Recap: 350 years after he sent it away from Earth, a statue returns. It’s a powerful artifact that a sorceress from 1638, a group of Fourth Reich Nazis and the Cybermen are all after. What more do you need to know?

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The lead Cyberman cyber-recognises (what? Oh, I’m doing it again…) The Doctor, something that’s never happened before when he has a new incarnation. However, it seems they expected him.

The Fourth Reich soldiers open fire on the Cybermen. I’m sure you can guess how well that goes. The Cybermen fire back. The Doctor and Ace take cover while the firefight ensues.

Lady Peinforte shoots a Cyberman with an arrow, which strikes in the chest, and is surprised when it doesn’t go down… but then it does, just belatedly.

The Fourth Reich leader picks up one of her arrows (she missed, another time, apparently. It landed near him, so I’m not sure of the reasoning behind that.) The arrow is gold-tipped – thus the delayed reaction of the effect!

More Cybermen go down due to Lady Peinforte’s arrows. Her man, Richard, is praying, but she tells him to get up, saying they’ll let the two factions destroy each other and take Nemesis for themselves.

The Doctor examines a fallen Cyberman and sees the arrowhead is gold. When Ace goes to touch it, he warns her that it’s been dipped in poison, saying it’s Lady Peinforte’s “calling card”.

Lady Peinforte and Richard spy The Doctor and Ace; she recognises him. The Doctor grabs the silver bow from the case (why the Fourth Reich leader left it laying there, I don’t get) and run off, escaping in the TARDIS.

The Fourth Reich leader sends a man to fetch the bow case, not realising it’s been taken. The Reich men run off and the Cybermen regroup. The lead Cyberman cyber-learns that The Doctor and his companion took the bow, and that Lady Peinforte is there, responsible for killing the Cybermen with arrows.

Lady Peinforte and Richard walk into town. He’s surprised that there are people there, for some reason.

The Cybermen cut into the asteroid.

The Doctor and Ace return to 1638 Windsor; the body is gone. The Doctor finds a piece of paper, saying the mathematician was a genius, but he needed some help to get started in the right direction. The Time Lord takes the paper and burns it in the fireplace.

Ace says she doesn’t like that place and wants to go. The Doctor moves a chess piece (having noticed that the pieces had been moved since their last visit) and they leave.

The Cybermen have cut around the statue and move the rock-encrusted statue into their ship.

Some punks follows Lady Peinforte and Richard in town.

The Cybership flies through the sky.

The Fourth Reich leader prepares some gold dust.

The TARDIS returns to modern day (presumably), and The Doctor and Ace exit. The Time Lord explains that validium was used as a defense for Gallifrey, created by Rassilon, and was never meant to leave his world.

They set off, using the silver bow to be directed to the validium.

The Cybership lands, between trees and a field.

The punks confront Lady Peinforte and Richard. They try to rob them. Richard is not amused.

The silver bow leads The Doctor and Ace to a castle. The Cybermen are set up inside, and are aware of the “remaining validium” approaching.

The two punks are dangling from a tree by their ankles, gagged, blindfolded and bound. Their clothes are burning in a fireplace.

The Doctor and Ace try to use Ace’s ghetto blaster to jam the Cybermen’s communication signal.

The Cyberleader demands that they transmit to the fleet that they have the validium, but his subordinate argues that is not the complete truth as they don’t have the arrow or bow.

Ace’s jazz tape interferes with the Cybermen’s attempt to communicate with the fleet. The Cybermen are not pleased.

The Doctor and Ace find the punks, who say “social workers” did this to them.

Using the arrow to lead her, Richard and Lady Peinforte come to the location of Nemesis, which is part ofLady Peinforte’s estate. Richard whines to return to their proper time and she threatens him to shut up, reminding him if they are not successful in capturing Nemesis, she will leave him here.

He discovers his own grave site, as she explains she gave orders for him to be buried near her. It seems the ‘castle’ where the Cybermen are holed up is her burial… edifice?

Richard is startled by llama which are grazing in the yard. It seems her estate area is now a “safari park”.

Coming through the woods, The Doctor and Ace arrive and see Lady Peinforte and Richard enter ahead of them.

The Cybermen are outside, the Cyberleader saying that being faced with her own death will drive her mad. When they hear her shouting in anger, demanding to know where Nemesis is, the Cyberleader sends his Cybermen after them. Richard starts firing arrows, taking one down.

Outside the estate, the Fourth Reich leader says the estate is that of Lady Peinforte, a 17th century noblewoman. His assistant points out they saw a woman in 17th century garb firing arrows at the battle, but his boss tells him to shut up.

Spying the Cybership, The Doctor and Ace hide in the woods. Ace sneezes, alerting the two human agents who are keeping guard on the ship. (I do hate the sneezing to alert someone to their presence schtick. So fucking old.)

The Doctor asks if Ace might, despite his instructions to the contrary, have any Nitro-9 on her. “Of course not,” she says, “I’m a good girl, I do what I’m told.”

He tells her “to blow up that vehicle,” which brings a grin of childish delight on Ace’s features.

The Cybermen are forced to retreat after the Cyberleader’s CyberSecond CyberArgues that they must choose the course of safer action. (Sorry, doing it again.)

Lady Peinforte realises that Nemesis must be in her tomb. She tells Richard to help her open it.

The Doctor distracts the two goons so Ace can approach the ship. She throws in a backpack of Nitro-9 which completely obliterates the Cybership.

Seeing the explosion from afar, the Fourth Reich go to investigate.

Seeing the goons, the Cyberleader has the two men killed. Ace is horrified that the men were killed for her action.

They open the tomb, Richard asking where her bones are. “What matter,” she replies.

Ace confirms they’re still jamming the Cybersignal.

The Fourth Reich leader and his assistant approach the Cybermen, offering an alliance. He says the Cybermen are “giants”, and they are the “supermen” and are destined to work together. They agree to work together, the Reich taking care of the Lady Peinforte for them, and they will split Earth in two.

After the Reichmen leave, the Cyberleader gives the order to kill them once the arrow and bow are retrieved.

The ghetto box scanner shows the location where the signal is directed, but there’s nothing there. The Doctor says there has to be a force out there, because it’s 1988. He explains that the orbit of Nemesis brought it back every 25 years – 1913 (the eve of the first World War), 1938 (Hitler annexes Austria), 1963 (Kennedy Assassination).

Inside the tomb, Lady Peinforte appreciates the statue. Richard still goes on about her bones, but she says it is no matter. The Reich open fire on the tomb and enter. Richard throws the arrow in the tomb with the statue and drags Lady Peinforte off through a secret exit.

In the tomb, the statue comes to life, grabbing the arrow and clutching it close.

The Cyberleader enters, as the two Reich men plot what to do next. The Reich leader tells him to stay away, as he has Nemesis, and thus power of life and death over everything.

The Cyberleader asks where the bow is and the Reichleader opens the case, only to discover it is gone. (Yeah, I find it hard to believe he wouldn’t have checked before then. Hell, I still refuse to believe he would have left it laying in the middle of a battle.)

The Doctor mopes, holding the bow.

We see a red planet.

The Doctor mopes, and watching a chameleon, suddenly realises, “Of course, it’s so simple! They’re shrouded!” He goes to the scanner and fiddles with it, revealing thousands of Cyberwarships (his word, not mine), waiting… and the credits roll.

Decent enough cliffhanger, fell a little flat though.

And to Friday!