Recap: The Doctor and crew have found the treasure – the “dragonfire”, held within the head of the robotic ‘dragon’. Kane, who has waited three thousand years, is close to obtaining it for his revenge.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

Kane sends his men to find and destroy the creature, ordering them to bring back its head.

The Doctor ponders Proamnon, wondering why it’s troubling him. He can’t recall if it was the past or future, and what the significance is/was. Glitz asks if this is important.

He responds, “Is a grain of sand important, Glitz,” and says he must go back to the TARDIS to consult the star charts. Glitz says the ice garden is a form of star chart and The Doctor leaves the three of them there to go investigate.

Two of Kane’s white-suited lackeys talk about going on an “ANT hunt” (Aggressive Non-Terrestrial). The woman tells the man they’ll need bigger weapons and she gets to big rifles for them.

Mel suggests playing “I Spy”, which elicits a look of disbelief from Ace.

The lackeys go on their ANT-hunt.

The dragon leads The Doctor through the corridors.

Kane addresses an assembly of white-suited and black-suited and grey-suited people, saying the Dragonfire will soon be his, and they will leave. He orders them to spread terror through Iceworld, driving everyone towards the Nosferatu. “I want no one left in Iceworld!”

The Doctor examines the star charts, seeing a red star with orbiting planets, but says they’re out of position.

Ace complains that she’s out of nitro, and the girls want to go back to fetch some from her flat, but Glitz says he’s got commercial explosives on the Nosferatu and orders them to stay while he fetches it.

Dejected, Ace says, “I Spy, with my little eye, something beginning with I.”

Ice,” Mel replies.

Your go,” Ace tells her.

The mercenaries attack the cafeteria. People panic.

The dragon leaves the ice garden and The Doctor follows.

The ANT-hunters lay in wait for the dragon. It blasts at them as The Doctor runs past, and it backtracks. They follow it.

Kane slips into his cabinet.

The Doctor returns to the girls, asking where Glitz is. Mel tells him and he says they have to hurry if they want to stop Kane and save the creature.

The ANT-hunters are tracking the creature in a scene that I’m sure is a nod to ALIENS, with their tracker saying it’s approaching them, it’s all around them. They find the little girl from the cafeteria (wow, really, so she’s the Newt character?) and the man fires on her, but fortunately he’s as accurate as a Stormtrooper, so she’s fine.

They order the girl to come out from beneath the stairs and she does. Just as they wonder why the tracker is picking up the girl, the dragon comes up from behind them, attacking them, but they run off. The dragon and girl look at each other.

The Doctor leads the girls back to the TARDIS, saying that unless they convince Kane that “his star charts are hopelessly wrong,” the creature will be always in danger from him.

The dragon carries the girl back to the mercantile area. She waves and says goodbye and they part ways.

People rush towards the Nosferatu.

The girl runs about the command center/console room. She sits down and plays with her teddy bear.

Glitz arrives at the docking bay just after everyone runs through and the door is shut. He cries out in anguish as the Nosferatu launches. It flies off.

Kane, in the control room (where’s the girl?) watches the ship on a scanner, then presses a button, blowing it up.

Glitz, looking rather serious, growls, “Kane.”

The Doctor and Mel take Ace into the TARDIS. Mel does the “well, it’s bigger on the inside than the outside” line which is disappointing.

The Doctor looks up his star charts, saying there is no planet Proamnon. He yells at the girls to be quiet and then storms out. They follow.

Ace separates from the others to get some nitro from her room.

Glitz wanders, looking for The Doctor and girls. The little girl’s mother (the one Ace milkshaked) sees him and asks him to keep an eye out for her little girl.

The ANT-hunters ambush the dragon.

Kane catches Ace in her quarters. (Why would he be waiting there?)

The ANT-hunters cut the head from the dragon. They pull it off and it opens up, revealing the Dragonfire, which blasts both of them.

Glitz enters Ace’s room, finding the handle frozen and brittle.

The Doctor and Mel find the dragon ‘corpse’ and the dead ANT-hunters. They take the crystal out, the Time Lord saying it’s time to “put an end to all this death and destruction”.

Glitz rummages through Ace’s apartment, when The Doctor and Mel show up, demanding to know where she is. They leave, but Kane contacts them via PA, offering them Ace for the Dragonfire.

In the restricted zone, the little girl puts the teddy bear in Kane’s cabinet, kissing it and saying, “Good night, Teddy.”

The Doctor, Mel and Glitz confront Kane, saying they know about Proamnon from the archives. Kane reveals that the dragon was his jailer, but with the Dragonfire, he can return to Proamnon to exact his revenge.

Mel refuses to give it to him, and Ace begs, “I’m sixteen, I’m too young to be freeze-dried!” The Doctor tries to explain, but Kane insists they place it in the circuit or he’ll kill Ace.

Reluctantly, Mel does so. Ace runs over to them as the complex of Iceworld becomes active – turns out it is a giant ship and it launches from Svartos.

Kane begins waxing about his revenge, but The Doctor says it’s too late, Proamnon had been destroyed by their sun going supernova two thousand years ago.

Devastated by this, Kane opens a sun shield, letting in unfiltered sunlight which melts him.

Glitz has taken the ship (Iceworld) as his own.

In the TARDIS, Mel tells The Doctor that it’s time for her to say goodbye. He becomes very gruff, brusque, saying if it’s time, it is time. She tries to say her piece, but he says there’s no time. He waxes poetic about time, about not having met, having met, not knowing.

She says goodbye, he tells her to think of him, the old homeless traveler in his police box, while she’s at home.

Who said anything about home,” she asks. “I’ve got much more crazy things to do, yet.” They hug as Glitz and Ace enter. He says he’s renamed Iceworld as NOSFERATU II and says he’s going to drop Ace off in Perivale. She’s less than enthused.

Mel asks if Glitz has room for one more, saying she can help keep an eye on him, keep him out of trouble. “And that means no more dodgy deals.” Glitz, almost reluctantly, agrees.

Turning to The Doctor, Mel tells him that Ace has nowhere to go. He says Perivale is “an idyllic place”.

Glitz tells Mel to hurry along and she tells The Doctor she’ll send him a postcard. “But I don’t have an address,” he replies.

I’ll put it in a bottle and throw it into space. It’ll reach you… in time.” Best parting line for a companion. She leaves and when Ace goes to follow he calls out to her, asking where she thinks she’s going.

Moping, she replies, “Back to Perivale.” He replies she can go the direct route with Glitz or the scenic route with him and still make it back in time for tea. Obviously, she’s thrilled at this.

He explains there are three rules, “One, I’m in charge. Two, I’m not The Professor, I’m The Doctor. And the third… well, I’ll think up a third by the time we get back to Perivale.”

Outside the TARDIS, the little girl tries to get into it, but her mother comes along and says it’s time to go. The mother walks off and the girl watches as the TARDIS dematerialises, smiling brightly… and the final credits roll.

A nice farewell to Mel (and I’m very glad to see her go, she is not a companion I hold in high regard) and I’m curious to see how Ace is handled. All in all, this was a good serial. Hoping the last two seasons hold up better (though I know the final serial is god-awful, having seen it a couple years ago.)