Recap: An anti-matter creature (who I recognise as Omega) tries to take over The Doctor’s body but fails. The Doctor is recalled to Gallifrey so they can kill him instead of having to hunt down the creature. Meanwhile, Tegan gets into some trouble on Earth, amazingly related to what’s going on. The Doctor is seemingly executed before our very eyes!!!

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

Nyssa cries out, “I hope you know what you have done,” as she dashes out.

In the Matrix, we see The Doctor floating. There’s evil laughter.

The Castellan orders Maxil to discreetly investigate the termination – they both felt it was less than expected.

Nyssa returns to the TARDIS; Damon has the ship ready but he sees that The Doctor was terminated.

Omega praises his crony, saying that The Doctor is weak, but he’ll live.

Maxil goes to Damon’s workstation and begins working the console. Omega’s crony watches this on a view screen.

Omega approaches The Doctor and gloats. We learn that only The Doctor’s mind is in the Matrix – his body is hidden in the termination area. He says that only he is keeping The Doctor alive.

Robin and Tegan enter where the boys slept. When they try to open the door to where Robin and Colin were attacked, they discover it is locked. Robin points out Colin’s gear is still there, so that must be proof that he’s still about. (What?)

The Doctor asks the mysterious figure (cuz we don’t know its Omega yet) why not approach the Time Lords directly. The Doctor realises he is known to the Time Lords. I’m sorry for spoiling it so early, but it’s so freaking obvious!!! HE LOOKS ALMOST THE SAME.

The Castellan is summoned to the workstation, where Maxil shows him how the circuit was rigged to cut out at the last moment. They realise that The Doctor is not dead. (What’s that? You thought the Castellan was the traitor? That’s what they wanted you to think!!)

Maxil informs the Castellan that the bio-extract was transmitted. All of this is observed by Omega’s crony, again via viewscreen.

Tegan collects Colin’s stuff, saying she doesn’t understand why they stayed there, when they hear strange noises.

Maxil collects Nyssa and Damon from the TARDIS.

Tegan and Robin hide; they see ZC come out, but Tegan holds Robin back from approaching him.

The Castellan questions Damon, accusing him of transmitting the bio-extract scan. Damon says he couldn’t, not without the codes. When Damon explains why he didn’t approach the Castellan about monitoring the transmission, the Castellan seems to accept this, but accuses him then of tampering with the termination chamber.

Nyssa discovers through this conversation that The Doctor is still alive.

Tegan follows Colin and is blasted by the strange armoured creature that serves Omega (and no, I don’t mean ZC.) Robin hears her scream and rushes in and meets the same fate.

The Doctor calls out to (the unknown) Omega, saying he wants to talk.

The Castellan sends Maxil to search for The Doctor. Maxil orders his men to be discreet.

Tegan and Robin recover in a strange room full of machinery/computers. Omega enters the room, telling them they won’t be harmed if they cooperate. Omega says her cousin serves him. When he orders Tegan to step forward and be scanned by his creature (he named it, think it’s the Ergon, but I’m not sure), she gets all riled up but obeys.

The creature scans her and Omega learns she is known to The Doctor. He says this is fortunate for both of them.

The crony reports to Omega that there is a full search for The Doctor. He urges that Omega release The Doctor and focus on transfer. Omega thinks he has a way to persuade The Doctor not to interfere. I see where he’s going with this.

Omega appears in the Matrix to offer The Doctor his freedom in exchange for his non-interference. When The Doctor says that he will do everything to stop him, Omega shows that he has Tegan.

The Castellan gives orders for the High Council to be brought to his office; he says he has the evidence he needs to prove that The Doctor and his accomplice plotted all of this.

The Doctor gives in, agreeing to behave in exchange for Tegan’s safety. He finds himself back in the termination chamber.

Tegan recovers, Robin asking her if she’s all right. She says she saw The Doctor. Omega enters, and returns ZC in appreciation for her assistance. ZC becomes Colin, recognises Tegan and passes out.

The other Council members, are brought to the Castellan’s office, where he explains that there is, in fact, a traitor who has helped The Doctor. He gives them the print outs they needed.

The Doctor tries to open the door to Damon’s station, but it’s locked. He struggles to recall the presidential code, from his (brief) time as President of the High Council. He does, as we hear the sound of marching boots closing in, and slips in, surprising Nyssa and Damon.

The Castellan has provided the Council with the proof – the Presidential codes were used to manipulate the Matrix and transmit The Doctor’s bio-extract, as well as to open the station door when Taylor, Damon’s workmate, was killed. The Castellan is convinced that the President and Doctor are working with this creature with intent of bringing the Arc of Infinity to Gallifrey.

The Doctor tells Nyssa they’re going to Earth, as that’s where the creature is, and Tegan, too.

Omega and his crony speak; Omega says he must use his influence with the President (what, you didn’t really think it was Borusa who was the traitor, did you? That’s just what the writers wanted you to think!!!) to hold up the council from acting.

When Omega thanks the Time Lord, his crony replies, “What we are, we owe to you.” Okay, so by now even someone not paying attention would have figured out it was Omega, right?

Omega fades from sight and we are SHOCKED, SHOCKED I SAY to see the traitor is Hedin!!! (Ok, not very shocked.)

Damon identifies that the Presidential codes were used in the transmission. The Doctor and Nyssa go to see the Lord President.

Hedin goes to see the Lord President; Maxil reports this to the Castellan, who contacts Thalia saying they must act immediately.

The Doctor and Nyssa have trouble with the guards. The Castellan orders Maxil to capture The Doctor posthaste, saying he needs him.

Hedin petitions the President to shut down the access to the Matrix. Borusa says access is guaranteed, except for in the gravest emergency. While Borusa argues, Hedin pulls a gun on him.

The Doctor and Nyssa enter and Hedin turns the gun on them. Nyssa throws down her gun. Hedin orders them to stand by Borusa. The Doctor tries to get him to talk, but he’s not in a chatty mood.

Hedin says nothing must interfere with transfer. He gets chatty and we finally learn that it is Omega! Hedin says Omega wants only to live amongst them. The Doctor argues that Omega is insane (well, first he argues that he’s dead, but that’s a stupid argument).

The Castellan and guards arrive; the Castellan still thinks the President is in cahoots and then decides to carry out the execution on The Doctor. When he fires his gun, Hedin jumps in the way, taking the blast himself.

Borusa yells at the Castellan, saying Hedin was the traitor. The Doctor asks Borusa to shut down the Matrix, but it’s too late – they look up at the Matrix screen and see Omega in it.

It’s too late… Omega controls the Matrix,” The Doctor announces… and the credits roll.

Excellent cliffhanger, that, and a generally excellent serial thus far.

Episode 4:

Omega is enraged to learn that Hedin is dead and disappears from the Matrix screen.

The Doctor says he must enter the Matrix to find out the exact location of Omega on Earth. Nyssa argues, fearing any retaliation against Tegan, but The Doctor yells at her to go to the TARDIS.

In the Matrix, The Doctor meets with Omega. He demands to speak with Tegan, who appears. She manages to tell The Doctor where they are before Omega breaks the connection. Omega tells The Doctor as long as he doesn’t work against him, she will remain unharmed.

Thalia suggests using a pulse loop to distract Omega from detecting The Doctor’s TARDIS leaving Gallifrey.

The Doctor reveals to Nyssa that Tegan is unharmed. The Time Lords activate the pulse loop and The Doctor activates his TARDIS. En route, The Doctor works on a device to disable Omega’s fusion booster. Nyssa calibrates a detector to scan for changes in anti-matter. Science!! (Or something.)

Suddenly, the pulse loop is destroyed. They hope it gave The Doctor enough time.

The TARDIS arrives in Amsterdam; he and Nyssa go looking for Tegan and company. They reference a phone directory, looking for “JHC”, a clue that Tegan gave her, but don’t have any money to make calls. They begin visiting hostels by foot looking for the one Tegan was staying at.

Damon announces that Omega’s transfer is imminent.

Omega writhes in his chair as the equipment make all sorts of noise.

At the hostel (that they randomly found), they get the hostess to hand over a letter Robin had left for Tegan if he didn’t meet her at the airport. It refers the crypt’s location. The Doctor and Nyssa run there, as we get cut scenes of Omega writhing and Robin and Colin and Tegan worrying in between the antics. It’s rather silly.

The Doctor and Nyssa heaad down the stairs, behind the fountain (as indicated by Tegan in the Matrix) and end up in the crypt. They hear the sounds of equipment and find the fusion booster.

The strangely armoured servitor of Omega exits his TARDIS and shoots at The Doctor, who managed to drop something and have to pick it up, avoiding being shot. They struggle and the creature drops the gun. Nyssa picks it up and shoots the creature.

Omega writhes and gasps and cry out.

The Doctor takes the Ergon’s gun and leads Nyssa into Omega’s TARDIS. (Why/how does Omega have a TARDIS if he was trapped in the experiment that gave the Time Lords their power to make TARDISes?)

Omega tries to transfer, but The Doctor has sabotaged the booster and things start going blooey.

After the booms stop, Omega rises. The Doctor says the bond is not complete. Omega removes his helmet to reveal The Doctor’s own face! The Doctor says that it is not permanent, but Omega says it is and he will not give up his matter form. He leaves, saying he will build a new TARDIS and go to Gallifrey.

The Doctor and Nyssa look for a matter converter. Tegan says she has to check on Colin, but when the Time Lord is ready to leave, she’s right with them.

Omega has killed a man and taken his clothes.

Tegan asks what happens if they don’t find Omega; The Doctor says it will be the “biggest explosion this part of the universe will ever have witnessed”. DRAMA!!!

Omega-Doctor comes across a musical carriage and watches with children and their parents. There’s a creeper moment with a little boy, not sure what that was supposed to be. He moves on and sees his matter body starting to decay.

There’s scenes of The Doctor and companions running about Amsterdam. Yes, more running about a city. It’s a thing in Doctor Who. Eventually, they hear screams and follow them.

On Gallifrey, the Council and Damon fret in Damon’s workstation. Zarak (or some such) says, “The Doctor won’t be able to contain it!”

The Castellan has a great response, “I’ve found it unwise to predict what The Doctor can or cannot do.”

Omega hides from The Doctor, but they manage to find him, well across a street. He runs off, they follow. This is compelling television, let me tell you. (Please wipe the extra sarcasm off your monitor, I do apologise.)

If this were a wrestling match, this is where the crowd would be chanting “Borrrrrrrring… borrrrrrring… borrrrrrrrring!”

FINALLY, they catch up with Omega-Doctor, on a pier or something. The Doctor asks why Omega couldn’t be content to survive as he was. Omega-Doctor says he wanted to come home, to rest, to find peace. “But it’s over now… ALL must die.”

The Doctor pulls out the gun. The matter converter gun, I guess. Omega says he doesn’t have the sack to use it (his words, not mine, don’t believe me, go watch… ok, maybe I embellished) and The Doctor says, “I can expel or destroy you, your choice.” Omega says that is worse than death, “If I am denied life, then all must perish!”

Omega-Doctor tries to will his own destruction and The Doctor is forced to use the gun on him. He blasts him and Omega-Doctor falls, screaming. He writhes on the ground until he fades and The Doctor pronounces, “It’s over.”

On Gallifrey, Damon announces that Omega has been destroyed. Borusa says he hopes that Omega found peace, at last.

As they think they’re telling her goodbye, because she has to go back to her job, Tegan announces that she got sacked so they’re stuck with her. The Doctor, not seeming terribly thrilled at this, says, “So it seems,”… and the credits roll.

This Doctor is a bit of a jerk when it comes to his companions at times, I’ve noticed. Anyhow, a rather fun serial. Like much of the original run, filled with some silliness, but outside of that, great fun.