Recap: The Doctor and Peri find themselves in a time corridor, and end up on Karfel, a planet The Doctor had come to before, in his Third incarnation (though never in an actual serial, just another story that was never told.) There, the Borad rules with an iron fist. He ignores the needs of his people in favour of his time experiements, including the corridor, which is used to banish people to historical times on Earth. Obviously, The Doctor and Peri find themselves on the side of the rebels and we left off with the Time Lord about to be thrown into the timelash…

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

Tekker gloats and laughs as The Doctor is led to the timelash by the android. Suddenly, the Time Lord pulls out the mirror he got from Herbert’s cabin. He uses it to disorient the android and the rebels begin fighting during the distraction. Tekker rushes out as the rebels take over the room, sealing the doors, covering the camera(s).

The android and a man are forced into the timelash. The Doctor begins directing everyone to secure the chamber, but says he must enter the timelash and asks for rope.

Peri is dragged by a guard through the tunnels.

The Borad gives orders to an android to use his “time web” to disintegrate the doors to the inner sanctum. When he tells the android that “the Earth woman must be kept alive”, the android smiles. (Or rather, I suspect that the actor smiled, as it doesn’t make any sense.)

The Doctor ties a rope around his waist and is lowered into the timelash, hoping to acquire a “Kontron crystal”. Inside, there are huge crystals jutting out of the walls and he rests on one. He finds some difficulty due to the vortex, and does his share of precarious swaying about before getting a crystal.

Vena watches as The Doctor slips off his perch; the men struggle with the rope and she says, “He’s dangling on the edge of oblivion.”

No, dummy, he’s danging on the edge of a corridor that leads to Herbert’s summer cabin, where you went. Dur.

Peri is locked in a cell, the neck manacle secured to a bar so she can barely move about.

Herbert lowers himself into the timelash without a rope (using The Doctor’s rope.) Mykros follows and together they rescue the Time Lord. Oh, yay, I was worried.

Over a video link, the Borad (appearing as an old man, played by Denis Carey, whom we’ve seen twice before – as Professor Chronitis in SHAKA and The Keeper in THE KEEPER OF TRAKEN) chastises Tekker and his crony, Kendron, for wasting time. Tekker says they’re on their way to speak to him directly on a matter best not spoken over an unsecure connection. The Borad promises to kill them both if they’re wasting his time.

We see that the old man is an actual android. Why they didn’t just make it a computer-generated obfuscation, I don’t get.

Mykros, Herbert and The Doctor escape the timelash. Vena congratulates everyone, making a note to address Herbert directly – seems she has a major crush.

Peri, who has some gas canister attached to her chest now, is dragged out by a guard who refuses to answer any of her questions.

Tekker and Kondron arrive at the Borad’s chamber. He speaks to them via the image of the old man on a computer screen, though he sits in a chair to the side, unnoticed by the two councilors.

Tekker, who had been plying Kondron’s presence in attending the Borad personally with promises of being made deputy Maylin, tells the Borad that Kondron betrayed them and that was why the rebels were able to take over the sanctum.

Kondron protests, accusing Tekker of lying. He pleads to the Borad, saying he’s been faithful. Suddenly, the chair moves, and the Borad blasts Kondron with the time-acceleration ray. He then praises Tekker, but tells him to be sure to continue serving him with the same loyalty.

The guard drags Peri to the caves; she hears a Morlox roar and begs him not to take her in there.

Guards and an android set up some equipment outside the door.

The Doctor works on the crystal, while Herbert nags him, not understanding what he’s doing. The Doctor gets the crystal to reflect a beam of light, albeit ten seconds later. He then connects the crystal to some electronics and a chain and dons it as an amulet… one that turns him invisible!

He reappears moments later, but when the rebel Katz tries to touch him, her hand passes through.

It becomes obvious that the device he’s created is a “ten second time break”, projecting his image behind. He gives them a viewfinder that will allow them to see him (both the real him and the projected image) when he’s using the crystal.

Herbert proclaims, amazed, “Science… fiction!” Now that’s funny.

The Doctor uses the second crystal to create a device he says will absorb the energy from the beam the guards will soon be using to break down the door and return it back at them.

On the scanner, Vena sees an invasion force of Bandrill craft approaching Karfel.

In his chamber, the Borad sees a video of the alien ships approaching; this pleases him, as he pronounces that soon only the Morlox (he says “Morloxes” but, like ninja, I believe this to be the proper pluralisation) and himself.

But what about Peri? Have you figured out what his intent for her is yet?

As the android and guards set up the blaster outside the sanctum, The Doctor has some difficulty with his second device – he explains that he’s trying to set it so that he can use the device to beam their attackers an hour or so back into the past, but hopefully in a different location as well.

Katz talks to Sezon, mentioning the burning android that appeared in the caves when they rescued Peri from the Morlox, wondering if that was a result of what The Doctor is up to. When they ask him if that was his handiwork, he wasn’t paying attention.

Peri is left chained in the tunnels, screaming for help, as the roaring of a Morlox can be heard.

The android gives the guard manning the blaster cannon the order to fire. He does so and the door is shredded. The guards and android enter and a battle breaks out.

The Doctor is urged to use his machine, but he says they have to wait the full ten seconds. He does so, blasting the android, who bursts into flames and disappears. More guards enter, but the rebels shoot them.

However, in the fracas, a panel in the sanctum is blasted, revealing a painting of the Third Doctor beneath. That was a nice touch.

Mykros remarks, looking at it, “That’s incredible, I’ve never seen that before.”

The Doctor, who is also looking at it with Vena and Herbert, replies, “That’s… me.”

Herbert turns to look at him, “You’ve changed a bit.”

Mmm, immeasurably for the better it seems,” Six replies. “Strange how you forget what you used to look like.”

The Doctor sends the rebels back to the caves; Herbert, despite being told otherwise, follows the Time Lord.

Peri calls out for help from The Doctor, but the only response is the ever-nearing growling of the Morlox.

The scanner in the sanctum shows that the Bandrill force is almost there. Vena says they may as well die with honour in the sanctum. Mykros tells her not to be so defeatist, and tries to use the communication device to contact the invasion force.

Herbert catches up with Six, who isn’t pleased at his company. He tells Herbert that if anything happens to him, he is to find Peri.

The Borad and Tekker watch as the Time Lord approaches. Tekker asks if he should dispose of him, but the Borad declines, saying The Doctor is an old friend.

Outside the Borad’s chamber, The Doctor tells Herbert to stay there and hide. While Herbert is searching about for a place, the doors open and Six slips in. Herbert is shocked, but sees a ladder and begins to climb it.

Tekker greets The Doctor with a gun. There’s some banter. The Doctor notes a “bittersweet, sickly smell,” which Tekker identifies as being “Of Morlox.”

The Doctor recalls the creature from the tunnels from his last visit. He asks if their leader is a Morlox and when Tekker says no, there’s banter about the intelligence of the Morlox (not very high) and that of the Borad, whom Tekker says is “the most luminous force in this part of the galaxy.”

Why only this part? Why not all of the galaxy? Or all galaxies?

The Doctor doesn’t seem too impressed. He remarks that the Borad hasn’t been too bright so far, and this elicits the Borad (who is still in his chair, in the shadows) to come forth.

We see the Borad for the first time – he seems to be a mutated Karfelon. The Doctor frowns, then replies, “I’m afraid you could be right.”

Herbert has climbed above and is looking down into the Borad’s chamber.

The Doctor taunts the Borad by remarking to Tekker that he said his leader wasn’t a Morlox. The Borad cautions him to watch his tongue. The Doctor asks how the people of Karfel have accepted him, and he shows the Time Lord his “other self”.

When the Borad says his existence was result of an accident, The Doctor notices a canister of “Mustakozene-80” on the wall and makes the connection. (Have you made it yet? Canister? Hmm?)

The Borad, alternating between talking from his screen image of the old man, and from his own body, says that he was once like The Doctor, weak of limb and mind, but “Now I have the strength and intelligence of many.”

But hardly the looks to match,” Six taunts him. The Borad instructs him to come closer, saying they met before. He was a scientist who The Doctor reported (as Three) to the inner sanctum for “unethical experimentation on the Morlox creatures”.

The Doctor identifies him as “Megellen”.

The Bandrill ships come closer; Mykros continues to try to contactd the ship, but there is no response.

The Morlox is close to Peri, who screams.

The Borad explains he was accidentally sprayed by the M-80 gas while experimenting on a Morlox. The gas incited the creature which broke free and attacked him, but the M-80 gas caused “a spontaneous tissue amalgamation”, resulting in the Borad.

When the Borad’s plan to have the Bandrills wipe out the Karfelons (and then he, in turn, will wipe out the Bandrills), leaving a planet for him to populate with others such as himself is revealed, Tekker turns against his master.

For his courage, the Borad kills him with the time-acceleration beam.

The Borad reveals that Peri is about to be transformed into a mutant such as himself and together, they will repopulate the planet. The Doctor points out that this is not remotely a scientific experiment. He insults the Borad, who warns him, “Choose your next words carefully, Doctor, they may be your last.”

The Doctor activates the crystal he is still wearing; up above, Herbert watches through the viewfinder.

The Borad blasts The Doctor with the time-acceleration beam but it passes through him. The Borad continues to try to blast him again, but it is still an image.

The Doctor manifests in another part of the room and warns the Borad not to fire. The Borad doesn’t listen and fires. The Doctor counts down and the beam is returned, hitting the Borad, who grows old in the chair. (I’m confused, now.)

Herbert is instructed to follow the passageway he is in, since it conveniently leads to the tunnel where Peri is trapped. Herbert rushes off as The Doctor searches for, and finds, the release mechanism for Peri. We see her freed on the scanner.

The Doctor changes the scanner to see the Bandrill ship fire a rocket. He says “Pelion on Ossa,” whatever that means.

Herbert grabs a torch and uses it to scare off the Morlox, bringing Peri to safety. They are quickly reunited with The Doctor and the three of them head off to the inner sanctum to stop a war.

The rocket zooms through space towards Karfel. Mykros and Vena abandon their attempts to contact the Bandrill, but The Doctor and his companions arrive just as they’re about to head to the tunnels.

Six gets on the communication device. His first several attempts are ignored, but when he says he is the High President of Gallifrey, he gets their attention. He tells them that the Borad has been defeated, but without proof of what he claims, they won’t listen.

The Doctor dashes into the TARDIS, followed by Peri. He argues that he doesn’t want her there, saying he wants to stop the missile. As they argue, Herbert sneaks in. Finally, The Doctor has to pick up Peri and carry her over to the door, trying to get her to leave.

Very reluctantly, she leaves and The Doctor activates the TARDIS, and then discovers he has a stowaway again. When he tells Herbert their on what might be a suicide mission, Herbert suggests taking him back.

There isn’t time,” Six replies.

What is time to a time machine,” Herbert asks.

A great deal.”

Six says that there are laws of time that he is not allowed to break and if he did, every Time Lord “from here to Gallifrey would know… and I can assure you, they’re not all as pleasant and agreeable as I am.”

Now that’s funny.

Herbert goes on about wanting to face a heroes’ death. His prattling gets on The Doctor’s nerves, and he snaps at him to shut up. Six gets Herbert to read off some numbers. He explains that they’re using the TARDIS as a deflector, putting themselves in the path of the missile.

Impact is approaching, less than fifteen seconds. Five seconds.

From outside, we see the missile explode. In the inner sanctum, the rebels and Peri rejoice. The Bandrill contact them, saying in honour of The Doctor’s act, they offer diplomacy. Mykros, assuming the role of Maylin, agrees to this.

Peri, distraught, wanders away, but is grabbed by the Borad, who isn’t an aged skeleton. I’d like to see how that came about. He demands they capture the Bandrill ship in exchange for her life, but Mykros says, unfortunately, one life is not worth so great a cost.

The Borad says he will kill her, but The Doctor and Herbert enter through the blasted door, “That’s not a very good idea,” Six says. He asks why the Borad isn’t dead – the Borad says he had a cloning project going on as well – okay, so that explains that!

Six tries to get the Borad to show Peri what he looks like, but the Borad isn’t about to do so. He threatens to put out Peri’s eyes. The Doctor presses the issue, pushing the Borad’s buttons.

Picking up a chair, The Doctor smashes the exposed painting of his Third self, revealing a mirror beneath. The reflection of the Borad causes Peri to scream and the Borad lets her go, horrified by his own visage.

The Doctor activates the timelash and pushes the Borad into it, sending him back to 12th century Earth, near Inverness. He makes a quip about plenty of spaces to hang out, swim.

Won’t he be seen,” Peri asks.

From time to time,” the Time Lord says, amused.

(This is the second explanation the show has given for the Loch Ness Monster.)

Destroying the timelash, The Doctor refuses to explain, saving it for another time. Herbert wants to stay, and Mykros and Vena say he would be welcome, but The Doctor tells Peri he suspects that Herbert will accompany them back to 1885, so he can tell everyone.

Peri laughs, “But who will believe him?”

Not for me to say,” Six replies, then says, “The waves of time wash us all clean.”

Peri is confused, so The Doctor pulls out a card, saying Herbert dropped it. The card has the name HERBERT GEORGE WELLS printed upon it.

They leave, shouting for Herbert to come along… and the final credits roll.

Okay, not quite as awesometastic as I recalled it to be, but still pretty fun.