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Oh, I remember many bits and pieces about this one. I recall really, REALLY liking this one.

Episode 1:

Turlough sits at a chessboard in the TARDIS console room (something we haven’t seen since Tom Baker days – chess, that is), waiting for Tegan’s move. She’s assisting The Doctor as he inspects the underside of the console. He announces there isn’t a leak, but rather their loss of power is attributed to it being tapped, though he doesn’t know how.

When Turlough tells Tegan it was her move, a ghostly voice repeats “move”. The Doctor hears it, but seemingly his companions don’t. It also repeats “power”, which again only he hears. When he says it must be his imagination, the lights grow very dim.

There IS something going on,” Turlough says, stating the obvious.

The Doctor realises it’s a message – move, power – “Turn up the power!” And he does so, while Tegan argues. The Doctor runs down the corridor, calling out, saying they’re giving more power. Tegan and Turlough seem to wonder if he’s lost his mind.

The Doctor says, “We’re giving you everything we’ve got. It IS you, isn’t it?” In response, a ghostly figure manifests and is speaking, but nothing can be heard. Partial phrases, “Power at risk… extreme danger… I repeat, danger, danger, danger…” as the figure fades. I know who it is, but I won’t reveal just yet, until it is done so in story. (Savvy viewers would likely guess, but we haven’t seen this character since the Tom Baker era and he isn’t wearing the same dress or being played by the same actor, so…)

The TARDIS console is smoking, Turlough worries they’re going to blow up, but The Doctor yells for them to continue the output. The figure appears again, speaking, giving some coordinates, instructing him to go immediately and not to allow… but the sentence is incomplete. He replies, “death… death… death…”

Just then, the Black Guardian appears next to the White Guardian, boasting how it is too late, that The Doctor’s destiny is in his hands and soon the Time Lord will be dead. BG laughs evilly and both Guardians disappear.

Turlough turns down the power, afraid it was going to blow. The Doctor chastises him. Tegan asks whom The Doctor was talking to and when he replies, “The White Guardian,” Turlough (who has returned to the chessboard) reacts strongly.

The Doctor enters the coordinates while Tegan nags him, despite him already telling her he doesn’t have time for her questioning. Suddenly, the TARDIS shifts, throwing everyone around, and they’ve arrived.

Instruments reveal that the air is breathable (something we haven’t seen them do in story in some time, though it’s not necessary to show it every time) and The Doctor sends Turlough for two torches, telling Tegan he wants her to stay in case the White Guardian tries to make contact again.

There’s more arguing between Tegan and Turlough over his returning to the TARDIS during the Terminus adventure.

They exit the TARDIS, to find themselves in a building with wooden floors; between the rocking, the sound of rats and a tarred rope, they deduce they’re in the hold of a sailing ship.

They hide as a crewman comes down to check the stores. They note that the man seemed to be hypnotised.

Tegan puts up the chessboard, not seeing two hands and a face in the scanner. The Guardian’s voice echoes, “More… more… more…” She turns up the power, as the face watches her (she’s still unaware and has her back to the scanner.) The White Guardian appears, his words incomplete, “…must not win. Tell The Doctor. Winner takes all… all… all…”

Suddenly the console sparks and smokes and the Guardian fades. Tegan suddenly sees the face in the scanner and asks who he is, wondering if he’s the White Guardian. He doesn’t reply, only smiles, then seems to fall, crying out as he does so.

Turlough and The Doctor enter a room full of crewmen playing cards. Their uniforms are historical, white with the blue kerchiefs. The men turn and regard the newcomers with some suspicion.

Tegan exits the TARDIS, looking for the man from the scanner.

The Doctor tells Turlough to pretend they’ve just joined the crew. He picks up a newspaper, which identifies them in Edwardian England. Turlough is less than delighted to find out they’re back on Earth. The crew seems to be sizing them up, The Doctor tells Turlough – after all, they might be cooped up together for months. Again, Turlough is horrified at the prospect.

Turlough argues for going back to the TARDIS, but The Doctor insists they stay.

Tegan wanders the hold, shining her light on a footlocker with the name STRIKER on it. She calls out again, trying to find the man she saw.

Finally, one of the crew approaches The Doctor, grabbing the paper from him. He introduces himself as Jackson. When The Doctor makes introductions, everyone is glad to hear that “The Doctor is aboard” (though, likely they think that A doctor is aboard.)

However, despite the many times this has happened over the years, The Doctor thinks it is HE they have been expecting/waiting for.

Tegan is hiding behind the lockers. Not sure what from, though.

Ahah, I’m only half right. Apparently, “the doctor” is the term for the “ship’s cook”, and the men are glad to hear they’ll get some proper food. Turlough laughs at The Doctor’s dismay.

A man leaves the hold, but we never see him forward on. Tegan turns around to find the man from the scanner. He says she’s a stowaway and he should put her in irons and she runs from him as he calls out, “Where are you, where are you?” He seems to be infatuated with her – that’s the general vibe from his expression on the scanner and here now.

The crew tells The Doctor they’ve been below decks for two days. Understandably, The Doctor finds this very odd.

Creepy stalker officer dude stalks Tegan. She strikes him and he collapses.

Jackson makes introductions to the rest of the crew. The Doctor asks if they came aboard together, but they don’t remember. The Doctor jests about celebrating too much for their last day ashore, but it’s pointed out that Jackson doesn’t drink, “I signed a pledge and I haven’t touched a drop since.”

The Doctor is very intrigued by the mystery that none of them can remember coming aboard the ship.

Tegan encounters Creepy Stalker office dude, everywhere she turns. She finally gives in and allows him to escort her.

The crew reveals they’ve been hired on for a race; they’ve been paid a month’s wages in advance and say that the captain isn’t a tightwad.

Officer dude offers to help Tegan find the two friends she’s looking for. She asks what he’s done with them, but he says he hasn’t met them yet, but she could take her to them. She’s very squicked out by him, but he’s very polite and asks her not to try to run away again.

The crew debates the best typ of racing ship. They give Turlough a hard time for bringing up “flying ships”. The Doctor seems bothered by something, but doesn’t interrupt. An officer arrives to escort The Doctor elsewhere, but he doesn’t allow Turlough to come.

The crew tells Turlough that he’s likely been taken to meet the First Mate, or perhaps the captain. When he asks if The Doctor will be all right, Jackson replies, “Who can tell?”

The Doctor is led into a stateroom, where Tegan is waiting. He is irate, briefly, but also relieved that she is well. She tells him about the White Guardian, his insistence about the race not being won by someone. And “winner takes all”. The Doctor shares that he’s been with the crew and she tells him about the strange officer.

Just then, Captain Striker enters and introduces himself, accompanied by two other officers. Striker knows their names already.

The crew tells Turlough that the officers are a funny lot and they’ve not even met the captain – it was the first mate who signed them all on. Turlough seems to have ingratiated himself into their company fairly well. He tries to find out about the race, the finish. The boat rocks and they say the winds have begun to freshen.

In the stateroom, a drink tips and spills and breaks. Mr Mariner, the first mate (and Tegan’s creepy admirer) arrives to announce the wind is picking up. He responds that the crew are being readied, and the captain calls a sudden end to dinner. Mariner is instructed to see to Tegan, and he offers her his arm, saying he’ll take her to the wheelhouse.

The Doctor is left behind to finish eating his meal and then he departs as well.

The crewmen rush out of the room, telling Turlough the signal for grog rations has been blown on the whistles. Jackson, who doesn’t drink, is the only one who stays behind with Turlough. He compliments Turlough for “keeping a clear head,” and then drags him off to go aloft.

The Doctor hides from an onrush of crewmen; Turlough calls ahead that he’ll catch up and reunites with The Doctor, who tells him he wants to find Tegan, and they set off to find the wheelhouse. Turlough tells The Doctor that the crew doesn’t know very much about the race and asks, again, if they can return to the TARDIS.

The Doctor replies they can, once they find Tegan. Just then, they hear a scream from the deck above.

Tegan, accompanied by First Mate Mariner, stops when she hears the same scream. She asks what that was, and Mariner’s reply is mysterious, “One of the crew going aloft. Sometimes it affects them that way, especially if it’s their first time.” Dum dum dum!!

(Man, I love this story so much.)

She thinks he means they’re sending completely untrained people to work the ship; his response is a callous, “they’ll soon to get used to it.” He leads her off, but she stops, seeing wet suits on a rack in the hall. She wonders, out loud, “What are wet suits doing on an Edwardian sailing ship?” Mariner beckons her to follow, and they enter the wheelhouse.

She remarks it’s dark outside and Mariner replies, “Isn’t it always dark?” Tegan replies she expected it to be daylight. The Doctor and Turlough arrive just then, and she asks if they saw the “underwater gear, like scuba sets”, which they had not.

Spying some charts, they approach, hoping to find out where they are, but Turlough remarks that the maps make no sense. Tegan says it looks like marker buoys, but The Doctor says, “They’re considerably more than that.” It’s obvious he has realised what’s going on, though his companions have not.

The captain instructs the first mate that he wants to “look at our competitors”; Mariner opens a panel, revealing a bank of electronics, and starts pressing buttons and flipping toggles. Tegan is stunned to see electronics.

A viewscreen slides open, showing sailing craft floating in darkness. “Look at the screen,” The Doctor says. “We’re not on a yacht. We’re in a ship. A spaceship,”… and the credits roll.

Now THAT is a proper cliffhanger.

I’m having so much fun reliving this one. This has always been one of my fave serials!

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

Turlough wonders what the point of it is. Tegan says it’s like a game. Turlough remarks that the crew are all humans, but The Doctor wonders about the officers.

Tegan, overwhelmed, feels ill and is escorted to a room to relax. The Doctor protests, but Turlough calms him down, saying nobody’s threatened them. “Yet,” the Time Lord remarks.

Returning the charts, Turlough and The Doctor realise they’re in Earth’s solar system. Speaking in hushed tones, The Doctor instructs Turlough to go check on Tegan while he tries to find out more.

The captain seems to hear all this and tells him they’re guests and can come and go as they please.

Mariner gives Tegan something to drink, but she declines. He takes a sip, to show her it is safe and she gives in and drinks the rest.

Turlough is barred access to the deck; the officer doing so tells him that he would be in the way of the crew. He is startled to discover that the ship is equipped with the full rigging of a Earth water vessel of its type. As Turlough wanders off, the officer tells him that Tegan’s cabin can be found on the starboard side (though he never voiced his desire to find her.)

Mariner helps Tegan into bed; she is drowsy from the drink. He departs, saying he must return to the wheelhouse as they are approaching the next marker buoy.

As they approach Venus, the captain shows The Doctor the Greek ship, saying its captain is the only threat to his winning the race. The viewscreen shows the Greek captain and The Doctor notes he’s wearing a ring that appears to be 17th century Spanish – the only piece out of place in the Greek captain’s ensemble or ship.

When he asks why, Captain Striker merely replies, “When you meet, perhaps you would like to ask him.”

Turlough finds Tegan in her room; she’s napping, and he wakes her. She feels much, much better. Turlough sniffs the glass, saying it seems to be the same drink the crew is given.

Tegan says the cabin room is a blend of her room on the TARDIS and her room back in Brisbane. She even finds a picture of her Aunt Vanessa (remember her?) on the nightstand!

She gets a little upset, realising someone’s been in her memories.

Captain Striker says that the race is a diversion; when The Doctor asks about the crew, the captain is dismissive, saying they are ephemerals, like The Doctor. The Doctor gets angry, saying they had no right to take them, that they are living, breathing, flesh and blood.

Striker realises that The Doctor is not an ephemeral, but a “time-dweller… you travel in time. You are a Time Lord, a Lord of Time. Are there Lords of such a small domain?” The Doctor realises that Striker is reading his mind, but then asks where Striker dwells in response to the captain’s comment about time being so small.

The captain’s reply is ominous, “Eternity, the endless wastes of Eternity.”

Crewmen in the wet suits and helmets line up and are given grog from a barrel. Each takes their shot, then lowers the visor on the helmet, before heading to the deck.

After seeing some of the space-suited crew, Turlough explains to Tegan that the ship must use the solar winds to move through space. She asks how they can accept it all if they’re from Edwarian England. Just then, Jackson, hiding down a hallway, calls out to Turlough.

Turlough remarks, “Perhaps not all of them do,” and moves towards Jackson, who takes him down the hallway. He says they need to throw the grog off the side of the ship, and he gives Turlough the key.

In the wheelhouse, the captain plans for a tight skirting of Venus’ atmosphere. The Doctor argues against it but is over-ridden.

In line at the grog barrel, Jackson refuses to drink, saying he’s signed a pledge. The officers drag him up to the deck as he begs for Turlough’s help. Turlough and Tegan head off to find The Doctor.

They arrive in the wheelhouse just as the ship skims Venus, entering the gravity field of the planet in a dangerous maneuver to increase their lead. They make it through, The Doctor explaining to his companions what just happened and said they were lucky not to be destroyed in the attempt.

Behind the Edwardian ship, the Greek and a Buccaneer ship are neck and neck. As they watch, the gravitational pull destroys the Greek ship.

Turlough remarks quietly that it didn’t look like gravitational pull that caused the Greek ship to explode; The Doctor agrees and says it was either sabotage or it was shot down.

Tegan questions what the prize for winning is, but The Doctor says this is not the place to have such a conversation and sends his companions off, saying he’ll meet up with them later.

The captain denies that anyone on his ship had anything to do with what happened to the Greek ship. He says that, while sabotage is not against the rules, it is “less divertive”.

Oh, it spoils the fun,” The Doctor replies. He asks what is against the rules – they are not allowed to “go beyond” the setting/period they have chosen for themselves. (Outside of the whole piloting through space thing, of course.) The crew were chosen from the appropriate period of time.

The Doctor realises there’s more to the selection of the crew. He realises they need their minds, the minds of the ephemerals. He calls the Eternals parasites. When he storms off, for a moment, Striker is unable to read his mind.

Turlough uses the crystal to contact the Guardian, but it doesn’t work.

Mariner follows Tegan around. She says she’s disgusted with him, his lack of concern for the crew of the ship that was destroyed. He seems rather smitten with her, but clueless to the fact that he’s offensive to her.

Turlough again tries to contact BG; this time, he appears and grabs Turlough, choking him. He yells at Turlough, saying he’s had plenty of chances to kill The Doctor, but again, Turlough insists that he cannot kill him. “Then I condemn you to everlasting life – you shall never leave this ship,” BG exclaims, throwing Turlough to the floor and laughing maniacally before fading away.

In her cabin, Tegan regards the picture of her Aunt. The Doctor arrives and they begin talking. He explains that the officers are Eternals, they need the mortals mind to feed off of. She whines, wanting to go back to the TARDIS, but he begs her to stay, saying he doesn’t want them knowing about it.

Mariner and Striker are seen in the wheelhouse; Striker repeats, “TARDIS,” and they look at each other.

Again, Tegan asks if she can go back to the TARDIS, saying she can’t keep up with everything, she can’t handle it. The Doctor agrees and asks where Turlough is, but she doesn’t know.

Striker and Mariner stare at each other, apparently communicating telepathically. Striker says, “Now,” and Mariner salutes, departing.

They find Turlough unconscious on the floor and help him up. He tells them he fell, but The Doctor notes some marks on him and wonders. They head back to the hold and en route, Turlough asks if he can stay in the TARDIS as well. The Doctor seems reluctant, but agrees.

In the hold, they discover that the TARDIS is gone! Several officers are there, and they take Tegan to Mariner, escorting The Doctor and Turlough to find out what happened to the TARDIS.

Tegan is instructed by Mariner to put on a space suit. He’s already wearing one.

Turlough and The Doctor are brought to the wheelhouse, to meet the captain. The captain says Tegan is on deck and suggests they join her. Turlough panics, saying he’ll tell them about the mutiny going on below decks. “I’ll give you something,” he says, frantic, searching through his pockets.

The Doctor regards him with amazement and disappointment.

The captain already knows about the key to the rum locker and Jackson’s attempt to get Turlough to help him. Turlough gives in, at this, and tells The Doctor not to look at him that way. The Doctor asks the captain if Jackson will be punished.

The captain’s reply is, “For entertaining us? Superior beings do not punish inferiors.” He assures The Doctor that Jackson is safe, that the deck is safe, the suits are only a precaution.

Tegan is brought on deck; Mariner says he can see in her mind that the view is beautiful. When she asks about The Doctor, Mariner tells her that he will soon join them.

The Doctor asks what the prize is; “Enlightenment, the wisdom which knows all things and will allow me to achieve what I desire most. Do not ask me what that is! I will not tell you,” is Striker’s reply.

After opening his visor, Mariner tells her that there is atmosphere on the deck and opens her visor. The Doctor and Turlough come up on the deck. Turlough asks if they will ever get off the ship.

The Doctor says when the find the TARDIS, but the Black Guardian’s voice echoes in Turlough’s head, “You are doomed boy…” He gets frantic and demands of The Doctor, “Are you sure we’ll get off this ship?” The Doctor tries to get him to calm down.

Turlough, panicking, steps to the rail, yelling out, “I will never serve you again,” and prepares to jump. The Doctor cries out, “No,”… and the credits roll.

That’d be a pretty good cliffhanger if it were better filmed; the angles were off, too many camera cuts, it just felt wrong.

But it’s the one you get until Friday!