I recall some parts of this, enough to look forward to it.

Episode 1:

On the planet Sarn, two men cross a hilly region; they’re dressed in khaki coloured clothing, loose and covering little. One collapses, but says he’s afraid to go on. The other says he’s afraid, too, but the others are depending on them.

In a citadel, two other men walk, talking about the times when unbelievers were sent to the fires. There’s a very Arabian feel to things here, as one (seemingly the elder/more important) seems more a Sheik, dressed in flowing white, as opposed to the cargo shorts and boots and loose top of the other (which was similar to the two men in the hilly area.)

The Sheik says that sending “the occasional free-thinker to the flames” is a good thing, as it “encourages faith in our traditions.” Wow.

Okay, I was wrong, the Sheik dude seems to be the advisor to the younger man, who says he could never order a burning. Sheik dude says when the time comes, he will have the strength. “It can be a rewarding experience for those consumed in the flames. Unbelievers are such unhappy souls.” WOW. Yikes.

Timanov is the advisor, Malkon is the young man he’s advising. Timanov warns Malkon that they must appear to be strong, they must be loyal, that Logar (their god, apparently a fire god) is testing them.

The two men continue their climb; again, the younger complains – his feet are hot, he can’t breathe. His name is Roskal; Amyand, the other, jokes that Timanov says that Logar is benevolent and perhaps when they crest the mountain and find him, he’ll be waiting with a cool drink and new shoes.

They complete the climb, to find nothing inside the area atop the mountain. Amyand proclaims, “Logar is a myth!” They both laugh.

On Earth, we see some items being brought up from beneath the water; a man in the boat chastises the divers for being careless. He sorts through the basket, finding a metallic object, seemingly modern.

There’s a strange logo on that he nor his assistant recognise. They set it aside, saying they have to worry about getting the statue first.

Timanov and Malkon stand on a balcony set into the mountain, observing a grandiose vista. Timanov (guess he’s a high priest or something along those lines) praises Logar for it. Malkon asks why he’s trying to destroy the planet and Timanov basically says who are we to understand the god?

Malkon is “the chosen one”, we learn. Malkon wishes he has Timanov’s faith. On Malkon’s arm is a double down-pointed triangle, which Timanov says is the sign of Logar, and that is why he is the chosen one.

It’s worth noting that’s the same symbol from the object the Earthers found.

Malkon is having doubts; Timanov is getting frustrated with him. He all but yells at the youth, saying he was found on the slopes of the mountain, but before he can give us the exposition, Malkon cuts him off, talking of the strange dreams and memories he has. Timanov becomes gentler, softer, saying he forgets how young Malkon is sometimes.

Another man watches Roskal and Amyand return from the mountain through a telescope.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor reflects on the Daleks as Turlough listens. His companion warns him of being obsessed and depressed.

Suddenly, Kamelion’s screams and they run off. They find him connected to the TARDIS through a console in the hallway wall. Turlough is sent back to the console to… I’m not sure what, but to make things better? Kamelion says something about “contact”.

Turlough reports they’re getting a distress signal.

Kamelion apologises to The Doctor, saying he was confused. The Doctor returns to the console chamber just after Turlough tears out some wires. The Doctor sees the damage and asks what he’s done. Turlough says he thought the random emissions were interfering with Kamelion.

The Doctor then asks why he reset the coordinates, but Turlough says he didn’t; they realise that Kamelion was hooked up to the TARDIS and must have set them to the signal.

A young woman (who will soon be introduced as Perpugilliam “Call me Peri” Brown) greets the boat as it comes back and sees the statue of Eros being unloaded. She chats up the assistant to the boat, Howard – seems he’s her stepfather.

She tells Howard she’s going to Morocco with some “really nice English guys” and he chastises her, saying she’s got to use the summer for her college studies. She says he can’t tell her what to do. He brings up money… she gets emotional, and insists she’s made up her mind. She asks that they don’t argue, and he gives in, on the caveat that she get her return ticket to New York back, and he’ll advance her some money.

The Doctor says Kamelion denies hearing any coordinates in the signal. Turlough says the signal stopped before he could get a location fix. The Doctor has a hand-held tracker in case it starts up again; I guess Turlough intentionally stopped pulled the wires to stop the signal reception because he knew something about it?

Howard and Peri go to the boat, but he says he left his wallet in the hotel. She says he could send her the money in Morocco and he agrees. She sees the modern metallic object and picks it up, wondering what it is.

The TARDIS arrives on the beach.

Howard leaves Peri on the boat, apparently intending to strand her so she misses her connection to Morocco. She throws a fit (rightfully so, I suppose.)

On Sarn, Malkon addresses a gathering of citizens; he brings up the smoke from the mountain and the quaking of the ground, saying these are signs of a “time of fire”. (Uh oh, that sounds bad.) Logar is testing them, he says, but a woman steps up and says Logar is testing their common sense.

Malkon and Timanov argue that they stay, the woman says they need to flee the sea of fire that is to come. (I’m with her.) Timanov says that if they pass the test, the “outsider” will come, and there will be gifts and food.

Suddenly, Amyand and Roskal arrive to say Logar is a lie, a myth. He tells them they climbed the mountain, though Timanov says it is death to do so.

On Earth, the professor is haranguing his workers. The Doctor and Turlough arrive and the professor and Howard engage in conversation with him. After the Earthers walk off, The Doctor says they’ll have to take two readings to triangulate the source of the signal.

Turlough volunteers to go back to the TARDIS, as The Doctor has the hand held unit.

Peri sits on the boat, flipping through her passport. She puts it, her wallet, and the object with the mark of Logar in front of her. “Could be platinum,” she says out loud.

Back at the TARDIS, Kamelion tells Turlough not to interfere, that he must find the point of contact, “I must obey!” Turlough says that he’s not going to take the TARDIS anywhere, that he’s not going to receive any more messages from Trion, “You’re finished, Kamelion!”

Turlough induces some feedback, which causes Kamelion to scream and go limp.

Peri, in a binki (hubba hubba), takes a plastic bag with her items, and jumps into the water. On the TARDIS scanner, Turlough sees her flailing and thrashing in the water. Cursing, “Earthlings,” he rushes out to save her.

The Doctor sits at a cafe, having a beverage, when his beeper goes off. He slams down some alien coins on the table and dashes off, much to the dismay of his waiter.

The woman challenges Timanov, saying it’s his last chance; if he cannot produce a sign from Logar, it is he “who will burn on the sacrificial altar”. Timanov screams, “Logar! A sign!!!” Suddenly, behind them, the fires burst high in an alcove (a fireplace of sorts?) Timanov kneels, “Thanks you,” as the others watch.

Turlough brings Peri into a room in the TARDIS, putting her in a bed. In her bag, he sees the double triangle symboled metallic object. Tearing it out of the bag, he grabs her, demanding to know where she found it. She babbles something about needing the money and seems to drift to sleep.

Turlough raises his shirt, where we see he has a mark on his arm matching the object as well, just like Malkon!!!

The Doctor runs towards the TARDIS. He comes inside, just as Turlough is taking a data core out of the object. He pulls out the beeper, which leads him to the object Turlough has. Turlough says he found it on the shore.

In her sleep, Peri moans, begging Howard not to be mad at her, not to leave her. Nearby, in the hall, we see Kamelion start to change, picking up on her dreams, apparently. He transforms into Howard, though wearing a black suit and tie, and sits up. He looks over at the connection to the TARDIS port in the hallway and has a rather unsettling grin.

Peri wakes up, wondering where she is. She sees the object is gone from her plastic bag.

The Doctor plugs the data core into the TARDIS console, and there’s a spark and smoke. Suddenly, the doors close and the TARDIS is in motion. KamelionHoward enters, saying they meet again. Peri enters, too, and The Doctor learns that Turlough saved her.

As the ground quakes and rubble falls, Timanov pontificates, saying that the spirit of the mountain calls for the death of the unbelievers.

Peri says she wants to go back to the hotel, but learns they’re not on Earth.

Malkon is pressed to decide, but a man runs in; having seen the TARDIS, he believes that the Outsider has come.

The Doctor and Turlough exit to investigate where they have arrived; K-Howard and Peri watch. She obviously doesn’t believe they’re no longer on Earth, and thinks that K-Howard is her stepfather. K-Howard starts saying, “The TARDIS is mine,” and he closes the doors and flips some toggles.

Peri asks what he’s doing. He crows, “The TARDIS is mine, contact has been made!” She screams as his visage shimmers, revealing the laughing form of The Master.

Who are you,” she demands to know. And, in response, The Master repeats the very first lines his character ever said on the show (albeit as played by Roger Delgado, not Anthony Ainley), “I am The Master. And you will obey me,”… and the credits roll.

Now THAT is a cliffhanger, folks. That’s how it is done.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

In the temple, Malkon orders that the unbelievers be released, that the arrival of the Outsider shows Logar’s desire for lenience. Timanov insists there must be a sacrifice, but Malkon is resolute.

Peri tries to escape the TARDIS, but K-Master stops her. However, during the struggle, Kamelion frees himself of The Master’s control and reverts to his natural form, asking her for help.

Outside the TARDIS, The Doctor and Turlough see the double triangle mark again; Turlough says that it is the “Misos Triangle”, and means that there are people from Trion (his home planet) there.

As they walk off, talking, The Master’s TARDIS appears.

The man who saw The Doctor’s TARDIS arrive talks with Timanov, describing its arrival. Timanov says every visitation is different. The man suggests that perhaps another chosen one has been sent, since “the boy is weak”. Something elates Timanov, but he doesn’t explain.

Kamelion explains why he looked like Howard, what happened. She asks if he is a robot. He is about to send her out to find The Doctor when he transforms, this time into Howard, but with silver skin.

In his TARDIS, The Master watches The Doctor, saying how predictable he is.

K-S-Howard gives something to Peri, saying to tell The Doctor about The Master. The Master asserts his control over Kamelion, who becomes K-Master. The Master summons Kamelion to him to release him.

K-Master departs The Doctor’s TARDIS (from now on, we’ll use D-TARDIS for his and M-TARDIS for The Master’s) and asserts that she will come with him or die. AS they exit, there are more quakes. The M-TARDIS is tipped over, and a block hits K-Master, who goes down. Peri runs off.

A bunch of the Sarnites gather at some machinery; they comment how the dials are going crazy and wonder if the machine is controlling the mountain.

Peri runs across the rocky terrain.

The Doctor and Turlough wander about; The Doctor doesn’t think anyone is alive, but Turlough feels otherwise.

K-Master recovers, checking his head (for blood? For an injury? He’s a robot!!) He tries to upright the M-TARDIS, but cannot. The Master orders him to bring the D-TARDIS inside his.

Timanov and Malkon argue; the priest says that Sarn was once great but is on the verge of extinction because they lost sight of the good that is Logar. He yells again, then gets quiet, saying the heretics must be executed.

In the D-TARDIS, K-Master realises a part is missing (the part that K-S-Howard gave her, obviously.)

Peri looks about, seeing Turlough and The Doctor in the distance. She calls out to them, but they don’t hear her.

K-Master is in pursuit of Peri. She sees him and runs off. He laughs and follows.

The Doctor asks why Turlough has never mentioned his homeworld, suspecting that he is/was in some trouble there. Before Turlough can answer (or avoid answering), they are met and brought to Amyand and Sorasta (the woman who challenged Timanov earlier.)

Introductions are made. When they say they’re not from Logar, they are welcomed. They are brought into their lair; Turlough questions why they didn’t get help from Trion, but this raises suspicions. The Doctor downplays things for the time being.

K-Master catches up with Peri, demanding the component that was removed. Peri finds herself stuck between The Master and a cliff. She threatens to throw it off the cliff.

You will obey me, I am The Master!”

So what? I’m Perpugillian Brown and I can shout just as loud as you can!”

I’ve always loved that line.

Changing tack, choosing tact, The Master tells her that if she destroys the component, she’ll be trapped on Sarn when it explodes.

Showing brains as well as spunk, she appeals to Kamelion to resist. K-Master struggles. The Master asserts himself, who becomes K-S-Howard. Peri says she’s his friend and he turns away, struggling. Peri slips away, as K-S-Howard staggers about.

The Doctor informs the Sarnites that the tunnels they use as shortcuts will direct the lava from the volcano at them and suggests they move before it erupts. He offers the use of his ship to leave.

The Doctor determines that the machinery is used to tap the volcano to generate power. The Sarnites accept his offer. They quickly deduce that The Doctor and Turlough as the “messengers from Logar” that Timanov is searching for.

Out of breath from searching, Timanov takes a break, while his associate looks about. They see K-S-Howard staggering towards them, and take him to the be Outsider.

Peri makes her way down a treacherous slope, sliding down a bit (in shorts, on rocks, that had to hurt.)

As Timanov and his crony watch, they see K-S-Howard become K-Master and genuflect before him. They greet him and he demands to know who they are; Timanov is shocked, but says he is the Chief Elder of the Sarns, “I’ve been keeping the faith.”

The Sarnite heretics invade the temple, bringing The Doctor and Turlough with them. Amyand speaks to them, saying they brought two Outsiders, and bring for The Doctor and Turlough. Amyand tells the people that they are not messengers from Logar, but just people, like them.

Sorasta brings Malkon, who asks if they have proof of what they claim. The Doctor greets him, who welcomes then. The Doctor says that the spirit of mountain is fire that will pour down on the village. He says he can’t save their planet but he can take them to safety.

Meanwhile, Turlough has been inspecting equipment in the temple – he realises the items are from a Trion spacecraft and asks where they came from. Malkon says they are gifts from Logar.

Turlough wants to know where the crew from Trion are, but Amyand says Malkon speaks the truth, that Timanov has always said the objects are gifts from Logar.

The Doctor says one of them is a transceiver unit, and suggests they can use it to contact Trion. Turlough says that will ruin everything. This confuses The Doctor, but his companion demands of Malkon where the Misos Triangle pendant he wears comes from. Malkon says it is but one such thing a chosen one has.

The Doctor tries to interject, but Turlough is obsessed with finding out more. He tells The Doctor he suspects the equipment came from his father’s ship.

Peri, overwrought, sits down in the rocks, asking for help. She looks about, hopelessly.

Malkon shows Turlough the mark on his arm, saying it is that which makes him a chosen one. Turlough asks, but when Malkon says they cannot as it is in the forbidden zone, he then orders him to take him to the spot where he was found.

Malkon replies, “No one can order a chosen one!”

Turlough lifts his sleeve, showing he bears the same mark, “Except another chosen one.”

Where did you get that?”

Probably the same place as you – Trion. It’s a unique custom they have.”

The Doctor works on the transceiver. Timanov arrives, demanding for the arrest of all unbelievers. Timanov says the Outsider has ordered that The Doctor be sent to the fire. There’s a struggle and a man is shot.

K-Master arrives; The Doctor seeing his arch-nemesis, is not delighted.

Turlough and Malkon are in the wreckage of the Trion spacecraft. Peri finds them there. She tells Turlough about Kamelion turning into The Master and Turlough drags her out, saying they must tell The Doctor.

K-Master demands that the heretics be burned; Sorasta says only Malkon can order a burning. The heretics struggle with the guards. The Doctor demands he stop it, but K-Master is enjoying it far too much. The Doctor stands, helpless, as the heretics are dragged to the fire chamber… and the credits roll.

A decent cliffhanger, that. And a good one to end this post on. See you in a few!