If this is the one I think it is, I’m very excited to see this one. Let’s find out.

Episode 1:


Several young men at a school admire a 1929 car – not a vehicle of the time period, it seems by their clothing and the discussion about the car being a classic. One of them, Turlough, is unimpressed, but coaxes his friend to go for a ride in it. Turlough gets behind the wheel and off they go as other student watch and cheer.

Turlough’s friend worries, begging Turlough to slow down, to turn back, etc, etc – Turlough seems to delight in his friend’s discomfort. Suddenly, another car comes down the road and they swerve, going off the road.

Turlough has an out of body experience… he sees the car wreck below, people gathered about. The Black Guardian appears, saying he’s a friend. He offers Turlough, whom is very unhappy in his life, the chance to leave Earth. When Turlough seems excited at the prospect, the Guardian says they will have to discuss terms first.

Back at the scen of the wreck, a doctor announces both boys are mostly unhurt. The owner of the car, Brigadier… LETHBRIDGE-STEWART!!! Squee! Flail!… complains that in all his years of soldiering, he’d never seen such destructive capability as he has seen here and now – he’s being melodramatic, of course.

Turlough is reticent to agree to the Guardian’s terms – in exchange for leaving Earth, Turlough will have to “kill one of the most evil creatures in the universe – he calls himself The Doctor!” Pressed for an answer, Turlough agrees as he’s sent back to Earth.

He awakes, to find the Brigadier and others about him.

In the TARDIS, Tegan, still frightened, asks The Doctor if she truly is free of the Mara. The Doctor assures her that she is. Nyssa arrives, wearing another new outfit, which again is unnoticed by The Doctor.

Tegan asks if she can go back to Earth, but before the discussion goes too far, the TARDIS starts having issues.

Back at school, Turlough is put to bed by a school matron. He finds a strange crystal on the table near his bed. She tells him it was found in his jacket. Just then, the headmaster (played by Angus MacKay, the first actor to portray Borusa back in THE DEADLY ASSASSIN) arrives to check on him. Turlough tries to put the blame off on the other boy, saying he wasn’t driving. The matron breaks up the conversation saying Turlough needs his rest and the adults depart. Turlough pulls out the crystal, which begins to glow – and he realises that the Guardian is real.

The Guardian’s voice then echoes, saying, “Waking or sleeping, I shall be with you until our business is concluded.”

The Doctor says there’s a chance that something is on a collision course with the TARDIS; on the scanner, a ship is seen heading straight towards them! The Doctor manages to materialise onto the ship just in time.

The Guardian tells Turlough that he must be patient and sends him to a nearby hill, to an obelisk, to await instructions.

The Brigadier confronts Ibbotson, the boy who rode with Turlough, as he leaves the headmaster’s office. Consulting with the headmaster, the Brig says that he’s sure Turlough is to blame. The headmaster seems to think otherwise. It comes up that Turlough’s parents are dead, that a solicitor in London is responsible for the lad.

Ibbotson checks in on Turlough, saying he’s worried about being expelled. Turlough claims he took all the blame, and jumps out of bed (grabbing his crystal) and heading off.

Tegan, Nyssa and The Doctor depart the TARDIS, examing the extravagantly decorated spaceship. Tegan first compares to it as the Queen Mary, but after finding nobody about, she changes it to the Mary Celeste.

As creepy music plays, they explore the ship. Nyssa remarks everything seems designed for pleasure.

Turlough and Ibbotson dash through the woods to the obelisk.

The Doctor finds a panel that reveals the ship has been in orbit for 3000 years.

At the obelisk, Turlough receives telepathic commands from the Guardian.

Nyssa finds a transmat terminal, still in transmat mode – it seems six years ago it was activated to send someone to Earth.

Following the instructions, Turlough deactivates a screen revealing a transmat capsule, which he recognises and identifies as such, mocking Ibbotson for not knowing what it is. He enters it as Ibbotson calls out for him to keep out of it. As it vanishes, Ibbotson dashes off.

Turlough arrives on the ship, at the very terminal The Doctor and companions had been out shortly before. He exits and approaches the control panel. The Guardian orders him to ignore the ship and go after The Doctor, but Turlough resists, saying he wants to go home – and he’s obviously not talking about Earth!

The Guardian appears, commanding that he will obey the terms of their agreement; Turlough seems to be under a compulsion now.

The Doctor and companions rush back to the TARDIS and enter.

Ibbotson returns to school, calling out to the Brig. He tells him what happened.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor cannot get the TARDIS to dematerialise.

The Brig and Ibbotson head to the obelisk; en route, the Brig chastises Ibbotson for saying a solid object could dematerialise – surely the Brig knows better?

In the TARDIS console room, The Doctor goes beneath the console, trying to sort things out. He exclaims, “I might have known,” and dashes out, followed by Tegan and Nyssa. They leave the door open, and Turlough enters.

They returns to the transmat room. The Doctor says that the capsule could be jamming the signal. He identifies that it’s 1983 on Earth, saying the capsule has been there since 1977. He wonders what it’s been up to, then dashes back to the TARDIS, where he finds Turlough inspecting the console.

The headmaster is informed that Turlough has gone missing. The matron says Ibbotson is missing as well, and she cannot get anyone to find the Brigadier, either.

Turlough plays off as being an Earth native, claiming he got there by mistake. The Doctor and Turlough take the capsule back to Earth, leaving the girls in the TARDIS. The Doctor tells them that once he shuts off the beam back on Earth, the TARDIS will follow through.

Tegan says she doesn’t trust Turlough, but Nyssa seems to think he was nice.

On Earth, The Doctor identifies the source of the beam.

The Black Guardian orders Turlough to destroy The Doctor; the boy hefts a large stone, sneaking up on the Time Lord, as he works on the beam. He lifts the stone up high… and the credits roll.

Oh noes!

Pretty good cliffhanger. And yay, Turlough! And the Brig!!! And the Black Guardian! Exciting!


Episode 2:

The Doctor finishes working on the beam machinery, but suddenly there’s an explosion, knocking both he and Turlough back, saving The Doctor from being attacked!

In the TARDIS console room, the column starts moving and Tegan remarks, “Here we go!”

The TARDIS appears but only ghostly, then it fades from sight. When The Doctor says something is wrong, Turlough slips up and asks a technical question that an Earthling from the 1980s (or any time in the next couple centuries) wouldn’t know. The Doctor doesn’t seem to notice.

The girls open the scanner, seeing the obelisk, but no Doctor or Turlough.

The Doctor tries to determine what’s gone wrong, and Turlough slips away to consult the crystal, but he hears only the Brigadier looking for him. Ibbotson starts going on about the transmat sphere, but the Brig shuts him up, asking where he’s been, what he’s been up to.

Turlough explains that he’s been with “The Doctor”, but the Brig thinks he means the school doctor. Turlough corrects him and points out our Time Lord, who recognises the Brig and addresses him by name. Of course, the Brig doesn’t recognise him and asks who he is.

The girls look around, hoping to find The Doctor. Suddenly, the transmat sphere appears and the door opens. Tegan and Nyssa go inside, finding a burnt man, who they assume is The Doctor. He wakes, asking where he is, gasping, asking for help. When they mention TARDIS, he seems to react to that and asks them to help him into it.

The Brig apologises, saying he doesn’t recall who The Doctor is (obviously, a proper explanation hasn’t been made), but says he has to get the boys back to school and leads them off. Grinning, The Doctor follows.

Tegan and Nyssa bring the person from the transmat sphere into the TARDIS console room. Nyssa runs off to get some blankets while Tegan tries to console him.

Back at school, The Doctor catches up to the Brigadier. He says he’s regenerated, which does nothing for the Brig’s memory, and neither does the mention of the TARDIS!!! Something is afoot!! When The Doctor mentions UNIT, the Brig is alarmed, saying they can’t talk about UNIT in public. He leads The Doctor to his quarters.

As they tend to the man from the sphere, they suddenly remember Turlough; Tegan rushes off to look for him while Nyssa tends to their patient.

The Doctor and Brig walk, the Time Lord quizzing him, asking if it’s an undercover operation, “I hardly expected to find you at a boy’s school.” The Brig is like stone, unresponsive.

The injured man tells Nyssa that stability was not achieved, before passing out. Tegan returns, saying there was no sign of Turlough. Nyssa posits that he may have been atomised.

At the Brig’s quarters (which The Doctor finds a bit disappointing), the Brig says he doesn’t know what the TARDIS is. The Doctor says he suspects the Brig’s memory loss and the TARDIS’ disappearance are related. The Brig has a great line about his memory, “After all, if I were suffering amnesia, I’d be the first to know, wouldn’t I?”

Tegan decides to go to the building (the school) they saw in the distance.

The Doctor asks about Sgt Benton and Harry Sullivan and Jo Grant and Sarah Jane and Liz Shaw – it’s the women’s names that seem to resonate deep in the Brig’s mind. The Doctor presses the issue, bringing up the Yeti as well.

We see some flashbacks – a young Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart, the Yeti, Cybermen, the Second Doctor, Daleks, the Third Doctor, the First, even the Fourth… and more.

The Brig snaps out of his reverie, turns to The Doctor, “Well, bless my soul… so you’ve done it again, Doctor!”

Tegan runs (it IS Doctor Who, after all) to the school.

The Doctor wonders what happened to make the Brig forget. At the suggestion of treatment, the Brig goes into a tirade, saying The Doctor has been talking to Doctor Runciman (the aforementioned school doctor) and rants about not going to the funny farm, being fit as a fiddle… then he quiets down, becomes apologetic. He says that according to Runciman, he had a “breakdown” some time ago.

Nyssa checks the scanner, looking out. The wounded man wakes and looks around, subtlely.

The Brig explains that he’s retired from the military, but grew bored with the quiet life, so got the job at the school, teaching math and performing other duties there.

Tegan finds a group of students and asks them where she can find a doctor.

The Doctor takes his leave, saying he needs to find his TARDIS, he’s worried about Nyssa and Tegan – the Brig says he knew a Tegan, but The Doctor says she’s after his time. The Brig proceeds to describe her, much to The Doctor’s surprise.

Tegan finds a younger looking Brigadier, explaining she’s looking for a doctor for her friend and possibly one of the students. He takes her inside, where she gives her full name.

The Doctor realises that it was his Tegan that he met – he tells the Brig that he needs him to recall every specific detail so that he can get in touch with them.

The headmaster is visiting Turlough, who’s in bed. He says now that the boy has explained everything, there’s nothing to worry about. Apparently, Turlough has told the headmaster the entire truth – being from another planet, the arrangement to kill The Doctor in exchange for a way home. The headmaster is taking it VERY calmly, and points out that the boy has quite the moral dilemma.

Turlough argues that he hopes that by separating The Doctor from his TARDIS he’s done enough to keep his part of the arrangement, but the headmaster says he can only put it in perspective, the final choice has to be Turlough’s. Turlough decides he’s going back on the deal, as nothing has been done for him.

The headmaster asks if that’s his final decision, if the boy is absolutely sure. When Turlough confirms, twice, the headmaster turns into the Black Guardian, “Waking or sleeping, you can never escape me, boy!” Turlough jumps up, trying to get out, but when he looks back, he sees his body still in bed, sleeping. He begs off, saying The Doctor is not as he said.

The Black Guardian says The Doctor’s good is his evil and he imposes his will upon the boy (again?), who takes a zombie-like attitude and slips back into bed, merging with his sleeping self.

Tegan tells the Brig about the student, Turlough; the Brig, being new, doesn’t remember the name but checks a roster book. He doesn’t find Turlough in the book. Tegan makes mention of coming down on the hill and the Brig thinks it’s a plane crash.

As he prepares to call the police, Tegan mentions the TARDIS, which catches the Brig’s attention. When she says that he won’t understand, he asks if her friend is The Doctor.

Turlough wakes from his sleep and dashes to the door, but it’s locked. He goes back and grabs the crystal, then starts tying sheets together.

The Doctor ponders the amount of coincidence in all the events, wondering if there’s some greater influence. He asks the Brig to focus, to try to recall more.

The Brig sends a boy to collect Doctor Runciman and bring him to the obelisk. He mentions the Queen’s Silver Jubilee to Tegan, who realises they’re in the wrong time!

The matron calls the Brig to inform him that Turlough has disappered again. We see the boy slip off. The Doctor and the Brig inspect his room, finding how he climbed out the window via the sheets. The Doctor says he’ll be heading back to the transmat sphere, hoping to repair it.

Tegan suddenly realises that the wounded man from the capsule is not The Doctor, if they’re in a different year than he was expecting.

(It’s obvious as they’re playing back what Tegan and the Brig are doing that The Doctor is being told the story by his Brig. He coaxes the Brig to continue – but it seems to be an effort for him to recall.)

Nyssa is outside the TARDIS, looking for Tegan, urging her to come on. She goes back into the TARDIS, to find the man she believes to be The Doctor walking. He speaks of regeneration, saying his mind is clouded. He tells her to prepare to leave at once, and when she brings up Tegan, he argues with her. Nyssa exits the TARDIS and he begins to rant, “The Time Lords abandoned us,” and that he, Mawdryn, will be a Time Lord.

Tegan and the Brig show up; Tegan says she doesn’t think it’s The Doctor inside, but Nyssa says it is, that the transmat induced regeneration. The Brig says not to worry, he’s seen it twice and heads in.

When he enters, he calls out, “Doctor,” and Mawdryn turns around, changed – his hair is longer and his brain is visible – the top of his skull is not there… and the credits roll.

Kinda a cool cliffhanger; I almost wish they’d not let us know it wasn’t The Doctor right away, though – kept the bits about The Doctor in the 1980s separate, focused solely on Tegan/Nyssa/younger Brig at first. Ah, well.