This is another one I hold in high regards; let’s see how well it holds up to that.

Episode 1:

The Doctor is referencing some star charts, which are spread out on the TARDIS console. He jumps back and forth from the map to the opposite side, when Peri comes in, teasing him about being lost.

When she complains about not having any say in their destination, it comes up that she really doesn’t care WHERE they go, as long as they can relax when they get there.

You want a holiday,” The Doctor exclaims, saying he knows just the place, but she cuts him off, saying she’s heard about “that elusive” Eye of Orion “place” too many times already (it’s been a running gag with her and Six that they can’t seem to get there.)

He suggests Andromeda, saying it has “some of the most magical sights in the entire universe”. When he embellishes, she points out that he just gave the very description, “word for word”, that he gives for the Eye of Orion.

When Peri refers to their travels as “aimless”, Six takes offense and threatens to set the coordinates for “Earth, 1985,” but she begs him off, saying, “That won’t be necessary.”

We switch to a somewhat desolate terrain, all rocks except for a temple (or ziggurat, perhaps) set amongst the desolation.

An interior scene shows us three people running, looking to escape, to find the rebels. One of them, Tyheer, argues to stay in “the citadel” to fight the “Borad” from within, but the other two, a young man named Gazak, and an unnamed woman, plan to escape. Gazak speaks of being thrown in the “timelash” if they are caught.

They hide as armed guards rush by, obviously hunting them. Tyheer is left behind by the other two, who wish him luck.

On the TARDIS scanner, we see a psychedelic spiral pattern that The Doctor identifies as a “Kontron tunnel”, or more colloquially, “a time corridor in space”. It seems the TARDIS is being drawn into it and there’s nothing they can do about it.

Peri brings up that he always claims that the TARDIS is indestructible, but he retorts, “Well, that’s besides the point, colliding with a time corridor is something that one tries to avoid.”

He determines that the corridor ends up in 12th century Earth, something which delights Peri.

Six is more concerned about the effects the time particles might have on the TARDIS should they be sucked in. When Peri asks if that’s bad, he shouts a bit and then sums up what might happen with one word for her, “POW!”

(BOOM would have been better, IMO.)

Gazak is caught by the guards (who wear netted helmets that are slightly indicative of beekeepers.) The woman is blasted by what appears to be an android. Tyheel, too, has been captured.

The android brings the woman into a room, then unceremoniously drops her on the floor. A being in a chair spins around to face her, but we don’t see the figure. The woman is shocked and asks what he is.

The Borad, your master,” a deep voice replies. She gets up, saying “You can’t be!” The Borad says, “And you have betrayed me,” and a beam from his chair strikes her. She screams and seems to be suspended.

spoiler warning

Two men discuss the rebels attacking a storage chamber the night before. They both agree that the rebels should know they cannot win and they know what fate awaits them. As they say this last part, they stop and turn to face a small pyramid device in the chamber.

Another man, Mykros, approaches a woman, whispering to her that Tyheer and Gazak are being brought in. She can’t believe it, and says that Tyheer is a councilor. When she asks what’s going on, he says he doesn’t know, but their society is being torn apart.

She argues that the Borad is working for a better future for them and they must trust his intent. Mykros wonders why they never see him, why he’s always behind a screen; she argues it is for security, he says it is because he doesn’t care.

He says that the Borad only cares about his “time experiments”, though she argues they are for the good of everyone. Adding to his complaints, Mykros says that they also must worry about invasion from their former allies, the Bandrills, saying that isn’t good leadership.

She cuts him off as others, including the android, enter. One of them is introduced to the general gathering, “Maylin Renis,” – obviously someone of high rank. There is some applause, and seats are taken. Mykros and the woman join the seated – I guess they, too, are councilors.

The prisoners are brought forth, and Tyheel pleads with Maylin, saying he led them to the traitors and isn’t one himself. Gazak curses him, but Maylin orders them both to be quiet, and reads their charges – organising rebellion against the Borad – and condemns them both to the timelash.

Tyheel begs again, but is silenced by the guards. Gazak asks to speak his last words and Maylin agrees. He speaks of loving the planet and his people and his concern of interplanetary war.

Tyheel appeals to Tekker, who seems to be Maylin’s right hand man, but the tall man just swats the accused away. Tekker approaches a console panel next to the pyramid and activates it. One wall of the pyramid disappears, revealing a pulsing field of stars within.

Gazak is forced to the timelash by the android, who thrusts him in. Next is Tyheel, who again begs for mercy. He turns on the android, who gets more forcible with him, and he too is pushed in. Tekker deactivates the time lash right away.

On a wall, the face of an old man appears. The others rise and bow; this is obviously the Borad, who says he will not tolerate any attempts to interfere with his plans. He says he’s working for the benefit of all Karfelons.

Mykros mutters (dangerously) to the woman, “If you’ll believe that, you’ll believe anything.”

The Doctor is tinkering with a glorious amount of wires (this show has always been hilarious about wires and getting tangled in them or the sheer number involved.) Peri is by the console, watching a screen, and informs him when a curved line becomes straight.

When she asks if that’s bad, he replies, “Bad? No, it’s disastrous.”

The councilors are dismissed by Maylin. The android approaches him and says in a high-pitched voice (no, really), “Maylin…” Maylin tells the android, “I haven’t forgotten,” and turns from the android to see the woman Mykros was talking to.

She approaches him, addressing him as “father”, and asks if that was a fair trial. He says it isn’t her concern. When Mykros walks by, Maylin asks if he’s taking care of his only daughter. Mykros says that he is, since they are betrothed.

Maylin tells Mykros to “cure her of her stubbornness. She has a foolish commitment to a way of life that has passed.”

Mykros’ reply is lovely double-speak, “I hope that she will soon believe as I do.” Maylin seems happy at hearing this.

Mykros inquires about Maylin’s wife; he says she is recovering as well as can be expected after her surgery.

The Doctor is even more engulfed in wires. Peri is still watching the line.

Mykros follows Maylin into a forbidden chamber. Maylin warns him about being caught in there, but Mykros says he wants some answers. Maylin says they are not being monitored in there. Mykros remarks, “It’s a strange feeling, not being monitored.”

He then asks Maylin what would happen if he didn’t switch the power over to the Borad. Maylin says that the Borad would “wipe them out within seconds”. He begs Maylin, but the senior councilor says he’s already thought all this through, and they’re not ready.

Mykros says he’s afraid of “some power-crazed old man,” but Maylin says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Mykros says Maylin isn’t in charge, that he’s only a figurehead.

They argue about the rebels, Mykros saying “They were no more rebels than you or I!” He tells his betrothed’s father that “Karfel is being to total destruction and you will not lift a finger to stop it!”

All I know is that I must continue my role as Maylin; my function is to switch power to the Borad,” he says and steps to the controls. He asks Mykros to stay and not intefere, or leave and let him do his duty. Mykros asks, “Just what does your duty entail?”

Maylin shows him two amulets and Mykros is surprised that one is a mirror – apparently, all mirrors have been banned by the Borad. Maylin places them in a slot and the wall slides up, revealing glowing crystals.

Maylin says he must make the necessary power switches, pulling out a sheet of instructions. When he opens them, he seems visibly upset, as all “subsidiary energy supplies are to be diverted” to the Borad’s vault – everything but the timelash.

Mykros seizes the instructions, saying it’s mad, asking about those in the hospital – he points out that Maylin’s own wife is on life support in the hospital, but Maylin says rebellion is useless.

Mykros says that he will destroy the Borad, and Maylin says he won’t stop him, but asks him not to involve him or his daughter.

We see the Borad (from the side/rear, so we only see his torso and arm. The Borad is listening to their conversation. We get a close-up of the Borad’s hands, and one of them is quite monstrous, the other seems to be gloved or covered in something, but seems humanoid in shape.

Maylin and Mykros continue to argue about taking risks. Maylin wishes the younger man good luck. When they exit, the android is awaiting them and tells Mykros to return to the inner sanctum for an emergency meeting.

When Maylin asks why he wasn’t informed, the android tells him that he is to attend the Borad.

The Doctor hands Peri a safety belt harness, that she puts on then attaches to the console as their ride is about to get very rough.

Maylin Renis and the android arrive at the Borad’s chamber; the Borad thanks him for accepting his invitation (though it obviously wasn’t an invite, but an order.) They speak pleasantly about the handling of the rebels, the Borad complaining that perhaps he was too lenient, and reminds him that he has no authority.

The Borad plays back the conversation where Maylin tells Mykros he won’t stop him from fighting against the Borad. When Maylin moves to run, he stops as the android bars his ways.

The Borad’s chair moves in front of him, and Maylin sees the Borad for the first time (he wasn’t facing him, was in the shadows until now). The Borad’s voice is changed, no longer that of the friendly-ish old man, but more gravelly, “You look pale, Maylin,” he remarks as Maylin recoils from him.

The Borad agrees he is repulsive, but has “100 times your intellect,” the strength of twenty and a life-span of a dozen centuries.

Maylin asks where the Borad is, but the Borad calls him an imbecile and blasts him with the same ray he hit the girl with earlier. As we watch, the Maylin grows old, then turns into a skeleton which collapses.

Time for a new election,” the Board muses. Oh, these villains, so pithy.

The android picks up the Maylin’s amulet, as the Borad instructs him to tell Tekker that he is the next Maylin.

The Doctor and Peri thrash about the TARDIS. The Doctor says they are seconds from impact.

Maylin Tekker is introduces to the council. Renis’ daughter is visibly shocked at this. She asks where her father is, but Tekker instructs her to sit, saying her father suffered a fatal seizure. Vena (the daughter has a name after all) refuses to believe this, demanding to know why she wasn’t told before.

Tekker (who is a smarmy bastard) says the news grows worse. He snaps his fingers and Mykros is brought in by the android. Vena says it is madness, but Tekker says it is treason and gives the order for the timelash to be prepared.

Mykros tells Vena that it is up to her now, and the strength of the Borad is in the amulet. The android drags him over to the timelash. Vena demands to know what Mykros has done, and Tekker says he conspired with Renis to overthrow the Borad.

Vena tears off Tekker’s amulet and runs to the timelash, threatening to throw it in, but when the android turns to grab her, she is knocked into the timelash, still holding the amulet.

The TARDIS comes to a sudden end of their journey, seeing a ghostly form of Vena passing through. The Doctor says he doesn’t know who/what she was, but says she was traveling the corridor…. though he isn’t sure the destination will have remained the same, suggesting that the TARDIS’ presence might have deflected her elsewhen.

Suddenly, part of the console begins sparking and things get wonky again.

Tekker tells several councilors that if they don’t retrieve the amulet, the Borad will destroy every Karfelon in the citadel, saying the androids have already sealed off the complex.

A guard at the timelash control informs them that a craft is coming up the corridor in reverse. Tekker says they can use the craft to find Vena.

Watching from his sanctum as the TARDIS comes up out of the timelash, the Borad says out loud, “It seems The Doctor is attempting a return visit to our planet. I look forward to our reunion.”

One of the councilors says his father always talked of The Doctor’s visit, “…that is, before the story of The Doctor’s visit was ordered erased from our history books,” he adds when Tekker and the other councilor give him dirty looks.

Tekker says they must persuade The Doctor to retrieve the amulet for them.

Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor opens the scanner and says he’s been there before, “a regeneration or three back”. He’s worried about them having a time corridor, saying their technology should be centuries away from that.

Exiting, The Doctor is greeted by Tekker. Introductions are made. The Doctor asks about the time corridor, but Tekker defers his questions, offering hospitality. Tekker draws Peri away, doing is smarmy best to charm her. He leads them to a nice room, where an android offers them wine.

Peri is delighted at some plants, but suddenly the android snatches her St. Christopher medallion off her and walks away. Tekker prevaricates, suggesting that the android was trying to warm Peri away from one of the plants, saying it has a tendency to spray acidic fluid.

Tekker is summoned away by a beeping on the security camera. He returns to the council chamber, where he is informed that the Bandril Ambassador has issued an ultimatum.

The Bandril Ambassador comes on a video screen and demands they honor a treaty of cooperation, as the Bandril need grains, but Tekker says the treaty was revoked by the Borad. (Where do they get their grains from? The land around the citadel was not farming land.)

The ambassador (a neat looking almost reptilian creature) says, “You can’t just revoke an intergalactic treaty,” but Tekker says, “The Borad can and he has done.”

The ambassador says they don’t want war, but they will do so if they are forced to take the grain. Diplomacy has failed, the Bandril says, “It seems we are at war.”

Tekker assures the councilor with him that the Bandril bombs won’t even penetrate their solar system, with the Borad protecting them. He leaves to find “the Brunner”, whomever that is.

Peri and The Doctor lounge on a couch. He says things have changed. She says it’s dull, “It lacks sparkle. No reflection… all so matte and lifeless.” A man rushes in and hands Peri a piece of paper, looking about furtively, and then dashes out.

She reads it (presumably mis-pronouncing it), “Sezon at the falchion rocks”, but before The Doctor can get his hands on it, Tekker comes in, saying he’s arranged for a tour for Peri, saying Brunner is waiting to escort her.

Tekker tells The Doctor he wants to discuss the time corridor with him, and at hearing this, Six tells Peri to hustle along.

A councilor (Brunner, I’m guessing) is telling a guard to dispose of the body “once you’ve killed the girl” in the caves, so the Morlox can eat her body.

The Doctor says he refuses to believe the “preposterous story” he’s just been told, about a lady of the inner sanctum, who just “happened to fall into a time vortex with a vitally important key to your power vault?”

Tekker says he does expect him to believe it and says there is little time left for The Doctor to retrieve it. The Doctor scoffs, saying he won’t retrieve it, and asks for one good reason why he should.

Succinctly, Tekker replies, “Peri.”

We see Peri on her tour, complaining about how all the corridors look the same. She asks about the plants, if they’re native, and is told that most of them are from Bandril, “our neighboring planet.” (If they’re a neighbor planet, that implies they’re in the same solar system, so why did Tekker talk of the Bandril missiles not even entering the system? Bad writing!!!)

While Peri is examining some flowers, Brunner gestures to the guard he was talking to earlier, who slips off. Brunner gets a summons on his wrist device and begs leave.

Peri wanders, sticking her tongue out at one of the plants (no, really) and the guard approaches behind her, with a neck manacle in hand. She makes a quip about him not being the gardener. She throws a plant (looks like the kind from earlier that spit acid) in his face and he screams (guessing it spit acid).

An android gives chase and Peri runs off. She enters a door, closing it just in time before the android fires its blaster at her. Inside, it seems more tunnel/caves than anything.

Outside, Brunner says there’s nothing in there but “rebels, dank tunnels and the Morlox.” He picks up the paper she was handed, “On the other hand, perhaps I know where to find her.”

Peri wanders the caves, remarking on the “beautiful fragrance.” She stumbles upon a long creature, snake/worm-like, which wakes up. Peri screams. Yay, old show companions who did nothing but scream. Sigh.

Tekker, quite smarmily, sends The Doctor off to find Vena. He’s really smarmy and old-school villain-y. If he had a waxed moustache, he’d be twirling it while he laughed.

A young man sits in a room, obviously on Earth. He has an open book before him and his hand on an upside-down glass, which is surrounded by letters. The glass is moving about, much like a ouija board.

When he takes his hand away, the glass continues moving on its own. Then, Vena appears, gasping, “Please help me,” before she collapses.

Peri is saved from the monster by rebels, who shoot it and drag her away. Suddenly an android appears, burning in flames, and the rebels hurry away with Peri in tow.

The Borad is watching a video of Peri, remarking that she is “a plucky creature who knows how to take care of herself.” Really? Oh, he’s going to fall for her. This is a thing with her, after all. We actually had a story or two where that didn’t happen (the last one, Shockeye just wanted to eat her…)

He instructs an android to bring her back unharmed.

The rebels debate whether Peri is a spy or not. Katz, a woman, argues for not killing her, and appeals to Peri to tell them what she knows, who sent her.

She tells them that she came with The Doctor, but the man says she must think them fools. Katz pulls out a locket, saying it was given to her grandmother by The Doctor. She opens it up, revealing a pic of Jo Grant in it, asking Peri if she knows who that is.

Peri says she’s never met her, but has seen photos. She manages to recall Jo’s name, which seems to convince Katz.

The Doctor figures out that 1885 should be the time that Vena appeared in.

Vena wakes up, looking for the amulet. The young man introduces himself as Herbet (YAY, HERBERT!!! No, really, this is awesome.) Hew presumes she is a ghost. She says her name is Vena and thanks him.

He inquires if she is from “up there” (Heaven) rather than “down there” (Hell.) She says it would be more accurate to say she is from beyond the stars.

We learn that Herbert is a teacher (or will be next term) and comes to this cabin every year. He also fancies himself as a bit of a writer, though he hasn’t published anything yet. He talks of fishing on the loch (so we’re in Scotland, then, what what?)

The whooshing of the TARDIS can be heard. Vena asks Herbert for help, saying “they must not get the amulet”. Herbert pulls out a crucifix and reads up on banishing unwanted spirits.

The Doctor shows up and Herbert tries to ward him off with the cross and bible. “Back from where you came, spirit of the glass,” Herbert shouts, much to The Doctor’s confusion.

He sees Vena and introduces himself. Herbert says not to talk to the spirit, but they both ignore her. She learns that he is The Doctor, and recognises him from the stories (that are no longer officially told.) He says he understands that she has something their Maylin wants back.

Peri asks the rebels why they’re hiding down there. They tell her about the Borad and Tekker starting a war with the Bandril. The man who wanted Peri dead (he’s not been named that I heard yet, at least) talks about a Bandril missile that can kill anything with a central nervous system but leave buildings intact… but it won’t kill the Morlox (the monster that Peri met earlier is one of those.)

Peri says that The Doctor would help, if they could get to him. Katz addresses the man as “Sezon,” and Peri recognises the name. She asks if they’re in Falchian Rocks, and is told they are. (So she didn’t mis-read/pronounce the names.)

She tells them she was given a message, but when she starts looking for it, she cannot find it, and then guards arrive, taking everyone prisoner.

I must have dropped it,” Peri says.

Sezon glares at her, “Obviously.”

The Doctor and Herbert have sat down and talked. Herbert is fascinated by The Doctor’s tale of a “machine that transcends time itself,” and asks to see it.

The Doctor tries to pass it off, saying that he wants to return the amulet, but Vena refuses, saying she was told the Borad’s power depends upon it.

The Doctor retorts that the lives of everyone on Karfel rely upon it, too. Vena agrees, reluctantly, to trust him. She refuses to hand the amulet over, though, saying Karfel is her planet, her people, and she’s coming along, too.

Herbert begs to be brought along. The Doctor says no, several times, and Herbert says goodbye to Vena and The Doctor. As they leave, The Doctor picks up a mirror.

The Borad learns that the rebels and Peri have been captured; he instructs for the rebels to be timelashed and Peri to be “prepared as instructed”. He also says to ensure that they have the amulet back from The Doctor before timelashing him as well.

In the TARDIS, Vena says that their schools used to teach of his first visit to Karfel, and his promise to return. (The Doctor doesn’t recall a promise, but plays along that he does.) She says the Borad has changed everything, but they were all misled and trusted him at first.

As they talk, Herbert wanders out of the hallway, amazed. The Doctor demands to know what he’s doing there, but Herbert asks if he knows if it’s bigger on the inside than the outside.

(That joke never gets old.)

Vena is happy to see Herbert, and greets him pleasantly.

The TARDIS returns (after a bumpy ride) to Karfel. They exit and are greeted by Tekker and the android and guards. The Doctor demands to see the Borad, but Tekker says that will not happen. When The Doctor refuses to hand over the amulet, Tekker threatens to have Peri put to death, and Vena hands it over, appealing to him to “stop this madness.”

Vena says, “You cannot hope to defeat a Time Lord,” but Tekker ignores her. The rebels are seen being dragged behind them by the guards and everyone is led to the timelash.

When he demands where Peri is, saying he was promised her safe return, Tekker tells The Doctor that he shouldn’t believe everything people tell him. He does so rather smarmily, cuz he’s the king of smarmy, our Tekker.

You gave me your word, you microcephalic apostate,” The Doctor yells at him, much to Tekker’s delight. Again, The Doctor demands to see the Borad.

Tekker laughs at him, saying he grew up on the stories of the all-powerful Doctor, “but you’re no more powerful than a burned-out android.”

One of the other councilors protests, saying they can’t do that, but Tekker tells him to shut up, else he’ll be joining them.

When the timelash is ready, the android grabs The Doctor and marches him over to it. Tekker says, “Goodbye, Doctor… unpleasant journey,” and laughs.

We get a close up of The Doctor struggling against the android’s grasp… and the credits roll.

Kinda of a meh cliffhanger… way too much could happen before they get to the timelash. I mean, you know The Doctor is going to live, but a good cliffhanger should at least seem a pretty dire situation.

A fun serial; I’ve always enjoyed this one, mostly for reasons I can’t speak of yet for spoilery reasons.

See you Friday!