Oh, I remember parts of this one quite vividly. I remember really, REALLY liking this one. This is actually two episodes, but they were 45 minute long ones (I guess this was a ‘test’ of sorts as the following season, the show switched to 45 minute long episodes.)

As such, we’re doing the ‘spoiler warning’ a bit earlier than usual. I’m not sure where it will fall, as I haven’t started watching the episode yet. Likely the ‘halfway’ point, more or less.


Episode 1:

An urban setting, lots of cross walks from the upper levels. Very cyberpunky feel, dirty streets, water on the asphalt. A man stands in a doorway, rolling a cigarette when a group of people dash from one of the buildings, pursued by men in police uniforms. The ones fleeing are dressed in alien or futuristic dress, as opposed to the man in the street.

The policemen shoot down most of the fleeing people, as well as the man in the street. One of them activates a device and the fallen bodies and himself disappear, leaving two policemen behind.

Two of the escapees watch from afar and slip off.

In space, a ship moves through the stars. Inside, the policeman appears in a transmat-style booth, with the bodies. He starts chastising the crew, complaining that they never should have escaped the warehouse and the use of machine pistols was a bad choice.

One of the crew (obviously in futuristic garb) tells him the machine pistols are standard issue, as he helps him get out of his police gear. The man says that nothing anachronistic are to be taken to Earth, but the “police man” says that next time to use stun lasers, as they slaughtered valuable property. He warns that if mistakes are made again, the next execution squad could be coming for him.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor bangs on the console with his fist. I love that. No matter how advanced technology gets, the humanoid’s first response to it is physical force. 🙂

He flips some switches, bangs some more. Turlough is slammed against the wall and Tegan sees to him. The Doctor says there’s a time corridor and they cannot get free from it.

The two escapees move through the area; they’re apparently looking for the time corridor, much to the dismay of one of them, who argues he’s a quartermaster and not combat trained.

In the TARDIS, the cloisterbell sounds!

The two escapees – Galloway and Stein find where the corridor should be, but it’s not. Stein (the quartermaster) is scared and wants to leave. Suddenly, they hear a crunching noise.

Galloway sends Stein back to the stairs, telling him to flee. A guard (in futuristic uniform) steps out and shoots Galloway, then disappears. Stein sadly says Galloway’s name as he slips off.

Back on the ship, the former-police man orders all men to battle stations. He’s wearing a funky hat and the futuristic uniform now.

The TARDIS stabilises, at least for the moment.

We see a space station, and then inside. A woman in white walks around, followed by a man in green. Apparently it’s a prison station. They enter the medical station, the man complaining all the while about the state of things – the morale is appalling, the place is dirty, doors have to be kicked to open.

When the med staff lady says she doesn’t complain as she needs a good recommendation form the captain, the man suggests that if Control knew of the morale of the station, the captain wouldn’t be in charge. She points out it’s been tried before, usually by newly transferred crew like him.

Turlough tells The Doctor that they’re traveling parallel to the corridor – towards

20th century Earth!

Stein watches as a lorry (is a van a lorry, too?) pulls up and men in camou gear get out. The van departs quickly after they disembark.

On the prison station, the new man is on watch duty. One of his fellows, a pretty lady, teases him, saying new arrivals don’t usually get assigned to the tedium of watch duty so quickly – he says he complained about the station defenses and this was the punishment.

Suddenly, the sensors pick up the arrival of a ship coming out of warp drive – a rather rare occasion, as the usually only see supply ships. (Then how do the prisoners arrive? Or was she being clever, counting the inmates as supplies?)

The new guy wants to inform the captain, but she says let the fighters check it out first, it could be anything and it’ll be good practice for them. He’s obviously horrified but seems to go along.

The TARDIS materialises near the Thames in London. The Doctor says they seem to be in 1984. He heads out, determined to find the time corridor.

The ship approaching the prison is a battlecruiser. The watch officer (new guy) instructs her to go to red alert and inform the captain. They detect they’re being scanned.

The Doctor waxes poetic about the state of the buildings – this is the same area where the runners were gunned down, so it’s brick buildings, all very cool and atmospheric. Tegan isn’t impressed. Turlough is silent and follows the other two as they banter.

Explosions rock the prison station. Engineering reports damage to the generators. Orders are given to open fire, but the laser cannon doesn’t have enough power.

The doctor lady shows up, saying the captain is dead, along with half the crew. The new guy seems to be in charge of everything now and starts barking orders. The doctor complains about “more killing” but the new guy tells her to direct her bile at the enemy.

The battlecruiser is docking at airlock three. Before he departs with the troops to fight there, new guy gives the girl a key card/pass card of some sort and says, “Should we be boarded, destroy the prisoner.” Oh. So there’s only one prisoner?

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH! I know who it is now.

The Doctor and companions run into Stein. He tells them soldiers are coming and collapses. He recovers and asks for their help. The Doctor can’t resist at this point.

The prison crew scramble to take defensive measures; a blast shield is lowering but too slowly and they rush to help pull it down.

Stein asks for anything to eat, multiple times. The Doctor and Tegan try to find out who is in charge of the time corridor (he doesn’t know) and where he’s from (Earth.) Turlough is keeping look-out. (Good man!)

The Doctor tells him to relax, but still doesn’t give him any food. I’m surprised Stein doesn’t grab the celery stalk. The four of them enter the warehouse and Stein tells them the corridor is on the next level (up.)

On the prison ‘bridge’, they watch the others ready the defenses. The girl (never did get her name or most of the crew names) uses the key card that new guy/watch officer/guy in charge gave her to open up a panel revealing a… BIG RED BUTTON!!!

At the blast shield, the crew waits behind cover. NG/WO/GIC tells everyone to wait until he gives the order. The blast shield shatters like a cracker and OH MY GOD – DALEKS come through!!! I had NO IDEA!!! (Tee hee)

Four Daleks and a group of humanoids enter. A firefight begins, and several of the crew go down. NG/WO/GIC detonates some explosives, killing the lead two Daleks and the other Daleks screech to withdraw and regroup.

On the battlecruiser (the yet unnamed in story but I know it so I’m using it here) Lytton (the guy who was a police officer) complains and tells a black Dalek (Supreme Dalek? I forget the title, but one of the higher ranking ones) that he said this would happen. Another Dalek yells at him to show the Supreme Dalek (yes, that’s it) more respect. Lytton says their tactics won’t work, but his will.

The Supreme Dalek says if his plan fails, he will be exterminated.

Stein, The Doctor and companions poke around. They can’t find Galloway’s body, but they do find bullets, recently fired. Suddenly, Turlough seems to have disappeared.

Nearby, military men (the camou guys from the van?) stop and one of them says he heard voices.

The doctor tries to rush into the airlock, saying they should take the battle to them. Because that’s what doctors do… I guess. NG has to restrain her, physically, from being stupid.

Just then, one of the Daleks’ humanoid soldiers runs in, drops a cannister of gas that has debilitating effects on the corpses. The crew retreats, even though they have gas masks, I guess that’s not enough.

On the bridge, NG arrives, giving the order to destroy the prisoner. The girl presses the red button, but it’s not working – like many things on this prison. She runs off, telling another crew member to come with her.

The Doctor calls out for Turlough, but they only find the soldiers and a woman – it is the group from the van/lorry.

The woman and crewman go to a door and key it. It doesn’t open until she kicks it.

The Daleks take the bridge.

On the battleship, the Supreme Dalek orders for The Doctor to be brought to them – apparently they were aware (or even intended) his arrival.

Turlough is on the Dalek ship. He watches as a Dalek enters the booth – so it’s not a transmat booth, but a time corridor booth!

The woman and crewman struggle to open a console panel. We see “the prisoner” in a chamber filled with smoke/haze, but it is obviously, painfully so, Davros! Eeeeek!

The Doctor and Stein try to convince them about the time corridor; the military guy tries to pretend he doesn’t believe them, but it’s obvious they know something. The Doctor presses to know what they know. The colonel sends a man to inform HQ.

The woman is working on the control panel they finally opened, priming the explosives. She keeps wondering what that smell is, and when the crewman with her turns around, we see his facial features and finger are melting/being eaten away/something.

She yells for him to stay away, but he staggers to her, moaning, “Help me.” She shoots him. (Wow, that’s brutal. I mean… I dunno.) However, her shots alert Lytton and his men (who are wearing really cool helmets with Dalek eye stalks on them.)

They enter; she shoots one, but Lytton shoots her (of course he does; this show is all about the leaders doing all the shooting.) They disarm the explosives and Lytton gives the order, “Release Davros.”

Davros is released.

The soldier sent to contact HQ returns, saying they can’t reach them. Tegan, even though she wasn’t moving (she’s hiding behind some crates) makes a noise and is found out. The Doctor says she’s a friend.

The Dalek appears in the time corridor. The Doctor tells everyone to take cover and the Dalek approaches, yelling “Exterminate” over and again… and the credits roll. (Oh, look, the recording I have has it broken into four separate episodes… who knew?)

Great cliffhanger, given that we already knew from the title that it was about the Daleks.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The Doctor instructs the soldiers to aim for the eyepiece and the Dalek’s vision is impaired. They swarm the Dalek and push it out the second story window, where it collapses and explodes. However, in the fracas, Tegan is knocked down and her head has taken a blow and she seems unconscious.

The Supreme Dalek orders the warehouse end of the time corridor to be sealed, saying they will deal with The Doctor in due course.

The medical doctor on the prison complains to NG. He says there’s only four of them, what can they do? She suggests using the station’s self-destruct system. (She’s a bit of a over the top badass/borderline lunatic.)

Turlough hides from some Daleks on the ship. He finds bodies from the prison, the crew corpses that were affected by the gas.

Davros slowly responds to reanimation.

In the warehouse, the soldiers brew some tea. Tegan is “sleeping naturally”. The military men explain that they were called in by builders (okay, but this area is already built…) who found what they thought to be bombs. The Doctor asks if they’ve identified the objects, but the woman with the soldiers says they’ve not even managed to scratch them yet.

Davros demands to know why his Daleks use humanoid troops. He learns that the war with the Movellans is over, though casualties were high for the Daleks – the Daleks lost the war with the Movellans. This revelation all but sends Davros into a hissy fit.

Turlough exits the room with the corpses and finds himself in a room with a large medical bed.

The colonel gets ready to head off to speak to the Minister of Defense. The Doctor wants to go with him but the colonel says he’s the only one who knows about the Daleks and must stay there.

The remnants of the Dalek defeated on Earth has been collected in one of the areas the soldiers inhabit. Apparently the creature survived the explosion of its chassis unit, as we hear it gurgling and see motion in the pile of Dalek rubble.

The Supreme Dalek and his attendant Dalek see Turlough on their scanner. The Supreme Dalek says they will use him as bait for a trap and for now he can roam the ship freely.

Dr. Styles (the looney/badass) and Mercer (NG) and the other two survivors ambush some Dalek servitor troopers and take their uniforms.

The Earth soldier posted by the Dalek rubble hears the gurgling and sees something.

Tegan has awoken. When The Doctor wants to go to his ship, the soldiers say no. Their argument stops when they hear the screams of the soldier who was posted over the Dalek rubble. By time they get there, the Dalek is gone and the soldier is dead.

Davros says because of possible faults in his lifesupport after 90 years of cryogenic suspension, he must stay close to the cryogenic chamber, in case he has to be frozen again. Lytton argues and Davros has another conniption.

The Supreme Dalek, monitoring the conversation between Davros and Lytton says that they need Davros and he must believe that they still serve him. He orders an engineer to go to Davros to attend to his life support system issues.

Stein whines that searching for the Dalek is a waste of time. He’s a whiny fuck.

In the street, the Colonel tries using a public phone, but the line’s been cut. He sees two bobbies and asks to use their radio. The bobby reluctantly hands it over but it seems to be dead. The other bobby points a gun with a silencer at him.

Turlough continues to slink about the ship.

The Dalek is hiding under some canvas.

Lytton tells Davros about the Dalek-Movellan war. He recaps the two armies being locked at an impasse, each having a battle computer the par of the other. This was all covered the last time we saw Davros, but he’s fascinated at the concept nonetheless. (Maybe 90 years in cryo removed that from his memory, or maybe he’s not fully revived in his brain. I could buy either explanation.)

It turns out that the Movellans won by creating a virus that specifically attacks the Daleks.

Davros begins ranting about being a supreme being and he will not be abused by his children. He’s fucking nuts, yo. Seems moreso each time we see him.

Turlough makes his way onto the prison station.

Davros says he will work on the space station and nowhere else. Lytton says he will see what can be arranged. After he leaves, Davros pulls out what appears to be a weapon and seems to be ready to use it on the engineer working on his systems.

The Supreme Dalek tells Lytton to do everything that Davros wants, for the time being. Suddenly, he hears the engineer scream.

The engineer seems to be under some sort of mind-control of Davros’. Lytton arrives and asks what happened and Davros says nothing – the engineer says he hurt his hand.

The Doctor and a soldier see a canvas moving. They flip it up, only to find a kitty cat! KITTY!!! While they banter about the kitty, the Dalek attacks another soldier, but they pull it off him and shoot him with a machine gun.

The Doctor says he needs to get back to the Dalek ship. Stein says he doesn’t want to go back there, but the Time Lord says he needs his help.

Turlough is caught by the four prison crew survivors (wearing the Dalek trooper armour. Hmm. Surley the eyestalks on the helmets are cameras, wouldn’t the Daleks know something was up by now?)

Tegan sees the soldier brought it, asking what is happening.

The Doctor and Stein head to the TARDIS. They’re followed by the two bobbies.

Davros goes on about how bored he was – he was conscious the entire ninety years he was frozen. He says he will gain revenge on Earth, but first he must deal with “a meddling Time Lord”. Lytton tells him that The Doctor’s “capture is imminent.”

Mercer roughs up Turlough and Dr. Styles complains. Suddenly she’s not all rough, razor tough and nasty? Turlough explains he’s from Earth, through a time corridor.

The wounded soldier from the Dalek attack staggers out of the med bay. When the soldier in charge tries to stop him, he shoves him down on Tegan.

The Daleks prepare to activate the time corridor.

The commanding soldier dude pokes about the warehouse, trying to find staggery wounded soldier dude. Sgt Calder is the name of the one in charge now that the colonel is out (and dead, but they don’t know that yet. Well, I presume he’s dead, he could be a prisoner, I suppose.)

Calder calls out for the wounded lad. Not by name, just “Lad”. Calder sees four Daleks appear. He opens fire as they close in on him.

Tegan and the woman with the military men hear the gunfire and try to leave. However, the colonel arrives, saying there’s no need to worry and to return to the med bay. He’s accompanied by two tall soldiers (whom I think were the bobbies) and another soldier.

Lytton tells Davros that his laboratory is ready. Davros says he will need the assistance of a chemist and Kiston, the engineer. Two Daleks arrive as a protective escort. Davros seems a bit nervous.

I am very difficult to kill; you should already know that,” he says, leaving the cryo chamber.

Tegan points out that the colonel gave The Doctor his gun belt, but is wearing one. She insists that he’s not the real colonel. The colonel hears Tegan and the other girl (this serial is bad at naming people) whispering and demands to know what’s going on. They start asking questions – where’s the ambulance for Tegan, where’s the reinforcements. When the other woman says they should take Tegan away now, he says the warehouse is under martial law and they’ll be shot if they try to leave.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor and Stein are caught in the corridor. Everything turns on its side and they fall and slide.

The Supreme Dalek gives the order to prepare the “duplication room” for The Doctor.

The TARDIS appears in the ship, next to the time corridor booth. The Doctor and Stein exit, calling out for Turlough. Stein walks over and picks up a gun as The Doctor disarms a Dalek trooper who rushes in.

Stein points the gun at The Doctor and says they won’t be leaving. “I didn’t quite tell you the truth, Doctor. I serve the Daleks, I’m a Dalek agent,” he says, as the Time Lord’s eyes go wide… and the credits roll.

Holy shit, I did not remember that or see that coming!!! GREAT cliffhanger.

See you guys in a couple days!