Recap: The TARDIS was shot down by the Rani, knocking out Mel and causing The Doctor to regenerate. The Rani captured The Doctor and induced amnesia, pretending to be Mel, to get him to repair some machine of hers. Eventually, Mel and The Doctor reunited (and found out that the other really was who they were), but The Rani has activated her machine… but we still don’t know what evil purpose she’s up to. And why is she capturing Albert Einstein and other geniuses?

When we left off, The Doctor was hiding from the Rani, but unfortunately in the lair of her bat-men, the Tetraps, who had him surrounded…

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

At the last minute, Beyus enters and releases the food, saving The Doctor from the Tetraps.

Mel and Faroon watch from behind rocks as the Rani exits. Mel suspects she’s searching for The Doctor. Mel tells Faroon to leave, afraid if she’s caught with Mel it would be for the worst. Reluctantly, the Lakertyan departs.

Urak arrives at the lab, looking for the Rani, cutting off The Doctor’s escape. Beyus tells the Tetrap that the Rani went outside. Urak tells Beyus he does not see why his mistress uses the Lakertyans, and then sets off to find his mistress.

Once he’s gone, Beyus releases The Doctor from the booth (the one reserved for him) that he was hiding in. The Doctor makes a witty comment about not liking the Rani’s pets, but Beyus replies, “The Tetraps are nobody’s pets and you’ll be wise not to forget it.”

The Doctor is worried about the geniuses she had trapped up, still wondering what she is up to. They begin debating why Beyus helps; again, he explains his people are under threat.

And yet still, The Doctor wonders about the asteroid and what’s behind the locked door. The Doctor steals a component from the machine, but Beyus tries to stop him. The Doctor gets the best of him and runs off just before the Rani arrives.

Mel is trapped by several Tetraps. Urak bites her and she seems to be paralyzed. Urak instructs the other, “You know where to take her.”

Ikona warns The Doctor not to take another step. His foot is under a tripwire, but he steps out of danger, only to find a Tetrap charging him. Ikona fires his gun that dazzles the bat-man and The Doctor shoves him into the trap. Boom, dead Tetrap.

Mel is brought to the Rani. She instructs Faroon to find The Doctor and offer him a trade – Mel for the component The Doctor stole.

After the Rani departs, Faroon and Beyus argue whether to fight the Rani or continue collaborating. Beyus believes when the experiment is done, she will leave them in peace.

The Doctor is brought to the Lakertyan city; Ikona says they are allowed free passage as long as they stay out of the way of the Rani and her laboratory. He takes The Doctor to the “Centre of Leisure”, where Beyus told him to look for answers.

Ikona calls it the “Centre of Indolence”; he says his people have become “spoon fed drones”. We see many of them laying about, listening to music, relaxing. Ikona points out something new, a globe that hangs over the center of the complex.

Ikona asks Lanisha, his brother, the purpose of the globe, but Lanisha says Beyus has forbidden contact with Ikona.

The Rani confronts Beyus about the fireworks gun that was used to help The Doctor escape. (How’d they know that, if the Tetrap was killed?) He says none of his followers would have interfered, but the Rani points out that he’s not denying it was a Lakertyan.

She activates her panel and we see the globe in the Leisure Centre come to a stop. Beyus begs with her, saying, “You’ll be punishing the innocent!”

Guilt by association,” she replies, “I warned you of the consequences of subversion.”

In the globe, several panels open, releasing killer insects. Everyone runs. Several are stung and die. Faroon has arrived and delivers the Rani’s message.

Mel is seen hanging upside down in the Tetrap lair. Then, suddenly, we see her and a Tetrap (Urak?) walking outside. The Doctor and Ikona stand at the far end. The Lakertyan walks halfway and sets down the component. Mel is exchanged and Urak brags about him not being a worthy opponent.

Mel walks into The Doctor and disappears, apparently a hologram of some sort. Yeah, that’s pretty unworthy. The Doctor throws a hissy fit.

Mel, still hanging upside down, is collected from the cave.

The Rani tells Beyus Mel will assist him in his various duties, as he’s been complaining that she expects too much of him.

Ikona argues against The Doctor returning to the lab, but he’s adamant.

The Rani replaces the component. She’s worried about missing the solstice, saying the brain activity isn’t enough. Urak suggests she add her intellect to those assembled. He offers to operate the machine in her stead.

Mel argues with the Rani, saying underestimating him is a common fault. They snark and Beyus has to tell Mel to stay in line or she could have all the Lakertyans killed.

The Doctor and Ikona note a fixed trajectory rocked atop the mountainside that the laboratory is set in. He says the asteroid must be the target. Ikona suggests that the solstice must be the set time.

Ikona moves to distract the Tetraps as he did before with Mel, but warns The Doctor it might not work again. The Tetrap on guard rushes after Ikona and The Doctor slips in, only to be ambushed by Urak and another, the former saying they’ve been expecting him.

The Doctor is dragged (having been paralyzed) to the booth, to Mel’s dismay.

He is placed inside, but Mel gets stubborn about having him connected.

(Man, I just don’t like Mel. She’s constantly argumentative and doesn’t seem to care about any repercussions.)

The Rani and Urak enter the locked room. Mel follows and finds a giant brain that is rambling on about creating a supernova-level explosion. The brain needs understanding of time.

The Rani grabs Mel, saying that will change when The Doctor is connected. She drags Mel out and orders Beyus to activate The Doctor’s connection. The Rani tells Mel that the well-being of The Doctor is in her hand now.

The brain is upgraded with The Doctor’s understanding. Mel screams. The Rani breathes heavily and looks like she’s about to orgasm. The Doctor shakes.

The credits roll.

Um… yeah, ok. Huh.

Right, next and final episode!

Episode 4:

Urak lets go of the struggling Mel, telling Beyus he will be responsible for her behavior and the Tetrap rejoins his mistress. She tells him she is aware that time is getting critical as the solstice approaches.

Ikona hides from the Tetrap that pursues him. The Tetrap turns back and the Lakertyan scampers off.

Urak tells Rani that there must be Lakertyans helping The Doctor. She agrees, but says it is “too drastic” to kill all the Lakertyans as punishment. He questions her decision, saying she is being uncharacteristically sentimental.

She tells him she will not waste a resource until the experiment is done but tells him to exercise “selective retribution”. He goes to the cave and orders his brethren to follow.

Mel and Beyus watch as the Tetraps parade out en masse, Urak carrying a blue box the Rani gave him.

In the booth, The Doctor continues to shake.

The Tetraps march out. Ikona watches them from behind a boulder, and follows.

Mel argues that The Doctor’s character is something the Rani cannot account for. Beyus isn’t impressed.

The Rani checks on her new brain; various voices argue, male and female, and we hear The Doctor’s voice amidst them, stirring them up into nonsensical talk. She rushes back to The Doctor’s booth and disconnects him. Mel says it was her own fault, but the Rani does so and The Doctor jumps out and they shove the Rani in.

They head to the brain room. The Doctor says the asteroid is the target, so all they have to do is delay the launch. Poking about, they find a video showing the intent – the asteroid being destroyed, a supernova happening. The Doctor is, for some reason, shocked/impressed by this, which I don’t get since he’s the one who said that is what would happen a while ago.

The Tetraps arrive at the Centre of Leisure and instruct the Lakertyans to put on leg braces – if they do not, the insects will be released. When Faroon protests and asks that they at least explain what they are for, Urak is delighted to demonstrate. He activates one, already on a female’s leg, and there’s a spark, she screams and falls and within seconds only her skeleton remains. Not even her clothes.

Urak laughs, Faroon looks sad. Your viewer isn’t really impressed.

The Rani bangs on the booth, upset about being trapped in there. Beyus walks by and ignores her when she instructs him to let her out. She threatens his people and he stops and looks at her.

The Tetraps leave the Leisure Centre, and Ikona tells Faroon he’ll try to contact The Doctor, “…we need his help.”

The Doctor says that the only detonator for strange matter is strange matter itself. Mel suggests that the brain might be used to create a lightweight substitute and he thinks she’s on to something.

Still, he wonders why the Rani took such a risk as to record a supernova. He says it’s more than just how to recreate the event – she’s up to something bigger, more grandiose.

As they try to figure it out, the Rani enters, “So now you know.”

Not the complete story,” The Doctor replies, “The last chapter is missing.”

The Doctor notes the brain is being quiet. “Perhaps, unlike you,” the Rani retorts, “it only speaks when it has something intelligent to say.”

Possibly,” The Doctor admits, “on the other hand it could be wondering why you want Helium-2.” He says that is why she wants to explode it. She admits this and activates an animation, explaining that in the aftermatch, the Helium-2 will bond with Lakertya’s atmosphere to form “a shell of chronons,” discrete particles of time.

The Doctor realises that the Rani is set on turning the planet into a “time manipulator”, a cerebral mass capable of manipulating time anywhere in the cosmos.

She says she will introduce order into chaos. She will return Earth to the time of dinosaurs.

Urak, returning from his errand, overhears them debating. The Rani admits that all life on the planet will be destroyed, especially The Doctor.

Suddenly, the brain begins spouting a formula; The Doctor corrects it at one point and that allows it to achieve its objective – Loyhargil. (It’s an anagram of “holy grail”, how clever.)

As the Rani rejoices, The Doctor and Mel slip off. They lock her in there. Urak approaches them, but Mel hits him with his gun, taking him out, and they run off.

Beyus enters, finding Urak unconscious.

Exiting, Mel and The Doctor encounter Ikona; The Doctor tells him he “has a big part to play, you must stir up the Lakertyans”.

Beyus rouses Urak, who opens the door and reports to the Rani about The Doctor’s escape, but she says he’s inconsequential now that she has the loyhargil.

At the Leisure Centre, The Doctor sets about how to remove the explosive bands. Mel wires a roundabout on Faroon’s anklet and releases her from it. The Doctor sets Ikona and Mel to work on the others. Faroon worries about the insects, but he says the Rani isn’t the only one with a “sting”, saying the double bluff is his speciality.

The Rani starts the countdown and tells Urak that he must wait there, in case The Doctor returns. When questioned, she tells him that she will be monitoring the experiment from her TARDIS (remember, he overheard her tell The Doctor about everyone dying and her returning when it is safe), but he asks if he can accompany her, to which she refuses.

Faroon and The Doctor tell Beyus about the countdown resulting in the death of everyone. Mel and Ikona begin releasing all the captive geniuses, The Doctor giving her the key to the TARDIS.

He rushes to the brain chamber, with Faroon and Beyus. They begin placing the bracelets taken off the Lakertyans around the brain. Beyus sends the others off, saying he will complete the task.

There’s less than a minute left as everyone rushes out of the laboratory complex. Beyus shuts the door to the brain chamber as the count from ten begins.

The Rani is almost at her TARDIS when her wrist countdown stops at four seconds. The brain is stuck at four. Beyus stands there, so it’s nothing he’s done.

The Doctor tells the Rani that he’s aborted the launch and the Lakertyans are about to attack. She says he’s signed their death warrants and sets off the bracelets, which are around the brain. They explode, and Beyus standing there goes down.

The countdown continues and the rocket launches. (You know, it’s just really incredibly stupid for the rocket to have a fixed trajectory.)

As the rocket launches, the laboratory explodes. The Rani slips into her TARDIS which disappears.

The rocket heads off after the asteroid, narrowly missing it.

The Doctor leads the geniuses (from Earth and other places) into the TARDIS, saying he will get them all home.

Mel and The Doctor say their farewells. Ikona says he wish he were going with them, and Mel says she wishes it were so as well. That would have been interesting.

Ikona also expresses regret that the Rani got away scot free in her TARDIS. The Doctor’s face says he knows otherwise (though I’m not sure how.)

We see the Rani, in her TARDIS, hanging from the ceiling, surrounded by the Tetraps. Urak says when they return home, she will be of great use to them.

The Doctor hands Ikona an antidote to the insects, but he dumps it out, and Faroon says they need to face their own challenges.

Yeah, that sounds good and all, but in the mean time, Lakertyans will die from the insects. Nice.

Mel and The Doctor enter the TARDIS, she complaining that she’s going to have to get used to him. “I’ll grow on you, Mel, I’ll grow on you,” he says and they share a laugh… and the final credits roll.

Yeah, still don’t like this serial very much. Shame, cuz Rani and all.

Oh, I do hope they get better.