Recap: The second bit of evidence in The Doctor’s trial is presented, as he and Peri arrive on Thoros Beta, home to the Mentors. They find Sil (from VENGEANCE ON VAROS) there and things turn for the worse when The Doctor is mind-zapped by some machine and seemingly turns against Peri. We leave off with the barbarian King Yrcanos facing off with The Doctor, ready to kill him.


spoiler warning


Episode 3:


At the last moment, Peri knocks the gun out of Yrcanos’ hands, saving her friend’s life. The Doctor scampers off as the barbarian chastises Peri.


In the courtroom, the Valeyard says that The Doctor was always this way and never cared about anyone but himself. The Doctor argues, saying it’s all just a ruse, but the Valeyard points out that The Doctor’s memory isn’t cooperating.


The Doctor says bits and pieces are coming back, but they don’t agree with what the court has been shown. He says “the emphasis is all wrong.”


The Inquisitor suggests adjourning the court in lieu of The Doctor’s faulty memories, saying he can hardly defend himself properly, but Six refuses her offer, saying he’s not barmy.


She then offers a court defender, as a second alternative. He declines, saying that if the Time Lords want his life, he’s not about to trust one of them to defend it.


On Thoros Beta, The Doctor returns to Crozier’s operating room, where a dead body of a Mentor has been found in the sea. Crozier says the skull of this body isn’t much larger than Kiv’s, so it would be a temporary host at best. He does point out that the creature retained its stinger, something Kiv finds interesting. Sil, however, doesn’t, when Kiv suggests that he could use it to sting all his assistants to death.


The Doctor joins the operating team. When Kiv is sedated, he reminds everyone that if he dies, his men have orders to kill everyone.


Yrcanos leads Peri and Dorf through the tunnels and says he is searching for resistance fighters, as they need a great leader, such as he. Peri upsets him when she says destiny is just another word for “blind chance”. She gets him to calm down and agree to rest for a bit. They sit down and have some food which Peri finds unpleasant.


When Peri offers Dorf some puppy-skritchens, Yrcanos says not to do that, as he was once a great warrior. Dorf says Yrcanos is jealous because Peri is giving him attention and they start fighting until Peri breaks them up and gets them searching for the resistance fighters again.


There’s a tense moment (especially for Sil, who has guns pointed at him by Kiv’s men when this happens) when Kiv’s new body doesn’t seem to respond, but The Doctor gets it breathing and Kiv’s men sheathe their guns.


Sil is wonderfully fun in this sequence, but I really cannot quote the entire serial. It takes me over an hour to do a 25 minute episode as it is, just stopping to transcribe so much.


Peri, Yrcanos and Dorf encounter some men who tell them to come with them.


Crozier tells The Doctor that he doesn’t need to worry about tissue rejection, as he’s developed a serum that handles that. “As of today, I can put any brain in any body… any where.”


Sil invites The Doctor to attend a meeting of comerce.


Peri, Dorf and Yrcanos are tied up in a cave. The men plans to kill them and destroy their brains after death so they cannot be mutated. Peri begs, explaining they are allies. The leader of the men says he has heard of Yrcanos, “If you are he, you will have a plan.”


Yrcanos says, confidently, “Untie us and you will hear.”


Crozier has some tea, but Matrona says that something is wrong. Kiv’s body is going into cardiac arrest.


The rebels says Yrcanos’ plan is a good one, but their men are untrained. Yrcanos says with his leadership, they will not need it. When Peri argues, Dorf says he has seen his king inspire men to great deeds. Peri is worried about casualties but everyone else says it doesn’t matter.


Sil shows The Doctor his money operation. While they talk, a credit request from a salvage company comes in for new equipment. Sil is about to deny it off-handedly, but The Doctor tells him that in the vicinity of the planet Tokl in the 24th century, there were a lot of rim conflicts that resulted in many ships just floating, ready to be salvaged.


How useful to have a Time Lord in one’s employ,” Sil trills and approves the credit application. The celebrate, Sil offers The Doctor a marsh minnow, which he accepts, much to his regret, as it doesn’t agree with his stomach.


In the tunnels, an old man collapses. Yrcanos and his men and Peri rush to him, one of the rebels recognising him as a friend, but he is only twenty. Peri finds an implant, saying it might be responsible.


When Yrcanos finds out he was a guard on their weapon dump, they rush to investigate.


Lord Kiv is still not responding, but with Crozier and Matrona working away, he is resuscitated. Sil orders his bearers to bring him close, feeling his face should be the first Lord Kiv sees upon waking. He is, and Lord Kiv is horrified, asking if he’s died and gone to Mogdana (their version of Hell, apparently.)


Yrcanos leads his men through the tunnels, telling them it is a great day to die.


Kiv says he hardly feels different, he even has an ache in his skull. Crozier says it will be his skull for the time being. When Kiv talks of returning to work, Sil tells him that he and The Doctor have things in hand as they have struck up a new working arrangement.


Not speculation, I trust,” Kiv asks.


The rebels find that their weapons dump has been covered by a rockfall. Everyone suspects a trap. When everyone says they should leave, Yrcanos argues, but the combined arguments of Peri and finally Dorf sway him. But, as they leave, the rockfall shifts and they see the bodies of Verne and the other resistance fighters. As they try to unearth them, they are caught by the guards.


In the courtroom, The Doctor protests, saying he wasn’t there, that cannot be his fault. The Valeyard says he is indirectly responsible for everything. The Inquisitor agrees that his presence affected events, that cannot be denied.


Yrcanos moves to attack, and is shot. The lead rebel jumps for the swords (now visible from the rock fall) and he, too, is shot. Then, Peri, too is shot and collapses!!


In the courtroom, The Doctor jumps up, “No, no, no, I won’t believe it!”

You still continue to ignore the truth,” the Valeyard replies.

I am not responsible for that,” Six retorts.

The Valeyard gets the last word, “In your mind, perhaps not. But in reality, it is somewhat different, Doctor….” and the credits roll.




Awesome cliffhanger.


Episode 4:


The Doctor asks if Peri was dead, and the Valeyard says she is not. The Inquisitor asks what the purpose of showing that footage was, and the prosecutor says to further iillustrate The Doctor’s culpability.


The Inquisitor says she thought it somewhat gratuitous, and The Doctor adds, “And highly prejudicial! You won’t convict me by using shock tactics.”


The Valeyard says he just needs the truth.


Yrcanos, Peri, Tuza (the rebel headsman), Dorf wake up. The headsman tells them to get up. He admits they always knew of the weapons dump, but didn’t worry about it until Yrcanos came into the picture, saying he’s in love with death enough that he could inspire rabble into action. All the while, Yrcanos is just beaming, soaking the words in as praise.


Kiv dreams of the sea, murmuring in his sleep. The Doctor watches worriedly as Crozier tends to his patient. Crozier tells The Doctor that the body came from a fisherman and they had to use the body as there were no immediate options.


Looking through a scope, The Doctor says some of the host’s cells are trying to alter Kiv’s brain. Sil goes on a rant, accusing Crozier of turning an economic genius into “a… a… catcher of sea snakes!”


The Doctor hypothesises that the trauma of the donor’s death might be affecting Kiv’s brain. Crozier takes steps to rectify things. Sil reminds them that they have a meeting upcoming and Kiv must not only be present, but be able to make sane decisions.


Crozier assures Sil that Kiv will be there, though in whose body remains to be seen. He says that they must find a new host soon. The Doctor agrees, unaware of how Crozier is sizing up his skull all the while.


Peri, Yrcanos and Dorf are locked up, but Tuza is taken away. Yrcanos says they’re going to be executed one at a time. Peri sits down and pontificates, “Oh, it’s strange. Ever since we came to Thoros Beta, I’ve been… homesick. Not so much for a place, but a time. I just want to be back in my own time with people I love.”


Yrcanos, listening, seems perplexed. He kneels by her and shows a bit of a tender side, almost a vulnerable side, asking, “What is that – love?”


Well… it… it’s when you care for someone or something, more than yourself… I guess,” Peri tries to explain.


Yrcanos and Dorf find this hard to believe. Peri even adds that you can even care for someone more than your own life. Yrcanos laughs, saying he cares nothing for his own life. This, as it has every time he’s said anything about the glory of throwing away their lives in battle, upsets her.


Yrcanos explains his people are reincarnated into a more noble warrior after each death, until they become a king, and then after they die again, they join “the other kings on Verduna, the home of the gods!” Instead of roaring this bombastically (which Blessed does so very well), he says this almost gently, but with vigorous enthusiasm about it.


Peri is amused to learn that the kings on Verduna spend their time fighting.


Tuza is measured, but deemed unsuitable. Crozier says it’s a shame that The Doctor was deemed unsuitable as well. The Doctor agrees, saying unlike Sil, he would happily have given his body to host Lord Kiv.


What about your companion, Doctor,” Crozier asks. The Doctor says she’s unsuitable, being a female. Matrona suggesting at least having her checked out and Crozier agrees.


The Doctor is uncomfortable and asks that they use someone else. Crozier remarks that he has feelings for the woman.


Certainly enough to not to want to see her experimented upon,” The Doctor tries to not seem too strongly attached, seemingly still playing his ploy. Crozier says he understands and is not without pity and tells The Doctor to go to the induction centre, if he can find a more suitable candidate than Peri, he will use it.


Peri is taken out of the cell. As she leaves, Yrcanos puts a hand on her shoulder, “Die well, my lady.”


At the induction centre, The Doctor finds the place empty. He wakes the Mentor napping on duty, who tells him there is only but one subject, Tuza. The Doctor tells him (covertly) that he is a friend, after Tuza mentions Yrcanos.


Crozier takes measurements and tests of Peri, who is confused.


The Doctor says he would like to see the barbarian king, and the Mentor allows it, but warns him to be careful as “he is quite loud”.


The Doctor and the head guardsman arrive at the cell to let Yrcanos out. The guardsman gives The Doctor his weapon, and when the cage door is open, The Doctor orders the guardsman in the cell, letting Dorf and Yrcanos out.


The Doctor asks Dorf his name, but the dog-man has trouble saying it. Yrcanos makes introductions, “His name is Dorf, and you are scum!”


The Doctor replies, straightforwardly, “No, actually, I am known as The Doctor.”

He hands Yrcanos the weapon and beckons him to follow. Yrcanos and Dorf are amazed and baffled.


Lord Kiv and Sil are in their quarters, ready to attend the meeting. Kiv randomly asks about smelling fish, but he tells Sil to stop worrying about him, he must be there else they become poor. This argument works on Sil, obviously. And, just then, their guests arrive.


King Yrcanos stops, saying he must know the truth. The Doctor says he needs his help to stop the Mentors.


Yrcanos replies, “That I understand, but you are my sworn enemy. I have vowed to kill you!”

The Doctor nods, trying to placate, “Yes, we can deal with all that later. At the moment, we need each other.” Dorf tells his king that he has a point.

Frustrated, Yrcanos replies, “Everyone has a point nowadays. I am a man of action, not reason.”

Agreeing, The Doctor says, “Don’t worry, you’ll see plenty of action.”


Yrcanos seems placated, but says first he must find his bride-to-be.

We haven’t got time for you to go courting,” The Doctor argues.

I am talking of the Earth-woman, Perpugilliam of the Brown,” Yrcanos informs him.

Not missing more than half a beat, The Doctor says they’ll find her on the way.


The guards let out their headsman, who tells them Yrcanos has escaped.


Peri is gagged, as she has been deemped perfect for the transference.


The Doctor and Yrcanos enter the induction area, pretending Yrcanos is his prisoner. He tells the Mentor he has Crozier’s ‘carte blanche’, but the Mentor says he must confirm that.


Yrcanos takes out the guards and grabs the Mentor by the throat, telling him to be still if he wants to live. The Mentor thanks the barbarian for not shouting. (It’s really a fun moment – against, in 90% of his lines, Brian Blessed is rather bombastic.)


The Doctor frees Tuza, and Yrcanos is excited to see him. He gets loud, much to the Mentor’s dismay. The Doctor says they can go free the slaves, but Yrcanos is not excited about that, seeing not much glory in freeing slaves. The Doctor argues, suggesting that the chaos they will unleash will be glorious, and then adds he will also gain an army.


When the Mentor tries to agree (hoping to get rid of the loud barbarian), Yrcanos has had enough, “BE SILENT! I am King Yrcanos of the Krontep, I’m quite capable of making my own decisions!”


Then please hurry,” insists The Doctor.


Yrcanos finally decides to do just what everyone has been suggesting and roars, heading off.


The Doctor, seeing the Mentor in dismay, apologises, “I’m sorry about the noise, he does so enjoy his work.”


In the lab, Crozier says they must shave Peri’s head, as he wants to try direct transference.


In the tunnels, guards shoot Dorf, who lies whimpering. The Doctor and Tuza rush on to the control centre, while Yrcanos tends to Dorf. In the centre, they find the headsman, who says they need to go have a word with Sil.


When Tuza says he doesn’t know who Sil is, The Doctor remarks, “The last person you want to have officiating at your execution.”


Yrcanos takes out the headsman, and tells them that Dorf is dead. When they apologise, he says that he died in combat, a noble death, but demands they take him to the control centre so he can destroy the equipment. “I demand the privilige of initiating the demise of the Mentors!”


The business is being conducted, but Sil interrupts to say that The Doctor and Yrcanos are on a rampage. Kiv argues the interruption, saying he could lose an important fish concession.


But you hate fish, your Magnificence,” Sil tells him.

Do I?”


Crozier and Matrona have Peri prepped; all they can do is await Kiv to finish with his business. She tells him he will be successful this time. He says this could be his last time for anything. Suddenly the lights flicker and they wonder what is happening.


In the control centre, Yrcanos is roaring as machines explode, ranting about being a great liberator and suchnot. It’s really just awesome, but you folks need to watch it for yourself. Finally, The Doctor reminds him they need to find Peri, and he roars about needing a queen and rushes off.


Alarm klaxons sound and Sil’s bearers are carrying him in hand, another carrying Kiv as slaves mill about the hallways. They make it to the lab, where Crozier begins readying Kiv for the procedure.


The Doctor runs through the madness, searching, but suddenly a white beam appears, and inside it the TARDIS. He stops and, robotically, walks backwards into the TARDIS. This is the beam that brought him to the trial!!!


In the courtroom, The Doctor stands up, saying he remembers everything and asking why they took him out of time when they did, “I was on my way to save Peri!”


The Inquisitor replies, “Things had gone too far. You had released chaos and allowed your companion to take part in an experiment that would affect all future life in the universe.” Okay, I get what she’s saying in that last bit, but even that’s a bit much for a Time Lord to come up with.


I did try to stop it,” he protests, but she tells him it was too late, he could not stop it. She says it was “Therefore necessary, by the direct order of the High Council, to prevent the consequences of Crozier’s experiment. Watch, Doctor, watch and listen carefully!”


We see Peri, head shaved bald, as they remove the helmet. Matrona says it was a perfect transference.


Crozier all but crows, “I have altered the basis of all future life.”


Sil is horrified that Kiv’s brain is in Peri.


Crozier says this is not the case, that he has transferred only the contents from his brain to hers. Sil asks about Peri’s mind, and Crozier says she is gone, she no longer exists.


Oh, this is hitting me hard. Peri was awfully annoying at times, but this is sad…


Sil realises that any mind can be transferred any mind into any body. Crozier says Kiv need never die as they can just transfer his mind to another body once this one grows old.


Tuza and Yrcanos approach the lab, seeing two guards. They charge forward, but they stop as an effect surrounds them.


They’re caught in a time-bubble,” the Inquisitor says, explaining that they’re being held there until the timing is right.

You’re using Yrcanos as an assassin,” The Doctor accuses.

She replies, “It was judged by the High Council as the most acceptable way, and Yrcanos will never know that he was used.”

The Doctor is horrified, “And so they took it upon themselves to act like second-rate gods?”


PeriKiv wakes, murmuring, “Warm, not cold, body is warm. Wonderful. Legs… toes… toes wiggling.” She sits up examining her body. “Head free of pain.” S/he is delighted at having colour vision and warm blood and feeling strong.


Looking over at the former body, she orders that the body die. Crozier lowers her down to rest, saying it already has. “Welcome to your new body.”


I wish you could have found a more attractive one,” Sil laments.


Yrcanos and Tuza are released from the bubble, attacking the guards. They grab their weapons and enter. Yrcanos fires at Sil, who shrieks and gibbers. PeriKiv sits up, “Protect me, I am your lord and master!”


Yrcanos is horrified at this and roars, “No,” firing his weapon over and over and over until the playback goes white.


You… you killed Peri?” The Doctor is heart-broken and I’m not far off.

The Inquisitor replies, “We had to act! With the discovery that Crozier had made, the whole course of natural evolution throughout the universe would be affected.”

The Valeyard, who has been strangely quiet for some time, stands up, “But Peri died, Doctor, because you abandoned her. We had to end her life because your negligence had made it impossible for her to live.”

Overwrought, The Doctor accuses, “Lies! There’s something else going on here. The High Council has no right to order Peri’s… or anyone else’s death.”

Please, Doctor,” the Inquisitor asks him to calm down.

No, I was taken out of time for another reason,” he asserts. “And I have EVERY intention of finding out what it is.” The camera zooms in on him… and the final credits roll.


Wow. What a heart-wrenching ending. Dayam, this is some good shit. (Yes, I had recalled what happened, but still… wow.)