Recap: Tricked into coming to planet Necros, The Doctor and Peri find themselves in a stranger funerary home. Behind the scenes, Davros is using the bodies to grow new Daleks, but our heroes haven’t learned that yet…

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

Peri dashes over, but Jobel steps out and tells her to calm down. When she says her friend is under there and might still be alive, he says there’s no chance of that. Then he tells her she’s very much still alive and he likes pretty things.

And, so, the trend of the monsters (or just creepy pawn, in this case) falling for Peri continues… sigh.

To her credit, she tells him to get her hands off her and calls him a creep. Then a “weirdo”. He tells her he’s not a weirdo, but the Chief Embalmer, “I’m very important here.”

To Peri’s delight and Jobel’s displeasure, The Doctor pushes off the piece of the pillar that landed atop him, saying he’s not dead yet. Peri points out he’s covered in blood, but he tells her it’s not his. “Like the statue and this… grotesque,” he says referring to Jobel, “it’s all part of an elaborate theatrical effect.”

As they leave his presence, Jobel tells The Doctor even had the pillar been made out of stone, it wouldn’t have killed him. “No, it would take a mountain to crush an ego like yours.”

Davros watches the Time Lord and Peri approaching on the video and sends his new assistant to greet them.

Lilt is shown torturing Natasha and her drunk doctor associate.

The Doctor and Peri make their way about the funerary home. Peri says it’s creepy. They are greeted by Tasambeker, Davros’ new assistant. The Doctor tells her he wants to arrange a funeral for himself.

Takis access the computer (which has a sexy lady voice) and inquires about the ETA of President Vargos’ ship. He learns the ship is due in 57 minutes, but sees a second ship also headed to Necros on the scanner. The computer says that it is an “unscheduled freighter”. Seems to be a theme with this show…

Tasambeker explains their services to The Doctor and Peri. Cryogenic stabilisation, the updating of the frozen consciousness on current matters of interest (complete with an idiotic DJ, apparently.)

Oh, no, that part is an additional charge – he’s the “personalised communication service”. Really? I’m sure they’d want their money back.

Peri finds the DJ delightful, The Doctor not so much.

Orcini and Bostock walk towards Tranquil Repose; they stop to take a break and Orcini waxes poetic about what swords are. He then pulls out a submachinegun, much to Bostock’s dismay. He tells his master that the gun is obsolete and jammed on him last time.

You seem to forget that I am a Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon and you are my squire,” Orcini chastises Bostock. “Where I may have been temporarily excommunicated, I still try to live by the Order’s rules.” Oricini continues on about how this much be an honourable quest, untainted, so forth.

Kara and Vogel see the President’s ship on their scanner. Vogel suggests shooting it down, but Kara says that would be akin to making an announcement and she wants to remain anonymous.

Orcini tells Bostock this is his last mission, that he is retiring. Bostock solemnly voices his acceptance and begs his master to take a small gun, just in case. Orcini takes it (and sets it aside), but then Bostock says he senses something hostile behind them.

Oricini spins about, firing on a patrol Dalek, which explodes.

In Davros’ lair, his pet Dalek screams in cadence with the alert going off, “ALERT! ALERT! A PATROL DALEK HAS BEEN DESTROYED! ALERT! ALERT!”

Davros says that his agents were correct, that Kara has sent assassins after him.

The Doctor tells Tasambeker about the statue of him in the Garden of Memories, and he wants to know who did it. She says that cannot be done without the express permission of the Great Healer.

Davros contacts Kara to talk about the attack on the Dalek patrol and he says there must be assassins coming for him. He voices concern they might be coming after her as well. She tells him that her men are carefully selected, but he counters that all men can be bribed and suggests that she allow him to place Daleks to guard her.

He tells her that he has already dispatched a squad for her protection, and then the communication ends. Vogel tells Kara that she is putting too much trust in Orcini, but she says the knight will succeed, and when he does, not only will they be rid of Davros, but she will control the food supply of the whole galaxy.

Jobel arrives, and learns that Tasambeker is taking The Doctor to meet the Great Healer. He offers to take Peri to meet the DJ, as she voiced interest in meeting him. She protests, not caring for Jobel’s company, but The Doctor takes her aside and suggests she go with him, “You’ll be a good deal safer with Mr. Jobel than you will with the Great Healer.”

Tasambeker looks on woefully as Jobel leads Peri away. She is upset and snaps at The Doctor when he politely inquires about Jobel. They step through the next doorway and The Doctor is taking prisoner by two Daleks, Takis and Lilt.

They drag The Doctor and chain him up in the same chamber that Natasha and her accomplice are being held.

Jobel has led Peri to the DJ’s studio. Now he wants a kiss for his troubles. She slips away, just in time, and meets the DJ. The DJ is wearing a tweed jacket and hat. He’s delighted at her accent, but she was hoping he came from the United States because of his accent, but it turns out it’s all for show.

She compliments him on his presentation and effort to sound like an American DJ. He’s all a-quiver from her praise.

Speaking of praise, Davros is praising Tasambeker on her good work in helping lead The Doctor into the trap. He brings up her affection for Jobel, but she says that’s a thing of the past. He tells her that he offered Jobel immortality but he turned it down, and she says he’s a fool.

Reluctantly, she admits to still harbouring feelings for Jobel. Davros says he knows how Jobel treats her and tells her that he would kill anyone who treated him that way. When she says she could never kill him, Davros suggests that she watch Jobel with the hidden cameras and see if she changes her mind.

The Doctor recovers and asks his fellow prisoners what the Daleks are up to. They tell him about Natasha’s father, how they were growing a Dalek out of him.

So Davros has finally done it… Daleks that can reproduce anywhere,” he says, solemn at this revelation. (Oooh, see what I did there?) While talking, The Doctor has freed himself.

Kara and Vogel see a flashing alert – this indicates that Orcini and Bostock have made it into the catacombs. She says it’s just a matter of time before they activate the device and everyone will be blown up. As they celebrate with champagne, two Daleks enter and demand they come with them.

When Vogel protests, they kill him. They tell Kara she will obey and come with them.

Takis speaks to Jobel about things not being so good since the Great Healer took over. Jobel warns him to watch his tongue. Takis (and Lilt who is also there) inquire if Jobel is willing to help them change things. He says they need to talk more, but changes the topic as another attendant enters the room.

The whole conversation was observed by Davros and Tasambeker. She pleads for leniency, but Davros says he must die. He demands proof of Tasambeker’s loyalty and offers her immortality, “Serve me with your total being and I shall allow you to become a Dalek.”

That is an offer… I cannot refuse,” she says. Davros demands that she kill Jobel as proof of her worthiness.

Orcini and Bostock enter the facility and the squire takes out a guard. Orcini refuses to let Bostock kill the man, saying he isn’t important and there’s too much going on here, too much they haven’t been told. They find the prisoners and decide to free them.

Entering the room, they are attacked by The Doctor, but Orcini quickly rebuffs The Doctor’s attack. Bostock and Orcini free the others while The Doctor (somehow) realises that Oricini is a Knight of the Order of Oberon, “Only I would be stupid enough to attack such a person.”

Orcini tells them they are free, but if they try to follow, he will kill them. The Doctor inquires if he may ask what they’re doing there and Orcini replies in delightful fashion, “You may, but only a fool would expect an answer.”

I’m sure this has been touched upon by better Tarot scholars than I, but it’s obvious that The Doctor, in ALL his incarnations, is The Fool incarnate.

Jobel and Takis work on the President’s wife. Tasambeker arrives to warn him that the Great Healer hates him and wants him dead. He scoffs at this, but he refuses to believe this. She continues to try to sway him, saying he cares nothing about Tranquil Repose. They walk on, arguing.

Tasambeker professes her love for him, saying she’s risking her life even talking to him about this. Jobel shows a moment of kindness, saying someone as impressionable as she should spend more time living than fantasising amongst the dead.

She begs him to run away with her, but again he turns her down, saying there is no way he would be interested in her. “I have the pick of all the women… I would rather run away with my mother than own a fawning little creep like you.”

Melodrama gets thicker and thicker; finally, Tasambeker chases after him, crying that she is to kill him, but he all but ignores her. Sobbing, she stabs him with a syringe of green fluid and runs off, leaving him to die.

Jobel collapses, seemingly dying… or dead already? The syringe is empty, the plunger pressed.

Two Daleks find Tasambeker crying in the corridor and kill her.

Peri is hanging out with the DJ in his studio. She sees him with the bodysnatchers in the tunnel. Peri gets the DJ to let her speak to him. They speak and he instructs her to go to the TARDIS and radio the President’s ship and warn them about the Daleks.

Davros sees this and sends a Dalek to fetch her and kill the DJ.

The DJ stops Peri, saying it’s not safe for her out there and she can use his radio equipment to contact the President’s ship.

The Doctor leaves the bodysnatchers to destroy the incubation chamber (I’m reminded of the Fourth Doctor’s failure at destorying an incubation chamber in GENESIS OF THE DALEKS) and heads off on his own.

Davros, seeing this, tells his Dalek to “activate a specimen” and then leave him alone.

In the incubation chamber, Natasha finds out her blaster gun battery is exhausted. While they tinker with the incubation equipment, a Dalek materalises in the room.

Orcini and Bostock have reached Davros’ chambers. They kill Davros’ humanoid guard, but find Davros harder to kill. Their bullets bounce of his shell and he fires back with bolts of blue lightning from the gem/glass/whatever in his forehead.

However, they get closer and fire on him some more, seemingly destroying him. Since we’re barely over half-way through this episode, I doubt that to be true, though Bostock praises his master.

Orcini says the kill was too easy. Davros, from behind them, says, “That, you have realised too late, Grand Master Orcini.” He is in his traditional chair/transport and reveals that the head in a tank was merely a lure, as this was not the first attempt on his life. (It also looks like the bottom of his chair has propulsion and is floating above the ground.)

Orcini and Bostock are both defeated.

Natasha and her cohort are killed by the Dalek, which seems to explode on its own.

The DJ has set up a weapon, a cannon that fires a concentrated beam of “rock and roll”.

Kara is brought before Davros, who hands her the box she gave Orcini. He confronts her, saying she sent the assassins, but she plays stupid, saying it’s not true.

Orcini demands she “Tell him,” but still she claims her innocence, “I refuse to be drawn into your conspiracy.”

Davros instructs that the box be given to Orcini. When Kara protests, saying he is a common killer, Davros retorts, “He is a knight of the Grand Order of Oberon, there is NOTHING common about him!”

I find myself really digging the character of Orcini and would love to see him appear again or perhaps a Big Finish series of audio dramas about him.

Davros asks Orcini to operate the box as he was expected to do. When he’s halfway through, Kara begins to protest, but Davros tells him to proceed. Finally, Kara admits that it is a bomb.

Kara chastises Orcini, getting in his face, calling him an imbecile and saying they both will die. A blade pops out of Orcini’s sleeve and he says, “You before me,” running it into Kara, who collapses.

The Daleks enters the DJ studio. The DJ blasts the first Dalek and it blows up.

The Doctor hears the DJ and Peri, being broadcast as they fight the Daleks.

The DJ foolishly gets out from behind their barricade after killing a second Dalek and he is killed for it. Even more foolishly, she gets out from behind the barricade and rushes to the DJ.

The Doctor hears Peri shouting at the Daleks and then… nothing. He moves on and is captured by two Daleks.

Takis and Lilt operate the computer to see the President’s ship landing.

The Doctor is led to Davros. The Time Lord greets his enemy, “I see you’ve been busy.”

While you’ve been stupid, Doctor.”

Perogative of a Time Lord.”

Davros tells The Doctor that Peri is “safe… for the time being.”

We learn that Davros escaped by escape pod from the station when it exploded (back in Resurrection of the Daleks), though they don’t explain how he didn’t die from the Movellan virus which had been affecting him at the end of that serial.

The Doctor compliments the statue, saying it was a “very good likeness. Though, really, you shouldn’t have bothered.”

Davros confides that it, like news of Stengos’ death, was part of the lure to get The Doctor there. They banter about grave-robbing, but Davros says nobody cares about those kept there. The Doctor says he’s heard otherwise, but Davros says that his friends were killed (Natasha and the drunk doctor dude), so that complaint won’t be voiced again.

Do you never do anything but kill,” The Doctor chastises Davros. Out of the corner of his eye, Six sees Orcini’s blade pop out again. The two men share a look and a nod as Davros replies, “There you are mistaken, Doctor. I am known as the Great Healer. A somewhat flippant title, perhaps, but not without foundation. I have conquered the diseases that brought their victims here. In every way, I have complied with the wishes of those who came in anticipation of one day being returned to life.”

As he rants, Davros moves about. Orcini points towards the box with his blade and The Doctor’s gaze follows.

Standing, The Doctor replies to Davros’ claims, “But never in their worst nightmares did any of them expect to come back as Daleks.”

Davros argues that he only used members of status and ambition and they would understand the opportunity to become masters of the universe. When The Doctor asks about those not of such status or intellect, we learn that the bodies have been used to feed the rest of the galaxy – the food product Kara’s factories have been making was Soylent Green!!!

The Doctor is horrified and asks, “Did you bother telling anyone they might be eating their own relatives?”

Certainly not. That would have created what I believe is termed ‘consumer resistance’,” is Davros’ all too witty reply.

More banter, back and forth – the dialogue between The Doctor and Davros, regardless of the actors, or the writers, has never failed to deliver.

Takis and Lilt greet the visitors – apparently it wasn’t the President’s ship they watched land, it was the second, “unscheduled freighter” – bearing Daleks from Skaro!! Takis tries to talk demands, but they shout at him to take them to Davros immediately.

Peri is reunited with The Doctor as bodies are cleaned up. Davros tells them to prepare for the greatest rebirth ever. He tells The Doctor that, had the bodysnatchers succeeded in destroying the incubation chamber, it wouldn’t have affected much – that was for experimentation only, “My main force of Daleks is well hidden.”

Meanwhile, Bostock has recovered and is taking aim at Davros with his gun. He shoots Davros’ hand off, but is shot by a Dalek for his trouble. The Doctor tries to resist, but Daleks take him prisoner – but not before he kicks Bostock’s gun to Orcini. (Orcini also has moved the box, presumably has it handy. This happened back while Davros and The Doctor were being banter-tastic.)

Davros’ wrist is taped up and he shouts at The Doctor that it was a waste.

No ‘arm in trying,” the Time Lord quips.

When you have become a Dalek, you will suffer for every indignity you have ever caused me,” Davros promises him. Ooooh, there’s a great alternate history story.

Grey Daleks (Skaro) attack the off-white Daleks (TR Daleks). Hearing the combat and confusion, Davros demands that his humanoid attendant activate his Daleks. The man moves to do so, but Orcini shoots him.

Davros blasts Orcini with his blue lightning. It’s like Force Lightning, dude. OH MY GOD, DAVROS IS THE EMPEROR OF THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE!!!

Before Davros can kill Orcini, Takis and Lilt and the Skarosian Daleks arrive. Davros backs up in horror. Takis answers Davros’ question of how they found him. The Daleks say that Davros will be taken to Skaro to face trial for crimes against the Daleks.

The Doctor warns Takis not to trust the Daleks. The Skarosian Daleks admit that the TR Daleks will be “reconditioned to serve the will of the Supreme Dalek”.

Davros tells the Skarosian Daleks that our hero is The Doctor; Six tries to deny this. The Skarosian Daleks say he doesn’t match any known appearances of The Doctor, but Davros says that he’s regenerated again. They agree to hold him until they can verify Davros’ claim.

Again, they tell Davros he will come with them or be exterminated there. Davros tells The Doctor that this is not the last of him, that he shall return. The Doctor replies, “And I shall be waiting,” and holds out his hand as if to shake Davros’ stump.

Davros leaves, escorted by Skarosians.

Orcini questions Takis’ choice of allies. The Doctor says if they act fast, they might still have a chance. Orcini moves to check Bostock’s body for a grenade and The Doctor calls Takis and Lilt over to discuss his plan.

In the tunnels, Davros shouts at the Daleks that he is their creator, their master. They tell him they serve only the Supreme Dalek, but he tries to promise them he could make them all Supreme Daleks, if they only obeyed him.

Takis calls to the Dalek keeping guard, saying they have a message for their master. The Dalek comes in, and The Doctor shoots it, impairing its vision. A grenade is placed on its chassis and it goes boom.

Takis and Lilt argue against destroying Tranquil Repose to ensure the destruction of the Daleks in hiberation; The Doctor tells them that the cryogenic chambers are mostly empty, the bodies used for production of food. Orcini speaks up, saying the Time Lord speaks the truth.

The Doctor tells them that he can show them a new way to survive, to produce synthetic protein to feed the planets that rely on it. He shows them the purple flower, “the weed plant,” and says that when properly refined, it can be made into protein.

Orcini says he has a bomb and he would like to explode it; he hopes that he might even catch Davros if he detonates it soon enough. The Doctor tries to argue, but Orcini won’t hear of it. He tells them all to go.

Takis grabs Peri and drags her off as they run off. Orcini gives The Doctor a star badge, obviously his, and asks him to return it to his order and “tell them how we died.”

Of course,” The Doctor says.

No more words,” are Orcini’s last words to the Time Lord, who gets up and rushes out.

Peri, Takis, Lilt dash through the tunnels. The Doctor is seen running through, also. Peri calls out for him as they run.

They make it to the upper levels and Takis orders everyone to clear the room (why not the building?) On the computer screen, we see the Dalek ship lifting off. (Hey, whatever happened to the President’s ship? Oh, Peri did try to contact him, but she was uncertain if she succeeded. Perhaps she did.)

She argues when they want to keep going; she wants to wait for The Doctor, but they drag her out.

Orcini detonates the bomb.

The Dalek ship flies off.

The Doctor makes his way through the tunnels to the complex. People run about as the building begins to collapse. Peri and The Doctor are reuinited and have a chat in the middle of the chaos.

Takis then tells them they need to go, “this is no time to have a chat”. Word.

Much of TR seems to be destroyed, but after it settles down, there are survivors. Takis and Lilt talk about becoming farmers. Takis says the plot for “perpetual reinstatement” would be good for growing, but The Doctor suggests leaving the dead in peace.

Peri says she needs a holiday. The Doctor says he knows somewhere “that is truly tranquil… peaceful, restful. A panacea for the cares of mind.”

Can’t we go somewhere fun,” Peri asks.

Fun? Oh, I suppose anywhere will be peaceful after Necros,” The Doctor replies. “All right, I’ll take you to…” and the frame freezes… and the final credits roll.

An enjoyable serial. I really liked Orcini (and William Guant, the actor, was just awesome.) The setting and concept was neat, and I liked the Soylent Green touch.

Now, the serial was originally filmed with The Doctor saying he would take her to Blackpool, as the first serial of the next season originally was going to be set there. However, the show was put on hiatus for 18 months, and when season 23 started, things had drastically changed.

I’m taking a short break, just two weeks, from posting serials. I need to get a buffer ahead (I had several weeks’ buffer, but fell behind. This post I watched the serial and wrote on Monday of this week.) Right now, we have 21 weeks for me to finish to be done by the 50th anniversary, which is my goal (to be done that week, if not before.) There are 16.5 weeks worth of posts left to end on the 22nd, the day before the anniversary.

So, I’m going to hold off on posting serials for the next two weeks, get a buffer and then resume starting on Tuesday July 16th.

That’s right… beginning the third week of July, we begin one of, if not THE, greatest stories of all of Whodom – THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD!