Recap: In 1638, The Doctor sent a statue comprised of Gallifrey metal into space. In 1988, it has returned. The Cybermen, Fourth Reich Nazis and an evil sorceress from the 17th century are all after it. The Cybermen have the statue and its arrow, they need only the bow to complete it – and The Doctor and Ace have the bow.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

Ace asks what they can do; The Doctor says their best move is “to go to the crypt, unarmed, with the bow.” He says they need to activate the statue. Ace is reluctant to go, but agrees.

In the crypt, the Reichleader tries to bargain with the Cyberleader. The leader throws gold dust at the Cyberleader, but it doesn’t seem to have the lethal effect he was hoping for.

It turns out that Reichleader’s assistant has turned on him, handing over his leader (and presumably sabotaging the gold dust) in exchange to be made a Cyberman. (He says that the giants are the true master race and he wants to be one.)

The Cyberleader orders for the two of them to “be programmed at once” and sends his men to fetch the bow and kill The Doctor.

Lady Peinforte says she doesn’t understand why Richard continues to serve and protect her, when she does nothing but treat him unkindly.

Richard says they have no more weapons, but she says she has her knowledge and that is weapon enough.

En route, Ace confesses to The Doctor that she’s “really, really scared” and he offers to send her back to the TARDIS, but she refuses. They arrive at the crypt, but then the tape runs out on her ghetto blaster (unknown to them) and the Cybermen regain communication.

The Fourth Reichleader challenges the Cyberleader’s plans, saying they still don’t have the bow. When they say they will soon have it, the Reichleader says The Doctor “is no common adversary, do you think he’s going to walk in and simply hand it over?”

Just then, The Doctor and Ace walk in, the bow in his hand. He greets them, apologises for not being there. The Cyberleader tries to grab the bow, but in a stupid scene, they play keep away with the Cyberleader.

The Doctor makes it over to the statue and touches to bow to it, bringing it to life. While they’re distracted, The Doctor and Ace escape the Cybermen and Reichmen, heading back to the TARDIS.

The Doctor tells Ace that, now that the statue is alive, it will follow the bow.

The statue rises, there are great fireworks and explosions and a scream in the heavens.

Hearing the scream, Lady Peinforte says that Nemesis is come alive and shall be hers.

The TARDIS dematerialises.

Lady Peinforte goes on about how “all power, past, present and future” shall be hers. She gets megalomaniacal, especially when Richard suggests finding shelter. “How dare you! I shall lead and you shall follow,” she rages at him.

Back in 1638, The Doctor considers the chess board while Ace asks what they’re doing there again. He says he doesn’t want the mathematician’s calculations to fall into the wrong hands.

At the same time, she asks about the chess game and he says black is losing. He makes a move, then walks to the other side of the board. She asks if the same person who stole the bow in 1788 was the one who took the mathematician’s notes.

How should I know, Ace? Questions, questions,” he replies, making a move for the other side of the game.

Ace asks who brought the validium to Earth in the first place. The Doctor makes a couple moves, resulting in a checkmate and win for black. He says it’s time to go, instructing Ace to bring some gold coins.

Having watched a young man hitchhike, Richard tells Lady Peinforte he can acquire a “steed” for them. He goes hitchhiking, but the first several cars pass him by.

The Doctor and Ace return to where the asteroid was cut open, saying the statue will be there shortly. He works on calculations while Ace gets ready with her slingshot and gold coins.

There’s a cute interchange where he reminds her no more explosions, and she quips, “And I’m a better person, as a result, Doctor.” One of the few times she doesn’t call him ‘Professor’.

As Richard continues to fail at hitchhiking, Lady Peinforte sits, murmuring how all will be hers. Finally, she steps out in traffic to flag down a car. They get a ride.

It turns out that the Reich assistant didn’t betray his leader, it was a scam. A ploy to stay alive, it seems.

At the hangar, the statue returns to the asteroid, landing atop it, next to The Doctor. He gives it the bow and it takes it from him.

Richard and Lady Peinforte ride in the limo, where the passenger tries to chat them up. She says she’s there to check out her “roots”. Richard thinks she’s talking about crops.

The statue says, “I am beautiful, am I not,” and Ace replies that she is. The statue says she has had many forms, many of which would horrify her. She says she is whatever she is made to be – since Lady Peinforte called her Nemesis, “I am retribution.”

The woman in the limo tells Richard that she’s traced her family back to this area, dating to the 1600s. Lady Peinforte leans over, “All things will soon be mine.” I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this episode before, as I recall this sequence.

Cybermen enter the hangar, firing at Ace, who runs up a balcony and fires a gold coin into the lead Cyberman’s chest unit. The Cyberleader sends the others to destroy her.

Lady Peinforte says she knows the woman’s family, calling them “thieves and swindlers”. The woman replies, “You studied history?” They start comparing notes, the woman thinking that Lady Peinforte has “researched my family!!”

Ace takes out some more Cybermen with gold coins. Others fire on her, but they’ve been assimilated from Stormtroopers, it seems. Ace is pursued further back and loses her bag of coins.

The Doctor has placed the statue back in the asteroid/rock/whatever, planning to send it on course towards the Cyberfleet.

Ace is in the rafters of the hangar, running from pursuit. The Cyberleader and and two Cybermen surround her, and she has only one coin left, but she manages to shoot one and duck as the other two shoot each other. One of them (the Cyberleader?) falls to the ground below.

The Doctor pulls up the Cyberfleet to see how they’re progressing and sees that they’re “right on course”. Nemesis asks what is she to do after destroying the Cyberfleet. He tells her “Reform.”

You will need me in the future,” the statue says.

I hope not.”

That is what you said before,” she reminds him.

Enough,” he cuts her off.

And after this, will I have my freedom,” she asks.

Not yet.”


I told you when,” he says, taking her bow, “things are still imperfect.”

Two Cybermen approach him, but he tricks them into standing behind the rocket (using the bow as bait) as the burners test fire, catching them both in the flames (as well as the bow.)

Up on the rafters, a Cyberman removes the coin from his chest, seems he’s not quite dead, yet. (My guess is Cyberleader.)

The Fourth Reich (all two of them, guess they didn’t want to pay the extras for more than the first two episodes) arrive and take the bow. Guess it wasn’t burnt/melted. The Doctor stands by as the Reichleader stands over the statue, talking to her. She ignores him, but he says it is time to leave.

The Cyberleader (yep, was him) arrives and shoots Reichleader, demanding the bow or he will shoot Ace. Ace grabs the bow, but just then Lady Peinforte and Richard arrive. Lady Peinforte goes on about time and power and space.

The Cyberleader says she is insane. When Ace argues that Nemesis belongs to The Doctor, she says if she has the bow, that is all that matters. Lady Peinforte then tells the Cyberleader that he is nothing, that only The Doctor counts, and even he is just a pawn in her game.

Listen, you old bag, The Doctor’s just not going to give you the bow,” Ace tells Lady Peinforte. “Tell her, Doctor,” she implores him.

As you can imagine, The Doctor doesn’t tell her. He looks over at Lady Peinforte, who says, “Doctor WHO? Have you never wondered where he came from? Who he is?”

Ace replies that nobody knows who The Doctor is. Lady Peinforte says that she does. The Doctor seems rather uncomfortable at this. Lady Peinforte says that the statue told her, and The Doctor’s discomfort grows.

All right, so what? He’s a Time Lord, I know that,” Ace retorts.

Well, Doctor,” Lady Peinforte replies, looking at him.

If I give you the bow,” he asks.

Your power becomes mine, but your secrets remain your own.”

He turns to Ace, “It’s all over, Ace, my battle, all my battles.” He says he can only surrender, but not to Lady Peinforte, and hands the bow to the Cyberleader.

When Lady Peinforte says she knows his secrets, The Doctor says, “Very well, tell them.”

I shall tell them of Gallifrey, tell them of the old time. The time of chaos.” She pauses and he tells her, “be my guest.”

She begins to go on, but the Cyberleader says the secrets of the Time Lords mean nothing to the Cybermen. The Doctor addresses Lady Peinforte, “Thank you for coming to the 20th century and giving me assistance. Thank you for bringing the arrow. You may go now.”

Lady Peinforte is most upset at being spoke to in such a fashion.

You had the right game,” he tells her, “but the wrong pawn. Check.”

Enough, Doctor,” the Cyberleader interjects. He orders The Doctor to cancel the destructive capabilities of the statue. The Doctor takes the bow, handing it to the statue, “Do you understand the Cyberleader’s instructions,” he asks it.

Perfectly,” the statue replies.

Ace begs him not to surrender.

The Cyberleader destroys Ace’s tape and goes on about how the Cyberfleet will convert Earth into a new Mondas. He tells The Doctor that he will allow him to live long enough to see the fleet arrive.

Lady Peinforte screams and leaps into the asteroid-rocket, merging with Nemesis. The rocket launches into space. On the ghetto blaster, they watch the rocket’s progress.

The rocket approaches the fleet and explodes, destroying the entire Cyberfleet. The Cyberleader levels his gun at The Doctor, but Richard grabs an arrow stuck in the TARDIS and stabs it into the heart of the Cyberleader (well the heart of his respiration unit), killing him.

The Doctor thanks him and offers him a lift back to his proper time, which delights Richard to no end.

Later, in 1638, Ace and The Doctor are playing chess; she has realised that when he sent Nemesis off into space, he planned all along for the Cybermen to be here so he could finish them off.

She says there’s still one question he hasn’t answered, but just then Richard and a woman with a lute arrive. He says they may not have this “jazz”, but he thinks he will like this. Richard takes out a flute/recorder and plays with the woman.

The Doctor smiles, listening, as Ace asks, whispering, “Professor, Doctor, who are you?”

The Doctor lifts one finger to his lips in a ‘shhh’ motion… and the final credits roll.

Yes, I’d seen this last episode, if not all three, before. Pretty good, but showing a more manipulating side of The Doctor. Can’t say it’s a bad thing, I’ve liked when The Doctor’s darker side shows through.