1950s Earth, Wales. The Doctor and Mel find the holiday camp they were at under attack by the Bannermen “war fleet” (apparently one ship with about 8-10 members of the fleet. Tee hee.) The Bannermen seek the Chimeron Queen, the last of her people, who is in hiding.

The Doctor has just marched into enemy camp, in an attempt to parley and bring out Burton (overseer of the vacation camp) and Mel, but as they leave, they find the might of the amassed Bannermen army (you know, all six of them) cocking and aiming their weapons at their backs.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

They walk on and get on the motorbike, the Bannermen pointing their guns all the while. Gavrok fires a flare into the sky, and the two guards with the Americans as prisoner order the agents to rise up and fit them with a bar with a collar at either end.

The two Bannermen run off as the agents figure out to sit down again. After they leave, Rachel runs over and frees them. (Again, she has the right wrench for the job.)

The two Bannermen hide in ambush, firing upon them, lodging a tracking dart on the motorcycle.

Back at the beehouse, Billy learns from Goronwy as Delta and the young princess watch on. The old man leads them into a room full of jarred honey. The old man goes on about the honey, while Delta feeds the princess more food from a feeder syringe (which we’ve seen them feed her throughout the past two episodes.) Delta says her “singing time” is near, another of the periods of change.

Rachel and the Americans arrive and the beekeeper goes out to greet them, followed by Delta and the princess. Billy, staying behind, swipes three of the syringes as ominous chords strike.

The Bannermen report back that the tracker dart is in place but they lost the two prisoners. Gavrok orders them to pusue. He activates his tracker and gets a signal, but then stops at the TARDIS. He has one of his Bannermen place a device on top and activates some sort of destructive force shield around it.

The Doctor, Mel and Burton bounce through the fields on their motorbike. I guess this is their running scene. There’s a lot of unnecessary riding about here. This is like when they went to Paris and there were lots of scenes about town for no other reason than to show the scenery.

The Doctor stops and takes Mel’s hair ribbon for some purpose. Then, they return to the beekeeper’s, where he asks for some honey. He tells Billy and Rachel to accompany him and Goronwy.

The Bannermen scouts arrive outside the beekeeper’s and see Delta and the princess. Delta searches her purse, realising she’s short on syringes.

The Americans debate calling Washington.

The Bannermen enter the property and take aim at their target(s).

The princess stands up, emitting a sonic shriek. She grows older and taller as we see. The windows behind them blow and the Bannermen stagger from their hiding point, clutching their ears. Delta fires at the Bannermen, and at least one runs away (I believe she killed the other).

The Doctor and others come running up. He says they need to get back to the TARDIS.

The Bannermen ship lands in the nearby field.

The Doctor stars a radio playing some rock and roll, then catches up with everyone else. He swipes a yellow scarf/cloth from Delta and rushes back, slipping it half-way under a door. He hops on the back of Rachel’s motorbike and they leave, followed by the Americans’ car and Billy’s motorbike.

Gavrok and his men disembark, finding the tracker dart that The Doctor left tied to one of the goats, using Mel’s ribbon to keep it on the animal. The Bannerman who ran from the beekeeper’s arrives, alerting his boss where the hideout is.

Hearing the rock and roll playing, Gavrok assumes the others are still there.

The Doctor and others arrive at the TARDIS, but The Doctor realises it’s been booby-trapped. He tells them, but one of the Americans (not Weismuller) says it’s hogwash and walks towards it, reaching out with his hand.

The energy field zaps his hand, but The Doctor pulls him away, saying, “I did warn you. If you’d stepped into that beam, you would have been atomised.” Yes, tell ’em “I told you so,” Doc.

Stupid American.

The Bannermen open fire on the house. At least they’re not Stormtroopers, cuz they’d have missed.

The Doctor has Burton take everyone back to the camp while he tries to figure out how to defuse the booby-trap.

The Bannermen charge the house as “Lollipop” plays. Well, until Gavrok shoots the radio.

Seeing the scarf trailing out from the door, they charge in there. The moment they do, it triggers a chain reaction so the jars of honey collapse onto them. Staggering out, they’re swarmed by the bees.

Billy is sucking down on one of the syringes he swiped. Delta catches him and he fesses, saying that if he comes with her, he’ll have to become one. She says it’s never been used on a human before, but he says it seems to be okay. He points out that his skin and hair are changing already.

As she inspects, she brings her face closer to his and sweet rock and roll music plays in the score. But, before anything happens, Burton arrives to say “we’re ready for you at the office now, Billy.”

Billy picks up a speaker unit and follows.

The Doctor uses the stick to mark out the sonic cone in the dirt around it. Rachel arrives, startling him, but then warns him of the landing Bannermen ship. (Well, war fleet, I guess. I’ve heard of an Army of One, I guess this is a War Fleet of One?)

The Doctor and Rachel return to the camp, getting beeswax from Goronwy, who is engrossed in a book. The Doctor gives orders to barricade the door.

In the office, Burton is swinging his sword, saying he hasn’t used it in forty years, but it’ll do for fighting the Bannermen. (So, he was in WWI, then? I thought maybe he was a Major in WW2. Perhaps he was in both.)

Billy is wiring up some connections. He finishes it up as The Doctor arrives, asking if he’s ready. “Ready to rock and roll,” he replies. He and The Doctor go on the roof top, with the speaker/amplifier.

Gavrok orders his men to kill everyone but the young princess. (Why? If he wants to wipe out the Chimerons, why spare her?) They spot The Doctor and Billy and open fire, chasing them off the roof.

Gavrok blows his horn and looks over at the TARDIS, seeing the circle.

The Doctor and Billy run by the office, where Burton, Delta and the princess wait. The Doctor yells “Now,” and Burton gives Delta a nod. She passes the nod on to the princess, who opens her mouth and a sonic shriek is emitted. The microphone sends it through the PA and the amplifier on top and the Bannermen all collapse, clutching their heads.

Gavrok staggers about, in pain, and steps into the sonic field around the TARDIS and there’s nothing left of him after an explosion.

Everyone celebrates that it’s over. The Bannermen are tied up and Weismuller is gloating that they’re the “sorriest bunch of Bannermen I’ve ever seen.” Delta and the princess arrive, thanking everyone. Mel asks if Billy and The Doctor are all right.

Yes,” Delta replies, “Billy’s just changing.” Dum dum dum.

Billy, wearing a white spacesuit, is packing. His skin has taken a sheen to it like Delta’s. The Doctor sits, holding Billy’s guitar. The Time Lord is worried about mutations rising from the species-crossing; he understands with the people wiped out, Delta needs a male.

Billy says it’s the only chance.

I can’t condone this foolishness,” The Doctor says. “But then, love has never been known for its rationality.” I really, really like that line. (Relevant to current shit, you dig?)

Goronwy tells the nameless American about bee stuff and starting a new hive. He then wanders off.

Billy and The Doctor arrive at the Bannermen ship; the Bannermen are tied up inside. Weismuller wishes Delta good luck, saying the Bannermen are all secured for a trip to Mars, or wherever they’re going.

Considerably farther than that,” she assures him, shaking his offered hand.

The Doctor and Mel stand, the former watching Rachel, who is obviously upset that Billy is leaving. The Doctor looks thoughtful and Rachel asks what he’s thinking. He replies that he’s wondering what the motorbike would be like with better braking and suspension systems.

Rachel argues, saying it has the best there is.

Delta thanks everyone, Billy and the Princess standing by her. Billy says goodbye, telling Rachel he’ll always think of her at Shangri-La.

Goodbye, Billy,” she replies, “I won’t forget you either.” Billy tells her to look after the Vincent (his motorbike) and she’s delighted. She hops on it and drives off, not staying to watch the ship leave.

The Doctor and Mel return to the TARDIS (the sonic shield having been drained by destroying Gavrok), but Burton and Goronwy arrive to shake hands and give a jar of 1928 honey, respectively.

Goodbyes are said. The Doctor points out the satellite, which is wedged into the fence of Shangri-La. The Americans are ecstatic at finding it. The Doctor and Mel leave in the TARDIS as Goronwy watches, with a smirk and a wink… and the final credits roll.

Meh. I’m still shaking my head over the “Bannermen War Fleet”, which was one ship with ten or less crew all told. And I thought the US Army’s “Army of One” was something.