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So, I’m back on my Doctor Who blog.  (Duh, Terry.)

I’m here for a reason. (Oh?  What’s that, Terry?)

Today, one night only, in theatres, POWER OF THE DALEKS is being shown in theatres across the US!  (I don’t know about the rest of the world, that may or may not be so.  If so, you’d best be quick to find it.)

Tonight, at 7pm local time, in select theatres, Fathom Events brings us POWER OF THE DALEKS, one of the lost serials.  Completely lost, the third serial of the fourth season features the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, against the Time Lord’s most iconic enemies – the Daleks!

Here’s my original post from Feb 2012, covering my viewing of the Loose Cannon reconstruction.

I’ll post (likely tomorrow) after viewing it with my thoughts.

And… who knows, maybe I’ll come back here and do some more posts after that.


This won’t be a comprehensive recap (though that’s a thought for another time)… it’s too powerful for me.  Too emotional.  Too much.  For now, at least.

But first – let’s get this out of the way.

If you haven’t watched it yet and plan to, please STOP READING NOW.

spoiler warning

spoiler warning

Okay, that’s out of the way.  (Seriously, go away if you don’t want spoilers.)

Okay, now…


Watching this in a theatre, filled of fans was amazing.  And they were young and old, new and long-time fans alike.  And it’s wonderful, seeing the youthful crowd, the new fans, listening to them talk with wonder about the history of the show… I know many olde sk00l Whovians like to scoff and snort and roll their eyes and complain about the new fans.  Oh, that breaks my heart.  We were all new fans once, we didn’t know the history of the Doctors before we watched.  Time for everyone to drink a big glass of Get Over Yourself juice.

But, seriously, sharing it with a group of a couple hundred people, all emotionally invested.  The collective laughs, sighs, gasps, cheering, applause.  I couldn’t have imagined a better way to see this.  And, though it was hard, I managed to see it without any more spoilers.

I see people talking about “mixed feelings” about the episode.  Not me.  It was wonderful, it was amazing, and it gave me what I’ve been yearning for for the past eight years.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand why they wrote Gallifrey out of the show for the relaunch in 2005.  There would be too much backstory, too much baggage, it would weigh down too much and the new fans would be confused, or felt excluded, and they would not have flocked to it the way they did and the show probably would not have had a 50th anniversary special.

It was brilliant, what they did.  They wrote Gallifrey out, made The Doctor the “last” of the Time Lords, and Eccleston got to mope and be full of anger and angst – and it was delightful.  He was the Wounded Doctor.  Rose helped him heal, and then it was time to regenerate.

But, despite knowing all that, I have yearned for the return of Gallifrey.  I love the Time Lords (though I do consider them the greatest of all the monsters that The Doctor has ever had to fight off – and I’m not even talking about The Master, my favourite Time Lord of all.)  I love the mythos of Gallifrey and the Time Lords and how so many alien races knew of them and they were not hardly ever favorable towards The Doctor’s people.

So, I have been waiting.  When we were teased with the return of Gallifrey in The End of Time, oh… my hunger was enflamed.  I needed Gallifrey back.

This blog, revisiting (and visiting for the first time, as the case may be) so many stories involving the Time Lords, involving Gallifrey, or involving knowledge OF the Time Lords/Gallifrey… that exacerbated things.

So, walking into this, knowing it was about the War Doctor, knowing that he was responsible, somehow, for the fall of Gallifrey, the end of the Time War… I wasn’t sure what we were going to get, but there was NO WAY IN HELL I remotely thought that we’d get a whisper of a chance of getting Gallifrey back.

I just watched it again, before writing this blog post (Sunday night, about 10:30pm, December 1st.)  I cried, several times.  I even rewound and watched several scenes more than once… and cried each time.

Tears of joy.  Tears of enthrallment, enrapture, amazement.

Tears of hurt, for The Doctors, as Ten and Eleven (hey, that whole numbering thing… I guess we’re just going to have to stick with what we have been doing and have the “War Doctor” sitting between Eight and Nine, unnumbered) join the War Doctor, saying he won’t have to do it on his own.

Tears as I begged them not to do it.

Tears as they didn’t.

And, then, the undreamt.  All THIRTEEN Doctors showing up to save the day.  Of course it would take all thirteen.  How could it not?  It had to.  Something like this couldn’t be done by one Doctor, not even three.

Gallifrey Falls No More.  Oh.  Oh, yes.  Damn skippy.

And my Doctor.  Approximately thirty years ago, I watched Logopolis for the first time ever.  And saw my Doctor fall to his death.  And regenerate into a mamby-pamby blonde twit.  (Ok, I’m being a bit harsh, but I was a teenaged boy who had just lost his Doctor.  And Four wasn’t my first Doctor, Three was, actually… but Four is, and always will be MY Doctor.)  I lost him and… he never returned.  (Not to video, at least – I do understand there are some delightful Big Finish original audios with Tom Baker, so I will have to pursue those.)

I had no idea Tom was in this.  I had no clue to expect him.

You should have heard the theatre when he spoke, when he addressed Eleven for the first time.  The collective intake of breath… the choked emotions… everyone was stunned (and I’m sure some knew or guessed or something – but I bet you they were caught in the spell, too.)

Oh, this wasn’t going to be a long post, but here we are.  I’ve been crying for half of it, too.

I am so excited to see the Christmas special, to see Peter Capaldi step into those shoes.  But, for now, I am so, so, so happy and touched and overwhelmed by the 50th anniversary special.

As always, there are still so many questions.  Will they go to Trenzalore?  Will they find Gallifrey?  What IS The Doctor’s name and will we ever learn it?  (And my question, will The Doctor ever go visit Susan as he promised?)

Who knows, indeed?

Recap: Returning to Coal Hill School and Totter’s Lane, The Doctor and Ace find two factions of Daleks battling it out. At least one of them is after the Hand of Omega, which apparently The Doctor left behind in his first visit here, six incarnations previously.

We left off with Ace being surrounded by three Imperial Daleks, yelling for her extermination.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

The Doctor rushes in, followed by the troops. He uses the device he cobbled together to immobilise the Daleks, while the troops jam explosives into the chassis of the Daleks. Then, they rush out and detonate them.

Okay, where’s Ace? After the explosion, I don’t see her.

One of the Daleks is still alive inside and The Doctor goes to look. The Dalek reaches out with a claw, rather unlike any Dalek tendril we’ve seen before and begins to choke him until Allison grabs Ace’s bat (where is Ace?) and beats the Dalek to death.

The Doctor says they’ve mutated again, so that explains the difference. He invites Rachel over, who says the Dalek from Totter’s Lane was less developed, almost amoebic. They note it has functional appendages and some sort of cybernetic enhancement.

Ace, who is laying nearby (ok, there she is) calls out, “Don’t anyone give me a hand.” The Doctor sends Rachel and Allison to check out the cellar while he tends to Ace, who is injured.

When I say to stay put, I mean to stay put, not take on an entire Dalek assault squad single-handed.”

She explains she was looking for her tape deck, and he’s delighted to hear it was destroyed, saying it would have caused irreparable damage to the time line if someone found it and examined the parts, developing microchips decades earlier. He points out that even the Daleks think twice about altering timelines drastically, saying the mothership in orbit could easily wipe out the entire planet if they chose to.

On the mothership, we see the bridge. A Dalek says the ship will maintain geo-stationary orbit around Earth. An attack squad is ordered to enter the transmat.

Rachel and Allison examine the transmat pad. The Doctor arrives, and begins to bash it to pieces with Ace’s bat. The bat is destroyed in the process, but the damage seems adequate. The Doctor tells the ladies they look hungry and suggests lunch.

Ratcliffe walks through the cemetery. He finds a strange black set up near a grave, seemingly marked with a sidewards 3. It’s the grave site The Doctor had his casket buried, I believe.

Ace and The Doctor are eating in the cafe, as are the girls and Smith and his men.

Ratcliffe pushes a metal pole into the dirt. When the pole hits the casket, there’s feedback which puts him on his ass.

On the mothership, the power source is detected. A full alert is sounded. They identify it as the Hand of Omega and the order to inform the Emperor Dalek is given.

Gilmore sits with Rachel and Allison, frustrated that they can’t do anything. A man of action, our Group Captain. Rachel tears into Gilmore, upset that she got drafted into this and has learned that all their advances are nothing compared to “tin-plated pepper pots” from outer space.

The young girl skips through the cemetery. She sees Ratcliffe’s men digging up the coffin. Ratcliffe approaches her, wondering what she’s staring at. She stares at the grave site, then up above into the sky.

The Emperor Dalek (basically a regular Dalek with a huge sphere for a head/upper frame) arrives on the bridge. The Daleks report that the transmat is not operational but the Omega Device has been located. The Emperor orders them to prepare the assault shuttle.

Ratcliffe asks if the girl has a home to go to, but she ignores him. When he turns away, she seems to vanish. Ratcliffe turns back to regard her and is confused to see she’s gone.

The Doctor tells Gilmore they need to establish a base at the school and he sets Smith and his men to that task.

Everyone but The Doctor and Ace leave. The Doctor explains that the school isn’t important, now that the transmat is taken out. “As long as the renegade Daleks have got the Hand of Omega, then the Imperial Daleks’ attention will be focused on that.”

So he knows the renegades have it? Or have they had it all this while? I’m confused. If the former, why let them have it? (I thought it was the hand which was in the casket.)

Ratcliffe’s truck returns home and the casket is unloaded. Ratcliffe goes inside to report they’ve gotten the hand (so I was right.) Ratcliffe gets on the phone to say he’s calling his man. The mystery figure says, “Excellent.”

Smith gets a call at the school.

When Ace asks why they’re returning the school, if there’s no action going on there, The Doctor says he wants to keep an eye on Gilmore. He tells her he wants to keep the military fully occupied and out of the way, and is why he suggested setting up a base there to Gilmore.

Taking Ace aside, away from the military men setting up base, The Doctor tells her of Omega. We get more exposition here, which I won’t bother to relate. The Doctor says the Hand isn’t actually his hand. “It’s called his hand because Time Lords have an infinite capacity for pretention,” he explains.

Ace’s reply is golden, “Hmm, I’ve noticed that.” ACE!

He says that it is a “remote stellar manipulator, a device used to customise stars”. It seems the Daleks want it to improve their time travel technology, as the time corridors are, in The Doctor’s words, “very crude and nasty”.

He says he wants the Daleks to have the Hand of Omega. He didn’t expect two Dalek factions and he has to make sure that the wrong ones don’t get their “grubby protuberances” on it.

As the men unload the casket, three Daleks approach them, telling them to stay where they are.

Ratcliffe pontificates about being a strong leader, knowing when to be harsh. Suddenly, the sound of blaster fire is head and the men scream. Ratcliffe demands to know why they were killed.

The mystery figure turns around and lifts the helmet, revealing DAV… no, it’s not. It’s the young girl from the school!

She says he was born to serve the Daleks. The lead Dalek from the group that just killed the men come in and orders the girl to activate the time controller (a lightning ball/globe thing.) She does so. They tell Ratcliffe to come with them. He does so, frightened.

Daleks patrol the street outside of Ratcliffe’s warehouse, but The Doctor and Ace hide and avoid detection. They head towards the warehouse.

Gilmore sends men to retrieve The Doctor and Ace.

The Doctor finds the murdered men. The casket beeps and The Doctor touches it, telling it to be quiet. He tells Ace the Hand of Omega is in the box. She asks if he’s sure that he wants the Daleks to have it and he agrees.

He talks to the Hand, through the box, asking if it knows what it needs to do. Ace asks if it is alive, and he replies, “In a manner of speaking.” Okay, he’s obviously up to something, but what?

They move into the office area of the warehouse, where they find the control chair the girl was sitting in. The Doctor identifies it as a battle computer and stops Ace from sitting in it.

He explains that by plugging a human child into the battle computer, it uses their ingenuity and creativity to enhance the system.

They see the time controller and, after warning her away from touching it, The Doctor explains to Ace that it’s the time travel device the renegade Daleks use. He says they’ve come a long way with it and turns it off.

They hear Ratcliffe and the girl and the Dalek returning and hide. The Doctor leaves a calling card on the device just before they do hide. The girl comes in and sees the time controller is shut off. She picks up the card and shows it to the Dalek – the Dalek recognises it as being from The Doctor and orders for him to be caught and exterminated.

The girl gets in the battle computer set up to orchestrate this.

Ace and The Doctor dash out into the street, hiding from Daleks as they do so. She asks why he just give the Hand to the Imperials, but he says they’d be suspicious if he just handed it over. When she tries to ask what he’s up to, he covers her mouth and drags her away as a Dalek patrol comes near.

Smith and a group of soldiers leave the school, looking for The Doctor and Ace.

The Doctor and Ace run by the TARDIS. She stops, to pull a Peri (you know, ask if they can just up and leave), but he says they can’t. Smith and the men arrive and The Doctor asks if Gilmore is back at the school. When Smith says he is, he heads off. Gilmore sends his ment to accompany him and then stops Ace to ask her out on a date.

Daleks show up, so they have to run back to the school.

The Doctor and Ace make it in the school, telling Gilmore that his mission was moderately successful, but unfortunately, some Daleks came with them. Mike and his men burst in, and Smith (that’s Mike, btw) complains, “I don’t get it, they’ve got the Hand of Omega, why don’t they just leave?”

The Doctor asks how he knows of that, and he says Ace told him. She calls him a “lying, dirty scumbag,” saying he’s selling them out to the Daleks. The Doctor drags her away as she yells. Gilmore confronts him, but he swears he didn’t know it was the Daleks.

The renegade Daleks assault the school. The soldiers fire back.

The Imperial Dalek shuttle heads towards Earth. The renegade units are ordered back to Ratcliffe’s to defend the Hand.

Rachel informs The Doctor about something coming from low orbit. He says that’ll be the shuttle from the mothership, but says it won’t be landing here, it’s too far from the action.

But, however, land there it does, in the courtyard. Pretty much over the hopscotch area.

I think I might have miscalculated,” The Doctor says, looking at the camera… and the credits roll.

That cliffhanger doesn’t work for me because of the breaking of the fourth wall, sadly. Other than that, it’s a good one.

Episode 4:

The Imperial Daleks exit the shuttle, intent on capturing the Hand of Omega.

Gilmore orders everyone out of the classroom. He and The Doctor regard the shuttle in the courtyard and The Doctor tells him that he needs to do as he says, suggesting they need to do “a little bit of piracy.”

The girls head downstairs but Smith tries to talk to her, saying he thought he was helping Ratcliffe, not knowing the Daleks were involved. She gets upset, saying she trusted him and liked him and he betrayed her.

Gilmore comes down and Ace slips off. He calls Sgt Smith to attention and places him under close arrest.

The Imperial Daleks (all white) engage renegade Daleks (grey). They begin blowing each other up. The Imperials retreat.

On the mothership, the Emperor Dalek (whose voice sounds more familiar now…) says they must get the Hand of Omega without delay. It is reported that the renegade daleks gave heavy resistance, so the Special Weapons Dalek is ordered into position.

The SWDalek has a giant cannon built into its chassis and vaporises two renegades with one blast.

The Doctor plans to rappel down to the shuttle (as it has ground defenses but none on top). He breaks into the bridge of the shuttle and takes out the control Dalek present. He calls out to the others that they can come down.

Mike breaks free from the soldier guarding him and escapes.

The Doctor hacks into the computer system, learning they want to return to Skaro. He instructs everyone to leave the shuttle.

Mike returns to Ratcliffe’s, where he is greeted by two renegade Daleks. He tells them that he has a message for Ratcliffe and they take him prisoner.

The girl has almost repaired the time controller. Ratcliffe tells Smith that if they get the time controller, they can use it to bargain for power.

Returning to the school, they learn Sgt Smith escaped. The Doctor tells Allison and Rachel he needs their help in the cellar.

The time controller is repaired and the renegades prepare to leave. The Dalek Chief gives the order to kill Smith and Ratcliffe, but just then SWDalek blasts open the gate to the warehouse. The Imperials attack!

Ratcliffe grabs the controller as he and Smith run off. The girl blasts Ratcliffe with force lightning (no, really) but Smith grabs the orb and keeps running.

The Doctor is tinkering with the transmat as Rachel and Allison bring down some equipment. Ace explains to the ladies about the war between the factions, in her own special way.

The Emperor Dalek orders everyone to withdraw, once the Hand has been captured.

Mike leaves the warehouse, still in possession of the controller. Not sure where the girl is, she was in pursuit. The Doctor sends Ace after Mike, to keep an eye on him.

The Imperial Daleks bring the Hand into the shuttle.

Gilmore informs the ladies the shuttle is leaving. The Doctor watches it from outside the TARDIS. Ace sees it leave, as she looks/follows Mike. I’m not sure why she’s so impressed with spaceships, considering she was living on an alien spaceport planet.

Back in the cellar, The Doctor says they’re out of the woods if everything goes according to his plan.

The Hand of Omega is brought onto the mothership and locked into control circuit.

The Doctor contacts the mothership. The Emperor Dalek comes up on the view screen. The Doctor introduces himself as “the President-Elect of the High Council of Time Lords” though we know he was removed from that position due to absence.

He orders them to surrender the Hand of Omega and to return to their proper time and place.

The Emperor addresses him, acknowledging that he’d changed his appearance again. “You have confounded me for the last time,” it says. The dome of the head of the Emperor Dalek slides back to reveal… DAVROS!!!

They banter, threaten, argue, mock. As they always do. It’s interesting the strength of dialogue, regardless of the writer, when it comes to any Doctor and Davros.

Ace follows Mike back to the boarding house; Mike catches her, gun in his hand, and says he’d shoot her if he had to.

Davros says he will use the Hand to transform Skaro’s sun into a source of power and use it to sweep away Gallifrey and the Time Lords. Wow, this is like the ramping up to the Time War!!

The Doctor mocks him, making fun of his desire for power. Davros threatens to destroy Earth if he angers him. The Doctor continues to mock him. Rachel warns him against it, but he says he knows what he’s doing.

Davros has lost his temper, and The Doctor switches tack, begging him not to use the hand. Davros rejoices in The Doctor’s fear and gives the order to activate the Omega Device.

Davros gives the order to activate it and the Hand flies towards Skaro’s sun, which it causes to go supernova, destroying the Daleks’ homeworld.

The Doctor tells Davros that he “tricked himself”. The Hand returns to the ship, while Davros begs for pity. Davros heads to the escape pod and slips out just before the hand blasts the mothership.

The Doctor says he reprogrammed the Hand to make Skaro’s sun go supernova, and it is now returning to Gallifrey.

The doorbell at the boarding house rings. Mike goes to answer it, warning Ace to stay where she is. Ace begs him to put the gun down. He goes to answer it, but it’s the young girl, who blasts him with her force lightning, killing him.

The Supreme Dalek is surrounded by The Doctor and the military.

The young girl tracks down Ace and smiles at her. It’s not a nice smile.

The Doctor tells the Dalek that the forces are destroyed, the home planet burnt, that it’s all over. He says that even Davros is dead (though…)

The young girl tries to force lightning Ace, but she ducks.

The Supreme Dalek is confused. It cannot handle this and begins to spin out of control.

The young girl begins flailing about, screaming.

The Dalek… vaporises?

The girl falls down. Ace goes to her and helps her up, comforting her as she cries.

The Dalek is nothing but smoldering ash. “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” The Doctor says.

Church bells chime, organ music plays. A funeral procession carries a casket. Gilmore and Mrs Smith, Rachel, Allison, The Doctor and Ace and others are there.

The Doctor stops Ace from entering the church, saying it’s time to leave. Out of character, Ace calls him, “Doctor,” and asks if they did good.

Perhaps. Time will tell,” he says, pausing, then adding, “it always does.” They walk off as the church door closes… and the final credits roll.

That was a damn fine serial. Strong story, great action. Good seeing Davros again, even if only briefly.

Pretty sure I’ve seen at least part of this one. Don’t recall enough to say for sure what it’s about, though I have some glimpses or vague ideas of scenes/elements.

Episode 1:

We open with a ‘close up’ of the Earth, and we hear a variety of people (men, it is noted) speaking, recorded voices, broadcast voices. Some famous speeches in there, and not all in English.

As the voices speak, the camera zooms away, revealing a spacecraft approaching Earth. And then the opening credits roll.

We see a school, Coal Hill School, which is extremely significant in the history of the show. Students and teachers walk towards it. We see The Doctor and Ace (the latter carrying a ghetto blaster on her shoulder, listening to some poppy sounding crap – I’m sorry, but I think Ace would listen to Iron Maiden or Sabbath or at least Motley Crue) approaching the school.

A girl standing outside the school entrance is staring at them (possibly at Ace, who asks The Doctor what the girl is staring at. He says that Ace’s dress is “anachronistic”, as he shuts off her music, thank goodness.)

The Doctor notes a van parked outside the school, asking what Ace thinks of it. She asks if it’s a “tv detector van”, but he says it’s the wrong type of aerial. They approach and he continues, saying the aerial is awfully sophisticated for this time period.

Ace whines about being hungry, so The Doctor sends her off to fetch some food while he pokes about the van. The little girl outside the school is back, paying attention again (she’d disappeared briefly, early.)

Ace finds a cafe with a juke box playing Elvis’ “Return to Sender”.

The Doctor climbs the van, inspecting the aerial.

Ace makes a friend at the cafe, who helps her get the attention of the clerk. She orders four bacon sandwiches and a cup of coffee. While he goes off to prepare the food, she opens a bag of money The Doctor gave her, realising the coins aren’t local.

The Doctor enters the school courtyard, where a girl (the girl from the entrance?) is playing hopscotch. She’s singing, “Seven, eight, it’s a doc…” and when she jumps around she sees him and runs off.

He inspects one of four patches of… dirt or asphault or something.

As he wanders off, we see her (and it is the same girl), singing again, watching him. “Five, six, seven, eight… it’s a Doctor at the gate.”

Oooooh, creepy.

The Doctor returns to the van, opening it up and slipping in. Inside a woman is monitoring some instruments and doesn’t look to see who it is, just assumes it’s her companion and suggests he contact the captain about the source…

She stops, when she sees The Doctor. He continues for her, “the source of magnetic fluctuation, perhaps.” They start comparing notes, and then she asks who he is. He says he’s The Doctor, she introduces herself as Professor Rachel Jensen.

He leaps back, saying he’s sure he’s heard of her. This seems to please her. Someone calls to hear over her headphones, which she slips on. Suddenly, she says she’s on the way, and hurriedly slips off the headphones.

Ace and her friend from the cafe walk, discussing how many pennies in a pound. (Apparently the system has changed… ahah, I did a quick google and in 1971, it went to the 100 pennies in a pound system.)

Rachel calls out, “Sergeant,” and the man with Ace runs off. She tells him the group captain is under attack and needs their help. The Doctor yells for Ace to get in the van. Rachel tells the Sergeant they’re at Totter’s Lane.

(Oh, yeah, that should ring some bells, what what? Gee, I wonder what year they’re in…)

A military man is seen covering a soldier’s body with a blanket.

Outside the junkyard at Totter’s Lane, a crowd has gathered. The van arrives and the Sergeant flashes his military ID, and a bobby lets them in.

Inside, The Doctor and Ace jump out with Rachel and the Sergeant, the Time Lord demanding, “What’s the situation?” The group captain demands to know who he is. Introductions are made, snark is given by The Doctor, but Rachel stands up for them.

The group captain orders Smith (Ace’s friend) to take her and “set up position by Red Six”. They leave to do so. The group captain tells The Doctor and Rachel to come take a look. The Doctor examines the dead soldier, saying “massive internal displacement”.

He tells them it’s the result of a “projected energy weapon”, which Rachel questions as “a death ray?” He confirms this and asks if reinforcements are coming, which the group captain confirms.

Sgt Smith and Ace arrive at a van, where they asks a woman, Allison Williams, if Blue One is on their way. She says they are, but she’s more concerned about the dead man, Matthews.

The Doctor tells the group captain that whomever fired the weapon is trapped, indicating where. He adds, “There’s no way out.” When the captain asks how he can be sure, The Doctor replies, “I’ve been here before.”

Reinforcements arrive, a huge lorry drives in and soldiers hop out. The group captain briefs them, saying there’s “an armed hostile in that lean-to shed.” Several soldiers are sent to disperse the public. Sgt Smith is instructed to get Matthews’ body out and he takes two men with him. (So, we’ve effectively gotten rid of about half the reinforcements.)

The Doctor tells the captain he’s not sure they’re prepared, but the captain says his men are hand picked.

He sends his men to their positions (okay, there’s more than half left, looks like maybe 10-12 total arrived, originally looked like eight.)

Smith and his two men grab Matthews’ body. We see something target one of them (we see through the targeting sight) and then one of the men dragging the body is blasted.

The soldiers open fire on the lean-to shed. After several moments of fire, the captain calls for a cease-fire.

Rachel tells The Doctor that sort of power is beyond current tech. The Doctor is delighted that she’s figured this out, but the group captain interrupts the “science lecture” (his words, not mine – as often is the case with this show, the military leadership is not being shown in the brightest light), demanding to know what can be done.

The Doctor argues for him to call his men back, he refuses. Frustrated, The Doctor calls him ‘Brigadier’, and is corrected, “Group Captain Gilmore.” The Doctor insists nothing they have will be effective, but Gilmore orders for three men with rifle-grenades to prepare to fire.

Oh, there’s a delightful exchange here.

You’re not dealing with human beings here.”

What am I dealing with, little green men?”

No, little green blobs in polycarbide armour!”

Well, no cat is let out of the bag, considering the title gives it away. (That’s one thing I’ve always hated about the Dalek serials, you know from the title they’re in it.)

Despite The Doctor’s protests, Gilmore gives the order to fire. The shed is blown away. Ace is impressed (though she admits it was ‘unsophisticated’), and Gilmore presumes that whom/whatever is in there is dead. He orders for more men to come in and to bring an ambulance.

When The Doctor argues, Gilmore tells him, “Nothing even remotely human could have survived that.”

That’s the point, Group Captain. It isn’t even remotely human.”

Smith runs into the van, calling Blue Four to order them to bring an ambulance. We see through the Dalek’s sight again, this time targeting Smith. It fires, but Smith ducks at the last moment and lives to tell about it.

Again, the soldiers open fire. Again, the Group Captain orders them to cease fire and wait for a target. The Dalek rolls out and they open fire again. The Doctor yells for them to target the eye-stalk.

He calls out to Ace, “Give me some of that nitro-9 that you’re not carrying, quickly!” (Earlier, he asked if she was carrying any in her pack and she denied that she was, so that’s cute.)

She gives him her last two cans and he runs towards the Dalek. The Group Captain orders Rachel to head back to HQ.

The Doctor calls out to the Dalek, “Oi, Dalek, it’s me, The Doctor! Don’t your recognise your mortal enemy? The Dalek approaches and the Time Lord leaves the two cannisters in a trap, blowing up the Dalek.

Ace rushes over to The Doctor, who was knocked down, as the blast went off a second or two early. Ace and The Doctor hop in a van after he asks if she can drive.

Gilmore orders men about, telling Smith to set up a weapons team at Coal Hill School and be sure they’re armed with “ATRs.” (Anti-Tank Rockets, I’m guessing?)

Rachel and Allison and Gilmore inspect the Dalek’s remains, wondering what it is.

In the van, The Doctor tells Ace it’s a Dalek, but not the right one. She asks if the right one would be better or worse, to which he replies, “Yes.”

They drive off, telling Smith they’re borrowing the van.

The Doctor tries to explain to Ace about the Daleks, their history. There’s a bit of silly (and actually kinda funny) interchange over driving and directions, so The Doctor takes the wheel. It’s cute, but it’s a visual that you need to watch.

We get some exposition about the Daleks (I guess for new viewers?) That done, he informs that the Daleks are after the “Hand of Omega”.

Wow. So this really is a grand twenty-fifth special sort of story, isn’t it? When she asks what that is, he replies, “One thing at a time, Ace.”

Back at HQ, Gilmore is approached by Smith, who introduces a Mister Ratcliffe, who has “brought some of his men”. Smith says they can be of some use, but we don’t know who/what they are.

Rachel and Allison talk, the former wondering what they should do, the latter saying it’s her decision as Chief Scientific Adviser. (Hey, that title sounds familiar. We’re going all out with the easter eggs in this one.)

Rachel says she wants to catch up with The Doctor before she makes any decision.

The Doctor and Ace go to the school, and again the young girl is seen watching.

Inside, The Doctor meets the headmaster, who says he’s “a bit over-qualified for the position, but if you’d like to leave your particulars and references.” He thinks The Doctor is there for the job of school caretaker. They correct him and ask if they can look around, but he says no.

When The Doctor says they believe there is “some great… Evil” at work, the headmaster says he’ll have to be more specific. Suddenly, we (but not The Doctor, I don’t believe) hear some musical humming. The headmaster touches his ear and rubs it, saying, “But I don’t think it would do any harm,” if they had a quick look around.

The Doctor thanks him and he and Ace slip off.

Yep, I was right, ATRs are what I said. Gilmore asks Smith about them, and he says they’re in position and additional ones are going to the school. Rachel asks about the Dalek, but Smith says it’s safe.

Ratcliffe and his men put the Dalek in a lorry and drive off. Dead soldiers are left behind, their corpses ignored.

As they poke about a classroom, Ace asks if The Doctor was expecting the Daleks, to which he replies, “Yes, they’re following me.” She says she wouldn’t want them on her case, but he replies, “You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies.”

She sets her boom box (ghetto blaster, whatever) down and picks up a book on the French Revolution (a nod to THE REIGN OF TERROR, the William Hartnell first season serial.) This is odd, as they’re in a chemistry class room. (Ahah, Ian Chesterton was a science teacher of Susan’s… and Barbara taught History, so there you go.)

The Doctor calls her over to a window, pointing out the burn marks around the hopscotch ‘field’. She says they’re from a spacecraft, “But this is Earth, 1963, someone would have noticed. I’d have read about it.”

So, it’s official, we’re there. In the beginning? Before? After?

The Doctor asks if she remembers “The Zygon gambit with the Loch Ness Monster? Or the Yetis in the Underground?” She doesn’t, and he remarks, “Your species has an amazing capacity for self-deception, matched only by its ingenuity in trying to destroy itself.”

She asks what the Daleks are after. He says when he was there before, he left the Hand of Omega behind. They walk out of the classroom (and a point is made showing that Ace’s boom box is still in the classroom, next to the history book.)

He tells her that the Hand is “something very dangerous”.

Ratcliffe oversees the Dalek brought into his place and a voice, a metallic voice in another room orders him to “report”. He enters, and we see a figure sitting in a chair that is like a Dalek’s chassis. The person seems to be wearing a helmet with an eyestalk (like Lytton’s men were several Doctors ago.)

The seated figure says he must be kept apprised of The Doctor’s movements. They discuss this and he assures it will be followed. Ratcliffe says he wants to know what the “Dalek machine” is, and the figure (still facing away from camera, facing a computer screen/console/display the entire time) says it is “A machine, a tool, nothing more.” Very dramatic notes are struck in the score as the camera shows Ratcliffe’s face.

Ace and The Doctor wander the school, the latter saying they’re looking for whomever landed the spacecraft in the school yard – ie, more Daleks. He suggests checking out the cellar, “Good things to put places, cellars.”

The headmaster watches them enter.

I wish I had some more nitro-9,” Ace laments.

So do I,” The Doctor agrees.

Ace pulls out her bat as they descend the stairs. They find a transmat and as The Doctor examines it, a Dalek begins to appear. The Doctor tampers with the machinery, causing it to “de-phase” and overload and destroy the Dalek.

The Doctor tells Ace that the machine is out of commission until the operator repairs it. He explains the Daleks usually keep an operator handy for malfunctions.

That would be another Dalek,” she asks. “Yes,” he confirms, looking at her as they come to the same realisation that they are not alone.

The operator Dalek arrives, telling them to stay where they are. They run to the stairs, The Doctor tripping over them. Ace makes it out the door, but the headmaster shoulder-tackles her and locks the door before The Doctor can get out.

The Doctor frantically bangs on the door, yelling for her to let him out. He turns around and watches as the Dalek levitates up the stairs (I remember seeing this part before. THIS was a big deal at the time, cuz the old joke was that stairs would stop a Dalek invasion.)

The Dalek identifies him as “The Doctor, the enemy of the Daleks! You will be exterminated! Exterminate! Exterminate…” and the credits roll.

Best cliffhanger ever? Could well be. Wow.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

Ace gets to her feet and tackles the headmaster, who goes down. She lets The Doctor out and shuts and locks the door (okay, if the Dalek doesn’t blast the door, I’m calling bullpucky.)

The Doctor, laying on the floor next to the headmaster, who is clutching his gut, asks Ace, “What’s wrong with him?”

Stomach ache,” she replies.

School dinners,” he quips.

Inpsecting the headmaster, The Doctor spies a control circuit behind the man’s ear. He and Ace run off as the Dalek blast the door. The headmaster apologises, but the Dalek tells him they must repair the transmat.

Exiting the school, Ace and The Doctor find the military truck with the ATRs outside. The Doctor grabs one, saying they’re not after the Daleks, but the transmat.

The headmaster gets the transmat working (I though the Dalek was there for that?) The Dalek tells him to remain there.

The Doctor signs for an ATR and he and Ace return to the school. After they leave, the young girl who’d been watching earlier approaches the soldier.

The Doctor and Ace sneak into the school, but the Dalek attacks them. Ace uses the ATR to wipe out the Dalek. The Doctor is surprised that she destroyed it, but she tells him, “I aimed for the eye-piece.”

Smith and other soldiers run in, followed by Gilmore, Allison and Rachel. Gilmore compliments them on destroying it, but The Doctor says he’s made a grave error of judgment.

He asks Gilmore to evacuate the area, saying he believes a “major Dalek task force will soon be operating here”. He says there’s a ship in orbit, which Gilmore scoffs at, and The Doctor lectures him on doubting the extra-terrestrial nature of the Daleks.

Rachel confirms that the creature must be alien. Gilmore asks if they can trust The Doctor; Rachel says for the time being they should listen to him. Reluctantly, Gilmore says he will confer with his superiors on an evacuation and bids everyone a good day, saying he’ll have an answer in the morning.

Rachel confronts The Doctor, saying “I have questions I would like answered.” He says he does as well, and will return in the morning. He asks them to look after Ace, while he goes to “bury the past”. Smith offers to bring her to his mum’s, as she runs a boarding house.

The Doctor stops in the cafe, where he gets a spot of tea. He asks the cafe worker (not the same one from the morning) some philosophical questions. He goes on about the ripples of every decision. Like a boulder in a lake.

Life is like that, best thing is to just get on with it,” the cafe worker tells him.

In the school, the transmat comes to life as a Dalek begins to appear.

It must be next morning, as we see a milk person delivering some to door steps. A man inside hears some strange noises from a casket, and while he’s distracted, The Doctor enters with his milk, saying he’s there to collect his casket.

The man asks which casket he’s interested in, and The Doctor indicates the one the noises were emanating from, using Ace’s bat to do so. The man says he has to wait till the guv’nor gets there, which The Doctor agrees to, asking if he might be alone in the meantime.

The Doctor closes the door after the man leaves and approaches the casket, instructing it to open, which it does.

Outside, the man is on the phone, reporting it to the Guv’nor, that The Doctor is there to collect the casket. As they talk, the man says, “I thought you said he was an old geezer with white hair.” Oooh, this is interesting… (I’ve not seen this episode, though I had seen the first, as I recall the levitating Dalek.)

The Doctor places the bat into the casket, which is full of glowing smoke.

At the boarding house, Ace sees Smith leaving; it’s obvious she’s got quite the crush on him. He’s dressed and on his way out and she asks where he’s going. He replies he’s off to see his friends at the “Association”, whom she can meet later.

The casket spits the bat back up at The Doctor, who says, “Good boy,” and then instructs it to close and follow him. The casket levitates and follows him out, much to the shock of the worker, who faints.

Ratcliffe asks the figure in the Dalek chassis what will happen when the possess the Hand of Omega. The figure replies, “We shall be on the brink of great power.” They apparently have an agreement to share this power, but the figure warns him that “there will be casualties, many deaths”.

The Doctor is at a graveyard, accompanied by a blind priest. They discuss the grave being ready for some time, and The Doctor says that he had to leave suddenly. The casket it floating behind them.

They approach an open grave and the priest remarks that The Doctor’s voice has changed. I’d think he’s shorter, too. The Doctor tells him that yes, his voice has changed…. several times, since they last met. The priest remarks on how quiet the pallbearers are, saying they’re like ghosts and The Doctor agrees.

Ratcliffe gets a phone call; he instructs the person to stay with The Doctor. He gets off the phone and tells the mystery man that his man is onto The Doctor. The mystery man/Dalek (come on, is this really a mystery who this is?) says his enemies have found his man!

Smith gets out of a phone box, observed by the headmaster, who receives orders and then follows. He attacks Smith from behind, demanding to know the “location of the renegade Dalek base.” He says Smith is an agent of the renegade Daleks, but Smith says he works for Ratcliffe of the Association.

During the struggle, the headmaster collapses and goes limp. Smith runs off.

At the grave, the casket lowers itself in. The priest says, “It is over,” but The Doctor replies, “No, it is only just beginning.” As they depart, Smith runs up, watching.

Allison, Rachel and Ace are eating breakfast, wondering what The Doctor is up to. He, accompanied by Smith, walk in, and he says he’s been working, “Unlike some people.”

Smith’s mum drops a message off, saying they’ve been summoned by the group captain. He says Ace has been ordered to stay there, though. Ace turns to The Doctor, who gives her the bat back, demonstrating that he’s charged the bat with a field.

Everyone but Ace and The Doctor depart; she asks that she not be kept there, but he says he needs her to stay, that he’s up to something but doesn’t have time to explain. She reluctantly agrees to stay.

The mystery figure tells Ratcliffe that soon there will be war, with the Imperial Dalek forces. He asks if he’s ready for war, and Ratcliffe says that he is, saying that Britain fought “for the wrong cause in the last war”. So, Neo-Nazi?

Dav… I mean the mystery figure, says, “you will be on the right side in this war.”

Gilmore informs them that an evacuation has been arranged, complete with a cover story, though he’s not aware of the story itself. The Doctor rattles off a list of places to consult with, observatories and the like, looking for any high-orbital activity. He begins giving orders for troop placements and warns they have to be careful, for if not, “goodbye, civilisation as you know it”.

Ace is hanging out with Smith’s mum. Mum is ironing. Ace is bored. She turns on the telly, which takes forever to warm up. Music plays. As she pokes about, she finds a “NO COLOUREDS” sign in the window of the boarding house. She tells Mrs Smith that she’s going out for some fresh air. As she leaves, the BBC announcer says it time for a new “adventure in the new science fiction series, Doc…” but we don’t hear the rest as the scene changes.

That made me laugh out loud.

A teletype machine prints up a report that The Doctor takes and reads. From the information, he says it’s a mothership big enough to carry four hundred Daleks. Gilmore asks if they’re nuclear-capable, which he confirms they are, and more.

The Doctor tells them he believes they’re dealing with two separate, antagonistic Dalek factions. He suggests letting them destroy each other instead of confront them.

Ace arrives at the school, calling out, asking if anyone is home. (It’s Saturday, so there doesn’t seem to be anyone.) She pokes around, passing the Dalek she destroyed.

We see more Daleks gathered about the transmat as another appears.

She goes to the classroom to retrieve her ghetto blaster. Great, she’ll play more stupid music. She turns it on, but it picks up the Daleks talking, saying their attack squadron is in position.

She pulls out her bat and changes the channel to music. Heading out into the corridor, she sees a Dalek coming up the stairs. It shoots at her and she runs off.

The Doctor creates a device that, hopefully, interfere with the Dalek’s control systems, saying he “rigged something like it on Spiridon” (from the Third Doctor serial, PLANET OF THE DALEKS).

Allison detects multiple sources from Coal Hill School; The Doctor suspects that the transmat is operational again. Smith calls the boarding house and tells The Doctor that Ace has already left. They rush off to the school.

Ace hides in the classroom. The Dalek blasts her boom box. She begins bashing it with the bat and knocks its eye-stalk off. It fires blindly, requesting reinforcements. She dashes out, past at least one more Dalek. She grabs a ATR from a dead soldier and heads out, but is trapped between three Daleks, who close in as she struggles to arm the ATR.

The Daleks say she will be exterminated… and the credits roll.

Decent cliffhanger there. See you Thursday!

Recap: Tricked into coming to planet Necros, The Doctor and Peri find themselves in a stranger funerary home. Behind the scenes, Davros is using the bodies to grow new Daleks, but our heroes haven’t learned that yet…

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

Peri dashes over, but Jobel steps out and tells her to calm down. When she says her friend is under there and might still be alive, he says there’s no chance of that. Then he tells her she’s very much still alive and he likes pretty things.

And, so, the trend of the monsters (or just creepy pawn, in this case) falling for Peri continues… sigh.

To her credit, she tells him to get her hands off her and calls him a creep. Then a “weirdo”. He tells her he’s not a weirdo, but the Chief Embalmer, “I’m very important here.”

To Peri’s delight and Jobel’s displeasure, The Doctor pushes off the piece of the pillar that landed atop him, saying he’s not dead yet. Peri points out he’s covered in blood, but he tells her it’s not his. “Like the statue and this… grotesque,” he says referring to Jobel, “it’s all part of an elaborate theatrical effect.”

As they leave his presence, Jobel tells The Doctor even had the pillar been made out of stone, it wouldn’t have killed him. “No, it would take a mountain to crush an ego like yours.”

Davros watches the Time Lord and Peri approaching on the video and sends his new assistant to greet them.

Lilt is shown torturing Natasha and her drunk doctor associate.

The Doctor and Peri make their way about the funerary home. Peri says it’s creepy. They are greeted by Tasambeker, Davros’ new assistant. The Doctor tells her he wants to arrange a funeral for himself.

Takis access the computer (which has a sexy lady voice) and inquires about the ETA of President Vargos’ ship. He learns the ship is due in 57 minutes, but sees a second ship also headed to Necros on the scanner. The computer says that it is an “unscheduled freighter”. Seems to be a theme with this show…

Tasambeker explains their services to The Doctor and Peri. Cryogenic stabilisation, the updating of the frozen consciousness on current matters of interest (complete with an idiotic DJ, apparently.)

Oh, no, that part is an additional charge – he’s the “personalised communication service”. Really? I’m sure they’d want their money back.

Peri finds the DJ delightful, The Doctor not so much.

Orcini and Bostock walk towards Tranquil Repose; they stop to take a break and Orcini waxes poetic about what swords are. He then pulls out a submachinegun, much to Bostock’s dismay. He tells his master that the gun is obsolete and jammed on him last time.

You seem to forget that I am a Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon and you are my squire,” Orcini chastises Bostock. “Where I may have been temporarily excommunicated, I still try to live by the Order’s rules.” Oricini continues on about how this much be an honourable quest, untainted, so forth.

Kara and Vogel see the President’s ship on their scanner. Vogel suggests shooting it down, but Kara says that would be akin to making an announcement and she wants to remain anonymous.

Orcini tells Bostock this is his last mission, that he is retiring. Bostock solemnly voices his acceptance and begs his master to take a small gun, just in case. Orcini takes it (and sets it aside), but then Bostock says he senses something hostile behind them.

Oricini spins about, firing on a patrol Dalek, which explodes.

In Davros’ lair, his pet Dalek screams in cadence with the alert going off, “ALERT! ALERT! A PATROL DALEK HAS BEEN DESTROYED! ALERT! ALERT!”

Davros says that his agents were correct, that Kara has sent assassins after him.

The Doctor tells Tasambeker about the statue of him in the Garden of Memories, and he wants to know who did it. She says that cannot be done without the express permission of the Great Healer.

Davros contacts Kara to talk about the attack on the Dalek patrol and he says there must be assassins coming for him. He voices concern they might be coming after her as well. She tells him that her men are carefully selected, but he counters that all men can be bribed and suggests that she allow him to place Daleks to guard her.

He tells her that he has already dispatched a squad for her protection, and then the communication ends. Vogel tells Kara that she is putting too much trust in Orcini, but she says the knight will succeed, and when he does, not only will they be rid of Davros, but she will control the food supply of the whole galaxy.

Jobel arrives, and learns that Tasambeker is taking The Doctor to meet the Great Healer. He offers to take Peri to meet the DJ, as she voiced interest in meeting him. She protests, not caring for Jobel’s company, but The Doctor takes her aside and suggests she go with him, “You’ll be a good deal safer with Mr. Jobel than you will with the Great Healer.”

Tasambeker looks on woefully as Jobel leads Peri away. She is upset and snaps at The Doctor when he politely inquires about Jobel. They step through the next doorway and The Doctor is taking prisoner by two Daleks, Takis and Lilt.

They drag The Doctor and chain him up in the same chamber that Natasha and her accomplice are being held.

Jobel has led Peri to the DJ’s studio. Now he wants a kiss for his troubles. She slips away, just in time, and meets the DJ. The DJ is wearing a tweed jacket and hat. He’s delighted at her accent, but she was hoping he came from the United States because of his accent, but it turns out it’s all for show.

She compliments him on his presentation and effort to sound like an American DJ. He’s all a-quiver from her praise.

Speaking of praise, Davros is praising Tasambeker on her good work in helping lead The Doctor into the trap. He brings up her affection for Jobel, but she says that’s a thing of the past. He tells her that he offered Jobel immortality but he turned it down, and she says he’s a fool.

Reluctantly, she admits to still harbouring feelings for Jobel. Davros says he knows how Jobel treats her and tells her that he would kill anyone who treated him that way. When she says she could never kill him, Davros suggests that she watch Jobel with the hidden cameras and see if she changes her mind.

The Doctor recovers and asks his fellow prisoners what the Daleks are up to. They tell him about Natasha’s father, how they were growing a Dalek out of him.

So Davros has finally done it… Daleks that can reproduce anywhere,” he says, solemn at this revelation. (Oooh, see what I did there?) While talking, The Doctor has freed himself.

Kara and Vogel see a flashing alert – this indicates that Orcini and Bostock have made it into the catacombs. She says it’s just a matter of time before they activate the device and everyone will be blown up. As they celebrate with champagne, two Daleks enter and demand they come with them.

When Vogel protests, they kill him. They tell Kara she will obey and come with them.

Takis speaks to Jobel about things not being so good since the Great Healer took over. Jobel warns him to watch his tongue. Takis (and Lilt who is also there) inquire if Jobel is willing to help them change things. He says they need to talk more, but changes the topic as another attendant enters the room.

The whole conversation was observed by Davros and Tasambeker. She pleads for leniency, but Davros says he must die. He demands proof of Tasambeker’s loyalty and offers her immortality, “Serve me with your total being and I shall allow you to become a Dalek.”

That is an offer… I cannot refuse,” she says. Davros demands that she kill Jobel as proof of her worthiness.

Orcini and Bostock enter the facility and the squire takes out a guard. Orcini refuses to let Bostock kill the man, saying he isn’t important and there’s too much going on here, too much they haven’t been told. They find the prisoners and decide to free them.

Entering the room, they are attacked by The Doctor, but Orcini quickly rebuffs The Doctor’s attack. Bostock and Orcini free the others while The Doctor (somehow) realises that Oricini is a Knight of the Order of Oberon, “Only I would be stupid enough to attack such a person.”

Orcini tells them they are free, but if they try to follow, he will kill them. The Doctor inquires if he may ask what they’re doing there and Orcini replies in delightful fashion, “You may, but only a fool would expect an answer.”

I’m sure this has been touched upon by better Tarot scholars than I, but it’s obvious that The Doctor, in ALL his incarnations, is The Fool incarnate.

Jobel and Takis work on the President’s wife. Tasambeker arrives to warn him that the Great Healer hates him and wants him dead. He scoffs at this, but he refuses to believe this. She continues to try to sway him, saying he cares nothing about Tranquil Repose. They walk on, arguing.

Tasambeker professes her love for him, saying she’s risking her life even talking to him about this. Jobel shows a moment of kindness, saying someone as impressionable as she should spend more time living than fantasising amongst the dead.

She begs him to run away with her, but again he turns her down, saying there is no way he would be interested in her. “I have the pick of all the women… I would rather run away with my mother than own a fawning little creep like you.”

Melodrama gets thicker and thicker; finally, Tasambeker chases after him, crying that she is to kill him, but he all but ignores her. Sobbing, she stabs him with a syringe of green fluid and runs off, leaving him to die.

Jobel collapses, seemingly dying… or dead already? The syringe is empty, the plunger pressed.

Two Daleks find Tasambeker crying in the corridor and kill her.

Peri is hanging out with the DJ in his studio. She sees him with the bodysnatchers in the tunnel. Peri gets the DJ to let her speak to him. They speak and he instructs her to go to the TARDIS and radio the President’s ship and warn them about the Daleks.

Davros sees this and sends a Dalek to fetch her and kill the DJ.

The DJ stops Peri, saying it’s not safe for her out there and she can use his radio equipment to contact the President’s ship.

The Doctor leaves the bodysnatchers to destroy the incubation chamber (I’m reminded of the Fourth Doctor’s failure at destorying an incubation chamber in GENESIS OF THE DALEKS) and heads off on his own.

Davros, seeing this, tells his Dalek to “activate a specimen” and then leave him alone.

In the incubation chamber, Natasha finds out her blaster gun battery is exhausted. While they tinker with the incubation equipment, a Dalek materalises in the room.

Orcini and Bostock have reached Davros’ chambers. They kill Davros’ humanoid guard, but find Davros harder to kill. Their bullets bounce of his shell and he fires back with bolts of blue lightning from the gem/glass/whatever in his forehead.

However, they get closer and fire on him some more, seemingly destroying him. Since we’re barely over half-way through this episode, I doubt that to be true, though Bostock praises his master.

Orcini says the kill was too easy. Davros, from behind them, says, “That, you have realised too late, Grand Master Orcini.” He is in his traditional chair/transport and reveals that the head in a tank was merely a lure, as this was not the first attempt on his life. (It also looks like the bottom of his chair has propulsion and is floating above the ground.)

Orcini and Bostock are both defeated.

Natasha and her cohort are killed by the Dalek, which seems to explode on its own.

The DJ has set up a weapon, a cannon that fires a concentrated beam of “rock and roll”.

Kara is brought before Davros, who hands her the box she gave Orcini. He confronts her, saying she sent the assassins, but she plays stupid, saying it’s not true.

Orcini demands she “Tell him,” but still she claims her innocence, “I refuse to be drawn into your conspiracy.”

Davros instructs that the box be given to Orcini. When Kara protests, saying he is a common killer, Davros retorts, “He is a knight of the Grand Order of Oberon, there is NOTHING common about him!”

I find myself really digging the character of Orcini and would love to see him appear again or perhaps a Big Finish series of audio dramas about him.

Davros asks Orcini to operate the box as he was expected to do. When he’s halfway through, Kara begins to protest, but Davros tells him to proceed. Finally, Kara admits that it is a bomb.

Kara chastises Orcini, getting in his face, calling him an imbecile and saying they both will die. A blade pops out of Orcini’s sleeve and he says, “You before me,” running it into Kara, who collapses.

The Daleks enters the DJ studio. The DJ blasts the first Dalek and it blows up.

The Doctor hears the DJ and Peri, being broadcast as they fight the Daleks.

The DJ foolishly gets out from behind their barricade after killing a second Dalek and he is killed for it. Even more foolishly, she gets out from behind the barricade and rushes to the DJ.

The Doctor hears Peri shouting at the Daleks and then… nothing. He moves on and is captured by two Daleks.

Takis and Lilt operate the computer to see the President’s ship landing.

The Doctor is led to Davros. The Time Lord greets his enemy, “I see you’ve been busy.”

While you’ve been stupid, Doctor.”

Perogative of a Time Lord.”

Davros tells The Doctor that Peri is “safe… for the time being.”

We learn that Davros escaped by escape pod from the station when it exploded (back in Resurrection of the Daleks), though they don’t explain how he didn’t die from the Movellan virus which had been affecting him at the end of that serial.

The Doctor compliments the statue, saying it was a “very good likeness. Though, really, you shouldn’t have bothered.”

Davros confides that it, like news of Stengos’ death, was part of the lure to get The Doctor there. They banter about grave-robbing, but Davros says nobody cares about those kept there. The Doctor says he’s heard otherwise, but Davros says that his friends were killed (Natasha and the drunk doctor dude), so that complaint won’t be voiced again.

Do you never do anything but kill,” The Doctor chastises Davros. Out of the corner of his eye, Six sees Orcini’s blade pop out again. The two men share a look and a nod as Davros replies, “There you are mistaken, Doctor. I am known as the Great Healer. A somewhat flippant title, perhaps, but not without foundation. I have conquered the diseases that brought their victims here. In every way, I have complied with the wishes of those who came in anticipation of one day being returned to life.”

As he rants, Davros moves about. Orcini points towards the box with his blade and The Doctor’s gaze follows.

Standing, The Doctor replies to Davros’ claims, “But never in their worst nightmares did any of them expect to come back as Daleks.”

Davros argues that he only used members of status and ambition and they would understand the opportunity to become masters of the universe. When The Doctor asks about those not of such status or intellect, we learn that the bodies have been used to feed the rest of the galaxy – the food product Kara’s factories have been making was Soylent Green!!!

The Doctor is horrified and asks, “Did you bother telling anyone they might be eating their own relatives?”

Certainly not. That would have created what I believe is termed ‘consumer resistance’,” is Davros’ all too witty reply.

More banter, back and forth – the dialogue between The Doctor and Davros, regardless of the actors, or the writers, has never failed to deliver.

Takis and Lilt greet the visitors – apparently it wasn’t the President’s ship they watched land, it was the second, “unscheduled freighter” – bearing Daleks from Skaro!! Takis tries to talk demands, but they shout at him to take them to Davros immediately.

Peri is reunited with The Doctor as bodies are cleaned up. Davros tells them to prepare for the greatest rebirth ever. He tells The Doctor that, had the bodysnatchers succeeded in destroying the incubation chamber, it wouldn’t have affected much – that was for experimentation only, “My main force of Daleks is well hidden.”

Meanwhile, Bostock has recovered and is taking aim at Davros with his gun. He shoots Davros’ hand off, but is shot by a Dalek for his trouble. The Doctor tries to resist, but Daleks take him prisoner – but not before he kicks Bostock’s gun to Orcini. (Orcini also has moved the box, presumably has it handy. This happened back while Davros and The Doctor were being banter-tastic.)

Davros’ wrist is taped up and he shouts at The Doctor that it was a waste.

No ‘arm in trying,” the Time Lord quips.

When you have become a Dalek, you will suffer for every indignity you have ever caused me,” Davros promises him. Ooooh, there’s a great alternate history story.

Grey Daleks (Skaro) attack the off-white Daleks (TR Daleks). Hearing the combat and confusion, Davros demands that his humanoid attendant activate his Daleks. The man moves to do so, but Orcini shoots him.

Davros blasts Orcini with his blue lightning. It’s like Force Lightning, dude. OH MY GOD, DAVROS IS THE EMPEROR OF THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE!!!

Before Davros can kill Orcini, Takis and Lilt and the Skarosian Daleks arrive. Davros backs up in horror. Takis answers Davros’ question of how they found him. The Daleks say that Davros will be taken to Skaro to face trial for crimes against the Daleks.

The Doctor warns Takis not to trust the Daleks. The Skarosian Daleks admit that the TR Daleks will be “reconditioned to serve the will of the Supreme Dalek”.

Davros tells the Skarosian Daleks that our hero is The Doctor; Six tries to deny this. The Skarosian Daleks say he doesn’t match any known appearances of The Doctor, but Davros says that he’s regenerated again. They agree to hold him until they can verify Davros’ claim.

Again, they tell Davros he will come with them or be exterminated there. Davros tells The Doctor that this is not the last of him, that he shall return. The Doctor replies, “And I shall be waiting,” and holds out his hand as if to shake Davros’ stump.

Davros leaves, escorted by Skarosians.

Orcini questions Takis’ choice of allies. The Doctor says if they act fast, they might still have a chance. Orcini moves to check Bostock’s body for a grenade and The Doctor calls Takis and Lilt over to discuss his plan.

In the tunnels, Davros shouts at the Daleks that he is their creator, their master. They tell him they serve only the Supreme Dalek, but he tries to promise them he could make them all Supreme Daleks, if they only obeyed him.

Takis calls to the Dalek keeping guard, saying they have a message for their master. The Dalek comes in, and The Doctor shoots it, impairing its vision. A grenade is placed on its chassis and it goes boom.

Takis and Lilt argue against destroying Tranquil Repose to ensure the destruction of the Daleks in hiberation; The Doctor tells them that the cryogenic chambers are mostly empty, the bodies used for production of food. Orcini speaks up, saying the Time Lord speaks the truth.

The Doctor tells them that he can show them a new way to survive, to produce synthetic protein to feed the planets that rely on it. He shows them the purple flower, “the weed plant,” and says that when properly refined, it can be made into protein.

Orcini says he has a bomb and he would like to explode it; he hopes that he might even catch Davros if he detonates it soon enough. The Doctor tries to argue, but Orcini won’t hear of it. He tells them all to go.

Takis grabs Peri and drags her off as they run off. Orcini gives The Doctor a star badge, obviously his, and asks him to return it to his order and “tell them how we died.”

Of course,” The Doctor says.

No more words,” are Orcini’s last words to the Time Lord, who gets up and rushes out.

Peri, Takis, Lilt dash through the tunnels. The Doctor is seen running through, also. Peri calls out for him as they run.

They make it to the upper levels and Takis orders everyone to clear the room (why not the building?) On the computer screen, we see the Dalek ship lifting off. (Hey, whatever happened to the President’s ship? Oh, Peri did try to contact him, but she was uncertain if she succeeded. Perhaps she did.)

She argues when they want to keep going; she wants to wait for The Doctor, but they drag her out.

Orcini detonates the bomb.

The Dalek ship flies off.

The Doctor makes his way through the tunnels to the complex. People run about as the building begins to collapse. Peri and The Doctor are reuinited and have a chat in the middle of the chaos.

Takis then tells them they need to go, “this is no time to have a chat”. Word.

Much of TR seems to be destroyed, but after it settles down, there are survivors. Takis and Lilt talk about becoming farmers. Takis says the plot for “perpetual reinstatement” would be good for growing, but The Doctor suggests leaving the dead in peace.

Peri says she needs a holiday. The Doctor says he knows somewhere “that is truly tranquil… peaceful, restful. A panacea for the cares of mind.”

Can’t we go somewhere fun,” Peri asks.

Fun? Oh, I suppose anywhere will be peaceful after Necros,” The Doctor replies. “All right, I’ll take you to…” and the frame freezes… and the final credits roll.

An enjoyable serial. I really liked Orcini (and William Guant, the actor, was just awesome.) The setting and concept was neat, and I liked the Soylent Green touch.

Now, the serial was originally filmed with The Doctor saying he would take her to Blackpool, as the first serial of the next season originally was going to be set there. However, the show was put on hiatus for 18 months, and when season 23 started, things had drastically changed.

I’m taking a short break, just two weeks, from posting serials. I need to get a buffer ahead (I had several weeks’ buffer, but fell behind. This post I watched the serial and wrote on Monday of this week.) Right now, we have 21 weeks for me to finish to be done by the 50th anniversary, which is my goal (to be done that week, if not before.) There are 16.5 weeks worth of posts left to end on the 22nd, the day before the anniversary.

So, I’m going to hold off on posting serials for the next two weeks, get a buffer and then resume starting on Tuesday July 16th.

That’s right… beginning the third week of July, we begin one of, if not THE, greatest stories of all of Whodom – THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD!

Interestingly, I don’t recall any specifics about this one, so I’m curious to see it. I’m pretty sure I have seen it, but don’t have much recollection of it. Or any, to be honest.

Episode 1:

The TARDIS materialises amongst howling wind, blowing snow. Peri, dressed in a thick coat (think this is the most clothing we’ve ever seen her in thus far), muttering to herself about wanting a burger and worrying about falling into the water.

The Doctor exits, wearing a goofy coat. We learn they are on Necros, as they are both wearing blue, which is “the official colour of mourning on Necros… and women’s legs are to be covered at all times.” Which explains the amount of clothing on Miss Brown.

As Peri complains and Six chastises her, we learn they’re there for the funeral of Professor Arthur Stengos, whom The Doctor says is “one of the finest agronomists in the galaxy.”

Suddenly, there’s a disturbance in the river water. They don’t see it, but we see a humanoid hand grab the food Peri had thrown into the water. Suddenly, there seems to be an explosion beneath the water.

Poor old thing,” The Doctor says.

That was my lunch,” Peri retorts, “That’s the last time I eat any more of your nut roast rolls!”

They leave, Peri complaining about the snow, unaware they’re being followed.

We cut to a scene where a body is laid out, and the death mask is being painted/touched up. One man, seemingly in charge, Mr Jobel, is praising the work of the artist, Mr Takis. Jobel says “This will be the finest perpetual instatement I’ve ever made… provided the witch doesn’t crumble to dust before we get her underground.”

Another of Jobel’s assistants makes a social fox paw and Jobel makes fun of her for it. He’s a bit of a douchebag, this Jobel. He continues on prattling about making “funerary history”, but Takis suggests getting “the day over with first, Mr. Jobel.”

Jobel is informed by Tasambeker, the assistant whom he was mocking earlier, that the presidential spacecraft has been sighted/detected and is arriving. He tells everyone to get in proper tunic and makeup before the president arrives. Most scatter, leaving Takis, the mocked assistant and another guy. The mocked assistant is told that she’s wasting her time with Jobel – apparently she has a crush on him – and she responds by yelling at them to get to work before she storms off.

As they do, a man and a woman sneak by, bearing weapons and seemingly looking for something specific.

The Doctor and Peri discuss the local foliage; Peri takes a purple flower, for her collection – “When I get back to Earth, I gotta wow the college with something… my grades certainly won’t.”

As they move on, the hear the snap of a twig and wonder what it is. They are assaulted by a man who seems to be raving and has a nasty skin condition. The Doctor attempts to sedate him with hypnosis, but it doesn’t work. The man attacks him and they wrestle through the snow and trees, falling down a slope.

spoiler warning

Peri grabs a branch and clubs the man on the head, knocking him out.

Cut to someone in a room watching a screen divided into nine small screens, one of which is showing Peri save The Doctor. The dude watching is talking, as if broadcasting on a radio or video feed – maybe he’s a podcaster/vlogger? He’s got long hair and John Lennon (Harry Potter for you young-uns) style sunglasses and a headset and talks like half stoner, half country hick. He goes on talking to his “audience”, who apparently are in suspended animation.

We switch to another room, where a Dalek approaches Davros, the latter who is in some sealed contraption. Overhead is a video feed of the stoner/hick dude. Davros demands, “Shut the fool up!” The video switches to The Doctor, Peri and the KO’d raving man, and the Dalek recognises our hero.

Excellent,” Davros says, “my lure has worked!” He tells the Dalek not to fetch him, saying he wants The Doctor to deliver himself into his hands.

The two intruders spy a guarded door. The man talks down to the woman, as she readies her gun, saying “these things kill!” I guess he looks up at the sun and says, “That thing burns,” too? He takes a sip of something from a canteen, though she says that won’t help. “I can but try,” he argues.

They jump out and fire on the guard, killing him. She has a blaster pistol, he has a sub-machine gun (and fires wildly, using a lot of rounds. Not really subtle, what what?)

The Dalek says that its “sensors indicate a disturbance.” I’m sure this Dalek goes outside and sees the Sun and says, “Sensors indicate a heat source,” too?

Davros sees the video of the intruders and tells the Dalek to “inform Takis there are bodysnatchers in the catacombs”.

The woman intruder uses a sheet to enter security codes and opens the door.

The raving man seems more lucid. He tells them “The Great Healer” is responsible for his appearance, as he’s a result of his experimentation. Instead of answering, the raving man dies. Peri is upset that he forgave her for killing him.

When Takis does not respond, Davros demands that Kara and Tasambeker are found.

A woman wanders the halls looking for Takis, calling out for him.

The intruders hide from others, but the VJ sees them and announces it to his “audience”. Procol Harum’s “White Shade of Pale” is the current music as the VJ does some dedications.

(I’m not sure, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this one. Maybe something will seem familiar…)

Takis and his cohort are chastised by the one woman, but they say they didn’t see anything. She yells at them to find the intruders. Seeing this on the video, Davros says he wants “that woman brought to me”.

VJ is dressed like a 50s gang member/Elvis pastiche now. He identifies himself as “the DJ” so that’s what I’ll call him for from now on. (He’s played by Alexei Sayle, who I know as the landlord from THE YOUNG ONES – I knew he was familiar to me… he’s also been in a variety of movies and tv shows, too.)

He pulls up the video of The Doctor and Peri, wondering which lucky guy she’s coming to see.

Takis and his buddy are stopped by a Dalek, who lets them go when they show their badges. Takis says if “that thing is on guard duty… it’s worse than I thought.” Davros is listening/watching this conversation via video feed.

Davros decides that Takis knows too much, after Takis tells the other that there’s more than just “a couple thousand stiffs in suspended animation” in there.

The woman named Kara appears on the video screen. Davros speaks to her pleasantly, so she must be in a position of power, or have something he needs.

The intruders argue – she wants him to hurry, but he says if he opens the door too quickly, Stengos’ body will turn into “a pool of high protein water!” Despite his reasoning, she still yells at him to get the door open.

We see some factories, and then Kara in her office, telling Davros (over the video feed) that he asks too much, as he already takes “most of the profits” her factories make. He argues that he created the product and has a right to the money.

She agrees, calling him “Great Healer” (shocker) and says she would sell the bones of her assistant, Vogel, if it would help his cause. Vogel, standing next to her, says, “And I would give them willingly,” but you can see from his face he’s prevaricating.

(It’s worth noting that Vogel is played by Hugh Walters. This is his third, and final – thus far – appearance in Doctor Who. First in the William Hartnell serial THE CHASE, as William Shakespeare, then in the Tom Baker serial THE DEADLY ASSASSIN as Runcible.)

Davros shuts them up, snapping about their prattling… then apologises, saying he needs more money. She uses Davros’ real name and he gets mad, saying not to use it on an open channel.

She apologises, asking him to accept it. He says he’d rather accept her monies, and they all laugh as the feed ends. She gets serious and asks if Orcini arrives, to which Vogel says that he has, and she sends him to fetch him.

Jobel breaks up a bunch of attendants, mulling about the body of one who was murdered (the guard the intruders killed, I’m guessing.) When the girl with the crush on him tells him an attendant was murdered, he replies, “Pity it couldn’t have been you,” and she gets upset.

I do wish you’d get used to my sense of humour,” he says, somewhat gently. They discuss the attendant, who needs some touching up, but Jobel says he’s busy with the president’s wife’s body and doesn’t have time. She begs and he agrees to let her do it.

As they depart, Jobel stops to tell her that the Great Healer wants to see her. This brings her great delight, though Jobel grouses at the camera watching, “Though why I should be the messenger boy, I.. I don’t know.”

Davros watches, saying he is a fool. “I have offered you immortality, but you are content to play with the bodies of the dead.” Davros seems to be a head only, atop a blocky contraption.

The intruders open the storage casket/whatsit and find the body in it. The man says she was wrong. She tells him to unwrap it. He does so, and apparently it’s not Stengos inside.

Just then, Takis, Takis’ buddy and two guards arrive. The intruders run. The guards shoot. One guard is blasted and Takis takes his gun and they give chase.

The Doctor and Peri complain about not being able to find a door. They debate the residents being dead vs being in suspended animation. With no door, they end up having to climb the wall. He hoists her up, but as she climbs him, something happens? He complains, “Oh no,” and she apologises, saying she’ll find him a new one, but they haven’t told us what yet.

Oh, his pocket watch… aw.

The intruders flee from their pursuers, going deeper. They bicker the whole time. I really want to shoot both of them for being argumentative, bickering asshats.

Hearing Daleks, they hide. A Dalek passes by, leading two humanoids who are pushing/pulling a body on a gurney. The woman says she must make contacdt with the others.

Opening a door, they find a room filled with red light and a dull thumping.

Davros, watching, giggles and says to “inform Takis”.

There’s a bank of fluid-filled tanks. In them are what appear to be brains attached to wires. The male intruder (a doctor) says it reminds him of medical school. She says it’s gruesome and ask if they’re human brains, to which he replies in the affirmative.

She pulls out a communicator, saying she needs to make contact. While she struggles with the communication device, he prattles on about being tortured and since he’s a doctor he’ll know what organs fall out of his body and somehow that’s worse than not knowing?

Again, blaster shots to the head of both of them.

He wanders, finding what appears to be a glass Dalek with a… well, organic mass with a human head in the midst of it. While he watches, the visible eye on the head opens and looks at him.

He gasps and the woman comes up behind him. The head speaks to her, “Na…tasha…” and she says it’s her father!

The DJ is still the 50s rocker/gang member type, but talking more stoner again. He’s telling his audience that there’s some pretty weird things going on out there – snatchers in the complex, but says they’ve been out-snatched. He warns his audience to lock themselves in. He’s a goofy fuck.

Davros complains that “suddenly everyone sees and knows too much”. Well, duh, since everyone seems to have access to the video cameras you have everywhere, what do you think? Blaster shot to the head of Davros for being a dummy-head.

(Pun intended.)

Natasha’s father (well, his head) tells her his mind has been reprogrammed to sever a new master. She asks who the new master is, but he cannot remember. He asks who the man is, and she says a friend.

When she asks why they’ve done this, he replies, “I am to become a Dalek. We are all to become Daleks.” Then his voice takes on a more familiar, mechanical tone, “We are to serve a new order. We are to become the supreme beings.”

Then, more human again, “Help me, Natasha.” Then Dalek, “We must multiply! The seed of the Daleks must be supreme! We must conquer and destroy all of those who resist the power of the Daleks!”

Natasha and her doctor friend watch in horror as he rants.

Kill me, child,” he begs of her.

I can’t,” she replies.

Back to Dalek voice, “It is our duty to eradicate all those who wish to pollute the purity of the Dalek race!”

Daddy voice, “If you ever loved me, Natasha, kill me!” Okay, so I get it’s her daddy and that’s a hard choice or something… bullshit. If someone I loved died, and then I found their body, or their head, mutating into a Dalek, they’d be dead for real in a moment. BLASTER SHOT TO THE HEAD!!!

Doctor dude says he’ll do it and raises his gun, but Natasha shouts, “No!”

Dalek-Daddy rants, “It is vital that the Daleks are supreme in all things!”

Finally, Natasha lifts her blaster and destroys Daddy-Dalek. They rush out, only to find Takis and the guards waiting. They capture them. Takis’ friend wants to “mark her” for those she killed, but Takis says not to do it.

Orcini is received by Kara, who apologises for not meeting him personally when he arrived. He says it is unusual for his clients to meet him on their homefront – he’s an assassin, apparently, and are generally not welcome, or when they are, only allowed through the side door.

Orcini is accompanied by an unkempt man named Bostock, his squire. They invite the men to sit, but Orcini says he has an artificial leg that can jam when he sits. They offer to have it repaired, but he says it’s a reminder of his mortality.

Really? That’s pretentious twaddle.

Kara is all romantic over the assassin and his squire, the great nobility of the assassin who donates his fee to charity.

Wow. That’s, just… wow.

They talk about the product they make, a food replacement that Oricini says he understands has “eliminated famine from the galaxy”. They say there is a serpent, the Great Healer, who holds their planet in a grip of fear. When Orcini sees his image, he says it looks familiar, and Kara names him “Davros”.

Bostock and Oricini are excited at this, knowing who he is. The assassin agrees to do it, saying it is a noble cause.

Davros watches the screen, giggling almost to the point you can’t hear The Doctor and Peri talk about the funeral home/cryogen station, which is named “Tranquil Repose”.

She says it’s the sort of name they’d come up with in the States.

America doesn’t have a monopoly on bad taste,” The Doctor says. They discuss that it’s not the sort of place he expected to find his friend, saying extending his life in hopes of a cure for death isn’t like his friend at all.

Peri realises that The Doctor is being cautious and that’s why they landed the TARDIS so far away. He says he wanted to slip in unnoticed, which sends Davros into fits of maniacal laughter.

Jobel tells his staff that this is a big day for Tranquil Repose and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong. Even though the president has yet to arrive, they will from now on stick to the utmost of decorum.

Kara and Vogel give the assassin a box they say is a transmitter that must be activated the moment they enter his lair. This will signal them to mobilise their forces to combat Davros’ agents and take over the base. I’m thinking she’s lying…

(Even Bostock points out it’s awfully big, but she says it has a booster built in b/c of the location of Davros’ lair in the catacombs. I bet it’s a bomb!)

The assassins point out there are too many safeguards, “It’s almost as we’re expected to be caught.” Kara asserts they are just a precaution. Bostock says that makes sense, but Oricini points out that if he smells treachery, his skills will be turned against her.

The woman with a crush on Jobel is brought to Davros, who says he has been watching her and offers her a position on his personal staff, which she is delighted to accept. He says “the work will be very different from what you are used to, but I’m sure you will not find it unrewarding. Please me, and I can offer you the universe.”

The Doctor and Peri are about to enter a tunnel area, when a Dalek passes behind them. Peri sees it, but doesn’t recognise it. The Doctor runs back to her and says it is gone, whatever it was. She tells him to look another way, and they turn, but we don’t see what they do. The Doctor says he can’t believe it.

Natasha and her friend are being interrogated by Takis and his friend. The doctor seems to realise the truth – you can’t get bodies back from Tranquil Repose because the lawmakers don’t want you to – first there isn’t room for all those who die to be stored there, and secondly there are a lot of important people there who could challenge the rule of those in charge if they came back.

Takis tells Lilt (his friend) to soften up the doctor. Lilt pours down the contents of the canteen down the doctor’s throat, while Natasha screams, “Don’t, you’ll kill him!”

DJ is now a stoner Aussie cowboy. He’s watching The Doctor, who is facing a carving of his face in a pillar.

The Doctor tells Peri, “This is the Garden of Fond Memories… I’ve somehow managed to arrive after my own death!” He says because of the statue, he’ll never again regenerate.

Peri protests, saying it can’t be, it must be a joke. He doesn’t think so, saying it’s too expensive. She wonders what’s going to happen to her, if he dies there, and then goes looking to see if there’s a statue of her.

Suddenly, the statue tips over, falling towards The Doctor…. and the credits roll.

Meh. Not impressed with that cliffhanger at all.

Still pretty sure I’ve never seen this before. This is kinda exciting, I thought I’d seen all the Colin Baker serials!

See you Friday!



Recap: Trapped in a time corridor, the TARDIS is taken to London, 1984. There, they encounter some Daleks. Elsewhere/when, a Supreme Dalek and Daleks and humanoid servants of the Daleks free Davros from cyrogenic suspension on a prison space station. They need his aid to get revenge for losing the war with the Movellans.


The Doctor has just arrived on the Dalek ship and found that a man he thought an ally is actually a Dalek agent!!


spoiler warning


Episode 3:


Daleks and troops arrive, demanding that The Doctor be exterminated. Lytton shows up, saying he must be duplicated first. The Daleks confirm this with the Supreme Dalek, and the Time Lord is led away.


Lytton and Stein discuss the impulsiveness of the Daleks. There’s a great bit here.


Lytton: “They’ll kill anybody, even if they need them.”

Stein: “How much longer until it’s your time?”


Turlough and the remainding prison crew find the self destruct controls.


The woman tending to Tegan hopes to knock out the duplicated colonel, but he doesn’t want any tea. After he leaves, she (still haven’t named her that I’ve caught, at least) and Tegan try to uncover one of the cannisters in the dirt (what the builders thought were bombs.)


At the duplication chamber, The Doctor sees the bodies of several of the military men from Earth.


Duplicated colonel tells his fellow duplicated soldiers that the girls know. One of them says the Daleks will tell them what to do.


The Daleks are instructing Davros that he must complete his research quickly; he demands a sample of the virus and two Daleks for experimentation. They argue this last part, but then leave to consult the Supreme Dalek.


The Supreme Dalek informs Lytton that the self destruct chamber has been invaded by the hostiles. He argues, but the Supreme Dalek demands he obey.


Stein warns The Doctor to be careful how he acts with the Daleks. The Time Lord says they need his brainwaves intact.


Tegan and the scientist lady put one of the cannisters under the blanket Tegan was sleeping in.


Turlough gets Mercer to agree to come and check out the time corridor, to see if it could be used to escape the destruction of the station once it’s initiated.


Stein lets it slip that Davros is there.


The duplicated colonel tells Tegan that she’ll be transferred to the Dalek ship.


Davros’ pet engineer uses the mind-control device on another humanoid.


Lytton and his troopers approach the self-destruct chamber. The prison crew gets the door shut just in time. Lytton has his men take out the outside camera.


Strapped down, The Doctor taunts the Daleks. It comes about that Stein is a duplicate, and apparently all the humanoids serving them are.


Turlough and Mercer make their way to the corridor, but find the way guarded. Mercer insists they go back.


Tegan slips off, leaving the chick behind; they use the cannister to make her bed look like she’s still sleeping there, but the scientist has to stay to make it seem convincing.


A Dalek trooper shows up at Davros’ laboratory; he prepares to add the trooper to his personal army.


The Doctor tries to find out how the duplication process works, but Stein refuses to tell him. They show him pre-duplicated Turlough and Tegan. The Daleks reveal their plan is to send him to Gallifrey to assassinate the High Council!!! Yes, folks, it’s the lead up to the Time War!


When they find the Dalek troopers outside the chamber, Mercer frets. Turlough points out that if the Daleks are trying to stop the self-destruct, then Davros must still be on board. “You may not be able to help your friends, but you can still kill him,” Turlough points out.


Two Daleks enter Davros’ laboratory, to “assist” in the research – to provide living tissue. When they open their casings, the mind-control device is used on them and they are now his servants.


The Supreme Dalek orders a sample of the Movellan virus to be transferred from Earth.


Scientist lady watches as one of the cannisters is beamed away. The sound causes her to collapse, covering her ears.


The Daleks leave Stein to oversee the duplication of The Doctor. Stein seems to have a moment of self-struggle/doubt.


The cylinder appears in the time corridor booth.


Tegan is in the street, but the two bobbies follow her – so I guess they’re not the soldiers.


Mercer and Turlough determine that Davros is using Dr. Styles’ lab.


Dr. Styles gets the self-destruct console unlocked. “Why am I so excited, this is the last thing I will do.”


Two more Dalek troopers are added to Davros’ cabal.


Duplicated colonel discovers Tegan’s escape.


The bobbies approach Tegan; at first she’s happy to see them, but then sees the guns they bear and runs from them. She sees a man by the river using a metal detector. The bobbies shoot him and she screams, “No!”


The Doctor tries to get Stein to recall his childhood, growing up. This seems to break the Dalek control, but there’s conflict. The control wins out and Stein continues the process.


Tegan is prisoner of the bobbies.


The Dalek Troopers gain access and shoot Dr. Styles and her associates just as they were going to activate the self-destruct.


Turlough convinces Mercer they need to get back to Earth, there’s nothing they can do there.


A Dalek blames Lytton for almost letting the space station be destroyed; despite Lytton pointing out that they won, they stopped them, the Dalek says it is going to report this to the Supreme Dalek. (I’m gonna tell on you!!!)


Tegan is brought back to the warehouse. The scientist lady is shot when she tries to run away. Tegan is dragged to the time corridor.


On a monitor near The Doctor, we see wavy images of his companions, starting with the current, then working back. Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, Adric, Romana II, K-9, Romana I, Harry, Sarah Jane; then the Fourth Doctor is seen. Then Jo, the Brig, Liz Shaw, and others. The Third Doctor is shown.


The Doctor pleads for Stein to resist; the conditioning seems to be dominant.


Davros is informed that The Doctor has been taken prisoner and demands he be brought to him at once. He goes into a rant about exterminating The Doctor and creating a new race of Daleks with he as their leader… and the credits roll.


A good cliffhanger. (Oh, apparently the reason this was done as two longer episodes originally was because of rescheduling for the 1984 Winter Olympics.)


Episode 4:


Tegan appears in the time corridor booth on the Dalek ship. She steps out, sees the TARDIS (but doesn’t dash to hide in there?) Suddenly, Mercer and Turlough show up. She tells him The Doctor is there, pointing out the TARDIS.


On the screen, we see Zoe, Victoria, Jamie, The Second Doctor, Steven, and others. The Doctor cries out in pain and so does Stein. He shuts off the machine and releases The Doctor.


Davros sends his pet Daleks to secure the TARDIS.


The Doctor and Stein take the troopers posted outside the duplication chamber prisoner. Stein says he could turn on The Doctor at any time, if the conditioning reasserts itself.


Tegan and Turlough and Mercer unite with The Doctor.


The Supreme Dalek and Lytton are aware of The Doctor’s escape. Lytton calls his special guards.


Seeing that they’re being watched by a camera, The Doctor destroys the duplication device before they flee back to the TARDIS. Once there, Tegan asks where they’re going. When The Doctor says they’re going to Earth, Turlough, AMAZINGLY says, “Best news all day.” (Sure, I get the context of why he’s saying it, but considering he complains every time they end up on Earth, it’s ironic.)


Stein tells them about the virus; Tegan realises that’s what must be in the cylinders back at the warehouse, and Stein confirms that.


Before they can leave, The Doctor says he must kill Davros. “Davros created the Daleks, he must not be allowed to save them.”


Stein and Mercer insist they accompany him. He gives the companions orders to wait as long as they can but if they are attacked, to leave at once.


Davros and his pet engineer see The Doctor being escorted by Stein and Mercer; Davros wonders if that’s The Doctor, and his pet engineer says that the Daleks wouldn’t assign Stein to escort just anyone.


Lytton is informed by the Supreme Dalek that Davros has gained control of two Daleks. He is ordered to exterminate them and destroy Davros, who has been deemed “unreliable”.


Davros greets The Doctor. He promises the Time Lord that he will suffer tenfold for what he experienced. The same old conversation between the two ensues.


Mercer hands his gun to The Doctor, much to Davros’ dismay. The Doctor tells him, in a haunting speech, “Until I walked through that door, I foolishly hoped you’d changed enough for me to not have to do this. I’m not here as your prisoner, Davros… but your executioner.”


Davros pleas, saying he had planned to recreate the Daleks, and this time he would not make them totally ruthless. This brings The Doctor to lower the gun. Still, it seems Davros only wants this to make them stronger. He offers The Doctor the chance to join him as the head of the new Dalek army.


Stein and Mercer go out to deal with approaching troopers; The Doctor raises the gun at Davros once more.


In the TARDIS, the companions see that The Doctor preset the controls. They slip into the time corridor once more.


Davros calls The Doctor, “Soft, like all Time Lords, you prepare to stand by and watch.”


Mercer shoots the two troopers when Stein’s attempt to bluff them seems to be failing. They argue, and Stein struggles with his conditioning. More troopers show up and Mercer begins firing. Both Stein and Mercer are shot.


The Doctor, hearing the fight, goes out. Stein, who is still alive, tells him to stay back. While they argue, the door to the laboratory closes, locking The Doctor out.


Over the comm link, the Supreme Taco, I mean Dalek, berates Lytton. He says that he has sent Daleks to destroy Davros, and Lytton must go to Earth to destroy Davros’ pet Daleks.


Stein walks down the hall, struggling with his conditioning.


In the warehouse, Tegan and Turlough slip out of the TARDIS. Turlough argues they’re being there. Tegan says the virus is the only effective weapon they have.


Davros gives one of his pet troopers the virus to use on the Daleks on the ship.


The duplicated soldiers engage in combat with Davros’ Daleks and pet troopers. The Daleks win.


Tegan and Turlough are in the sick bay. They get a cylinder and head back to the TARDIS.


Stein makes it to the self-destruct chamber but sees guards.


Lytton’s troopers reach the warehouse and a firefight begins.


The Supreme Dalek sends more Daleks to destroy everyone, including Lytton and his troopers. The Doctor watches them depart, then grabs some metal boxes from a cubbyhole in the wall. (From the same one that Stein took the gun he turned on The Doctor when they first arrived, I think. I’m guessing these are explosives.)


A Dalek stops and exterminates Davros’ trooper and medic who had the virus.


Lytton’s men are shot; Lytton feigns death.


Stein shoots the guards then enters the self-destruct chamber.


Davros’ Daleks and troopers search for the TARDIS. They are attacked by the loyal Daleks.


The Supreme Dalek sees Stein and sends Daleks to stop him.


Davros’ Daleks argue with the loyal Daleks over who is traitors or not. They begin shooting each other. As they fight, The Doctor appears in the warehouse via time corridor. He hides behind crates, placing the explosives on the Daleks when he can, destroying several.


Lytton stops feigning death and shoots at The Doctor, who dashes off. He enters the TARDIS and finds Tegan and Turlough and the cylinder.


Davros checks on his escape hatch. Because, you know, that would have been put in the prison med lab. He then shatters one of the small ‘eggs’ with the virus in it.


A moment later, the door to the med lab is shattered. Two Daleks enter, telling him they are there to exterminate him, but before they can, the virus kills them.


The Doctor activates the canister, which begins smoking. He takes it out of the TARDIS and sets it down. A trooper takes a shot at him, but he dashes back in to the TARDIS.


Lytton and a trooper watch as the Daleks begin to die from the virus. “They’re dying, and so are you,” he says, shooting the trooper with him. He then slips out the door.


Stein finishes his work on the self-destruct console, “Done… must rest.” He sits down, seemingly struggling with himself.


Davros proclaims, “The Daleks are dead. Long live the new Daleks!” Suddenly he begins shaking. “What? This cannot be. I am not a Dalek, I cannot die,” he protests, smoke pouring out of his chassis.


In the TARDIS, The Doctor and companions watch as the Daleks die. Tegan is horrified by the scene and turns away from it. The Doctor shuts off the image, saying Earth is safe from the Daleks, at least until they develop a cure for the virus.


However, the Supreme Dalek appears on the scanner, saying he has not won. He tells The Doctor that he does not need to invade, that he has duplicates placed throughout the planet and soon the collapse of Earth society will happen.


The Doctor says the duplicates are not stable, but the Supreme Dalek says that they cannot fail, their destiny is to rule.


Daleks enter the self-destruct chamber and shoot Stein, but he leaps forward onto the console, activating the explosion; the space station explodes, destroying the Dalek ship as well.


Seeing this, The Doctor seems to feel Earth is safe. When Tegan asks if Davros was the one who destroyed the space station, The Doctor suggests that perhaps it was Stein, who “finally decided what side he was on.”


Lytton, dressed as a cop again, meets the two bobbies. They salute him and fall in line and the three men walk off. (I always liked that ambiguous ending there.)


The Doctor assures the companions that the duplicates are unstable and will eventually break free of Dalek control. Turlough suggests alerting the Earth authorities and The Doctor agrees, saying, “Come along,” to Tegan.


I’m not coming with you,” she replies, not following. The Doctor stops, turns around and comes back, followed by Turlough.


I beg your pardon?”


I’m tired,” she says.


What’s the matter,” he asks, softly, perhaps the most gentle he’s ever been with her.


Emotions wracking her, she answers, “A lot of good people have died today. I’m sick of it.”


You think I wanted it this way?”


No. It’s just that I don’t think I can go on.”


You want to stay on Earth.”


She relates what her aunt Vanessa said about when you stopped enjoying something, to give it up. The Doctor tries to protest but she cuts him off. “It’s stopped being fun, Doctor.” She shakes hands with both of them, “I’ll miss you both.”


As she runs off, The Doctor begs her not to leave, not like this. She turns around, still moving away, “I must, I’m sorry,” she says, then turns and slips away.


This scene has always struck a chord with me. As a teenager, I was very fond of Tegan (she’s hot, yo) and this one always wrenched my heart a little. Still does.


The Doctor looks at Turlough, “It’s… strange. I left Gallifrey for similar reasons. I’d grown tired of the lifestyle. It seems I must mend my ways.” He and Turlough enter the TARDIS and depart (sure hope they’re going to alert the authorities about the duplicates still…)


As the TARDIS fades, Tegan returns, and sees that it’s gone. “Brave heart, Tegan,” she says out loud. After a pause, “I will miss you,”… and the final credits roll.


Great serial. Wow. Loved it, love it still. Wow.