Recap: The Doctor and Mel come to Iceworld, a shop and stop center. The Doctor has heard stories of “the ice dragon” and wants to check it out. They run into their old friend Sabalom Glitz and he and The Doctor go into the lower levels, as the con man has a map he believes to be legit.

Mel, meanwhile, has gotten into some trouble with a friend she and The Doctor made earlier, Ace. The girls are on the run from the mysterious Mister Kane (who runs Iceworld, and is building an army of mercenaries that he’s keep in cryo-sleep.)

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

I still don’t see why Teh Doctor had to exit the perfectly safe, stable walkway. He dangles there, looking stupid.

The ‘dragon’ shoots laser beams at the girls and they run off.

Glitz leans over the railing (you know, to the PERFECTLY SAFE WALKWAY that The Doctor left and is now dangling from about to fall to his death) and says it’s no use, he’s found the ice garden, but no dragon or treasure. Glitz teases The Doctor but agrees to rescue him.

Kane confronts Belasz about not searching the girls; we learn that Kane once had feelings for Belasz and he says that is behind them. He says the girls must be stopped from reaching Glitz and The Doctor and he awakens Glitz’s former crew (who were the ones we saw marched in at the beginning of the first episode) to send them after the girls.

Glitz helps The Doctor to safety with some ricockulous physical “comedy”. (I know physical comedy was part of McCoy’s routine as a stand-up comedian, but still…)

Belasz listens in on a conversation between Glitz and The Doctor (presumably through the tracking device in the map) about how Kane is cold and ruthless, has a lump of ice for a heart.

Glitz and The Doctor come to an arrangement – The Doctor will help Glitz steal his ship back, in exchange for the map.

Kane watches an artisan work on the statue. He praises the work and says that he almost believes that Xana (the woman the sculpture is of) still lives, looking at it. He praises her beauty and criminal mind and laments her death.

Mel and Ace are on the trail of The Doctor and Glitz. Ace just happens to have a rope/chain ladder in her backpack and drops it down for them to descend.

The Doctor and Glitz find one guard where the docking bay that the Nosferatu is berthed. The Doctor distracts the guard by getting into a philosophical discussion about the nature of existence.

Glitz, having slipped in his ship, readies to bolt, but Belasz is there with a gun. They argue until The Doctor enters, and she asserts that she’s going to leave Iceworld in the Nosferatu. When they argue over whether she belongs to Kane or not, Glitz disarms her.

The Doctor chides Glitz for wanting to bolt, demanding that he pay back his debt to Kane. He tells Belasz, sadly, that he doesn’t think she could ever pay off her debt.

The statue of Xana is finished, and Kane says nobody should ever see the artisan’s work and kills him.

Glitz’s crew catch up with the girls, who run off.

The Doctor and Glitz, following the map, encounter the ‘dragon’, though it seems more humanoid than not. The creature pursues them, cutting through a door with laser fire.

Mel and Ace toss explosive deodorant cans at the mercenaries. One survives and chases them. Mel runs into some metal stairs (no, really, that’s just as bad as your typical slasher movie girl falling down in the woods.) Ace drags her under the stairs as the mercenary comes after them, but the hiding spot seems to work.

The ‘dragon’ breaks through the door and Glitz tries to fire on it. The Doctor struggles with him and throws the gun away, saying they’ve “no right to kill”. The creature looks at them and turns around. When Glitz wonders why it didn’t kill them, The Doctor says they should ask it.

Officer Kracauer and Belasz have a conversation in the console room, talking about working for Kane, about selling theirselves to Kane. She says if they don’t kill him first, Kane will kill them. She says they can use heat to kill him, telling Kracauer about the refrigeration cabinet.

Ace pulls out some coffee out of her backpack (she’s got everything in there) and tells Mel about believing she was meant for something bigger and better when she was on Earth, dreaming that she was from elsewhere, didn’t belong there. She talks about how it happened, that she was swept away, but now she can’t dream of going elsewhere.

Kane tells the statue of Xana that one day they’ll return home and he’ll erect “colossal statues in your honour”. He goes into his cabinet.

Ace asks Mel if she tells her her name, will she promise not to laugh or tell anyone else. Mel agrees, of course. “Dorothy” is her real name. (Have you figured it out yet?)

Kracauer enters the restricted zone and turns up the temperature on the cabinet.

The Doctor and Glitz reunite with the girls. Then the mercenary catches up with them. Glitz tries to talk him down, but The Doctor says he won’t remember anything from being cryo-frozen. However, the man remembers how Glitz betrayed them.

As they back up, the man raises his gun, but the ‘dragon’ blasts him. The Doctor greets the creature, making friends. It beckons them to follow.

As the cabinet temperature rises, the statue of Xana melts. Kane exits his cabinet, having trouble breathing. He sees Kracauer, and then seeing the statue, kills him. He realises Belasz is behind this, cursing her as he lowers the temperature in the room again.

The dragon leads them to the singing trees. The creature taps into the crystals and plays back a video/holographic archive, a woman in white robes. She relates the story of the Kane-Xana gang, who terrorised their homeworld of Proamnon and Kane was exiled to Svartos.

Kane confronts Belasz, saying he’s been thinking of her request to leave him – and he’s reconsidered it and will allow it. He uses this to distract her to get close enough to touch her (and kill her), saying he’s been waiting three thousand years for his revenge and he’s not going to let her stop him now that he’s so close.

The hologram shows a picture of Xana, and says she killed herself rather than be caught and tried for her crimes.

Mel wonders where the creature came from. Glitz asks if this room is the treasure, but The Doctor says Kane could get here easily enough. He says that Kane fears fire, so what better to guard it than a “fire breathing dragon”, but then he posits that the creature itself might be the treasure.

When The Doctor asks the dragon if this is so, the head of the creature (which is a robot) opens up, revealing a large crystal. Glitz, of course, says it must be worth a fortune, but The Doctor says the energy inside is more important, a power source than an evil mind such as Kane would want.

Kane, listening in, rejoices that they found it. “After three thousand years, the dragonfire shall be mine…” and the credits roll.

A decent cliffhanger that one. I’m rather enjoying this, despite the silliness. See you Friday…