll tell her what happened to Colin.

Maxil takes great pride in informing The Doctor that his men have orders to kill at the slightest provocation. The writers really don’t want us to like him, do they? They’re marched through the corridors, passing the guy from the Matrix station (that’s what I’m gonna call it until we find out a better definition, or even better, a name for the guy), who looks on, worriedly.

Tegan and Robin have coffee. She asks him when he last saw Colin. He’s reluctant to tell her the story.

Hedin greets The Doctor and Nyssa and introductions are made to the High Council. The Council brings up Romana when he complains that he would have returned on his own if asked.

The Castellan and Doctor begin arguing until President Borusa arrives. He greets The Doctor, “You, too, have regenerated!” I liked the previous Borusa better.

Upon hearing Robin’s story, Tegan remarks about it being the sort of story that The Doctor would love. We learn through her complaints that she’s lost her job – from that and her new haircut, I gather some time has passed for her. She tells Robin she’ll go to the police since he’s lost his passport and is afraid to do so.

Borusa is most concerned about the presence of an anti-matter creature in the matter universe, and rightfully so. The Doctor is most concerned that the creature must have had help from within the High Council. Thalia argues that it might be possible that the creature might have been able to do so on it’s own, without help from within.

Borusa orders The Doctor taken to the Security Compound to be held until the termination warrant is issued. Nyssa argues and yells, to no avail.

Tegan is irate, having been told “foreigners get themselves lost all the time” by the police. She decides they’ll have to look for him themselves.

Nyssa pleas to the Council, begging them to give The Doctor a chance. Borusa and the Castellan argues against this. Thalia asks what should they do – spare her friend and condemn “untold billions” to death.

Damon (yay, we have a name for the matrix operator dude) approaches The Doctor as Maxil and his men escort him back to the security compound. The guards prevent him from speaking to The Doctor, though he was able to palm off the print out to our hero.

Hedin argues for delaying the judgement. Nyssa storms off when the others say no. Borusa calls an end to the session.

Damon catches up with Nyssa and speaks to her, saying they need to talk, but somewhere private.

Hedin approaches the Castellan about The Doctor and Nyssa’s claims that someone must be a traitor.

Damon tells Nyssa that he passed off the report to The Doctor.

Omega gets a report that The Doctor is to be terminated; this pleases him and he asks his crony if all is ready and said unknown Time Lord confirms that the Matrix is ready.

Nyssa and Damon go to speak to Hedin, asking him if he can arrange a visit with The Doctor. Hedin says it will be difficult, but not impossible.

The Doctor checks the report and discovers it is a bio-extract scan.

Tegan and Robin go to the crypt.

Maxil leads Nyssa and Damon to the TARDIS, telling them to wait there. Damon tells Nyssa that he fears something is wrong – the Castellan gave in too easily, it’s too out of character.

Nyssa and Damon and The Doctor go for a walk in the TARDIS; Maxil tries to keep them in the console room so the Castellan can listen in via the device Maxil has placed under the console rim, but Damon points out that Hedin said they could have time alone with him. As they enter the hallway, The Doctor asks about Leela, who apparently Damon knows.

The Doctor confers with Damon and Nyssa, confirming their suspicions that there is a traitor. The Doctor asks Damon to see if he can find a new component for the TARDIS, “preferably one without a recall circuit”. Maxil interrupts before much more is said and The Doctor pretends that Nyssa was arguing for further appeals.

Robin and Tegan arrive at the crypt.

Nyssa and Damon go to his workstation where he looks up the coding on a Type Forty Time Rotor. Nyssa eyes some guns in a case.

Maxil reports to the Castellan, who gloats about The Doctor’s last requests, but Maxil reports there are none. The Castellan informs him that the warrant has been issued and that Maxil is blessed to see the destruction of a Time Lord, saying it has only happened once before.

Omega meets with his crony, who says that the council has been summoned to the place of termination.

We see Omega seated in a room that has walls like the TARDIS console room. The armoured creature is with him, as is Zombie Colin! He orders ZC to the controls and ZC obeys.

Damon and Nyssa hear the alarms sounding and he tells her it is the time of termination. She asks him to open the weapon case, saying he must assemble the time element and fit it to the TARDIS as soon as possible.

The Doctor is led through the corridors. Nyssa follows at a distance.

The council waits as The Doctor is brought before them. When The Doctor asks if the vote was unanimous it is revealed that Hedin voted against it, but he was the only dissenting vote. The Doctor thanks him and Hedin inclines his head in response.

Nyssa shoots the guards outside the chamber.

Reading the warrant, Borusa gives Maxil the right to carry out the judgement. The Doctor is brought forward, but just then Nyssa bursts in with the gun.

Omega gives ZC the order to align the equipment.

Nyssa orders The Doctor to her side. He argues. The Council are petition her to give up this folly, saying she, too, will die, and she cannot hope to escape, etc. She begs The Doctor to tell them about the bio-extract.

The Doctor approaches her and says they’re right, they cannot escape and they should do as the Lord President wants. Reluctantly, she gives up the gun. The Doctor takes it and hands it over, asking that they let Nyssa go free and do not punish her. Borusa agrees to this, for The Doctor’s sake.

The Doctor enters the termination chamber, which lowers about him.

ZC activates a booster terminal at the appointed time. He’s a good Zombie Colin.

The Doctor is surrounded by smoke and there’s a thrumming, then a bright light that causes the council to avert their eyes. Suddenly the image of Omega is overlaid and then both disappear.

Judgement has been carried out, Lord President,” Maxil announces. The camera zooms in on Nyssa’s face… and the credits roll.

And that’s the cliffhanger you get until later this week!