I believe I’ve seen this before. At least part of it. Pretty sure. Yeah.


Episode 1:

We open with, a rare thing, a location with a subtitled description – “South America 22nd November 1988”. A jeep is parked in front of a large white house. Well, it was, but then it drives off.

Inside, we see scrolls/maps. An old style phone. A… I wanna call it a trophy, as that’s the best I can describe it… with a swastika atop. “Ride of the Valkyries” is playing in the background. A man works at a computer on the far side of the desk where all the maps are strewn.

On the computer screen, the following is displayed, flashing and beeping:




NOVEMBER 23 1988

On a balcony, a white haired man stands, next to the old school phonograph player, listening to the Wagner music. A parrot cackles from a nearby tree. The old man pulls up a bow and arrow and takes aim, but he is interrupted by the man from the computer.

350 years earlier (as indicated by the subtitles WINDSOR, ENGLAND 1638) a woman takes aim and shoots an arrow at a bird, but misses by an inch. A man, kneeling at her side, praises her, but she looks disgusted. She storms off.

Inside, a man sits in a room with a boiling cauldron, poring over some notes, chuckling happily to himself. The woman from outside storms down the hallway, followed by her man, and they enter the room with the cauldron. She demands, “How much longer,” but her companion tells her that the man cannot hear her.

When he offers to address the man, she instructs her companion to leave. She says, “There’ll be time enough to punish his impertinence when he’s finished.”

She takes an arrow and gives it to her companion, who is reluctant to take it. She tells him the poison will only affect if the tip breaks the skin. “Let who will steal my gold,” she says, turning away from him.

And the silver arrow, my lady,” he asks.

Leave that… to me,” she replies. As she regards another arrow, she asks, “You’re sure the potion is well mixed?”

On my life, ma’am,” he answers. Oh. That doesn’t bode well.

She accepts his guarantee and says they await the calculation; throwing some money in front of the man (who is still working away, paying them no attention), she suggests perhaps that will expedite matters.

Back in South America, the white haired dude is now wearing a snazzy suit. He enters a room, upon which a group of men waiting there stand up. He greets them, wondering if even now, can they full appreciate the importance of this occasion.

The six men are all dressed in camouflage military uniforms. He tells them that they are “standing now at the turning point of history.” He goes on to talk about destiny, how fifty years ago he was there for a beginning, but this time they must not fail.

He takes a drink and toasts them, “Gentlemen, I give you the Fourth Reich.” Everyone present toasts in return, “The Fourth Reich.” That done, he says it is time to leave, and the men depart the room. He stops to take a small silver bow out of a case.

His lackey, the man from the computer, takes out a carrying case and the man places the bow in it. The lackey closes the case.

In outer space, not sure when as we don’t have subtitles this time, what appears to be an asteroid moves through space. It has a hole with a glowing core or something.

Back in 1638, the man working at the table tells his lady that he has finished. She demands he tell her immediately. “The comet, Nemesis, will circle the heavens once every twenty-five years. He says the trajectory is decaying.” She demands to know when it will land.

He says it will circle ever closer, eventually striking Earth at the point where it originally departed from, just outside the estate. Again, she demands to know when. “On the 23rd day of November, in the year of our Lord, 1988.”

We cut to a band playing jazz is a cafe/park area. The Doctor and Ace are seated at one of the tables. Ace reads a paper which has a headline of a meteor approaching England.

The Doctor’s alarm goes off on his fob watch. He says it’s a reminder, to change course to a certain destination, but he’s forgotten where. They head off to the TARDIS so he can find out, but someone opens fire on them.

They run, being shot at as they head to the TARDIS, and fall/jump into some water. Two goons wander by, looking about for them, but don’t see them.

The Doctor drags Ace out of the water.

Back in 1638, the man who’d been working on the calculations goes on about men in flying machines like birds. The woman throws paper down and tells her man to prepare to leave at once. Her man reminds her they need one final ingredient for their potion, human blood, and they both look at the old man.

The Doctor brings Ace’s tape deck out of the TARDIS; she wants to play a tape she bought at the jazz performance, but he says it’s more than a tape deck and there are more important things than her tape. It seems he’s going to use it to figure out what his reminder alarm was about.

As he tinkers with it, he tells her that the alarm is a serious one, an indication that some planet somewhere is facing termination. When calibrated, Ace’s tape deck (one he built for her after hers was destroyed by the Daleks, mind you) projects a holographic display, showing Earth as the planet in danger!

spoiler warning

Back in 1638, the lady and her man stand, each holding a goblet. She mocks him for being afraid. She orders him to have courage and drink. She does so, and then he does as well. Lights flicker, their voices grow echoing. She says they go to meet their destiny. He freaks out but she holds on to him, telling him not to break the aura.

They are surrounded by a nimbus of chaotic energy. They both scream as the world changes around them and they find themselves in her house in Windsor, which is now some sort of restaurant or cafe, and people are staring rather surprised at their sudden appearance.

Ace grouses, “So the world’s going to end and you’d forgotten about it.”

I’ve been busy,” The Doctor retorts.

How long have you known?”

He says that he’s known since 1638.

In space, something flies towards the Earth. If it’s the meteor/comet, it’s artificial, as it has propulsion jets.

The TARDIS materialises inside a cluttered room. The Doctor says they’re all presents and they have to search for a silver bow. He answers her questions, saying they’re in the vault at Windsor, and they’re not stealing only borrowing.

It’s probably treason! I’m too young to go to the Tower,” Ace protests. She gets some really wicked lines.

He reminds her that the safety of the world is at stake. It’s totally worth noting that he’s wearing a fez for much of this discourse and then places it on her head.

Nemesis smashes into the ground.

The Doctor tells Aces what the sound/shaking was. She’s amazed, but he says it’s no big deal, since he was the one who launched it into space in the first place.

This might qualify as the worst miscalculation since life crawled out of the seas on this sad planet,” he says, rather melodramatically.

Ace asks if this is the bow, seemingly having found something.

The Fourth Reich travel in a van. Their leader talks about not keeping history waiting, looking at the silver bow in its case in his lap. It seems they are no longer in South America.

Police arrive at Windsor to investigate the explosion/collision and the lady and her man smash a window to get out.

The van with the Fourth Reich comes to a stop. The leader says that Nemesis has come to ground there. When one of the men urges attacking and take it now, he tells them that there is a statue inside the meteor but it will be too hot for them to handle.

He says, since the English government is unaware of its power, they can allow them to guard it safely until the time is right to collect it. He tells the driver to go to the hotel so they may rest and prepare.

The Doctor says the bow was in the case, but isn’t there any longer. Ace reads that the bow disappeared in 1788, but legend has it that if a place is not kept for the bow, the statue Nemesis will return to Earth to destroy it.

The Doctor says that the legend isn’t wrong, as the statue has just returned.

The lights flicker in the vault, but Ace says it’s no big deal, it’s just the electricity, “it does that sometimes, even in the 1980s.” She asks how a statue can destroy the world, but he says he’ll tell her 350 years ago and he dashes off.

She returns the fez and follows him.

The TARDIS appears in Windsor, 350 years ago. They exit and poke about, and find the dead man (the one who did the calculations.) The Doctor tells Ace to hang back while he covers the body, not wanting her to see the corpse. (It’s funny, she’s so rough and tumble but he babies her so much at times.)

Ace asks who the house belongs to, and The Doctor replies that it’s Lady Peinforte’s house. Seeing the man’s calculations, The Doctor says he’s done very well in the few months since he’d launched the comet, figuring where and when it would return. “And Lady Peinforte’s rewarded him with her usual generosity.”

He explains that the bow belonged to a statue of Peinforte that she had made out of a silver metal that fell to Earth, landing in her meadow.

Ace gets nervous, but The Doctor assures her they’re alone, saying Peinforte is in the future.

The three policemen stand about the smoldering area where Nemesis landed. Peinforte (who is played by Fiona Walker, last seen in the show 24 years prior as Kala in the Hartnell serial THE KEYS OF MARINUS) and her man, Richard, watch as they call for reinforcements.

She is upset about this, but Richard reminds her that they know nothing of the power and even so, without the arrow, it is nothing. (She has the arrow in hand. So, the Nazi has the bow, she has the arrow.) He advises biding their time and watching, waiting for the proper moment to act.

Back in 1638, The Doctor says that Peinforte used the Silver Arrow to get to the future. He says that the metal was more than just silver, it was a living metal, validium. He says it has one purpose, destruction.

She asks more questions, but he says to wait.

The cops try to start their car, but the battery is dead. As they tinker with the car, something rises up out of the ground, spewing a gas that knocks the men out (or kills them, who knows.)

A tour group comes to Windsor castle, where the TARDIS appears. Ace and The Doctor join in the tour group briefly, but then slip off into the royal apartments. They see someone coming with dogs. Ace gets panicky but The Doctor tells her, “Act as if you own the place, it always works.”

The dogs are Corgis, so we know who the woman walking with them is. The Doctor is clueless, saying she looks familiar but he can’t place her, but Ace drags him off before she gets too close.

After Ace clues him in, he says she’s just the person they need to talk to. They rush in after her, but are confronted by a stern man.

Richard whines, saying he’s gone mad. She tells him to man up (my words, not hers.) He asks what she will do with the power of Nemesis, and she says the first thing will be to get vengeance upon “the nameless Doctor whose power is so secretive.” She knows he will be there, too.

She says she has found his secret out. “In good time, I will speak it. I will be his downfall.”

The Doctor and Ace are interrogated. When he explains they’re time travelers, that goes over as well as you might expect. Ace doesn’t help. Neither does telling them the fate of the planet is at risk.

Finally, The Doctor puts on a pair of spectacles and says, his voice strong and strict, YOU WILL BELIEVE ME. YOU WILL NOT MOVE. Turning to Ace, YOU WILL MOVE.

They run off, Ace asking how he did that. “It’s easy, once you know how,” he explains. As the effects don’t last long, they are forced to run away.

The two goons who shot at Ace and The Doctor in the park are greeted by someone off-camera, something seemingly large and ominous. Oooooh, I know what it is….

The two men are wearing headsets/headphones and electricity arcs from the off-camera figure to their headsets.

In the castle, The Doctor gets distracted by a painting, but Ace drags him off. They pass through the tour group, which hold up the pursuit somewhat.

Suddenly, as they run off, Ace stops, seeing a painting of herself hanging in the hall. He explains it hasn’t happened yet, which is why she doesn’t remember it. Their delay allows their pursuit to catch up and they must run off again.

(Okay, this is the running part of the show.)

The Fourth Reich (way more than six this time) unload from the van outside the landing site. (So much for the hotel.) They find the cops KO’d/dead. The leader arrives, saying it is of no importance that the cops were taken out, all that matters is Nemesis is safe.

He places the bow on the comet, but suddenly realises the arrow isn’t there. He orders his men to find it.

The TARDIS materialises and The Doctor and Ace run over, the former saying he hopes they’re not too late.

The old man demands that he hand over the arrow of Nemesis. The Doctor says he doesn’t have it. The old man demands Ace tell him where it is, but she says she doesn’t know anything about it.

The Doctor begins expositioning, I mean explaining to Ace, that for validium to become active, you need a certain quantity. If the bow and arrow were placed in the statue’s hands…

…you would have the power of life and death,” the Nazi leader interrupts. “Not only over this Earth but any planet in existence.” He compliments The Doctor on his knowledge.

The Time Lord says he simply notices what is obvious, which they don’t. When they ask what he means, he points out the policemen. He tells them that the cops have been attacked “by a technology more advanced and terrible than you can imagine.”

What technology,” the lead soldier asks, but The Doctor just holds up one finger.

But you might have also observed the electricity supply being drained over the last few days,” The Doctor continues.

The old Nazi just wants to know where the arrow is. When The Doctor says he can’t, they threaten to shoot Ace.

However, just then, a spacecraft lands. The doors open. “They saved my life, Ace says, but The Doctor says not to thank them.

CYBERMEN!!!!!!!! exit the spacecraft… and the credits roll.

Now, THAT is a cliffhanger.

See you Cyber-Wednesday!