Recap: Trapped in a time corridor, the TARDIS is taken to London, 1984. There, they encounter some Daleks. Elsewhere/when, a Supreme Dalek and Daleks and humanoid servants of the Daleks free Davros from cyrogenic suspension on a prison space station. They need his aid to get revenge for losing the war with the Movellans.


The Doctor has just arrived on the Dalek ship and found that a man he thought an ally is actually a Dalek agent!!


spoiler warning


Episode 3:


Daleks and troops arrive, demanding that The Doctor be exterminated. Lytton shows up, saying he must be duplicated first. The Daleks confirm this with the Supreme Dalek, and the Time Lord is led away.


Lytton and Stein discuss the impulsiveness of the Daleks. There’s a great bit here.


Lytton: “They’ll kill anybody, even if they need them.”

Stein: “How much longer until it’s your time?”


Turlough and the remainding prison crew find the self destruct controls.


The woman tending to Tegan hopes to knock out the duplicated colonel, but he doesn’t want any tea. After he leaves, she (still haven’t named her that I’ve caught, at least) and Tegan try to uncover one of the cannisters in the dirt (what the builders thought were bombs.)


At the duplication chamber, The Doctor sees the bodies of several of the military men from Earth.


Duplicated colonel tells his fellow duplicated soldiers that the girls know. One of them says the Daleks will tell them what to do.


The Daleks are instructing Davros that he must complete his research quickly; he demands a sample of the virus and two Daleks for experimentation. They argue this last part, but then leave to consult the Supreme Dalek.


The Supreme Dalek informs Lytton that the self destruct chamber has been invaded by the hostiles. He argues, but the Supreme Dalek demands he obey.


Stein warns The Doctor to be careful how he acts with the Daleks. The Time Lord says they need his brainwaves intact.


Tegan and the scientist lady put one of the cannisters under the blanket Tegan was sleeping in.


Turlough gets Mercer to agree to come and check out the time corridor, to see if it could be used to escape the destruction of the station once it’s initiated.


Stein lets it slip that Davros is there.


The duplicated colonel tells Tegan that she’ll be transferred to the Dalek ship.


Davros’ pet engineer uses the mind-control device on another humanoid.


Lytton and his troopers approach the self-destruct chamber. The prison crew gets the door shut just in time. Lytton has his men take out the outside camera.


Strapped down, The Doctor taunts the Daleks. It comes about that Stein is a duplicate, and apparently all the humanoids serving them are.


Turlough and Mercer make their way to the corridor, but find the way guarded. Mercer insists they go back.


Tegan slips off, leaving the chick behind; they use the cannister to make her bed look like she’s still sleeping there, but the scientist has to stay to make it seem convincing.


A Dalek trooper shows up at Davros’ laboratory; he prepares to add the trooper to his personal army.


The Doctor tries to find out how the duplication process works, but Stein refuses to tell him. They show him pre-duplicated Turlough and Tegan. The Daleks reveal their plan is to send him to Gallifrey to assassinate the High Council!!! Yes, folks, it’s the lead up to the Time War!


When they find the Dalek troopers outside the chamber, Mercer frets. Turlough points out that if the Daleks are trying to stop the self-destruct, then Davros must still be on board. “You may not be able to help your friends, but you can still kill him,” Turlough points out.


Two Daleks enter Davros’ laboratory, to “assist” in the research – to provide living tissue. When they open their casings, the mind-control device is used on them and they are now his servants.


The Supreme Dalek orders a sample of the Movellan virus to be transferred from Earth.


Scientist lady watches as one of the cannisters is beamed away. The sound causes her to collapse, covering her ears.


The Daleks leave Stein to oversee the duplication of The Doctor. Stein seems to have a moment of self-struggle/doubt.


The cylinder appears in the time corridor booth.


Tegan is in the street, but the two bobbies follow her – so I guess they’re not the soldiers.


Mercer and Turlough determine that Davros is using Dr. Styles’ lab.


Dr. Styles gets the self-destruct console unlocked. “Why am I so excited, this is the last thing I will do.”


Two more Dalek troopers are added to Davros’ cabal.


Duplicated colonel discovers Tegan’s escape.


The bobbies approach Tegan; at first she’s happy to see them, but then sees the guns they bear and runs from them. She sees a man by the river using a metal detector. The bobbies shoot him and she screams, “No!”


The Doctor tries to get Stein to recall his childhood, growing up. This seems to break the Dalek control, but there’s conflict. The control wins out and Stein continues the process.


Tegan is prisoner of the bobbies.


The Dalek Troopers gain access and shoot Dr. Styles and her associates just as they were going to activate the self-destruct.


Turlough convinces Mercer they need to get back to Earth, there’s nothing they can do there.


A Dalek blames Lytton for almost letting the space station be destroyed; despite Lytton pointing out that they won, they stopped them, the Dalek says it is going to report this to the Supreme Dalek. (I’m gonna tell on you!!!)


Tegan is brought back to the warehouse. The scientist lady is shot when she tries to run away. Tegan is dragged to the time corridor.


On a monitor near The Doctor, we see wavy images of his companions, starting with the current, then working back. Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, Adric, Romana II, K-9, Romana I, Harry, Sarah Jane; then the Fourth Doctor is seen. Then Jo, the Brig, Liz Shaw, and others. The Third Doctor is shown.


The Doctor pleads for Stein to resist; the conditioning seems to be dominant.


Davros is informed that The Doctor has been taken prisoner and demands he be brought to him at once. He goes into a rant about exterminating The Doctor and creating a new race of Daleks with he as their leader… and the credits roll.


A good cliffhanger. (Oh, apparently the reason this was done as two longer episodes originally was because of rescheduling for the 1984 Winter Olympics.)


Episode 4:


Tegan appears in the time corridor booth on the Dalek ship. She steps out, sees the TARDIS (but doesn’t dash to hide in there?) Suddenly, Mercer and Turlough show up. She tells him The Doctor is there, pointing out the TARDIS.


On the screen, we see Zoe, Victoria, Jamie, The Second Doctor, Steven, and others. The Doctor cries out in pain and so does Stein. He shuts off the machine and releases The Doctor.


Davros sends his pet Daleks to secure the TARDIS.


The Doctor and Stein take the troopers posted outside the duplication chamber prisoner. Stein says he could turn on The Doctor at any time, if the conditioning reasserts itself.


Tegan and Turlough and Mercer unite with The Doctor.


The Supreme Dalek and Lytton are aware of The Doctor’s escape. Lytton calls his special guards.


Seeing that they’re being watched by a camera, The Doctor destroys the duplication device before they flee back to the TARDIS. Once there, Tegan asks where they’re going. When The Doctor says they’re going to Earth, Turlough, AMAZINGLY says, “Best news all day.” (Sure, I get the context of why he’s saying it, but considering he complains every time they end up on Earth, it’s ironic.)


Stein tells them about the virus; Tegan realises that’s what must be in the cylinders back at the warehouse, and Stein confirms that.


Before they can leave, The Doctor says he must kill Davros. “Davros created the Daleks, he must not be allowed to save them.”


Stein and Mercer insist they accompany him. He gives the companions orders to wait as long as they can but if they are attacked, to leave at once.


Davros and his pet engineer see The Doctor being escorted by Stein and Mercer; Davros wonders if that’s The Doctor, and his pet engineer says that the Daleks wouldn’t assign Stein to escort just anyone.


Lytton is informed by the Supreme Dalek that Davros has gained control of two Daleks. He is ordered to exterminate them and destroy Davros, who has been deemed “unreliable”.


Davros greets The Doctor. He promises the Time Lord that he will suffer tenfold for what he experienced. The same old conversation between the two ensues.


Mercer hands his gun to The Doctor, much to Davros’ dismay. The Doctor tells him, in a haunting speech, “Until I walked through that door, I foolishly hoped you’d changed enough for me to not have to do this. I’m not here as your prisoner, Davros… but your executioner.”


Davros pleas, saying he had planned to recreate the Daleks, and this time he would not make them totally ruthless. This brings The Doctor to lower the gun. Still, it seems Davros only wants this to make them stronger. He offers The Doctor the chance to join him as the head of the new Dalek army.


Stein and Mercer go out to deal with approaching troopers; The Doctor raises the gun at Davros once more.


In the TARDIS, the companions see that The Doctor preset the controls. They slip into the time corridor once more.


Davros calls The Doctor, “Soft, like all Time Lords, you prepare to stand by and watch.”


Mercer shoots the two troopers when Stein’s attempt to bluff them seems to be failing. They argue, and Stein struggles with his conditioning. More troopers show up and Mercer begins firing. Both Stein and Mercer are shot.


The Doctor, hearing the fight, goes out. Stein, who is still alive, tells him to stay back. While they argue, the door to the laboratory closes, locking The Doctor out.


Over the comm link, the Supreme Taco, I mean Dalek, berates Lytton. He says that he has sent Daleks to destroy Davros, and Lytton must go to Earth to destroy Davros’ pet Daleks.


Stein walks down the hall, struggling with his conditioning.


In the warehouse, Tegan and Turlough slip out of the TARDIS. Turlough argues they’re being there. Tegan says the virus is the only effective weapon they have.


Davros gives one of his pet troopers the virus to use on the Daleks on the ship.


The duplicated soldiers engage in combat with Davros’ Daleks and pet troopers. The Daleks win.


Tegan and Turlough are in the sick bay. They get a cylinder and head back to the TARDIS.


Stein makes it to the self-destruct chamber but sees guards.


Lytton’s troopers reach the warehouse and a firefight begins.


The Supreme Dalek sends more Daleks to destroy everyone, including Lytton and his troopers. The Doctor watches them depart, then grabs some metal boxes from a cubbyhole in the wall. (From the same one that Stein took the gun he turned on The Doctor when they first arrived, I think. I’m guessing these are explosives.)


A Dalek stops and exterminates Davros’ trooper and medic who had the virus.


Lytton’s men are shot; Lytton feigns death.


Stein shoots the guards then enters the self-destruct chamber.


Davros’ Daleks and troopers search for the TARDIS. They are attacked by the loyal Daleks.


The Supreme Dalek sees Stein and sends Daleks to stop him.


Davros’ Daleks argue with the loyal Daleks over who is traitors or not. They begin shooting each other. As they fight, The Doctor appears in the warehouse via time corridor. He hides behind crates, placing the explosives on the Daleks when he can, destroying several.


Lytton stops feigning death and shoots at The Doctor, who dashes off. He enters the TARDIS and finds Tegan and Turlough and the cylinder.


Davros checks on his escape hatch. Because, you know, that would have been put in the prison med lab. He then shatters one of the small ‘eggs’ with the virus in it.


A moment later, the door to the med lab is shattered. Two Daleks enter, telling him they are there to exterminate him, but before they can, the virus kills them.


The Doctor activates the canister, which begins smoking. He takes it out of the TARDIS and sets it down. A trooper takes a shot at him, but he dashes back in to the TARDIS.


Lytton and a trooper watch as the Daleks begin to die from the virus. “They’re dying, and so are you,” he says, shooting the trooper with him. He then slips out the door.


Stein finishes his work on the self-destruct console, “Done… must rest.” He sits down, seemingly struggling with himself.


Davros proclaims, “The Daleks are dead. Long live the new Daleks!” Suddenly he begins shaking. “What? This cannot be. I am not a Dalek, I cannot die,” he protests, smoke pouring out of his chassis.


In the TARDIS, The Doctor and companions watch as the Daleks die. Tegan is horrified by the scene and turns away from it. The Doctor shuts off the image, saying Earth is safe from the Daleks, at least until they develop a cure for the virus.


However, the Supreme Dalek appears on the scanner, saying he has not won. He tells The Doctor that he does not need to invade, that he has duplicates placed throughout the planet and soon the collapse of Earth society will happen.


The Doctor says the duplicates are not stable, but the Supreme Dalek says that they cannot fail, their destiny is to rule.


Daleks enter the self-destruct chamber and shoot Stein, but he leaps forward onto the console, activating the explosion; the space station explodes, destroying the Dalek ship as well.


Seeing this, The Doctor seems to feel Earth is safe. When Tegan asks if Davros was the one who destroyed the space station, The Doctor suggests that perhaps it was Stein, who “finally decided what side he was on.”


Lytton, dressed as a cop again, meets the two bobbies. They salute him and fall in line and the three men walk off. (I always liked that ambiguous ending there.)


The Doctor assures the companions that the duplicates are unstable and will eventually break free of Dalek control. Turlough suggests alerting the Earth authorities and The Doctor agrees, saying, “Come along,” to Tegan.


I’m not coming with you,” she replies, not following. The Doctor stops, turns around and comes back, followed by Turlough.


I beg your pardon?”


I’m tired,” she says.


What’s the matter,” he asks, softly, perhaps the most gentle he’s ever been with her.


Emotions wracking her, she answers, “A lot of good people have died today. I’m sick of it.”


You think I wanted it this way?”


No. It’s just that I don’t think I can go on.”


You want to stay on Earth.”


She relates what her aunt Vanessa said about when you stopped enjoying something, to give it up. The Doctor tries to protest but she cuts him off. “It’s stopped being fun, Doctor.” She shakes hands with both of them, “I’ll miss you both.”


As she runs off, The Doctor begs her not to leave, not like this. She turns around, still moving away, “I must, I’m sorry,” she says, then turns and slips away.


This scene has always struck a chord with me. As a teenager, I was very fond of Tegan (she’s hot, yo) and this one always wrenched my heart a little. Still does.


The Doctor looks at Turlough, “It’s… strange. I left Gallifrey for similar reasons. I’d grown tired of the lifestyle. It seems I must mend my ways.” He and Turlough enter the TARDIS and depart (sure hope they’re going to alert the authorities about the duplicates still…)


As the TARDIS fades, Tegan returns, and sees that it’s gone. “Brave heart, Tegan,” she says out loud. After a pause, “I will miss you,”… and the final credits roll.


Great serial. Wow. Loved it, love it still. Wow.