Recap: The Doctor, Turlough and Kamelion meet Peri on Earth; they go to Sarn, a planet with a colony threatened by a volcano. There’s religious/political drama going on. Kamelion, controlled by The Master, is using the religious drama to get his way. Turlough feels his family might have crashed there, as he is from Trion and there are signs and equipment from a Trion ship there. He and the chosen one, Malkon, bear the same mark on their arm.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

The Doctor demands that K-Master stop it, but he refuses.

Turlough, Malkon and Peri rush towards the temple.

K-Master orders that The Doctor is added to those being forced towards the fire.

Turlough sends Malkon into the temple, telling him to keep them occupied; Turlough takes Peri with him and they go off in another direction – he has a plan!

Malkon enters, ordering the sacrifice to stop. Everyone stops. K-Master yells, demanding the burning proceed. He demands to know who the boy is, and The Doctor jumps at the chance, “Don’t you know, this is Malkon, chosen one of the Sarns!”

He tells the others that he’s no Outsider, he doesn’t even know the chosen one or understand their laws.

Turlough and Peri go to the machinery in the caves. He begins messing with the controls, saying he hopes to snuff the sacrificial flame.

K-Master tells Timanov that if the burning does not go forward, there will be no gifts and he will call down the wrath of Logar upon them. The Elder says that Malkon is over-ruled and to continue the burning. Malkon leaps forward, trying to stop it, and is shot for his troubles!

As K-Master points to The Doctor and says, “To the fire with the unbeliever,” the flames in the pit go away. Timanov says that Logar is upset that his chosen one has been struck down, shouting and turning to face K-Master as he says (shouts) this. (Lots of shouting in this serial, what what?)

Turlough and Peri view the temple and see that Turlough snuffed the fire.

The Doctor checks on Malkon; the boy is not dead, but he tells the others with him to play along as if he were. They cover Malkon with a shirt, but the boy does tell The Doctor that The Master is in fact Kamelion.

The Doctor turns and walks over to K-Master, saying life must be complicated for him. K-Master doesn’t quite grasp his statement and questions it. “Not only are you a phony Outsider, you’re not even the real Master! You’re just a machine.” He begins to force his will on K-Master.

K-Master turns to Timanov demanding that he kill The Doctor, but the Elder says there must be a sign. As they watch, K-Master changes into K-S-Howard.

Peri and Turlough watch this transpire on the video display in the cave as well. Peri gives Turlough the comparator from the TARDIS and she and Turlough rush off to help.

The Doctor continues to force his will, hoping to force Kamelion to his true form. In his TARDIS, The Master struggles to assert his will. He tells K-S-Howard to use the cave to shield him from The Doctor’s mind. K-S-Howard orders The Doctor taken to the cave.

Peri and Turlough watch as The Doctor and other unbelievers are put in the cave. This allows Kamelion to return to K-Master form, and The Master has control again. He picks up one of the Sarn rifles and aims it at The Doctor.

Peri rushes in, appealing to Kamelion, saying he’s supposed to be The Doctor’s friend. K-Master turns, gloating that he’s grown stronger and her mind has no effect on her. Timanov demands there be no other killing except for by fire, as only that is acceptable to Logar.

The Master orders that K-Master take Peri with him and to leave The Doctor to die in the cataclysm.

Timanov demands to know where the gifts from Logar are. K-Master says they’re hidden in safe keeping, at the ruins, and then leaves, dragging Peri behind him. Timanov and his followers, well, they follow.

The Doctor deduces that the residue in the cave must be what prevented him for forcing Kamelion to revert.

Turlough slips in then, and opens the door keeping The Doctor and unbelievers in the flame chamber. He tells them that he rerouted the flow. They check on Malkon, who is unconscious but alive. Turlough tells The Doctor that he suspects that Malkon is his brother.

At the ruins, K-Master (grabbing Peri by her wrist), leads Timanov and the faithful. He points out his overturned TARDIS, covered by rubble, saying it is a wonderful gift and they just need to remove the rubble. Timanov looks like an eight year old boy at Christmas morning.

Turlough explains that the last Trion ship crashed and Malkon was the only survivor. He says the ship “must have been the ship my father was on,” though how he deduced that isn’t remotely clear. He tells The Doctor that he knows his brother would have been the only infant on the ship.

The Doctor asks Amyand if he knows of the ruins; he says he does and will lead him there. Turlough gets up to go with them and the Time Lord wonders why he doesn’t want to stay with Malkon. Turlough says he could be useful there and shows him the brand on his arm.

Does everyone on Trion have this mark,” The Doctor asks.

No, you have to be very special,” Turlough replies.

K-Master watches with glee as they uncover the M-TARDIS. Timanov and the others realise it is just a pillar of stone. Peri tries to warn the Elder that K-Master is about to “pull a bunk”.

K-Master promises that “This is a day of reckoning for us all.”

The Doctor and Turlough follow Amyand through some tunnels; the Time Lord says there must be some reason why The Master is using Kamelion as his pawn, that something has happened. Turlough wonders if he’s having another regeneration crisis, but The Doctor doesn’t think so, saying The Master’s current body should last for a few years yet.

The M-TARDIS is lifted upright. Peri calls out, telling them not to let him enter, but he pushes her in and follows, stopping to turn to Timanov and snipe, “Gullible idiot,” before closing the door.

A moment later, The Doctor, Turlough and Amyand arrive.

In the M-TARDIS, Peri exclaims, “It’s just like The Doctor’s,” and it is, though the colour scheme is different. K-Master says the M-TARDIS is, “Infinitely superior, as I am to that galactic philanthropist.”

Turlough shows Timanov his mark of Logar, saying he is the new chosen one and orders him to let The Doctor into the D-TARDIS. Turlough does a great job of bluffing and Timanov gives in when Turlough brings up the murder of Malkon.

Even though Turlough has given The Doctor the comparator back, The Doctor realises that the temporal stabiliser has been removed too.

The M-TARDIS disappears, much to Turlough’s dismay and everyone else’s surprise.

The Doctor realises that the M-TARDIS is still on Sarn.

Peri and K-Master exit the M-TARDIS, finding themselves in a control room that K-Master says is “in the heart of the volcano.” She stands up to him and he shows her the TCE, threatening her with it. To demonstrate, he uses it on some nearby hanging safety suits (for dealing with extreme fire/temperature, obviously.) He shrinks two of the three suits and says if she misbehaves, that will be her fate.

The Doctor asks Amyand what Logar looks like.

Turlough confronts the elders, saying that perhaps he will choose new elders, including a chief elder who would be more faithful to the new chosen one. Timanov says this is a time of crisis, they must not change things. Turlough insist they obey him in all things, and Timanov says they will be guided by him.

Using the TARDIS computer, The Doctor creates a mockup on the screen, with Amyand’s help, trying to generate a visual of Logar. It seems to be a man in a spacesuit.

In the heart of the volcano, K-Master creates a quake. Turlough orders everyone into the TARDIS. The Doctor puts the visual of Logar on the screen and the elders genuflect. Turlough insists that The Doctor is a friend of Logar.

The Doctor asks Timanov if he’d ever seen Logar; the chief elder says he did once, on the summit of the fire mountain, when he was just a boy. Logar spoke to him, beckoned him to inhale the gases. He said it was intoxicating, invigorated. He said his body and mind felt stronger and fitter.

The Doctor wonders if that’s what The Master is after.

The D-TARDIS detects the Peri and K-Master in the heart of the volcano.

K-Master tinkers with things until the column of flame in the mountain turns blue.

The elders leave the D-TARDIS to gaze upon the change of the mountain. They see a great plume of blue fire. Timanov says the blue flame has not been seen in many generations. It is a sign of mercy from Logar to heal the sick.

The Doctor confronts Turlough, demanding to know what interest the Trions have here, but Turlough says he doesn’t know. The Doctor asks if this was a planet abandoned by the Trions, what was his father doing there? Turlough doesn’t answer, and The Doctor says if he’s holding back anything that will help The Master, their friendship is at an end.

In the heart, the flame turns from blue to yellow again. K-Master is delighted, saying they control the nusmismaton gas, a rare force in the universe. He says when the surge comes again, he will be ready to “absorb it’s infinite transforming power”.

Peri flips some random switches on a console and shoves K-Master from behind, knocking him down. She rushes off into a tunnel and hides. K-Master dashes past her and she slips back into the M-TARDIS, closing the door.

In the sacrificial chamber, The Doctor examines the residue, realising there are trace elements of numismaton gas. He says this would be very useful for “a Time Lord who cannot regenerate.” He still wonders why The Master needs it in such quantities.

Sorasta arrives to inform them that Malkon is much worse. Turlough demands that The Doctor take his brother to the TARDIS, but The Doctor refuses, saying he must get back to the bunker to control the flow.

Peri is in the M-TARDIS and regards the “control box” she saw earlier. It’s the size of a crate, about knee high. K-Master is banging on the door outside, but cannot get it, so she decides to open the control box.

She opens it up, revealing a miniaturised Master inside! He looks up, “You escaped from my slave, but you will obey me… or die!”

And the credits roll.

I didn’t remotely remember that part until just before she opened it. That was unexpected and cool and quite the cliffhanger.

Episode 4:

As she recoils in disgust, Peri knocks over the control box. Outside, K-Master falls down and reverts to K-S-Howard.

Little Master scampers and runs from Peri.

The Doctor realises that the gases can be used to save Malkon and opens the gas valves and instructs Sorasta to have Malkon brought to the Hall of Fire. (Oh, I like that name. The Hall of Fire, like the Hall of Justice from Super-Friends? The possibilities are endless…)

When Timanov gives Turlough an amulet, Turlough says he’s seen one of them before. Just then the fire in the chamber comes back. The Doctor, entering and seeing this, proclaims, “Excellent!” Amyand says that flame will burn, not heal, but The Doctor says the residue has to burn off first.

The Doctor sees the amulet; Turlough says it’is a “coded circuit release key” and he knows the lock it opens.

The fire turns purple, which The Doctor proclaims to be “pure Numismaton gas,” and to demonstrate it being safe, he steps into it. (ooooh… now those possibilities…)

Turlough grabs Malkon’s body and carries it into the gas/fire.

Peri chases the mini Master. She has a sneezing fit, which allows him to escape. High drama, that.

The other sick and infirm accompany The Doctor and Turlough in the chamber and they are all restored. When they exit, the fire becomes regular fire again (oh, how convenient). Timanov is elated.

Suddenly, there are quakes; Turlough insists that Timanov bring everyone there.

The Doctor asks Amyand to take him to the seismic control center. Turlough says they won’t need to use the TARDIS to escape, though, if he can activate the communication relay on his father’s crashed ship. If so, the Custodians of Trion can send a rescue ship.

The Doctor questions why Turlough was concerned earlier about the Custodians; he says that the Misos Triangle is the mark of prisoners, and that Sarn was a prison planet for very special prisoners. Amyand asks if his people are prisoners, too, but Turlough says they are the remnants of the indigenous population. (Lots of facts thrown about with no way of knowing how they know this for certain.)

Mini-Master hides under the M-TARDIS control console. He threatens her, she gets tough. He operates the doors and she slips out. Seeing K-S-Howard still laying, writhing, she quips, “Pleasant dreams,” as she walks by.

The Doctor confronts Turlough, wanting to know how his family became prisoners; Turlough says there was a civil war, in which his mother died. His father was on the wrong side and when the war was over, Turlough was sent to Earth, his younger brother and father to Sarn. He tells The Doctor that the Trions have spies/agents on many planets (and lists off a bunch.)

Mini-Master crawls about inside the wires and such.

Amyand is upset at learning that his people’s beliefs were based on aliens using their planet as a prison. The Doctor says with a leader like him, his people will go far.

Peri is back in the rocky terrain. The mountain seems to be generating a lot of smoke/steam and there’s great rumblings.

The Doctor and Amyand are alarmed by the increasing instability and hurry to their destination.

Turlough and a Sarn search the Trion ship for the communication relay. The ship begins to shake as quaking increases.

The Doctor and Amyand are trapped between various small eruptions and unstable areas. Peri sees them and calls out to them. The follow her to their destination.

Turlough gets the communication unit operating, but there’s interference. However, they reach a Trion who demands to know their name, rank, etc.

My name is Vislor Turlough, junior ensign commander,” and he gives his ID code which I’m not going to keep pausing to get just right. He reluctantly gives the last digits, as they obviously identify him as a traitor/prisoner/rebel.

Mini-Master gets back in his control box and tries to awaken Kamelion.

The Doctor tries to reverse the chaos The Master has started.

Turlough says they’re sending a ship, but he’s almost fearful. The Sarn with him tries to console him. Turlough quips as long as they don’t send him back to “the worst place in the universe – English public school”, and makes a brave face and tries to laugh it off.

The Doctor says he should have the eruption held back for a while and then leads Peri and Amyand into the M-TARDIS. Peri shows them the control box. The Doctor takes the dimensional stabiliser from the M-TARDIS and then they upright the control box.

Mini-Master stares up at them. The Doctor taunts him. They banter. It seems he was making a new TCE when this happened. Kamelion had felt The Master’s pain and led them to him to help.

K-S-Howard gets up to his feet, turning into K-Master. K-Master enters and orders them out of the M-TARDIS, threatening with the TCE. They leave.

The Doctor says The Master is going to move his TARDIS into the flames to be cured by the gas. He’s in the process of giving Amyand something to give to Turlough (the stabiliser, I’m guessing) when Peri points out they’re trapped in there, as there are flames outside the entrance.

The Doctor finds the sole safety suit from the Trion geologists (the one out of three that The Master did not shrink to intimidate Peri earlier) and tells Amyand it’s his “turn to play Logar”.

Turlough tells Sorasta that she needs to take her people to the ruins; she asks why and he tells her that is where the rescue ship will land.

Logar, I mean Amyand, exits through the flames.

The Doctor tinkers with things to give Kamelion a heart attack. The M-TARDIS disappears, then appears in the flames there. K-Master steps out with the control box and sets it down, in the flames. K-Master points the TCE at The Doctor, who is standing by the controls.

The Doctor says he won’t risk shooting and damaging the controls. The Doctor (quietly to Peri) says he hopes K-Master will walk out of flames, and the robot does so. They activate the trap and K-Master goes down, reverting to K-S-Howard again.

K-S-Howard apologises and asks The Doctor to destroy him. Peri and The Doctdor exchange a look as Kamelion takes on his true form. She walks back and The Doctor uses the TCE on the robot.

Turlough asks Timanov to go with them. The Elder says he wants to stay, to die there. Logar enters just then, demanding they all rise, and removes his helmet to reveal Amyand.

Timanov says that Logar is everywhere, that he cares for the faithful. Amyand says, “Perhaps that’s why he sent a spaceship, he wants you to live,” and offers his hand, but the Elder turns his back. Amyand departs.

Seeing the Trion ship (wow, that was fast) on a monitor, Peri proclaims that to be “a REAL spaceship.” The Doctor gives her a look as if to say, “You’re lucky the actress playing you signed a contract, or I’d throw you in the fire for that.” He tells her that it won’t do them any good, the TARDIS is their only way out.

Turlough puts in the stabiliser in the D-TARDIS. A Trion officer walks in as Turlough sets a time delay take off. They exchange (un)pleasantries as they exit.

The flame turns purple again. The Master rises up out of the box, resuming his natural size.

The D-TARDIS appears in the control room. The Doctor sends Peri in.

The Master gives a haunting diatribe, “I shall come from this fire a thousand times stronger to hound you to the borders of the universe,” and begins laughing. Suddenly the flame turns yellow. The Master begs and threatens, and is saying, “Won’t you show mercy to even your own – “ when suddenly his words are cut off and he screams, apparently burnt up by the fire.

(A tease about their relationship… ooooh.)

The Doctor watches, horrified, then enters his TARDIS and leaves as the control instruments begin to explode.

In the TARDIS, Peri asks if he’s okay. He says, “Yes, of course, I’m all right,” but he’s obviously not.

The people of Sarn are boarding the ship. The Trion captain says they must hurry and board. Turlough asks if he’s under arrest, but he learns that former political prisoners are no longer persecuted on Trion, that he’s welcome to return.

Just then, the TARDIS appears. The final call for boarding is sounded. Turlough urges Malkon to go on with the captain as The Doctor and Peri exit.

Turlough tells The Doctor that his exile has been rescinded. Turlough is reluctant to leave The Doctor’s side, but he says it’s time to go home. They shake hands.

Turlough regards Peri and says, “Look after him, won’t you? He gets into the most terrible trouble.” And with that, he turns and walks away… one of my most favourite companions of all has left.

Peri seems confused. The Doctor says he must get her home, but she doesn’t seem thrilled about that. They enter the TARDIS. She says she wanted to travel, that she has three months of vacation before school. The Doctor all but reluctantly agrees, “All right, why not,” he says with a smile.

Flipping a toggle, the TARDIS lurches and they both grab the console. The Doctor looks across the console at her, “Welcome aboard, Peri,”… and the final credits roll.

Sad to see Turlough go. Apparently Mark Strickson left because of the show’s format – 4 x 25 m episodes didn’t allow for enough character development for the companions. When he later found out that the following year, the show went to 2 x 45 m episodes per serial, he regretted leaving. I would have much liked to have seen Turlough and The Sixth Doctor together…