Recap: The Doctor and Peri find themselves on a war over a life-extended drug. A madman leading androids and working with gun-runners is facing off against the army. The Doctor and Peri are suffering some poisoning and slowly dying, unless they can get the antidote – the milk of a queen bat! Our heroes have been split up, The Doctor hiding behind a rock as a reptillian humanoid monster attacks the gun-runners.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

The monster walks into the mass of gun-runners, impervious to their bullets. It begins killing them. The Doctor runs off.

The real Salateen and Peri arrive at General Chellak’s bunker. He tells Chellak the truth about the android spying on him. The general is, obviously, horrified.

The gun-runners fleeing from the monster encounter Sharaz Jek, who had expected they would try to follow him. He describes the creature as a “magma creature”. As they banter/threaten each other, The Doctor shows up.

Salateen suggests using the android Salateen to feed Sharaz Jek disinformation.

The Doctor tries to play off Jek’s question how he got past the android and Jek strikes him for it. (Jek sounds like Jeremy Irons is playing him. He’s not, but his voice is almost a Dead Ringer. See what I did there?)

Jek pays the gun-runners, and when they say the suppliers won’t be happy, he offers them eight kilos for the next SUCCESSFUL shipment.

Jek’s androids grab The Doctor and begin pulling his arms out, after the Time Lord says he doesn’t know where Peri is. Still, The Doctor answers that he doesn’t know, but does let Jek know that Salateen escaped, too.

The gun-runners take The Doctor with them, saying their boss will want to have a go at him.

Android Salateen is conferring with Chellak; in the general’s quarters, Salateen administers some medicine to her, but the android hears her gasp. The android senses them in there (though whether he identifies them is uncertain.)

The general threatens Peri with death, saying treating with the enemy is punishable by death. Chellak says that Jek went through a lot of trouble to save them, so they must be associated with them. She protests and Salateen somewhat stands up for her.

The Doctor collapses, his legs going numb; he says it must be stage three. Stotz asks what he’s talking about and when The Doctor tells him, Stotz laughs, but says he’ll last long enough for questioning.

Salateen gives one of the coded buckles to the general. They discuss making them en masse. When discussing taking care of the android, Salateen reveals that Jek has tapped into all the vid signals between Major and Minor.

The gun-runner ship takes off. The men go to bunk down/relax and Stotz reports in to his boss, but first he blindfolds The Doctor. That done, Stotz gets on the vid and checks in with… wait for it… wait for it… Morgus!

Stotz brags that he forced Jek to agree to a higher price. Morgus is in the process of praising his work when he notices the blindfolded Time Lord and instructs Stotz to remove the blindfold.

The Doctor says he thought he recognised the voice. Morgus is confused… he gets paranoid, suspecting Chellak received orders to fake the execution.

For some reason, Morgus keeps turning behind him, talking to the camera, voicing his paranoia out loud. It really breaks the scene for me, it’s so out of place.

He orders Stotz to put his ship into orbit until he can sort things out. This makes the gun-runner quite unhappy.

Chellak tells A-Salateen he has a special treat for him – he’s going to send him on a recon mission to where he claims that he thinks Jek’s base is.

The Doctor begins working at his bonds on the gun-runners’ ship.

A-Salateen separates from his men and reports to Jek.

Chellak reports to Morgus on vid that he’s readying to attack Jek’s base. Morgus says he will report the news to the President for him.

The Doctor frees himself.

Peri is quite ill in the general’s quarters. Jek slips in and kidnaps her.

The Doctor changes the course of the ship.

Morgus tells the President of a rumour of an assassination attempt on him. Morgus suggests the President cancel all public appearances. He offers him the use of his private lift, but shoves the President into the empty lift shaft.

Morgus tells his assistant that he is going to Minor to broker peace with Jek.

Peri is brought into Jek’s base by his androids. Jek queues up a video feed of A-Salateen and his men. Jek then administers a potion to Peri. When she wakes, she asks about The Doctor and Jek tells her he went to Major. When she says he wouldn’t have left her, Jek is honest and says he was taken there against his will.

Jek ends up going on a rant and a rage about how his life has fallen, how he blames it all on Morgus. Peri is frightened, but she tries to be brave. Jek is obviously mad and obsessed with Peri, too.

He kneels behind her, stroking her hair, saying they can think of the future.

Chellak and the real Salateen discover that Peri is gone.

Peri tells Jek about the army using the belt-plates; he reveals that he’s changed the recognition code so their belt-plates won’t work.

On the ship, The Doctor fights weariness. Outside the door to the cockpit, Stotz demands he let them in. The Doctor tells them to find something firm to hang on to as his manual landings are a bit rusty. The gun-runners start cutting through the door.

There’s a tense back and forth between the looming closer Androzani Minor and the laser cutter making its way through the door. They get it open and Stotz threatens to shoot The Doctor, but he says that’s not much of a threat as he’s dying anyways.

The Doctor makes a speech about how he owes it to his friend to find a cure as he got her into this… and the credits roll as the planet looms ever so close.

Nice cliffhanger, good and tense.

Episode 4:

The ship makes a rough landing. Everyone is thrown to the floor, and The Doctor slips out the cockpit and out of the ship. They give chase, firing at him.

After he escapes, Stotz reports back to Morgus, who is en route to Minor on a ship of his own. This has Stotz realising that something is quite wrong.

Chellak, the real Salateen and their men march through the caves; Salateen has a little difficulty recalling which way to go, but settles on left. They take that route and are confronted by an android. Salateen is shocked when the android opens fire on him.

The gun-runners pursue The Doctor, firing upon him as he runs. They’re as bad as Stormtroopers.

The Doctor crests a rise and takes a tumble. Two gun-runners are about to fire on him when suddenly the surface erupts in mud-bursts. The gun-runners dash off, leaving The Doctor for dead. He gets up and runs off.

Chellak radios for back-up but there’s no response. Mud-bursts start shaking the tunnels.

Jek is worried that Chellak’s men will overcome his androids.

The Doctor says there’s no time to get oxygen, he has to find Peri.

Peri wakes, startled by the mud-bursts. Jek tells her she’s safe there. He then dashes off, rambling about repairing the androids, holding Chellak off. He runs out, grabbing and gun, and shortly encounters Chellak, who opens fire on Jek and then pursues the rebel when he runs off.

Krelper returns to the ship to find Stotz talking to Morgus; he’s shocked to see such a dignified personage there, but Stotz says, “Even if he does (recognise you), Krelper won’t say anything.” Morgus tells Stotz he wants to speak privately. Morgus tells him that the suspects others may be onto him; he says there’s a possibility that only the President suspected him.

He tells Stotz that the President is dead and he’ll know in hours if anyone else shared the Presidents’ suspicions. He wants Stotz to lead him to Jek’s private stash of Spectrox.

They plan to make the raid during the Army’s attack on Jek.

The Doctor narrows escapes a massive mud-burst.

Jek arrives, pursued by Chellak, and grabs Peri and tries to run off, but the general catches him and they grapple. In the fracas, Jek’s faceplate is removed and the general shrieks in horror.

Taking advantage, Jek shoves Chellak out of his base, locking the door and leaving the general to the mercy of the mud-bursts. Jek goes to Peri to console her but she sees his face and screams, sending Jek crawling away, howling in misery.

Morgus contacts Krau Timman, his assistant, and is upset to see her sitting at his desk. She speaks to him with great insolence. She tells him he’s washed up – the Praesidium has issued warrants for his arrest on seventeen counts. She tells him that she’s their star witness.

She says that she is now the chairman and chief director of the Sirius Conglomerate. She gloats, telling him all his assets have been seized, including his secret accounts.

Morgus kills the communication and turns to the gun-runners, ordering them to get ready to raid Jek. They turn against him, saying they already have two kilos of Spectrox.

Stotz says that he’ll go along with him, though, as he has a few scores to settle with Jek. Before they leave, Stotz kills Krelper and the other remaining gun-runner.

The Doctor staggers and falls on an android body, but gets up and moves on.

Stotz tells Morgus that things are going to be different. He says they’re equals now. Morgus agrees.

Jek carries Peri, pacing back and forth, saying she’s beautiful. The Doctor shows up and takes her from him. Jek says she’s dying. They set her down and The Doctor uses the celery to get her to revive, albeit briefly.

Jek says there’s no hope of reaching the queen bats, as there’s no oxygen that deep. The Doctor asks him to show him the route so he can fetch the milk. Jek does so and gives him a single oxygen cylinder.

Morgus and Stotz come across the dead soldiers on their way to Jek’s storage.

Jek attends to Peri, putting wet cloths on her head.

The Doctor moves about in an area so dark and misty you can’t see anything. He comes across a magma creature that is dead, but no idea how.

Morgus and Stotz hear machinery running and follow the sound.

The Doctor is in a labyrinth of caves. He finds one of the dormant queen bats and gets the milk. He seems to drop some of it.

Morgus and Stotz find Jek tending to Peri. They demand the Spectrox. Jek takes off his faceplate, revealing his face, which really isn’t that horrible. He attacks Morgus, choking him, but Stotz fires on Jek. Jek is wounded but continues to fight with Morgus.

Android Salateen arrives and shoots Stotz, killing him. Jek kills Morgus and staggers to Salateen, “Salateen… hold me…” he says, falling into his arms. They both remain motionless as The Doctor arrives and grabs Peri, rushing off.

He takes her back to the TARDIS, getting in and dematerialising just as the mud-bursts explode where the TARDIS had been sitting.

In the TARDIS, he feeds Peri the milk from the bat. Just as she finishes drinking it, he gasps and lets her down, crawling away, gasping, “Is this death?”

He lays down (oh, yeah, epic moment here, folks) on his back. Peri sits up, asking what has happened. She puts his head on her knee, asking him about the bat’s milk. He says there was only enough for her. She asks what she can do.

And one of the most epic sequences of the show, ever, begins:

Too late Peri, going soon. Time to say goodbye.”

Don’t give up, you can’t leave me now!”

I might regenerate… I don’t know.” Peri moves away and he lays his head back on the floor of the TARDIS again. “Feels…. different this time.”

The camera takes a position above him, his head centered. His body and face take a fuzzy quality as Tegan’s face appears to him, saying, “What was it you always told me, Doctor? Brave heart, you’ll survive.” Her visage begins circling around his head.

Turlough appears next, “You must survive. Too many of your enemies would delight in your death, Doctor.”

Kamelion appears and says, “Turlough speaks the truth.” Nyssa’s voice adds, “You’re needed, you mustn’t die.” Both of them circle about with the others. They repeat theirselves, spinning about.

Adric appears, saying only, “You KNOW that, Doctor.”

The Doctor responds to only one, saying merely, “Adric?”

Then, evil laughter is heard. The Master’s face fills the area, “No, my dear Doctor, you must die! Die, Doctor! Die, Doctor!” He laughs as his face fills the screen…

Everything gets wavy, a loud roaring…

And then The Sixth Doctor sits up.

Peri looks over, “Doctor?”

You were expecting someone else?”


That’s three Is in one breath… makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.”

What’s happened?”

Change, my dear… and it seems on a moment too soon.”

The camera zooms in on his face… and the credits roll.


Awww, yeah.

A fun, exciting, even complex serial. Seriously, one of the best, ever.