So, over on Twitter, I follow a couple DW actors (I’ll make a future post about them, their accounts, for anyone interested.)  One of them, Frazer Hines (who played Jamie, the Scottish highlander) retweeted a tweet from a gent named James Nicholls, who is doing a similar thing to this blog.

He’s basically watching one episode of the original show each day, a project that will take him 2.5 years to accomplish.  He started in 2011, so he’s most of the way done, I gather.

Anyhow, he (recently?) decided that if he was going to do this, may as well try to do something more with it.  So he’s getting people to sponsor him, much like you do for someone running a marathon to raise money for a charity.  So, I’m sharing his blog – Through The Vortex – and his fundraising page.

Instead of copying his idea, I ask that you consider contributing some money to his effort.  Enjoy this blog?  Then please show it by contributing.  Even just a small amount.