Oh, I’m excited, I know what this one is about. Don’t recall many specifics. Looking at this season, I do recall liking these stories a lot. And, of course, later this season… well, that would be telling.

Episode 1:

A deep sea station is the opening setting. Inside, men and women (some armed, most not) move about. A radar has picked up something, but they say it’s too small to be a “hunter-killer”, but think it might be an enemy probe.

A commander type orders for a computer scan.

An undersea craft is shown moving and landing; we quickly dispatch any chance of teasing us with the enemy of the serial as we see the Silurians inside. The homo reptilius commander orders that they continue to monitor the human activities, even though they have not seemed to have been detected.

Inside the base, they’ve lost track of the ship; what readings they got indicated it was organic, and they wonder if it might have been volcanic debris.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor plucks away at the controls; something seems to be on his mind. Turlough arrives, tying his tie. He confesses to The Doctor that he’s changed his mind about going home, saying he feels he would learn more at The Doctor’s side. The Doctor says he believes him, but wonders how long this will last before he changes his mind.

Turlough is sent to inform Tegan they’re about to arrive on Earth. The Doctor has promised to show her some of her planet’s future, much to Turlough’s dismay.

The station launches an unmanned probe. The commander informs Maddox, one of the crew, to prepare for the possibility of a missile run. This seems to disturb the young man.

The Silurians detect the probe, but Icthar (the leader) says “the Myrka can deal with it”. Another reports to him that they “are ready to begin,” and Icthar speaks about the hundreds of Sea Devils laying entombed. It seems they did not awaken when they were supposed to. Tarpok voices concerns about whether the enforced hibernation may have led to muscular or other degeneration.

Back on the base, we discover that Maddox is not an actual “sync operator”, but a student assigned to study with one. Something happened to Lt Michaels, the actual sync operator, leaving him electrocuted. Maddox says there wasn’t enough investigation, but the Commander doesn’t seem to care.

The Doctor tells Tegan and Turlough they’ve arrived at Earth, but in orbit, and too far in the future (I guess further than he’d planned, but if his intent was to show Tegan her planet’s future, then why is this so bad? I mean, other than the political atmosphere seems bordering on some massive war…)

While they talk, they open the scanner, which reveals a satellite approaching them. The Doctor says it’s a mobile gun platform. The platform, designated Sentinel Six, contacts them, saying they’re in a “forbidden military zone” and are to transmit their security code.

The Doctor pleads for time, saying they’re not a threat. The platform does not reply.

One of the crew in the deep sea station enters a lab/med bay, addressing a woman there as “Solow”. He tells her that she was right, Maddox is “psychologically unsuited for his work,” and will suit their needs. This pleases Solow.

Nilson (the man) says that the death of Lt. Michaels paid a huge dividend; Solow reminds him that she’s a doctor, murder does not come easily to her. He tells her to lock away her conscience until the task is completed.

While The Doctor frets away at the controls, Sentinel Six says they have been identified as a hostile. The platform fires on the TARDIS, but The Doctor performs “a materialisation flip flop” to save them from crashing.

Karina (young female crew member who Maddox confided his concerns with) alerts the Commander that the probe has been destroyed, but only marine life is detected. The Commander’s second, a woman who has not been named yet, argues that is impossible.

Suddenly, a missile run alert – green – pops up on the screen. Maddox looks like he’s about to explode. He verifies that the computer has started a countdown; they determine that while it could be a test run, it could be a real scenario, and everyone takes battle stations.

Karina reports that Sentinel Six has engaged an unidentified flying object, which disappeared.

The missile run has moved to yellow. Commander orders Maddox to sync up, but the boy says he cannot do it. The Commander urges him to sync up and he reluctantly does so, moving to a chair with all sorts of connections.

The TARDIS materialises somewhere on the base.

Nilson helps Maddox into the sync chair. An interface lowers to Maddox’s head and he “syncs up”. He begins working the keyboard, saying the missiles have locked onto targets.

They’re on red alert now.

The Doctor and companions depart, to find out where they are.

Missiles are armed; the Commander gives the prepare to fire order. A countdown from 150 begins.

Turlough says they seem to be on a ship. The Doctor posits a submarine, but notes there is no motion.

With 30 seconds left, the computer switches over to “simulation”, and the all clear is given. Maddox faints and Nilson takes him to the med lab. The Commander sounds the all clear, but orders everyone to be on “full alert”.

The Doctor and companions determine they’re on a sea base, an undersea military colony.

Tarpok reports to Icthar that the base ran a practice run. Icthar gives the order to continue observation, saying the process will not take long. He checks with Scibus, another Silurian, to find out the state of the Sea Devils within, but Scibus says the temperatures is below the range of the sensors.

Another probe is launched from the sea base. Nilson calls the Commander from the med bay saying there’s an issue with Maddox. The Commander goes to check on things.

The Doctor tells Tegan they’re somewhere around the year 2084. She notes that little has changed since her time; The Doctor says that nothing has changed – there are still two world power blocs with fingers on the doomsday buttons.

They discover cannisters of hexachromite gas. The Doctor says it’s used in a sealing compound for undersea structures, but notes it’s lethal to marine and reptile life.

Nilson tells the Commander that Maddox is unfit for duty. When the Commander says he needs him, Nilson says the only other option is for the Commander to release the “duplicate program disc,” which would allow them to break through the barriers in Maddox’s mind and give him the reassurance he needs.

The Commander says he cannot do that without authority from Sea Base Command. Solow says she will take full responsibility, saying Maddox will have a full breakdown unless treated. The Commander agrees and gets the disc out of a secure container. The look the two (who are presumably enemy spies) give him while he does this is that of hungry jackals.

When he passes them the disc, he warns them about letting it fall into enemy hands. Hur hur hur. Solow promises she will return it to him when they’re done with it.

The Doctor leads his companions as they look for the bridge; the Time Lord says they’ll need the captain’s permission to fix the TARDIS.

Solow and Nilson move some device over Maddox’s head. Nilson asks if this will work; she says it will program him to obey any commands they give him.

Turlough accesses a lift but triggers a security alert. The Doctor urges his companions to follow him back to the TARDIS, as security shields are lowered.

On the bridge, the Commander gives orders to find the intruders. After telling Karina to order Solow and Nilson to destroy the disc if they see any strangers, the Commander confers with Bulic. His most experienced crewman says it’s too many coincidence – the unidentified object that Sentinel Six dealt with, the destruction of the probe, and now this?

Commander Vorshak agrees and sends Bulic to get a party of men together.

Solow and Nilson detatch Maddox, who seems well in their power.

Preston (the other female bridge member) almost catches The Doctor and companions in the chemical store. However, they cut them off from the TARDIS.

Scibus tells Icthar that they can enter the chamber. The leader says it has been a long time and much has gone wrong. The door opens and within are Sea Devils in suspended animation.

The Doctor leads his companions into a chamber marked, “Radiation, keep out”, much to Tegan’s dismay. The Time Lord says he’s going to arrange a diversion.

Icthar gives the order to “revive the warriors!” I have to admit, that line was done well and seems all sorts of ominous and suchlike. Scibus presses buttons and the chamber is filled with light.

The Doctor has set the reactor to overload, but says the crew will have hours to sort it out, giving them the chance to escape. Turlough agrees, but just then Bulic and guards enter.

Tegan and Turlough run, but The Doctor, while struggling with a guard, is knocked off the ramp into the water. Turlough argues with Tegan, telling her, “Face it, Tegan, he’s drowned…” and the credits roll.

Well, that seemed super rushed and not very effective of a cliffhanger. That being said, SEA DEVILS, YAY!!!

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

Turlough drags Tegan away and the guards give chase.

The Doctor swims down into the water and finds a hatch, which he opens.

Turlough rigs the lock on the door, keeping Bulic and his men locked in. They head back to the TARDIS. Bulic reports to the Commander.

A very wet Doctor gets out of the water through the hatch/airlock.

The Sea Devils slowly begin to reanimate. Icthar announces, “The warriors have survived.”

The Doctor opens the next hatch and peers through.

Nilson is summoned to the bridge; Solow asks who the invaders are, but he doesn’t know. However, he feels they can act upon this to their advantage. Solow smirks as Nilson leaves. She does that a lot. It’s annoying.

The Sea Devils slowly regain their bearings.

Tegan and Turlough are separated; he is captured but she escapes.

The Doctor wanders through the halls, finding an unconscious guard who tried to tamper with Turlough’s tampering on the door. The Doctor begins shedding his clothing.

Sauvix, commander of Elite Group One (of the Sea Devils) introduces himself to Icthar. The Silurian commander introduces himself as “the sole survivor of the Silurian Triad.” He and his associate welcome the revival of the Sea Devils. Sauvix says they are his to command.

The Doctor puts on the guard’s suit.

On the bridge, Nilson finds out that one intruder was captured. The Commander wants Nilson to interrogate him.

Tegan and The Doctor reunite. They agree to find Turlough together.

The Sea Devils file out of the chamber. Sauvix tells Icthar that his people are ready to fight. They give him a scroll or summat with the plan for attack on the “ape primitive base”.

The reactor has been stabilised.

Turlough is brought before the Commander. He tells Turlough should comply and cooperate. Turlough’s arrogance doesn’t help matters.

The Doctor tells Tegan to wait outside, much to her displeasure. He slips into the bridge.

Turlough tries to explain that they did try to declare their presence. Nilson suggests probing Turlough’s mind and the Commander agrees. Turlough resists, and The Doctor comes to his aid. There’s a stand off.

Preston and her guards find the TARDIS; the door is left open. They enter and are surprised at what they find inside. She sends the two men down the hallway into the TARDIS.

The Doctor surrenders his weapon to the Commander, as a gesture of trust. Preston reports that they found the intruder’s craft and it is not of this planet. The Commander agrees that it seems Turlough was telling the truth after all.

Sauvix reports that his warriors are armed and ready. Icthar says it is time to begin. The Silurian craft rises up from its hiding place.

Preston, returning to the bridge, discovers Tegan.

The Commander tells The Doctor he doesn’t quite trust him. He wants a demonstration of the TARDIS, and The Doctor agrees, once he’s repaired it. Preston brings Tegan in.

Karina interrupts, alerting everyone to the Silurian (though that’s unknown to them) ship. Maddox says it is a ship but not one of theirs. The Doctor warns them not to attack, as he recognises it. The Commander ignores and gives the order to fire.

The Silurians have suppressed the energy weapon of the base. The Doctor basically says, “I told you so.” And he did. So he’s allowed to. He tells them that if they wanted, they could have destroyed the base.

Icthar gives the order to release the Myrka, then tells Sauvix to wait for the Myrka and then to attack the main entry point.

The Commander calls for damage reports and orders Maddox to scan the Silurian’s weapons.

The Doctor tells Tegan about the Silurians. The Time Lord urges the Commander to contact his superiors, but they’re on radio silence. When reports come in that someone is outside the main entrnace, Bulic is sent with reinforcements. The Doctor requests to go along.

The Sea Devils have accessed several airlocks. The Commander orders Maddox to prepare to sync up to contact Sea Base Command if necessary, and then leaves to attend one of the air locks. Cuz, you know, that’s what the commanding officer does in situations like this.

Solow arrives on the bridge as the Commander leaves, demanding to speak to Nilson. They step aside and he tries to assauge he worries, saying he’s in charge when the Commander is off the bridge. (Ok, so he’s the 2nd, not Preston.) He says they will neutralise the Sea Base, no matter what.

Bulic’s men take up defensive positions. Something pushes at the air lock doors, which begin to buckle.

Nilson activates a device which sends Maddox into a near-insensate state. Karina rushes to him, but Nilson says Solow will tend to him and orders the girl back to her terminal.

The airlock door is broken down. A giant monster can be seen behind it. The Doctor identifies it as a Myrka.

At airlock five, the Commander arrives. Preston tells him that they’re inside.

Karina checks on Maddox in the med lab, to find Maddox working at something. She realises something is wrong and tries to stop him. Nilson shows up with the control device and makes Maddox strangle Karina.

Bulic and his men fire on the Myrka. At first, it seems the Myrka was hurt if not killed, but I guess it was playing, as it suddenly moves out, knocking part of the blast door down on Tegan’s leg.

Bulic, Turlough and the guards withdraw; Tegan and The Doctor are still in the air lock entry area, but the Commander gives the order to seal the bulkhead.

The Doctor finally gets Tegan out from under the door (and she’s fine, despite a giant metal door falling on her leg), but they discover they’re trapped with the monster.

Brave heart, Tegan,” the Time Lord tells her. “Brave heart? That thing’s gonna kill us,” she replies… and the credits roll.

That’s a better cliffhanger, I think. And the one you get until Friday.