Welcome to my year long blog about the original/classic 26 seasons of Doctor Who.  This the about page, and will tell you a little about me, Terry, who I am, where else you can find me online and why I’m doing this.

Me: Okay, I’m an olde sk00l Doctor Who fan from the late-ish 1970s.  I suspect that Jon Pertwee was my first Doctor, but I don’t recall too well a whole lot from earlier than 1979.  I do recall watching Ark in Space with Tom Baker (which originally aired in early 1975, but on PBS we were several years behind… and I distinctly recall watching it in central Florida, which we moved to in April ’79) and have always considered that my introduction to Doctor Who.  I’m a fairly eclectic geek, but Doctor Who is one of the few fandoms I will completely geek out over and do all the traditional geek things – argue which character is best, who would defeat who, find ways to explain the contradictions, so forth and so on.  In fact, the closest to fanfic I ever wrote was back in high school (mid to late 80s, yo), where I wrote a series of short stories about another Time Lord (The Baron) and his Ice Warrior companion (no, I don’t recall his name, nor do I have the stories any more, I destroyed them in a fit of melodrama as a teenager/young man).

The Blog: Well, last year I did a year long review/recap of the 300 issues of the Cerebus comic book (you can find that over on Tumblr here) and this year I wanted to do another year-long blog, but thought it’d be fun to do it on a tv show instead.  And, well, if I was going to do it on a tv show, what else than Doctor Who?  So, here we are.

Finding me online: I frequent Twitter pretty much daily as cr8dv8 and less frequently on my creative writing Twitter, TerryWrites; I have a Tumblr as well; and there’s my regular blog, also on wordpress, too.  I also do Google+, though sporadically.  I’m selling comic books, books, roleplaying games and DVDs over on eBay to help pay the bills – I even have a custom shortlink url for that – http://bit.ly/terrysebay