Recap: The Second Doctor and Jamie are sent to Space Station Chimera to demand that the time travel experiments there are put to an end. However, Sontarans attack and kill just about everyone there. The Sixth Doctor, suffering an attack when his earlier incarnation is being tortured near to death, decides to pay a visit to one of the smartest men he knows, Dastari, head of projects at Space Station Chimera.


The Second Doctor is taken to Earth by the Sontarans and their allies, and back on the Space Station, the Sixth Doctor and Peri fall afoul of a trap and a survivor, respectively…


spoiler warning


Episode 2:


Peri’s attacker bangs its head. She rushes off, griping, but finds The Doctor unconscious. She tries to rouse him, but he’s slow to respond due to the gas.


She tells him that she thinks it’s a human that attacked her, but he says they haven’t reached that part of the galaxy yet. They go back to investigate and discover the attacker is none other than Jamie!!!


It’s Jamie… but how did he get here, he should be with me,” The Doctor explains.

But he’s not now, Doctor, not any more.”


The Doctor realises he must have been there, and wonders where his former self is. Jamie wakes and struggles, but The Doctor sedates him.


Mumbling in his drugged state, he says “They killed The Doctor,” and Six says he’s deranged. Jamie keeps asserting that his Doctor was killed.


Six begins to put pieces together, recalling his experience earlier in the TARDIS and Peri points out that he did say he was being put to death. Six puts Jamie under hypnosis and questions him; Jamie tells him that Two and Dastari had an argument about the Time Lords.


Jamie tells them that the “knights came and killed everyone.” He describes them as heavy-armoured and they had no necks, their hands were just two great fingers. Six recognises Jamie’s “knights” as the Sontarans.


Oscar and Anita haven’t found the wreckage. He says they should summon the authorities, but she says people might be dying. She appeals to his ego, suggesting if he plays the hero, he might be forgiven by the British Council.


Back at the control center, Peri questions Six as he claims he never thought it was the Time Lords. He says the only thing that gave him doubt was the last entry in Dastari’s journal, but he realises now the Sontarans must have forced him to write that before they killed him.


She asks why the Sontarans want to frame the Time Lords. He says he doesn’t know, but posits that perhaps the Sontarans were afraid the Third Zoners were getting too advanced and might end up assisting the Rutans against them in their war.


He consults the computer if he’s right, but the computer replies, “No speak.” It seems the computer has a fault, possibly as a result of the tampering he did. He uses the keyboard to access the databank instead.


Peri asks who the Rutans are and we get some exposition about the eternal war between the Sontarans and the Rutans.


Six pulls up the Kartz and Reimer experiments, talking about how the Time Lords had to be sure that their experiments wouldn’t accidentally cause the end of the universe… and then suddenly realises that he might Two might be dead after all, if he arrived during a time experiment, anything would be possible.


When he tells Peri that all of reality could end in a few centuries, she laughs, and leaves to check on Jamie. Six pontificates and waxes poetic about the end of everything, “No more sunsets, no more gumblejacks,” and then sees Peri trapped in a tube being tortured.


It’s the same tube we saw Two in earlier. Six sits down, trying to work the controls, frantically. As he watches it changes from Peri to Two, then again to Dastari and finally Six himself. Each of them in the tube, being tortured, in agony.


He sits back, and the tube is empty. Peri arrives with Jamie, who says “He’s not The Doctor I know!”


I am so, Jamie McCrimmon. I am another aspect of him, just as he is of me. I was him, he will be me.”


Jamie looks confused, “Who will I be?”


Six brushes it off and shows Peri what he’s found – the playback of her in the tube. Needless to say, she’s upset by it. Jamie says that’s how they killed The Doctor, but Six says it’s just a fake and that proves that his former self is being held captive.


But why am I in it,” Peri asks, confused. Six explains that the computer scanned her when she looked in the mirror earlier (as did he when he was waxing poetic.)


Six says that this is a big conspiracy, one that was centered around capturing Two and Dastari both. He says that Dastari is the only bio-geneticist “capable of isolating the symbiotic nuclei of a Time Lord.”


Peri makes the (Sherlockian) leap of deduction that is how he controls the TARDIS, through symbiosis. Six doesn’t dispute this, and says that if the Sontarans learned the secret of unrestricted time travel, they’d be invincible.


Six says their only chance to find his other self is through telepathy. He lays down, saying he might be seconds or days, but not to touch him, not even come near him.


As he lays down and prepares himself, Jamie looks over at Peri, “I think your Doctor is worse than mine.” I love Jamie so much.


Chessene enters a basement level in the estate, where Dastari is attending to an unconscious Two. She asks how he is, and the scientist says, “This will bring him round,” and administers an injection.


Two opens his eyes, murmuring, “Jamie.”


Six cries out for Jamie, murmuring, “Where am I? I am where?” Then he wakes up, asking if he was gone for long. Jamie says just minutes.


Six begins making the tolling sound of a bell and jumps up, saying they’ve got to go, but he’s not quite sure where, “Something to do with getting my hair cut,” he says – referring to the location, not far from Seville.


The Sontaran ship is seen parked at the estate, a giant sphere. It then fades from sight.


Varl brings a case down into the basement, and tells Chessene and Dastari that Group Marshal Stike is placing the ship in ‘clear’ (invisible) so that the locals don’t see it.


Dastari complains that they should have chosen a less populated planet, but Chessene tells him that according to the old woman’s mind, nobody comes there. It seems Dastari is part of the plot, not a captive. He asks if there are any defense installations nearby, but Chessene says the old woman did not know of such things, “There was very little in her mind to absorb.”


Shockeye, who is nearby, complains that her body wasn’t any better, just bone and gristle.


Dastari pays him no mind, complaining that they should have chosen a completely uninhabited planet, as their plan involves “a delicate operation – we cannot risk any interruption.” Yep, he’s seemingly part of it.


Chessene says the Group Marshal favours Earth for its location, and she says Shockeye also desired it. She explains, when Dastari questions, that she indulged Shockeye because, as an Androgum herself, “I am aware of the potency of such desires.”


You are no longer an Androgum, Chessene,” Dastari argues. “I have raised you to a superior plane of life.”


Chessene turns away from him, “There are blood ties between the Franzine Grig and the Quancing Grig, Dastari.” She is referencing her and Shockeye’s clan/family/bloodlines. She explains that Shockeye does not yet know the extent of her intentions and when he does find out, he will feel she has betrayed their inheritance.”


Dastari says she must go on without the trappings of blood and race.


Shockeye catches a rat and begins to eat it. Dastari is horrified, but Chessene says all their chefs sample the meat raw before they ever cook it. Shockeye tells her that “rat” is foul, but smoke-dried, “it just might be tolerable”.


In the TARDIS, Six has narrowed down the location from the sound of the bells – three miles or so from the city. He realises that the Sontaran ship in hyperdrive would have just reached there.


Jamie returns to the console room, dressed in proper highlander regalia. There’s some banter and then The Doctor activates the TARDIS; Peri braces herself, melodramatically, but it turns out wisely so, as there’s a violent start.


My Doctor wouldn’t have done that,” Jamie says after getting back to his feet.


Your Doctor is an antediluvian fogey,” Six replies, slapping away Jamie’s hand as he reaches towards the console. “Allowing himself to be captured by the Sontarans! If anything happens to myself as a result, I will never forgive himself!”




Both companions give him a hard time about his switching of personal pronouns.


Two wakes up, woozy from drugs. He sees the Sontarans approaching, “Oh, I don’t like the company you keep, Dastari.”


Stike and Varl approach, and Two remembers the attack on the space station. He wonders what they’ve done with Jamie. Chessene says he is dead and Two begins frantic, thrashing on his bed, as Shockeye and Dastari fasten restraints on him.


Oscar and Anita come across the TARDIS just after it has materialised. As The Doctor and companions exit, Oscar approaches, saying there has been a great catastropher.


Oscar introduces himself (as Oscar Botcherby) and Anita. They say there’s been a plane crash, saying it landed near a nearby hacienda and they saw some survivors.


Six says they may have seen three fugitives whose trail they’ve been on for a long time and asks for them to take them to the hacienda. There some (supposedly) comical bits that end up with Oscar and Anita leading them to the hacienda.


In the basement, Dastari wheels in the Kartz-Reimer time experiment module. Two says he can tell by looking at it that it won’t work. Dastari argues it worked well enough to bring him to them. They banter, argue, Dastari saying that Kartz and Reimer were on the right track, and several Androgums traveled into time, but couldn’t be brought back.


He tells them they also know that the Time Lords have a symbiotic link to their time machine. Dastari says he plans to “cut him up” cell by cell or gene by gene until they find it.


Apparently the plan is to give Chessene the power of time travel; Two is horrified, saying it will give her great power for evil, but Dastari won’t hear it. He seems completely smitten with the idea of making Chessene a goddess.


After Dastari leaves Two to go back to his equipment, Stike approaches the scientist, demanding to know why time is being wasted. Dastari tells him that careful preparation is being made. They argue, Stike saying that this should have been done in advance, but Dastari says they could not have done so.


Stike says every hour is precious, that his forces await him. Dastari gets Stike to wheel the cart of tools over to the operating theatre. Reluctantly, the Sontaran does so, and Two mocks him for it, but it goes over his head.


Just as well,” Two quips some more, “a face like yours wasn’t made for laughing.” There’s some banter and then something weird happens.


Somewhat out of character for a Sontaran, Stike volunteers that he might have “made a tactical error”. He talks about the loneliness of being in charge, and Two suggests that he retire. “When I die, it will be alongside my comrades on the front.”


So… I have no idea what that was all about.


Six leaves the others behind to scout out the hacienda.


Stike appeals to Two to let Dastari know where to find the symbiotic link, so time won’t be wasted. Two laughs at him for trusting the word of Chessene, saying she is an Androgum, lying and betrayal comes as natural to them as it does Sontarans.


Stike slaps Two, saying, “That is for the slur against my people!” This is apparently exactly what Two wanted, as he demands satisfaction for the slap, and he challenges him to a duel.


Stike refrains, even when Two says, “You are not only without honour, but you are a coward as well!” Stike turns on him, seething, “As you are not a Sontaran, Doctor, you cannot impugn my honour!!!” The Group Marshal storms off.


Well, that didn’t work out, did it,” Two asks himself, dejected.


Six skulks around (yeah, right – even without his gaudy coat, he sticks out like a sore thumb) the hacienda, hiding as he moves about.


Shockeye is reading some cookbooks. Chessene is surprised that he could learn anything from the humans, but he waxes on about that humans hunt just about every animal on the planet for food and even raise animals specifically for eating, talking about how they’re force-fed and kept in small areas to fatten more quickly, saying it’s fascinating. (It’s worth noting that the writer of the serial, Robert Holmes, was a vegetarian and this was part of the theme involved.)


Six continues to sneak up to the hacienda and peers into the window, apparently into the kitchen where the Androgums are speaking. Shockeye says he cannot find any recipes for cooking “the human animal” and Chessene points out that some species do not eat their own kind.


Six is precariously perched on a stool outside the window, which gives way beneath him. He lays down, out of sight of the window, as Chessene looks out, but not seeing him. She tells Shockeye she heard something, but he says he did not. “You were too busy talking about your favourite subject,” she replies. He goes on to wax poetic about eating a human and she promises him they will find him one to eat and she will even join him, as she, too, is curious about the experience.


Oscar, Anita and the companions are chatting; Oscar says he’s between roles so he’s managing a restaurant for a friend. Six returns to the them, saying he didn’t find anything, but he knows the Sontarans are there.


As they talk, it comes about that aliens are there and Oscar is startled, thinking that the “officer” (he thinks The Doctor is an Interpol agent) is “joshing” him.


Jamie asks if the woman The Doctor saw was dark haired, wearing a long grey frock. He says that she was at the space station. They talk about Dastari’s alterations on her, and Six agrees with Two’s summation of how stupid that was.


When Six says they need to find a way in without being detected, Anita says she knows a secret way into the cellars. He tells Peri to knock at the door and play lost tourist. Everyone but Oscar heads off.


When Peri knocks at the door, Shockeye, who is upstairs, looks out the window. Seeing the succulent, young human, he begins licking his lips and making other almost obscene gyrations.


Dastari apologises to Two for not giving him a full sedative, saying he must be at least minimally conscious for the procedure. Stike yells for them to hurry up, as he feels it’s a delay for his “war effort”.


Dastari snaps at the Sontaran, telling him that if he wants this to be done properly, it will be at his pace. The Doctor passes out and Dastari is about to start cutting on The Doctor’s skull, when we hear Peri calling out, “Hello, is anyone there?”


Anita shows Jamie and Six where the entrance is. Six tells her to collect Oscar and get off the property to safety. There’s a (sightly) comical bit where, after Anita shakes hands with The Doctor, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, and Jamie offers her his hand, hoping for the same, and gets a less warm handshake.


Peri is talking to Chessene, pretending she’s an advance scout for a program to send American students over in the summer. As they talk, Shockeye is seen descending the stairs in the background. Chessene steps away to consult with Shockeye, who wants to eat her.


Chessene tells him he might get his chance, but she was trying to read Peri’s mind and kept finding “The Doctor” in it. She tells him to have Dastari wheel Two near her, to see if she gives herself away.


Jamie and Six have a comic moment when, descending a ladder, Six falls. Man, the laughs just don’t get any better than this.


(That’s sarcasm, in case you weren’t sure.)


Stike argues with Chessene’s orders to bring Two upstairs. Dastari pulls the “if you kill me, you won’t have the results you wish for” card. Stike gives in, but threatens them that they have until the end of the day before he kills them all and leaves, if the operation is not completed by then.


Shockeye and Dastari get Two into a wheelchair, as Six and Jamie, having entered through the passage, sneak behind them and watch. Though Jamie wants to rush after them, Six tells him to hold back, saying they need to look around first and warning that the Androgum (Shockeye) could break them both in half with one hand.


When Two is wheeled by, Peri doesn’t seem to have any reaction to her. Chessene instructs Shockeye to show Peri around. She begs off, saying that her friends are awaiting her. Shockeye gives chase.


Six examines the Kartz-Reimer time machine, saying it’s almost perfect, but it wouldn’t work for anyone but a Time Lord… unless they could inject the bio print into the machine, then anyone could use it.


Varl and Stike have been listening all the while, and interject themselves into the conversation at this point.


Peri runs from the hacienda, pursued by Shockeye. She slips and falls, of course, and he catches her. He looms over her, “Pretty, pretty, here my pretty one…”… and the credits roll.


Pretty (hahahahahhah) good cliffhanger there, what what?