Recap: The year is 2084. The TARDIS materialises on a Sea Base. The Earth is seemingly on the verge of a world war (again). And some Silurians have reanimated a group of Sea Devils, and they’re attacking the base. The base doctor and second in command are apparently spies for the oppositional power bloc and are up to no good as well.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

Turlough flees Bulic and the guards. Bulic sets a guard and takes the others with him.

The Doctor throws the magazine from his weapon at the Myrka; there’s a flash, temporarily blinding the creature.

Turlough reaches the bridge and, using a gun, demands Nilson open the bulkhead. He does so, just in time for The Doctor and Tegan to escape. The guard posted outside is killed by the Myrka. As the door closes, the Myrka wedges a limb in the way, stopping it from closing.

After Turlough leaves, Doctor Solow arrives on the bridge, to tell Nilson she’s hidden Karina’s body. She says the escape pod is ready for them to leave as soon as Maddox’s work is done.

The Myrka kills a bunch of people in the hall.

Icthar receives a report that the Myrka has broken through the bulkhead. He sends orders to Sauvix to gain access without delay. The Silurians have a device called “the manipulator”, which is fully charged. They prepare to go to the base.

At airlock five, Commander Vorshak gives a full alert. The Doctor and Tegan arrive, saying they can stop the Myrka. Vorshak assigns Preston to help him, or to kill him if he gives any trouble.

Sauvix and his soldiers enter and engage in a firefight with the Commander and his men. The humans retreat and close a bulkhead. The Sea Devils begin to cut through the door.

Turlough arrives, demanding to know where The Doctor and Tegan are; the Commander says they’re safe and recruits him to help defend the bulkhead.

The Doctor gives instructions for an ultra-violet converter to be brought to the hallway they expect the Myrka to be using to head to the bridge.

Vorshak gives the order to break radio silence, to inform Sea Base Command.

Nilson and Solow learn the Commander is on his way to alert Sea Base Command. Nilson says Maddox must finish what he’s started and they rush off.

When they check on Maddox, who is still reworking the computers, Nilson sends Solow to the escape pod. He tells her to take the conditioning disc with her.

As The Doctor works on his weapon/trap for the Myrka, Solow passes them. She ends up encountering the Myrka, who kills her. Several guards come shortly after, finding the dropped disc.

The Silurians join the Sea Devils.

En route to the bridge, the Commander stops to check on The Doctor’s progress. He tells them that Turlough is helping defending airlock five. The two guards who found the disc show up and inform the Commander about Solow’s death and give him the disc.

The Sea Devils and Silurians have cut through airlock five. The humans retreat.

Nilson oversees Maddox’s reworking/sabotage/whatever of the computers.

The invaders discuss their impending success.

Back at the bridge, the commander confronts Nilson with the conditioning disc; he says Solow was in charge of it and assumed she had returned it as promised. Vorshak demands that Nilson summon Maddox from the science lab. When Nilson moves to do so, Vorshak stops him and Preston go to the door. Opening it, she sees Maddox tampering with the computers.

Preston and Vorshak struggle with him, trying to stop Maddox, who fights back, then collapses.

The Myrka approaches The Doctor and Tegan; he activates the beam, which floods the hall with ultra-violet light. The creature collapses and dies.

The Sea Devils push forward, Silurians behind them. They learn that the Myrka has been destroyed. Icthar gives the order to capture the bridge at once.

Vorshak questions Nilson about what’s been going on; Preston finds Karina’s dead body. Vorshak orders Nilson to decondition Maddox so he can sync up and contact Sea Base Command. Nilson draws a gun and says that won’t be happening.

The Doctor and Tegan arrive on the bridge, to discover that Nilson is an enemy agent. Nilson informs them that Maddox has rendered the missiles inoperable; The Doctor argues that the Silurians’ knowledge is far greater and they can repair it. Nilson says it doesn’t matter as the base will be destroyed in short order.

Maddox staggers onto the bridge, yelling at Nilson. He draws a gun on Nilson, but the enemy agent kills Maddox with his control device. In the chaos, Nilson takes Tegan hostage and flees the bridge.

The Sea Devils take Bulic and Turlough prisoner.

The Commander receives a report that the bridge perimeter has been breached and Bulic and Turlough are either dead or taken prisoner.

Nilson struggles with Tegan as they make their way through the hall. They stumble over the corpse of the Myrka and The Doctor arrives in pursuit. Nilson threatens to shoot Tegan and The Doctor tries to reason with him. The Doctor gets Tegan to close her eyes and activates the ultra-violet beam, blinding Nilson.

Sea Devils hear the noise and investigate. They see Nilson staggering blindly and shoot him. As The Doctor and Tegan stand up, a Sea Devil points his gun and whispers a sibilant “Doctor…”… and the credits roll.

Decent cliffhanger.

Episode 4:

The Sea Devils take The Doctor and Tegan prisoner.

Turlough and Bulic are locked in a chamber. Turlough pokes around and inquires about a ventilation shaft.

Tegan and The Doctor are brought to the bridge, which is under the control of the invaders. It is reported that the reactor room has been captured. The commander asks that his crew be allowed to surrender. The damage to the computer can be repaired.

The Doctor recognises Icthar, and introduces himself. He convinces the Siluarian that he is The Doctor that once tried to help. Icthar says that his people have long since abandoned the idea of mediation.

They debate; The Doctor bringing up the Silurians’ original desire for peaceful co-existence. Icthar says they have been burned twice in the past and will not do so any more. It turns out their plan is to start a war between the two human power blocs, letting the “ape primitives” wipe themselves out.

Turlough is reunited with Tegan as she and Preston are brought to the room where he and Bulic are housed. Preston keeps watch as the others work on escape.

The commander’s hand-scan is needed to activate the computer; he resists, but The Doctor points out that they can just kill him and use his hand either way. When the commander tells The Doctor that without a sync operator the missiles won’t launch, but the Time Lord points out the Silurians are attaching some mechanism (the manipulator the Silurians were waiting to be charged up earlier) to the sync device.

Turlough opens the grate to the ventilation shaft, then argues with Tegan whether they should go to the TARDIS or to the bridge.

Icthar tells The Doctor that once they kill the humans, the great numbers of Sea Devils and Silurians in suspended animation will be awakened to rule the world.

Tegan and Bulic have gone; Turlough and Preston enter the shaft, but she argues they should have gone with the others.

The Doctor asks Icthar what his intentions for them are. Icthar says he will allow The Doctor and his companions to leave, but the crew will die. “An act of mercy, as they will have no one else to rejoin.”

Tegan and Bulic reach the bridge, looking in through the door.

The commander is ordered to initiate the firing sequence. Bulic opens the door and signals The Doctor, then closes the door. The Time Lord slips out and joins them. Bulic argues about rescuing the commander, but The Doctor says they cant, not just yet. They head off to the chemical store.

Sauvix reports that the primitives have escaped. Icthar realises that The Doctor has escaped, too, and gives the order to find and kill them all. The device is attached to the sync operator console.

Tegan, Bulic, The Doctor meet up with Turlough and Preston. They head to the chemical store. There, The Doctor makes a beeline for the hexachromite, but starts looking for a less lethal alternative.

Suddenly, a Sea Devil patrol enters. Everyone hides, but The Doctor knocks over something, alerting him. The Sea Devil fires, hitting a cannister of hexachromite. The gas escapes, killing the Sea Devil.

The Doctor argues against using it, saying the Sea Devils and Silurians are noble creatures. Turlough points out that this doesn’t change what they’re attempting to do to the entire human population. The Doctor agrees, saying they must be stopped, but he still hopes for an alternative to the hexachromite.

The computer starts a missile run – green. The commander answers Icthar’s question, saying it is impossible to tell if it is a practice run or not. The manipulator confirms that it is a computer-controlled practice run. Icthar gives the order to take over the computer and launch the missiles.

In the chemical store, they hear the missile alert. Pressed for time, The Doctor gives in and instructs everyone to set up a way to pump the gas into the ventilation system.

On the bridge, as Icthar instructs his people to ready to launch, Vorshak argues for him to be reasonable, to contact the leaders, make demands. The Silurian’s response is that the humans have already had their chance. “It is too late for pity… it is much too late,” he says, ending the argument.

The Doctor plans to try to convince Icthar once more, saying this time he will have more leverage, meaning the gas.

The manipulator receives some stubbornness from the computer.

The gas is being pumped into the ventilation system. The Doctor is about to head to the bridge, when Sauvix shows up.

The missile run has elevated to yellow. Icthar receives a report from Sauvix; the Silurian orders Sauvix to kill The Doctor.

Preston tries to stop Sauvix, but he kills her. However, this allows Bulic to gas the Sea Devil. The Doctor rushes to the bridge; Tegan and Turlough follow, grabbing oxygen masks.

Once the manipulator gains control again, the commander is forced to use his hand print again, and the missile launch goes to red.

The Doctor and his companions pass Sea Devils collapsing in the hallway. They arrive at the bridge, to plea for them to abandon the attack. Icthar resists his logic, ordering the Sea Devils to kill him, but they collapse. The Silurians, too, begin to collapse.

The commander says the only way to shut down the launch is to have a sync operator shut it down; The Doctor says he will link up, though the commander says it will burn out his mind.

Turlough and Tegan give oxygen to the Silurians as the commander and Time Lord work together to shut down the sequence. Vorshak does the computer work, while The Doctor does the mental work.

One of the Silurians grabs a Sea Devil gun and the companions struggle with him. With less than ten seconds left, The Doctor burns the circuit, saving the day.

The commander collapses and dies. The Doctor and companions stand on the bridge, surrounded by dead Sea Devils, Silurians and humans.

They’re all dead, you know,” Turlough says.

The camera zooms in on The Doctor, who says, weakly, hauntedly, “There should have been another way,”… and the final credits rolls.

Wow, what a stark ending. No wonder I remembered loving this story. Powerful stuff.