I don’t recall the specifics of this story, but I do believe I enjoyed this one – I know the next one is one I always enjoyed immensely.

Episode 1:

Turlough wanders the TARDIS corridors, arguing with the Black Guardian. He says Tegan doesn’t trust him. The BG instructs him to open a panel in the corridor, which he does. At BG’s behest, he operates some switches. BG instructs him to return to the console room. Tegan arrives shortly after he closes the panel, but it pops open while she’s accusing him of being “up to something”.

When he asks why she likes him, she says he’s unreliable. They argue. She ends up showing him to his room, despite his attempts to charm her. She takes him to Adric’s former room, where Turlough only offends her more by insulting the décor.

After she leaves, he slips off.

Tegan goes to Nyssa’s room, to complain.

Turlough sneaks to the console room and pulls out the BG’s crystal, which has repaired itself, to his surprise. BG appears and orders him to “concentrate, you have work to do!”

Nyssa is working on a project that Adric had originally helped her with; she says her computations aren’t as good as his and Tegan goes off to fetch Adric’s notes, “…before Turlough destroys them.”

Turlough removes some circuitry from beneath the TARDIS console. BG says he is touching the “heart of the TARDIS” and says to rip it free. When Turlough is worried about his own safety, BG assures him that he is ready to lift him to safety.

Tegan finds Turlough’s room empty and goes looking for him.

Alarms sound in the console room. He says the space-time element is stuck, but the Guardian says he can sense the break-up is beginning and urges him to continue. Turlough hears Tegan calling out his name.

Tegan comes across a field of… nothing? The TARDIS seems to be fading away and it’s spreading! She runs off, calling out The Doctor’s name.

Nyssa (wearing yet another outfit, though Tegan is still in her outfit from Amsterdamn, wonder why Sarah Sutton got to change outfits with each serial?) notices the effect in her room as well.

The Doctor comes and says they’re in trouble, but will explain later.

In the console room, Turlough has replaced the console panel just in time as The Doctor and Tegan arrive. Seeing the rotor is jammed, The Doctor pulls a safety cut out. Turlough inquires about Nyssa’s safety, and The Doctor uses the external scanner to try to see her, but the dimensional instability is all they see.

However, they are able to communicate with her through audio, telling her to stay back. Something seems to be in the pixelated mess, and Tegan sees it on the scanner (which now shows Nyssa, from behind, facing the effectd.)

An image of a skull forms in the pixellation, and then Nyssa’s equipment begins to explode. She screams and turns from the mess, but is instructed by The Doctdor to face it. A door appears, bearing the logo of the skull, and he urges her to enter, saying if she stays, she’ll die.

She does so, entering a ship or construct of some sort. In the console room, they hear a thrumming sound, but The Doctor isn’t sure what it is. Tegan points out that the door is closing and they rush to Nyssa’s room, where The Doctor throws a chair, which impedes the door from closing.

He explains that the TARDIS sought out the spacecraft, saying it’s a fail safe, that upon imminent break-up, the TARDIS will seek out another craft to latch on to. Tegan remarks, “You never mentioned it before,” and The Doctor replies, “Well, the script writers had never thought of it before.”

Okay, so he didn’t say that bit. Instead, he says, “Well, it never worked before.”

He passes through the partially-opened door, into the spacecraft. He instructs Tegan and Turlough to remain there as he goes to explore. Shortly thereafter, they hear a strange noise and Tegan enters to look for The Doctor, who is nowhere in sight.

(Companions listen so well.)

Back in Nyssa’s room, Turlough consults the BG’s crystal; the Guardian instructs Turlough to “follow and kill him!” When he passes through the door, it closes behind him, much to his dismay, eliciting a, “I wonder how THAT happened?!”

As he watches, the door fades from that side of the wall. Tegan, seeing this, says they have no choice.

The Doctor continues looking for Nyssa.

We see two ships linking up in space.

Nyssa wanders down the corridors on the ship. She turns around, hearing a strange noise.

Tegan and Turlough hear it, too, and rush in that direction.

Nyssa, hearing someone approaching, hides. The Doctor enters the area and finds her crouched. She inquires where they are and he suggests it might be an old passenger ship; when she asks about the skulls/scary faces painted everywhere, The Doctor makes a pithy comment about décor.

There’s an explosion and several people in space suits (but with their hands bare, hmm) enter. The space suits have huge clear bubbled heads, much larger than the human(oid) heads within. Very impractical. They bear blaster weapons and one woman instructs that the air seal be checked.

The breach in the hull has been sealed with some form of compound, possibly organic and is secure. That being checked, the man and woman head along the corridor, guns at the ready.

Tegan and Turlough are talki… no, they’re arguing. She says she heard Nyssa, he says it was her imagination. They round the corner and encounter a robot on treads. They quickly back away.

The two bubble heads enter the flight deck of the ship and remove their bubbles. She’s got 80s hair like you wouldn’t believe. Examining the controls, she says the ship is rigged on automatic, but wonders why there’s atmospheric controls activated, allowing them to breath without their bubbles. She says this is not what they were expecting from their briefing.

So what, we’re only here for the cargo,” is his response. She wonders if there’s going to be any cargo. She pulls out a device, presumably a communicator.

The Doctor and Nyssa discover the recently plugged up hull. She points out that the plug is soft.

The woman is contacting their ship to say it isn’t as described; they hear The Doctor and Nyssa approaching. They hide and level their guns at them when they enter.

Tegan and Turlough walk about. They’re not arguing. They hear someone cry out, “Help me!” Tegan says it’s Nyssa, but it doesn’t sound like her.

The raiders interrogate The Doctor and Nyssa, but suddenly see their ship take off. The woman tries to contact the ship, but there’s no response. Suddenly, an alarm flashes and blast shields rise over the windshield (dunno what else you call them on a spaceship.)

Tegan tries to get into the room where the woman calling out for help is. She sends Turlough off to find a pry bar (crow bar to my American brothers and sisters.) He slips off and tries to use the crystal, to no avail. He finds Nyssa’s notepad, which she dropped once entering the ship, and examines the wall, hoping to find the door, I’m presuming.

Tegan keeps calling for him, saying “it’s moving” and “hurry”. He says he’s on his way. Defeated at his attempt to locate the door, he wanders off, but hears the thrumming and turns about – the door has reappeared!

As Tegan gets the door open, many arms grab her from within. Turlough arrives and frees her from them, and the door shuts itself on those within. Turlough tells her he found the door back to the TARDIS, but we see it disappear just then.

The woman tells The Doctor she’s commandeering his ship. He says no and they level their blasters at him. He tells her she doesn’t have the position to demand, pointing out that the ship they’re on is performing docking maneuvers. She asks nicely and he agrees, if they put away their guns. They do.

Just then an automated voice announces that “all decks stand by, this is a special announcement from Terminus, Incorporated”. The Doctor says they should get out and all four of them run out.

We see a large… construct, a space station.

The computer voice announces docking procedures are complete. Passengers should disembark – anyone failing to disembark will be removed and “sterilisation procedures will then follow”. Tegan and Turlough, hearing this, see the doors around them start to open and the moaning people within trying to get out.

There is no return… this is Terminus,” the voice announces over the PA. The male raider knows where they are. When asked, he runs off instead, just as a mass of bedraggled passengers approach.

Tegan and Turlough go below a grate in the deck to avoid the mass of passengers.

The male raider shouts this is Terminus, where the lepers come to die, they’re on a leper ship. He all but screams, “We’re all going to dieeeeeeeee!!!”… and as the camera zooms in on a horrified Doctor, the credits roll.

Okay, THAT’S a stark, powerful cliffhanger. Yikes.

I don’t remember any of this thus far, but me likey. (Ok, that’s a lie, I do remember the bit about Turlough and the panel in the TARDIS.)

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The ship is seen docking with Terminus; I thought it already had?

The Doctor warns Nyssa not to let them touch her. The woman (Kari) moves to attack the “lazars” (lepers) after they pass, claiming she thought they were going to attack. The Doctor chastises her, saying they look to weak to do much of anything. He says he thinks Olvir (her fellow raider) has much to tell them.

Tegan and Turlough find themselves stuck beneath the grating. The begin crawling, but Tegan hits her head, knocking open a panel that reveals glowing green electronics. They crawl the other way.

At the flight deck, Kari reveals that they picked this ship because it was a big liner from a rich sector – the perfect target, or so they thought.

Tegan finds a ladder leading up out of the tunnel.

Nyssa is stricken, feeling weak, while looking for more computer “blocks” (cartridges) for The Doctor to search, hoping to find info about Terminus. She recovers and then finds Olvir.

BG threatens Turlough with “rewards for failure”.

The Doctor finds star charts. Nyssa tries to get Olvir to come talk to them, but he’s afraid of how Kari will react to his cowardice. He acquiesces and comes back to tell them that his sister died of Lazar’s Disease, she was brought to Terminus with the promise of a cure.

He tells them that it’s too late – they’re breathing in the disease already.

The Doctor is more interested in the fact that Terminus seems to be located at the exact center of the known universe.

Turlough catches up to Tegan, but they hear something/someone moving above them. A costumed figure in armour and robes passes by, then is greeted by the robot. He lifts his face plate and gives the order to the robot, “Sterilise!”

Tegan and Turlough exchange concerned glances and crawl off in a hurry.

Another figure in armour looms over some instrument panels. I remember this guy, for some reason! He takes off his helmet, revealing long hair, beak-nose and a moustachioed face. “What’s happening? Reading’s still climbing,” he says out loud as he inspects the instrumentation. He moves away, consulting his hand held unit, wandering across some hazard markings on the floor. Another man yells at him to stop, but Bor insists the readings are still climbing and he must find out why.

The other man rushes back to report to his superior, Eirak, that Bor has gone into the forbidden zone. When the leader refuses to send men after Bor, Valgard argues with Eirak, saying they cannot let Bor die. But Eirak points out they’re already dying, and this seems to quell Valgard’s vehemence. Eirak inquires if Bor said anything, and Valgard says he muttered something about the readings. “He’ll be back… when he gets hungry,” Eirak says, adding almost sarcastically, “He needs his hydromel.” Valgard turns from the leader as ominous music plays (the score, not in the actual scene.)

Man, I don’t remember what’s going on in this serial and I’m curious as hell – this is a great set up thus far.

Back on the liner, The Doctor pulls up a plan of the ship, which appears to be vast. The lights flicker and everyone ducks as Kari yells, “Everyone down!” The computer announces the beginning of Stage One Sterlisation, warning all unprotected personnel should leave immediately.

In the tunnels, fumes fill the area approaching Tegan and Turlough.

Nyssa pulls up a layout of the ship, saying they must split up as there are two possible routes.

Tegan and Turlough are lucky that most of the fumes bleed off.

Olvir is forced to stop as his companion, Nyssa, is falling ill. He tries to use his communicator, but gets the same static Kari did earlier. He says there must be an engine leak causing the interference.

The robot shows up, waving its many arms around as it beeps. This apparently is frightening, as Olvir asks Nyssa if she can walk. Nyssa says she feels as if she’s going to burst and starts shedding some of her clothing. When he touches her, he says she is contaminated.

The computer announces the beginning of Stage Two Sterilisation as Nyssa is dragged off by the robot. The voice says “All Lazars must comply with the drones.”

Valgard complains to the others about Eirak’s lack of compassion. They warn him that he has great power, but Valgard says his power lies solely in the control of the hydromel. The drone brings Nyssa to them and they remark that she’s in better condition than most.

Nyssa tries to explain she’s not a Lazar; Valgard is surprised that she’s even talking. He scoffs when she asks if they’re doctors and says they’re more like baggage handlers.

He explains she’ll be taken to the Garm, “…then after… who knows, nobody’s ever come back from a meeting with him.”

One of the armoured men fetches a supply of green tubes; he takes one, and slides it into an opening on his armour. He gets an euphoric demanor and murmurs, “Bittersweet taste of life.”

Nyssa makes an attempt for escape, knocking down Valgard, but is caught by the man bringing back the hydromel (the green tubes). Olvir watches from hiding as they take Nyssa down an elevator.

The Doctor and Kari wander the halls, apparently lost. He’s frantic, saying they couldn’t have missed the spot, there was a book on the floor (that was moved by Turlough, remember?) He tells Kari to contact Olvir after finding Nyssa’s skirt that she shed before being grabbed by the drone.

Turlough hears The Doctor’s voice as he and Tegan crawl through more tunnel space.

Lazars are herded through a passageway. Eirak, distinguished from his subordinates by his red cloak, is bullying the Lazars, shoving them for no apparent reason. When Valgard and the other bring Nyssa down, Eirak sends Valgard to inform the Garm about Bor going in the Forbidden Zone.

Valgard enters another chamber, gestures in front of a machine and waits. Shortly thereafter, a large humanoid with a wolf-like head appears. Valgard addresses him, explaining that one of the Vanir (oh ho, no wonder I liked this serial so much) has gone into the Forbiddne Zone, saying that if he dies, they require his body back. The Garm bows, never speaking, to acknowledge his understanding and departs.

The Doctor finds blood on the floor. Kari tries her communicator again, to no avail. They hear Tegan and Turlough calling The Doctor, but when Stage Two begins, the mist forces The Doctor and Kari to retreat.

Nyssa is in a room full of moaning, groaning Lazars.

Olvir sneaks past one of the Vanir.

The Doctor and Kari barely make it through a lowering bulkhead. Valgard hears their approach on the catwalk above him. The Doctor stops, regarding the room below, musing, “the center of the universe.” Valgar, below them, dons his helmet and walks along.

Turlough and Tegan are still in the access tunnels. I guess this is a friendship building bit, so that Turlough’s betrayal, when revealed, will bit more hurtful to Tegan? He breaks off a bar in a grate barring their progress.

As they enter the chamber where the Garm was summoned, The Doctor asks if she thought if the star charts on the liner were accurate, but before Kari can answer completely, Valgard grabs her from behind. The Doctor demands he let her go, which he does.

Valgard then says, “Now it’s your turn… only you, I’m going to kill,” and he does a fake swing with his staff (looked more like a botched move in the choreography of the fight – and yes, I know they never had good fights in Classic Who) and grabs ahold of The Doctor with both hands, choking… and the credits roll.

A compelling enough cliffhanger, but lacking compared to the previous. Ah well.