Interestingly, I don’t recall any specifics about this one, so I’m curious to see it. I’m pretty sure I have seen it, but don’t have much recollection of it. Or any, to be honest.

Episode 1:

The TARDIS materialises amongst howling wind, blowing snow. Peri, dressed in a thick coat (think this is the most clothing we’ve ever seen her in thus far), muttering to herself about wanting a burger and worrying about falling into the water.

The Doctor exits, wearing a goofy coat. We learn they are on Necros, as they are both wearing blue, which is “the official colour of mourning on Necros… and women’s legs are to be covered at all times.” Which explains the amount of clothing on Miss Brown.

As Peri complains and Six chastises her, we learn they’re there for the funeral of Professor Arthur Stengos, whom The Doctor says is “one of the finest agronomists in the galaxy.”

Suddenly, there’s a disturbance in the river water. They don’t see it, but we see a humanoid hand grab the food Peri had thrown into the water. Suddenly, there seems to be an explosion beneath the water.

Poor old thing,” The Doctor says.

That was my lunch,” Peri retorts, “That’s the last time I eat any more of your nut roast rolls!”

They leave, Peri complaining about the snow, unaware they’re being followed.

We cut to a scene where a body is laid out, and the death mask is being painted/touched up. One man, seemingly in charge, Mr Jobel, is praising the work of the artist, Mr Takis. Jobel says “This will be the finest perpetual instatement I’ve ever made… provided the witch doesn’t crumble to dust before we get her underground.”

Another of Jobel’s assistants makes a social fox paw and Jobel makes fun of her for it. He’s a bit of a douchebag, this Jobel. He continues on prattling about making “funerary history”, but Takis suggests getting “the day over with first, Mr. Jobel.”

Jobel is informed by Tasambeker, the assistant whom he was mocking earlier, that the presidential spacecraft has been sighted/detected and is arriving. He tells everyone to get in proper tunic and makeup before the president arrives. Most scatter, leaving Takis, the mocked assistant and another guy. The mocked assistant is told that she’s wasting her time with Jobel – apparently she has a crush on him – and she responds by yelling at them to get to work before she storms off.

As they do, a man and a woman sneak by, bearing weapons and seemingly looking for something specific.

The Doctor and Peri discuss the local foliage; Peri takes a purple flower, for her collection – “When I get back to Earth, I gotta wow the college with something… my grades certainly won’t.”

As they move on, the hear the snap of a twig and wonder what it is. They are assaulted by a man who seems to be raving and has a nasty skin condition. The Doctor attempts to sedate him with hypnosis, but it doesn’t work. The man attacks him and they wrestle through the snow and trees, falling down a slope.

spoiler warning

Peri grabs a branch and clubs the man on the head, knocking him out.

Cut to someone in a room watching a screen divided into nine small screens, one of which is showing Peri save The Doctor. The dude watching is talking, as if broadcasting on a radio or video feed – maybe he’s a podcaster/vlogger? He’s got long hair and John Lennon (Harry Potter for you young-uns) style sunglasses and a headset and talks like half stoner, half country hick. He goes on talking to his “audience”, who apparently are in suspended animation.

We switch to another room, where a Dalek approaches Davros, the latter who is in some sealed contraption. Overhead is a video feed of the stoner/hick dude. Davros demands, “Shut the fool up!” The video switches to The Doctor, Peri and the KO’d raving man, and the Dalek recognises our hero.

Excellent,” Davros says, “my lure has worked!” He tells the Dalek not to fetch him, saying he wants The Doctor to deliver himself into his hands.

The two intruders spy a guarded door. The man talks down to the woman, as she readies her gun, saying “these things kill!” I guess he looks up at the sun and says, “That thing burns,” too? He takes a sip of something from a canteen, though she says that won’t help. “I can but try,” he argues.

They jump out and fire on the guard, killing him. She has a blaster pistol, he has a sub-machine gun (and fires wildly, using a lot of rounds. Not really subtle, what what?)

The Dalek says that its “sensors indicate a disturbance.” I’m sure this Dalek goes outside and sees the Sun and says, “Sensors indicate a heat source,” too?

Davros sees the video of the intruders and tells the Dalek to “inform Takis there are bodysnatchers in the catacombs”.

The woman intruder uses a sheet to enter security codes and opens the door.

The raving man seems more lucid. He tells them “The Great Healer” is responsible for his appearance, as he’s a result of his experimentation. Instead of answering, the raving man dies. Peri is upset that he forgave her for killing him.

When Takis does not respond, Davros demands that Kara and Tasambeker are found.

A woman wanders the halls looking for Takis, calling out for him.

The intruders hide from others, but the VJ sees them and announces it to his “audience”. Procol Harum’s “White Shade of Pale” is the current music as the VJ does some dedications.

(I’m not sure, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this one. Maybe something will seem familiar…)

Takis and his cohort are chastised by the one woman, but they say they didn’t see anything. She yells at them to find the intruders. Seeing this on the video, Davros says he wants “that woman brought to me”.

VJ is dressed like a 50s gang member/Elvis pastiche now. He identifies himself as “the DJ” so that’s what I’ll call him for from now on. (He’s played by Alexei Sayle, who I know as the landlord from THE YOUNG ONES – I knew he was familiar to me… he’s also been in a variety of movies and tv shows, too.)

He pulls up the video of The Doctor and Peri, wondering which lucky guy she’s coming to see.

Takis and his buddy are stopped by a Dalek, who lets them go when they show their badges. Takis says if “that thing is on guard duty… it’s worse than I thought.” Davros is listening/watching this conversation via video feed.

Davros decides that Takis knows too much, after Takis tells the other that there’s more than just “a couple thousand stiffs in suspended animation” in there.

The woman named Kara appears on the video screen. Davros speaks to her pleasantly, so she must be in a position of power, or have something he needs.

The intruders argue – she wants him to hurry, but he says if he opens the door too quickly, Stengos’ body will turn into “a pool of high protein water!” Despite his reasoning, she still yells at him to get the door open.

We see some factories, and then Kara in her office, telling Davros (over the video feed) that he asks too much, as he already takes “most of the profits” her factories make. He argues that he created the product and has a right to the money.

She agrees, calling him “Great Healer” (shocker) and says she would sell the bones of her assistant, Vogel, if it would help his cause. Vogel, standing next to her, says, “And I would give them willingly,” but you can see from his face he’s prevaricating.

(It’s worth noting that Vogel is played by Hugh Walters. This is his third, and final – thus far – appearance in Doctor Who. First in the William Hartnell serial THE CHASE, as William Shakespeare, then in the Tom Baker serial THE DEADLY ASSASSIN as Runcible.)

Davros shuts them up, snapping about their prattling… then apologises, saying he needs more money. She uses Davros’ real name and he gets mad, saying not to use it on an open channel.

She apologises, asking him to accept it. He says he’d rather accept her monies, and they all laugh as the feed ends. She gets serious and asks if Orcini arrives, to which Vogel says that he has, and she sends him to fetch him.

Jobel breaks up a bunch of attendants, mulling about the body of one who was murdered (the guard the intruders killed, I’m guessing.) When the girl with the crush on him tells him an attendant was murdered, he replies, “Pity it couldn’t have been you,” and she gets upset.

I do wish you’d get used to my sense of humour,” he says, somewhat gently. They discuss the attendant, who needs some touching up, but Jobel says he’s busy with the president’s wife’s body and doesn’t have time. She begs and he agrees to let her do it.

As they depart, Jobel stops to tell her that the Great Healer wants to see her. This brings her great delight, though Jobel grouses at the camera watching, “Though why I should be the messenger boy, I.. I don’t know.”

Davros watches, saying he is a fool. “I have offered you immortality, but you are content to play with the bodies of the dead.” Davros seems to be a head only, atop a blocky contraption.

The intruders open the storage casket/whatsit and find the body in it. The man says she was wrong. She tells him to unwrap it. He does so, and apparently it’s not Stengos inside.

Just then, Takis, Takis’ buddy and two guards arrive. The intruders run. The guards shoot. One guard is blasted and Takis takes his gun and they give chase.

The Doctor and Peri complain about not being able to find a door. They debate the residents being dead vs being in suspended animation. With no door, they end up having to climb the wall. He hoists her up, but as she climbs him, something happens? He complains, “Oh no,” and she apologises, saying she’ll find him a new one, but they haven’t told us what yet.

Oh, his pocket watch… aw.

The intruders flee from their pursuers, going deeper. They bicker the whole time. I really want to shoot both of them for being argumentative, bickering asshats.

Hearing Daleks, they hide. A Dalek passes by, leading two humanoids who are pushing/pulling a body on a gurney. The woman says she must make contacdt with the others.

Opening a door, they find a room filled with red light and a dull thumping.

Davros, watching, giggles and says to “inform Takis”.

There’s a bank of fluid-filled tanks. In them are what appear to be brains attached to wires. The male intruder (a doctor) says it reminds him of medical school. She says it’s gruesome and ask if they’re human brains, to which he replies in the affirmative.

She pulls out a communicator, saying she needs to make contact. While she struggles with the communication device, he prattles on about being tortured and since he’s a doctor he’ll know what organs fall out of his body and somehow that’s worse than not knowing?

Again, blaster shots to the head of both of them.

He wanders, finding what appears to be a glass Dalek with a… well, organic mass with a human head in the midst of it. While he watches, the visible eye on the head opens and looks at him.

He gasps and the woman comes up behind him. The head speaks to her, “Na…tasha…” and she says it’s her father!

The DJ is still the 50s rocker/gang member type, but talking more stoner again. He’s telling his audience that there’s some pretty weird things going on out there – snatchers in the complex, but says they’ve been out-snatched. He warns his audience to lock themselves in. He’s a goofy fuck.

Davros complains that “suddenly everyone sees and knows too much”. Well, duh, since everyone seems to have access to the video cameras you have everywhere, what do you think? Blaster shot to the head of Davros for being a dummy-head.

(Pun intended.)

Natasha’s father (well, his head) tells her his mind has been reprogrammed to sever a new master. She asks who the new master is, but he cannot remember. He asks who the man is, and she says a friend.

When she asks why they’ve done this, he replies, “I am to become a Dalek. We are all to become Daleks.” Then his voice takes on a more familiar, mechanical tone, “We are to serve a new order. We are to become the supreme beings.”

Then, more human again, “Help me, Natasha.” Then Dalek, “We must multiply! The seed of the Daleks must be supreme! We must conquer and destroy all of those who resist the power of the Daleks!”

Natasha and her doctor friend watch in horror as he rants.

Kill me, child,” he begs of her.

I can’t,” she replies.

Back to Dalek voice, “It is our duty to eradicate all those who wish to pollute the purity of the Dalek race!”

Daddy voice, “If you ever loved me, Natasha, kill me!” Okay, so I get it’s her daddy and that’s a hard choice or something… bullshit. If someone I loved died, and then I found their body, or their head, mutating into a Dalek, they’d be dead for real in a moment. BLASTER SHOT TO THE HEAD!!!

Doctor dude says he’ll do it and raises his gun, but Natasha shouts, “No!”

Dalek-Daddy rants, “It is vital that the Daleks are supreme in all things!”

Finally, Natasha lifts her blaster and destroys Daddy-Dalek. They rush out, only to find Takis and the guards waiting. They capture them. Takis’ friend wants to “mark her” for those she killed, but Takis says not to do it.

Orcini is received by Kara, who apologises for not meeting him personally when he arrived. He says it is unusual for his clients to meet him on their homefront – he’s an assassin, apparently, and are generally not welcome, or when they are, only allowed through the side door.

Orcini is accompanied by an unkempt man named Bostock, his squire. They invite the men to sit, but Orcini says he has an artificial leg that can jam when he sits. They offer to have it repaired, but he says it’s a reminder of his mortality.

Really? That’s pretentious twaddle.

Kara is all romantic over the assassin and his squire, the great nobility of the assassin who donates his fee to charity.

Wow. That’s, just… wow.

They talk about the product they make, a food replacement that Oricini says he understands has “eliminated famine from the galaxy”. They say there is a serpent, the Great Healer, who holds their planet in a grip of fear. When Orcini sees his image, he says it looks familiar, and Kara names him “Davros”.

Bostock and Oricini are excited at this, knowing who he is. The assassin agrees to do it, saying it is a noble cause.

Davros watches the screen, giggling almost to the point you can’t hear The Doctor and Peri talk about the funeral home/cryogen station, which is named “Tranquil Repose”.

She says it’s the sort of name they’d come up with in the States.

America doesn’t have a monopoly on bad taste,” The Doctor says. They discuss that it’s not the sort of place he expected to find his friend, saying extending his life in hopes of a cure for death isn’t like his friend at all.

Peri realises that The Doctor is being cautious and that’s why they landed the TARDIS so far away. He says he wanted to slip in unnoticed, which sends Davros into fits of maniacal laughter.

Jobel tells his staff that this is a big day for Tranquil Repose and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Even though the president has yet to arrive, they will from now on stick to the utmost of decorum.

Kara and Vogel give the assassin a box they say is a transmitter that must be activated the moment they enter his lair. This will signal them to mobilise their forces to combat Davros’ agents and take over the base. I’m thinking she’s lying…

(Even Bostock points out it’s awfully big, but she says it has a booster built in b/c of the location of Davros’ lair in the catacombs. I bet it’s a bomb!)

The assassins point out there are too many safeguards, “It’s almost as we’re expected to be caught.” Kara asserts they are just a precaution. Bostock says that makes sense, but Oricini points out that if he smells treachery, his skills will be turned against her.

The woman with a crush on Jobel is brought to Davros, who says he has been watching her and offers her a position on his personal staff, which she is delighted to accept. He says “the work will be very different from what you are used to, but I’m sure you will not find it unrewarding. Please me, and I can offer you the universe.”

The Doctor and Peri are about to enter a tunnel area, when a Dalek passes behind them. Peri sees it, but doesn’t recognise it. The Doctor runs back to her and says it is gone, whatever it was. She tells him to look another way, and they turn, but we don’t see what they do. The Doctor says he can’t believe it.

Natasha and her friend are being interrogated by Takis and his friend. The doctor seems to realise the truth – you can’t get bodies back from Tranquil Repose because the lawmakers don’t want you to – first there isn’t room for all those who die to be stored there, and secondly there are a lot of important people there who could challenge the rule of those in charge if they came back.

Takis tells Lilt (his friend) to soften up the doctor. Lilt pours down the contents of the canteen down the doctor’s throat, while Natasha screams, “Don’t, you’ll kill him!”

DJ is now a stoner Aussie cowboy. He’s watching The Doctor, who is facing a carving of his face in a pillar.

The Doctor tells Peri, “This is the Garden of Fond Memories… I’ve somehow managed to arrive after my own death!” He says because of the statue, he’ll never again regenerate.

Peri protests, saying it can’t be, it must be a joke. He doesn’t think so, saying it’s too expensive. She wonders what’s going to happen to her, if he dies there, and then goes looking to see if there’s a statue of her.

Suddenly, the statue tips over, falling towards The Doctor…. and the credits roll.

Meh. Not impressed with that cliffhanger at all.

Still pretty sure I’ve never seen this before. This is kinda exciting, I thought I’d seen all the Colin Baker serials!

See you Friday!