I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to remember what this one is about. I know I’ve seen it. So, let’s find out!

Episode 1:

We open with an old man sitting in a desolate terrain; he appears to be sleeping, praying or meditating. We focus in on a blue gem hanging from around his neck.

Nyssa steps into the TARDIS console room, showing off a new outfit. In response, The Doctor announces, “We’re not where we’re supposed to be.” Like that’s ANYTHING unusual. He doesn’t know where they are. She keeps trying to get him to notice her outfit, but he doesn’t.

Tegan is seen sleeping in her room.

Nyssa consults a book about where they’ve arrived. The Doctor finally notices Nyssa change of outfit, but doesn’t compliment her on it. When Nyssa reads from the book, she mentions the planet was the former homeworld of the Sumaran Empire and this alarms the Time Lord. He demands to know who set the coordinates (it was he, of course.)

They realise that Tegan read the coordinates from a star chart for their journey.

Tegan is having dreams. It looks like she’s reliving her experiences from KINDA. Oh, joy. She wakes up screaming.

We see a blue gem (much like the one from the old man’s neck) mounted in a snake statue. In the room a bored man in robes descends a staircase. Another man, seemingly a guard, stands near the base of the stairs. The robed man approaches the table where the snake statue sits. He picks it up and reclines on a couch, examining the statue.

Nyssa asks Tegan what happened; she says she can’t remember her dream, but The Doctor picks up that it’s a recurring dream. Nyssa tries to console her that it was only a dream, but Tegan says it wasn’t just a dream and The Doctor believes her.

A woman, the bored youth’s mother, enters and says he needs to get dressed as they are to be shown the caves – it is expected as he is the Federator’s son. The youth is unimpressed by his mother’s explanation of his duties.

When she asks what is wrong, he says he’s bored.

In the console room, The Doctor asks Tegan where they are, since she chose the coordinates. Concentrating, Tegan is able to identify the system they are in, though she doesn’t know how she knows that. The Doctor throws the name Sumaran Empire at her, asking if she recognises that one. She seems… affected, albeit confused.

The youth whines about how it’s all nonsense, that “the Mara was destroyed 500 years ago, and we’re still celebrating it”. He questions that the ceremony held every ten years is just to reinforce that life is better under the Federation’s rule.

His mother says it is and brings up the legend of the return of the Mara. The boy says it’s all very good, but nonsense.

Nyssa questions why The Doctor is making such a big deal about Tegan’s dreams, but the Time Lord says it’s important. Tegan asks if she’s still possessed, if the Mara is still inside her. The Doctor admits that it’s a possibility, and he suspects the Mara is trying to take her over during her dreams and that’s why she gave the wrong coordinates.

The mother tells the boy about the snakedancers, saying they were the only ones who truly understood the Mara. She relates how they were taken to meet them, she and her husband in disguise, as it wasn’t an officially sanctioned trip. She describes the savage dwelling of the snakedancers.

A man enters, asking if they are ready. The mother says her son will be ready shortly. The boy asks about the statue, and the man says it’s a tribute to him in honor of him being deputised in his father’s name. It’s one of a pair, from the Middle Sumaran Empire period.

Tegan is hypnotised and The Doctor asks her where she is; she says Deva Loka, the world of the Kinda. The Doctor says she must go deeper within herself. She starts talking childishly, about being in her garden and telling lies. Seems she is six years old now. The Doctor urges her to go deeper, further, into the dream.

Adult Tegan resists, saying she mustn’t.

We see a bazaar, people milling about. A man calls out for people to face themselves, mentioning the Mara. Like a sideshow carny barker, he urges people to come to the hall of mirrors.

Tegan, still hypnotised, is outside the cave in her mind. The Doctor her urges to enter the cave mouth, the snake mouth. He tells her she’s safe, but she must go in and look. Reluctantly, she does. Suddenly, she shouts “Go away,” in a voice not her own and wakes up.

The Federator’s son is called over by the barker. When the barker realises whom he is addressing, he apologises and admits his hall is just trick mirrors that amuse people.

The Doctor and Nyssa speak of the voice; The Doctor, working on a device, says it was the Mara speaking through Tegan. He puts the device on Tegan, saying it will help her, prevent the Mara from taking her over. The Doctor says they must find the cave from her dream, saying it must be nearby.

The Federator’s son and wife are led to the snake mouth cave – ahah!

The Doctor and companions leave the TARDIS; Tegan is wearing the device, which includes ear phones. The Doctor tells Nyssa that Tegan cannot hear any sounds, so Nyssa must be her ears. When Nyssa says she’s awake, so why the concern, The Doctor says that dreams are constantly occurring in the mind. They set off.

In the caves, their guide gives them the history of the cave system. Lon, the Federator’s son, barely listens, instead calling out “Hello,” and listening to the echoes sound until his mother reprimands him… but even then he continues.

In the bazaar, Nyssa checks on Tegan, who seems rather out of it. We see through Tegan’s vision, which seems rather distorted – she’s almost out of it, it seems.

The guide shows Lon and his mother some pictograms. Lon asks the man’s opinion on the legend of the return, which the guide says is superstitious nonsense.

Outside the cave, Tegan freezes up – it’s the cave from her dream.

Lon mentions that Ambril (their guide)’s predecessor, Dojjen, believed in the legend. Lady Tanha (Lon’s mother) agrees and encourages Ambril to take them to the chamber of the Mara, deeper within.

Nyssa stays outside the cave with Tegan while The Doctor goes in.

In the chamber of the Mara, there is a great snake carved into the wall, but it is missing a blue crystal in its mouth. Lon asks where the crystal is, and Ambril says as the Director, it is in his safe-keeping.

The Doctor walks the caves, hearing Ambril’s lecturing about the history. Lady Tanha chastises him to be quiet, even if just briefly. She examines the snake, saying it is horrible. She seems unsettled and asks Ambril if the legend is just a story, but before the archaeologist/director/guide can answer, The Doctor enters and says it is not, but the guard attending Lady Tanha and her son grabs him.

A marketplace peddler approaches Nyssa and Tegan, as they sit outside the cave. He has little toy snakes on sticks, and this frightens Tegan, who runs off. Nyssa loses her in the bazaar.

Lon orders them to allow The Doctor to have his say before he is thrown out of the cave. The Doctor explains about Tegan and the Mara’s influence and Lon agrees to go meet Tegan.

Tegan runs through the bazaar, then collapses.

Outside the cave mouth, Lon is disappointed to find that this Tegan is gone.

A woman in the bazaar brought Tegan inside her abode and removes the device from her. Tegan says she shouldn’t remove it, though she cannot recall why. It turns out that the woman attending her is a fortune teller. She tells Tegan she’s a charlatan, but Tegan seems frightened by the crystal ball… suddenly, she speaks with the Mara’s voice and tells the woman to look into the ball.

Back in the TARDIS, Nyssa and The Doctor worry about Tegan – they had hoped she had returned there. The Doctor wonders why the Mara has made its return, why now.

The woman looks into her crystal ball and sees a snake skull and she screams as the crystal ball explodes and TeganMara laughs… and the credits roll.

I’m hoping this is better than KINDA, cuz I really did not like that one. So far, it’s not bad.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The Doctor says their answers are out there, as this is the Mara’s homeworld. They leave, Nyssa to scour the marketplace looking for Tegan, The Doctor to talk to Ambril for more about the Mara.

Tegan finds Nyssa in the bazaar, near the crowd outside the fortune teller’s hut. After watching Nyssa a few moments, she reveals herself to her. Tegan goes on about the woman screaming and screaming, what great fun it was. Nyssa remarks that she’s not wearing the anti-dream device.

When they bring out the woman, Tegan hides. Nyssa finally gets a clue that there’s something wrong with Tegan. Tegan seems to switch personalities, alternately asking Nyssa for help and then yelling at her to leave her be.

The Doctor goes to see Ambril, who thinks he is a crackpot/con man. The Doctor learns that tomorrow is the ceremony to commemorate the defeat of the Mara. The Doctor demands it be called off, and Ambril sarcastically says he will do so, immediately, and then orders for his assistant to show The Doctor out.

Nyssa searches the bazaar, but Tegan hides from her.

The Doctor tries to explain what’s going on; when he brings up Tegan’s dream, Ambril’s assistant reacts, saying it has to do with the legend of the return.

Tegan enters the hall of mirrors. I thought mirrors were the Mara’s bane… She plays around, observing her reflection. In one, her face is replaced by a snake skull.

Chela, the deputy to Ambril, is given leave to explain the legend to The Doctor; he says that the legend says the Mara was not destroyed by the Federation, but banished. According to the legend, it returns in a dream, to regain power over men, in the meeting of the minds in the blue crystal.

Ambril says it’s all hogwash and as the legend approaches any detail, it becomes more and more vague.

Looking for Tegan, Nyssa enters the fortune teller’s hut, finding the anti-dream device.

Ambril shows The Doctor a headdress called the “six faces of delusion”, but points out there are only five face in the headdress. He uses this to argue that “any legend that cannot count” shouldn’t be taken seriously. The Doctor urges him to put the headdress on and Ambril does so, revealing the sixth face – that of the wearer! This angers Ambril who shouts for him to get out.

Tegan argues with the Mara, asking how the mirrors do not repel it; the Mara points out there was a circle of mirrors on the Kinda world and there is no circle here. As she talks to herself, the barker enters, approaching stealthily. I imagine he only hears Tegan’s side of the conversation.

You’re divided against yourself, a stranger in your own mind,” the Mara tells Tegan. She turns to the reflection (the snake-skull-headed Tegan), who speaks to her. In the mirror, the reflection has the snake tattoo on her arm.

Chela gives The Doctor a small blue crystal, called a Little Mind’s Eye; he says it is used by the snakedancers in their rituals. He says the great crystal is named the Great Mind’s Eye. As Chela leaves, The Doctor calls out, asking who the snakedancers are. Everyone nearby stops talking and turns to regard him, shocked.

Apparently the barker heard both voices, as he commends Tegan on her performance and her ventriloquism. Tegan stands still, seemingly in some state or trance. He prattles on and he suggests they work together to make money.

The Doctor and Nyssa reunite; Nyssa tells her about Tegan’s behavior and gives him the anti-dream device.

TeganMara scoffs at the barker, saying he is not important, that there is only one who is.

Lady Tanha seems to be getting ready for some event; Lon says he’s not going and she says it’s just as well, as he’d likely spoil it. She says his behavior that morning was unforgivable. She leaves to go to the dinner they’ve been invited to.

The Doctor and Nyssa return to the chamber of the Mara. He says he wants to investigate the pictograms, telling her about the ceremony on the morrow.

Lady Tanha returns to beg her son to attend the party. He rolls over on his couch.

The Doctor and Nyssa examine the pictograms; they see one that seems to address the minds meeting in the great crystal, and keep looking for more clues.

Lon is visited by the barker, who says he’s been sent to fetch him, that he’s been summoned. Lon finds this to be a fascinating concept, that someone dare summon him.

Nyssa points out that the mouth of the snake in the wall seems to be fitted to hold a great crystal.

Lon is led to meet TeganMara at the hall of mirrors. Tegan offers him her hand, which has the Mara’s tattoo. He takes it, as if to kiss it in a gentlemanly fashion, but she links fingers with him and he screams.

The Doctor exclaims, “That’s it! The great crystal, the Great Mind’s Eye!” He dashes about, followed by a questioning Nyssa, saying the crystal focuses the mental energies on a part of the chamber. They find the spot where the crystal would focus the energies at, but it’s been scratched off.

He pulls the small crystal Chela gave him out of his pocket, regarding it. “I wonder,” he proclaims and dashes off.

Ambril explains how the Manussan civilisation disappeared overnight. She’s rather bored and hungry as he prattles on.

LonMara stands, laughing at his reflections in the trick mirrors. TeganMara yells at him to be silent and to follow him, and he does. The barker does, too.

Back in the TARDIS, The Doctor tells Nyssa to sit down on the floor as he does. He asks her to focus her thoughts on the small crystal, to see what happens, postulating that it would be of the same material as the great crystal.

TeganMara leads LonMara and the barker to chamber of the Mara; seeing the great crystal is gone, she demands to know where it is.

The Doctor adjusts the anti-dream device, putting it on and focusing on the small crystal.

TeganMara bares her arm tattoo and a secret door opens in the wall. The three enter.

Nyssa watches as The Doctor focuses on the crystal, wearing the anti-dream device.

Inside the secret chamber, the barker rushes in, picking up broken items off the ground.

The crystal glows in The Doctor’s hands. Nyssa is amazed.

The barker says the things are worth money. Lon is not impressed, but he wants to hear about the great crystal.

The Doctor says that the crystal has the property to change thought to energy. He postulates that the great crystal could even make thought into matter – and free the Mara from Tegan’s mind. He leaves to go warn Ambril.

Lon says he knows where the great crystal is… or at least he knows who knows where it is and how to persuade him.

The Doctor interrupts Ambril’s dinner party, demanding to know where the great crystal is, saying it is the medium that the Mara will return through. Ambril has his men drag The Doctor off.

TeganMara and LonMara decide the barker is no longer necessary. They join hands and demand that he looks at them. They both talk with the Mara’s voice and Tegan’s eyes glow red… and the credits roll.

A bit of a lackluster cliffhanger, that. But this serial is far superior to KINDA, thank goodness.