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This won’t be a comprehensive recap (though that’s a thought for another time)… it’s too powerful for me.  Too emotional.  Too much.  For now, at least.

But first – let’s get this out of the way.

If you haven’t watched it yet and plan to, please STOP READING NOW.

spoiler warning

spoiler warning

Okay, that’s out of the way.  (Seriously, go away if you don’t want spoilers.)

Okay, now…


Watching this in a theatre, filled of fans was amazing.  And they were young and old, new and long-time fans alike.  And it’s wonderful, seeing the youthful crowd, the new fans, listening to them talk with wonder about the history of the show… I know many olde sk00l Whovians like to scoff and snort and roll their eyes and complain about the new fans.  Oh, that breaks my heart.  We were all new fans once, we didn’t know the history of the Doctors before we watched.  Time for everyone to drink a big glass of Get Over Yourself juice.

But, seriously, sharing it with a group of a couple hundred people, all emotionally invested.  The collective laughs, sighs, gasps, cheering, applause.  I couldn’t have imagined a better way to see this.  And, though it was hard, I managed to see it without any more spoilers.

I see people talking about “mixed feelings” about the episode.  Not me.  It was wonderful, it was amazing, and it gave me what I’ve been yearning for for the past eight years.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand why they wrote Gallifrey out of the show for the relaunch in 2005.  There would be too much backstory, too much baggage, it would weigh down too much and the new fans would be confused, or felt excluded, and they would not have flocked to it the way they did and the show probably would not have had a 50th anniversary special.

It was brilliant, what they did.  They wrote Gallifrey out, made The Doctor the “last” of the Time Lords, and Eccleston got to mope and be full of anger and angst – and it was delightful.  He was the Wounded Doctor.  Rose helped him heal, and then it was time to regenerate.

But, despite knowing all that, I have yearned for the return of Gallifrey.  I love the Time Lords (though I do consider them the greatest of all the monsters that The Doctor has ever had to fight off – and I’m not even talking about The Master, my favourite Time Lord of all.)  I love the mythos of Gallifrey and the Time Lords and how so many alien races knew of them and they were not hardly ever favorable towards The Doctor’s people.

So, I have been waiting.  When we were teased with the return of Gallifrey in The End of Time, oh… my hunger was enflamed.  I needed Gallifrey back.

This blog, revisiting (and visiting for the first time, as the case may be) so many stories involving the Time Lords, involving Gallifrey, or involving knowledge OF the Time Lords/Gallifrey… that exacerbated things.

So, walking into this, knowing it was about the War Doctor, knowing that he was responsible, somehow, for the fall of Gallifrey, the end of the Time War… I wasn’t sure what we were going to get, but there was NO WAY IN HELL I remotely thought that we’d get a whisper of a chance of getting Gallifrey back.

I just watched it again, before writing this blog post (Sunday night, about 10:30pm, December 1st.)  I cried, several times.  I even rewound and watched several scenes more than once… and cried each time.

Tears of joy.  Tears of enthrallment, enrapture, amazement.

Tears of hurt, for The Doctors, as Ten and Eleven (hey, that whole numbering thing… I guess we’re just going to have to stick with what we have been doing and have the “War Doctor” sitting between Eight and Nine, unnumbered) join the War Doctor, saying he won’t have to do it on his own.

Tears as I begged them not to do it.

Tears as they didn’t.

And, then, the undreamt.  All THIRTEEN Doctors showing up to save the day.  Of course it would take all thirteen.  How could it not?  It had to.  Something like this couldn’t be done by one Doctor, not even three.

Gallifrey Falls No More.  Oh.  Oh, yes.  Damn skippy.

And my Doctor.  Approximately thirty years ago, I watched Logopolis for the first time ever.  And saw my Doctor fall to his death.  And regenerate into a mamby-pamby blonde twit.  (Ok, I’m being a bit harsh, but I was a teenaged boy who had just lost his Doctor.  And Four wasn’t my first Doctor, Three was, actually… but Four is, and always will be MY Doctor.)  I lost him and… he never returned.  (Not to video, at least – I do understand there are some delightful Big Finish original audios with Tom Baker, so I will have to pursue those.)

I had no idea Tom was in this.  I had no clue to expect him.

You should have heard the theatre when he spoke, when he addressed Eleven for the first time.  The collective intake of breath… the choked emotions… everyone was stunned (and I’m sure some knew or guessed or something – but I bet you they were caught in the spell, too.)

Oh, this wasn’t going to be a long post, but here we are.  I’ve been crying for half of it, too.

I am so excited to see the Christmas special, to see Peter Capaldi step into those shoes.  But, for now, I am so, so, so happy and touched and overwhelmed by the 50th anniversary special.

As always, there are still so many questions.  Will they go to Trenzalore?  Will they find Gallifrey?  What IS The Doctor’s name and will we ever learn it?  (And my question, will The Doctor ever go visit Susan as he promised?)

Who knows, indeed?



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Fri 5/31 – Vengeance on Varos 2/2

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Mon 6/10 – The Two Doctors 1/3

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Recap: The Doctor and Peri find themselves on a war over a life-extended drug. A madman leading androids and working with gun-runners is facing off against the army. The Doctor and Peri are suffering some poisoning and slowly dying, unless they can get the antidote – the milk of a queen bat! Our heroes have been split up, The Doctor hiding behind a rock as a reptillian humanoid monster attacks the gun-runners.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

The monster walks into the mass of gun-runners, impervious to their bullets. It begins killing them. The Doctor runs off.

The real Salateen and Peri arrive at General Chellak’s bunker. He tells Chellak the truth about the android spying on him. The general is, obviously, horrified.

The gun-runners fleeing from the monster encounter Sharaz Jek, who had expected they would try to follow him. He describes the creature as a “magma creature”. As they banter/threaten each other, The Doctor shows up.

Salateen suggests using the android Salateen to feed Sharaz Jek disinformation.

The Doctor tries to play off Jek’s question how he got past the android and Jek strikes him for it. (Jek sounds like Jeremy Irons is playing him. He’s not, but his voice is almost a Dead Ringer. See what I did there?)

Jek pays the gun-runners, and when they say the suppliers won’t be happy, he offers them eight kilos for the next SUCCESSFUL shipment.

Jek’s androids grab The Doctor and begin pulling his arms out, after the Time Lord says he doesn’t know where Peri is. Still, The Doctor answers that he doesn’t know, but does let Jek know that Salateen escaped, too.

The gun-runners take The Doctor with them, saying their boss will want to have a go at him.

Android Salateen is conferring with Chellak; in the general’s quarters, Salateen administers some medicine to her, but the android hears her gasp. The android senses them in there (though whether he identifies them is uncertain.)

The general threatens Peri with death, saying treating with the enemy is punishable by death. Chellak says that Jek went through a lot of trouble to save them, so they must be associated with them. She protests and Salateen somewhat stands up for her.

The Doctor collapses, his legs going numb; he says it must be stage three. Stotz asks what he’s talking about and when The Doctor tells him, Stotz laughs, but says he’ll last long enough for questioning.

Salateen gives one of the coded buckles to the general. They discuss making them en masse. When discussing taking care of the android, Salateen reveals that Jek has tapped into all the vid signals between Major and Minor.

The gun-runner ship takes off. The men go to bunk down/relax and Stotz reports in to his boss, but first he blindfolds The Doctor. That done, Stotz gets on the vid and checks in with… wait for it… wait for it… Morgus!

Stotz brags that he forced Jek to agree to a higher price. Morgus is in the process of praising his work when he notices the blindfolded Time Lord and instructs Stotz to remove the blindfold.

The Doctor says he thought he recognised the voice. Morgus is confused… he gets paranoid, suspecting Chellak received orders to fake the execution.

For some reason, Morgus keeps turning behind him, talking to the camera, voicing his paranoia out loud. It really breaks the scene for me, it’s so out of place.

He orders Stotz to put his ship into orbit until he can sort things out. This makes the gun-runner quite unhappy.

Chellak tells A-Salateen he has a special treat for him – he’s going to send him on a recon mission to where he claims that he thinks Jek’s base is.

The Doctor begins working at his bonds on the gun-runners’ ship.

A-Salateen separates from his men and reports to Jek.

Chellak reports to Morgus on vid that he’s readying to attack Jek’s base. Morgus says he will report the news to the President for him.

The Doctor frees himself.

Peri is quite ill in the general’s quarters. Jek slips in and kidnaps her.

The Doctor changes the course of the ship.

Morgus tells the President of a rumour of an assassination attempt on him. Morgus suggests the President cancel all public appearances. He offers him the use of his private lift, but shoves the President into the empty lift shaft.

Morgus tells his assistant that he is going to Minor to broker peace with Jek.

Peri is brought into Jek’s base by his androids. Jek queues up a video feed of A-Salateen and his men. Jek then administers a potion to Peri. When she wakes, she asks about The Doctor and Jek tells her he went to Major. When she says he wouldn’t have left her, Jek is honest and says he was taken there against his will.

Jek ends up going on a rant and a rage about how his life has fallen, how he blames it all on Morgus. Peri is frightened, but she tries to be brave. Jek is obviously mad and obsessed with Peri, too.

He kneels behind her, stroking her hair, saying they can think of the future.

Chellak and the real Salateen discover that Peri is gone.

Peri tells Jek about the army using the belt-plates; he reveals that he’s changed the recognition code so their belt-plates won’t work.

On the ship, The Doctor fights weariness. Outside the door to the cockpit, Stotz demands he let them in. The Doctor tells them to find something firm to hang on to as his manual landings are a bit rusty. The gun-runners start cutting through the door.

There’s a tense back and forth between the looming closer Androzani Minor and the laser cutter making its way through the door. They get it open and Stotz threatens to shoot The Doctor, but he says that’s not much of a threat as he’s dying anyways.

The Doctor makes a speech about how he owes it to his friend to find a cure as he got her into this… and the credits roll as the planet looms ever so close.

Nice cliffhanger, good and tense.

Episode 4:

The ship makes a rough landing. Everyone is thrown to the floor, and The Doctor slips out the cockpit and out of the ship. They give chase, firing at him.

After he escapes, Stotz reports back to Morgus, who is en route to Minor on a ship of his own. This has Stotz realising that something is quite wrong.

Chellak, the real Salateen and their men march through the caves; Salateen has a little difficulty recalling which way to go, but settles on left. They take that route and are confronted by an android. Salateen is shocked when the android opens fire on him.

The gun-runners pursue The Doctor, firing upon him as he runs. They’re as bad as Stormtroopers.

The Doctor crests a rise and takes a tumble. Two gun-runners are about to fire on him when suddenly the surface erupts in mud-bursts. The gun-runners dash off, leaving The Doctor for dead. He gets up and runs off.

Chellak radios for back-up but there’s no response. Mud-bursts start shaking the tunnels.

Jek is worried that Chellak’s men will overcome his androids.

The Doctor says there’s no time to get oxygen, he has to find Peri.

Peri wakes, startled by the mud-bursts. Jek tells her she’s safe there. He then dashes off, rambling about repairing the androids, holding Chellak off. He runs out, grabbing and gun, and shortly encounters Chellak, who opens fire on Jek and then pursues the rebel when he runs off.

Krelper returns to the ship to find Stotz talking to Morgus; he’s shocked to see such a dignified personage there, but Stotz says, “Even if he does (recognise you), Krelper won’t say anything.” Morgus tells Stotz he wants to speak privately. Morgus tells him that the suspects others may be onto him; he says there’s a possibility that only the President suspected him.

He tells Stotz that the President is dead and he’ll know in hours if anyone else shared the Presidents’ suspicions. He wants Stotz to lead him to Jek’s private stash of Spectrox.

They plan to make the raid during the Army’s attack on Jek.

The Doctor narrows escapes a massive mud-burst.

Jek arrives, pursued by Chellak, and grabs Peri and tries to run off, but the general catches him and they grapple. In the fracas, Jek’s faceplate is removed and the general shrieks in horror.

Taking advantage, Jek shoves Chellak out of his base, locking the door and leaving the general to the mercy of the mud-bursts. Jek goes to Peri to console her but she sees his face and screams, sending Jek crawling away, howling in misery.

Morgus contacts Krau Timman, his assistant, and is upset to see her sitting at his desk. She speaks to him with great insolence. She tells him he’s washed up – the Praesidium has issued warrants for his arrest on seventeen counts. She tells him that she’s their star witness.

She says that she is now the chairman and chief director of the Sirius Conglomerate. She gloats, telling him all his assets have been seized, including his secret accounts.

Morgus kills the communication and turns to the gun-runners, ordering them to get ready to raid Jek. They turn against him, saying they already have two kilos of Spectrox.

Stotz says that he’ll go along with him, though, as he has a few scores to settle with Jek. Before they leave, Stotz kills Krelper and the other remaining gun-runner.

The Doctor staggers and falls on an android body, but gets up and moves on.

Stotz tells Morgus that things are going to be different. He says they’re equals now. Morgus agrees.

Jek carries Peri, pacing back and forth, saying she’s beautiful. The Doctor shows up and takes her from him. Jek says she’s dying. They set her down and The Doctor uses the celery to get her to revive, albeit briefly.

Jek says there’s no hope of reaching the queen bats, as there’s no oxygen that deep. The Doctor asks him to show him the route so he can fetch the milk. Jek does so and gives him a single oxygen cylinder.

Morgus and Stotz come across the dead soldiers on their way to Jek’s storage.

Jek attends to Peri, putting wet cloths on her head.

The Doctor moves about in an area so dark and misty you can’t see anything. He comes across a magma creature that is dead, but no idea how.

Morgus and Stotz hear machinery running and follow the sound.

The Doctor is in a labyrinth of caves. He finds one of the dormant queen bats and gets the milk. He seems to drop some of it.

Morgus and Stotz find Jek tending to Peri. They demand the Spectrox. Jek takes off his faceplate, revealing his face, which really isn’t that horrible. He attacks Morgus, choking him, but Stotz fires on Jek. Jek is wounded but continues to fight with Morgus.

Android Salateen arrives and shoots Stotz, killing him. Jek kills Morgus and staggers to Salateen, “Salateen… hold me…” he says, falling into his arms. They both remain motionless as The Doctor arrives and grabs Peri, rushing off.

He takes her back to the TARDIS, getting in and dematerialising just as the mud-bursts explode where the TARDIS had been sitting.

In the TARDIS, he feeds Peri the milk from the bat. Just as she finishes drinking it, he gasps and lets her down, crawling away, gasping, “Is this death?”

He lays down (oh, yeah, epic moment here, folks) on his back. Peri sits up, asking what has happened. She puts his head on her knee, asking him about the bat’s milk. He says there was only enough for her. She asks what she can do.

And one of the most epic sequences of the show, ever, begins:

Too late Peri, going soon. Time to say goodbye.”

Don’t give up, you can’t leave me now!”

I might regenerate… I don’t know.” Peri moves away and he lays his head back on the floor of the TARDIS again. “Feels…. different this time.”

The camera takes a position above him, his head centered. His body and face take a fuzzy quality as Tegan’s face appears to him, saying, “What was it you always told me, Doctor? Brave heart, you’ll survive.” Her visage begins circling around his head.

Turlough appears next, “You must survive. Too many of your enemies would delight in your death, Doctor.”

Kamelion appears and says, “Turlough speaks the truth.” Nyssa’s voice adds, “You’re needed, you mustn’t die.” Both of them circle about with the others. They repeat theirselves, spinning about.

Adric appears, saying only, “You KNOW that, Doctor.”

The Doctor responds to only one, saying merely, “Adric?”

Then, evil laughter is heard. The Master’s face fills the area, “No, my dear Doctor, you must die! Die, Doctor! Die, Doctor!” He laughs as his face fills the screen…

Everything gets wavy, a loud roaring…

And then The Sixth Doctor sits up.

Peri looks over, “Doctor?”

You were expecting someone else?”


That’s three Is in one breath… makes you sound a rather egotistical young lady.”

What’s happened?”

Change, my dear… and it seems on a moment too soon.”

The camera zooms in on his face… and the credits roll.


Awww, yeah.

A fun, exciting, even complex serial. Seriously, one of the best, ever.

Oh, wow. We’re here already. Wow. Let’s do it!

Episode 1:

A space scene opens the episode; we see a couple planets.

The TARDIS appears and we get a voiceover of The Doctor and Peri discussing Adrozani Minor, which seems to be a desert wasteland. They exit the TARDIS.

Peri finds coloured glass, which The Doctor says is fused silica, a sign that a spacecraft landed there, likely from the twin planet of Androzani Major. But why?

The Doctor sees tracks that leave the area and come back. This piques his curiosity and he heads off, Peri doubting the wisdom of following, but doing so anyways. They discuss the planet and its twin and his previous visit to Major.

Some men in a cave seem to be surveying. Two walk off, leaving one behind. The solitary man is attacked by a creature. The other two, hearing his screams, fire their guns and run back to him.

In the cave system, Peri slips down a slip area. The Doctor climbs down to pull her out. Peri has stepped into something that causes her leg to sting.

She asks about the celery stalk; he explains that he’s allergic to certain gases and the celery will turn purple in its presence.

Soldiers sit about a cave, bantering and trading insults. They detect someone approaching and hide, fearing the army. It turns out to be The Doctor and Peri, who poke about, finding bombs and gas carbine weapons. The Doctor finds the dice the men were rolling and hide, but are quickly apprehended as a large group of men in the grey/multicoloured outfits that the surveyors had appear. (As opposed to the soldiers who ran off.)

The apprehension of “two gun-runners” is reported to a base. Captain Rones is the one in charge of the group that apprehended The Doctor and Peri. The general at the base discusses someone named Sharaz Jek, saying they hope he doesn’t get his hands on gas weapons.

The General’s aide, Salateen (who is played by Robert Glenister, who is most well known for playing Ash in Hustle, and also happens to be the brother of Philip “Gene Mother-loving Hunt” Glenister!!!), has anticipated the General giving order to prep/check out the gas suits, which is already being done.

Elsewhere, a woman in blue named Krau reports to someone that General Chellak has captured two gun-runners. The man demands to see Chellak on vision immediately and Krau leaves to arrange this.

The soldiers (gun runners) plan to cut off the men taking away their weapons.

Chellak asks Salateen about the monster attack on Blue level. That’s five men so far. Just then The Doctor and Peri are brought in. The general informs them

that “anyone caught supplying arms to the android rebels faces execution.” Peri stammers and stutters at this, protesting that they weren’t supplying arms.

The general says if they cooperate, he’ll offer clemency. He wants to know all the details of how the weapons are brought in. The Doctor stands up to the general, saying Peri is complaining of pains in her leg and he’s not feeling well either.

The general receives a signal saying Trau Morgus wants to speak to him. He orders the prisoners placed in a side room.

Morgus sends a man on a mysterious errand, saying to be sure not to be seen. The man, a tall blonde in black, departs, and then Morgus activates the video link to speak to Chellak. He orders the prisoners brought forward, but Chellak argues. Morgus chastises the general for not doing well in his operation at all.

They argue.

A man in another place dressed in a body suit and mask seems to be tapping into both video feeds and is eavesdropping. He sees Peri and murmurs, “Beautiful…”

Seeing The Doctor and Peri, Morgus orders them gotten rid of. He changes tack with the general, complimenting him and says they must be executed. The general argues, but Morgus seems to outrank him.

The gun-runners put on gas masks and then attack a group of army men, using gas weapons.

Chellak says he believes The Doctor and Peri might be innocent, but he doesn’t have any chance of appealing the order. Salateen enters, reporting that Captain Rones’ men are under gas attack in the Narrows. The general orders the men to ready to march.

Salateen asks if they’ve heard of “death under the red cloth” and explains the tradition. They’re placed in detention.

Morgus and Krau converse in an elevator, talking about the execution. Morgus wishes it could be public. When they reach Morgus’ office, she tells him the President is coming at five. Morgus orders ten centimeters of spectrox to be taken from his private stock, saying in these difficult time, no more could be expected.

Chellak and his men arrive to find the whole patrol dead. He orders his men to clear the area and get the stretcher crew down there.

In detention, The Doctor contemplates something unusual about Salateen, while Peri is upset about being sentenced to death. The Doctor remarks that Morgus was quite interested in them until he saw them, then was dismissive.

Peri’s rash seems to be blistering; The Doctor has some on his hand from the fungus.

The man in the body suit takes a device out (he wears one glove, one hand ungloved.) We get a montage of him touching things and then ordering some men to report to him and then him laughing and doing other stuff. All the while, watching video of the Army men. And laughing and stuff.

Peri is surprised to learn that The Doctor doesn’t know everything when he ponders about spectrox. She says he won’t have to worry long as they seem to be ready.

Morgus hands the President a vial of spectrox. The President thanks him. Apparently it keeps them alive longer – the President is 84, but seems a man of fifty.

They talk of the war, of Sharaz Jek, of the danger to the flow of spectrox. The President says that the mood of the people is becoming ugly. The President points out that Morgus is benefiting from the war as the price of spectrox has risen dramatically. Morgus insists his conglomerate “is contributing handsomely to the cost of operations on Androzani Minor.”

The President points out that his conglomerate owns the planet, so that is to be expected. Morgus realises that the Praesidium is considering offering Sharaz Jek an armistice, ending the war, and this alarms him greatly.

The President says not immediately, but if the stalemate continues…

Krau arrives to tell Morgus that the execution is ready.

Salateen and men enter, to escort the Time Lord and human to their execution. The masked man (who has a multi-patterned mask of black and white, and seems to have one false eye) laughs, watching on his video screen.

The President, watching with Morgus, is disgusted that the prisoners are being given the honor of the red cloth execution. “In my day, we’d have filithy swine like that shot in the back,” he says.

Robed in red, Peri and The Doctor stand there. The Doctor states to Chellak that they’re innocent and this is a mockery of justice. Peri tells him to get on with it.

Their hoods are pulled down. The firing squad readies… aims… and fires… and the credits roll.

WOW. GREAT CLIFFHANGER!!!! Sure, you know they’re not gonna die, but still, that is awesome.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The weapons are fired, The Doctor and Peri recoil and go limp. Chellak orders his men to stand down and check their weapons.

Morgus turns off the video, saying “Whatever his defects as a commander, Chellak brings a certain style to these things.” Yeah, he’s a right prick. The President says that the execution was too hasty, they should have been interrogated.

They begin bantering about the poor and unhappy. It seems Morgus is arranging things so he lays people off, they get in trouble for not having a job and can be shipped off to the east to work in labour camps, which he happens to have factories at.

We see The Doctor and Peri brought before the man in the body suit. The Doctor presumes that he is Sharaz Jek, who replies that he is “what remains of him” and insists they sit down and retire.

Chellak realises that the executed prisoners are androids. He and Salateen discuss the genius of Jek. Chellak says that it cannot get out that he had two androids executed, it would be the end of his career. Salateen says that only they and Ensign Cass know, and he could be sent off on a “deep penetration” mission, as “very few survive” those.

Jek asks if they’re from Earth; The Doctor says no, Peri says yes. The Doctor says they travel a lot. Jek says he was a doctor once, before the study of androids took over his life.

When The Doctor asks if they can leave, but Jek says they must stay. He gets touchy-feely with Peri, who flinches in disgust.

The gun-runners tells Stotz, their boss, they want out. There’s an argument. Stotz lets the man speaking for the others know that this won’t be put up with and next time, he’ll kill him.

Jek says he could never let them go – Peri’s beauty and The Doctor’s intellect are sorely needed. The Doctor mocks him, and Jek threatens him, saying he will break him to his will, or kill him. Jek tells them that Peri will live forever, that spectrox will keep away the ravages of time.

They try to argue, telling him that the army will beat him, but he says he has the spectrox and the resources to last five years and the people will not wait that long for their precious spectrox. He tells them he wants only the head of Morgus and he will give all the spectrox they want.

Krau reports a disaster at the copper mine; this is the place that Morgus sent his operative to in the last episode on a mysterious mission. The mine has been completely destroyed by an explosion. Morgus says this will solve their problem of over-production and raise the price of copper.

The Doctor and Peri discuss that Jek is completely mad. While they talk, they see the real Salateen – apparently The Doctor has already determined that the one attending Chellak is an android. The Doctor complains of a cramp and Salateen determines they touched a spectrox nest – the sticky ball she stepped into and he helped her free of earlier.

Salateen laughs, saying they’re dying. “Jek thought he had companions for life and you’re dying!” (He was worried now they were there, Jek wouldn’t need him around any more.) He tells them that cramps are the second stage – a rash is the first, “then finally, slow paralysis of the thoracic spinal nerve, then TDP.” (Thermal death point.)

The raw spectrox is deadly to humans, which is why there are androids, they’re used to harvest it. Salateen says that there is a cure – you need the milk from a queen bat, but all of them have gone into the deeps to die.

He tells them of the creature that attacks the people (must be the one that we saw in the beginning) that lives down in the deeps; that, and the lack of oxygen are why Salateen says they’ll never get their cure.

Stotz contacts Jek, wanting payment. Jek says he doesn’t pay for undelivered goods, but Stotz threatens not to do any more work if they’re not paid for this one. Jek arranges to meet him in a mine shaft.

Salateen tells The Doctor they’ll be dead in less than two days. When the Time Lord heads towards the door to leave, Salateen tells them that without a belt plate, the android on duty will kill him on sight. Even Jek wears one. While The Doctor speculates on how it works, Jek enters, overhearing him. They begin bantering about the android Salateen’s perfection.

We see a scene of Chellak and Salateen talking; again, Salateen has anticipated Chellak’s orders, saying he’s already started the process of checking the mud barriers.

Peri wonders why Jek wears the hood. He freaks out, shouting at her, saying even he cannot bear to see himself. He begins ranting about once being comely and now living along androids. He blames it all on Morgus. Jek built the android workforce for Morgus, but says that Morgus planned his death – he was caught in a mud surge that scalded his body.

Now he lives to get revenge on Morgus. (Yep, he’s rather mad.)

After Jek leaves, Salateen says that Jek had been supplied by Morgus with faulty detection equipment so he was caught unawares by the mud burst.

The Doctor says it’s time to leave, but Peri argues about the android outside.

Stotz and his men arrive at the meet with Jek, who is accompanied by two androids. The two men argue – Jek doesn’t want to pay, Stotz says his men did all the work and took the risk and it’s not their fault that the supplies were grabbed.

The Doctor wonders if the android will know if he’s not human. He says he has no alternative but to try. He steps out, the android scans him and determines that he’s not human, so The Doctor is free to disable the android.

The Doctor finds a belt plate and gives it to Peri. Salateen says they can’t go down to find a queen bat, there’s no oxygen. The Doctor says they have oxygenators on the TARDIS.

Jek offers Stotz two kilos, but the gun-runner wants the agreed upon five kilos. The androids with Jek and the gun-runners have their guns pointed at each other. Stotz says the boss won’t like it. Jek leaves, saying he has to fetch the spectrox.

Stotz tells his men that the spectrox is nearby, just waiting for them to take and they have the belt buckles to protect them from the androids.

An android fires; Peri knocks The Doctor down, trying to save him, and he takes a blow on the head. Salateen hides behind Peri, using her as a shield so he can destroy the android. The major then drags Peri off.

The Doctor recovers, calling out for Peri, but Salateen is hiding, his gun pointed at Peri to keep her quiet.

Jek returns to find that “she has been taken from me” and throws a hissy fit, slamming his fists down on tables and the like.

The Doctor wanders the caves, looking for Peri. Hearing the gun-runners approaching, he hides from them. As they argue which way to go, the monster attacks. The men open fire.

The monster is a dragon/lizard-headed humanoid creature with a heavily armoured body. The gun-runners’ guns seem to have no effect.

The Doctor hides behind a rock next to where the creature stands, roaring, getting closer to him… and the credits roll.

This cliffhanger felt a little flat to me. But after that last one, it’s no wonder.

See you Friday! 

Recap: The Doctor, Turlough and Kamelion meet Peri on Earth; they go to Sarn, a planet with a colony threatened by a volcano. There’s religious/political drama going on. Kamelion, controlled by The Master, is using the religious drama to get his way. Turlough feels his family might have crashed there, as he is from Trion and there are signs and equipment from a Trion ship there. He and the chosen one, Malkon, bear the same mark on their arm.

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

The Doctor demands that K-Master stop it, but he refuses.

Turlough, Malkon and Peri rush towards the temple.

K-Master orders that The Doctor is added to those being forced towards the fire.

Turlough sends Malkon into the temple, telling him to keep them occupied; Turlough takes Peri with him and they go off in another direction – he has a plan!

Malkon enters, ordering the sacrifice to stop. Everyone stops. K-Master yells, demanding the burning proceed. He demands to know who the boy is, and The Doctor jumps at the chance, “Don’t you know, this is Malkon, chosen one of the Sarns!”

He tells the others that he’s no Outsider, he doesn’t even know the chosen one or understand their laws.

Turlough and Peri go to the machinery in the caves. He begins messing with the controls, saying he hopes to snuff the sacrificial flame.

K-Master tells Timanov that if the burning does not go forward, there will be no gifts and he will call down the wrath of Logar upon them. The Elder says that Malkon is over-ruled and to continue the burning. Malkon leaps forward, trying to stop it, and is shot for his troubles!

As K-Master points to The Doctor and says, “To the fire with the unbeliever,” the flames in the pit go away. Timanov says that Logar is upset that his chosen one has been struck down, shouting and turning to face K-Master as he says (shouts) this. (Lots of shouting in this serial, what what?)

Turlough and Peri view the temple and see that Turlough snuffed the fire.

The Doctor checks on Malkon; the boy is not dead, but he tells the others with him to play along as if he were. They cover Malkon with a shirt, but the boy does tell The Doctor that The Master is in fact Kamelion.

The Doctor turns and walks over to K-Master, saying life must be complicated for him. K-Master doesn’t quite grasp his statement and questions it. “Not only are you a phony Outsider, you’re not even the real Master! You’re just a machine.” He begins to force his will on K-Master.

K-Master turns to Timanov demanding that he kill The Doctor, but the Elder says there must be a sign. As they watch, K-Master changes into K-S-Howard.

Peri and Turlough watch this transpire on the video display in the cave as well. Peri gives Turlough the comparator from the TARDIS and she and Turlough rush off to help.

The Doctor continues to force his will, hoping to force Kamelion to his true form. In his TARDIS, The Master struggles to assert his will. He tells K-S-Howard to use the cave to shield him from The Doctor’s mind. K-S-Howard orders The Doctor taken to the cave.

Peri and Turlough watch as The Doctor and other unbelievers are put in the cave. This allows Kamelion to return to K-Master form, and The Master has control again. He picks up one of the Sarn rifles and aims it at The Doctor.

Peri rushes in, appealing to Kamelion, saying he’s supposed to be The Doctor’s friend. K-Master turns, gloating that he’s grown stronger and her mind has no effect on her. Timanov demands there be no other killing except for by fire, as only that is acceptable to Logar.

The Master orders that K-Master take Peri with him and to leave The Doctor to die in the cataclysm.

Timanov demands to know where the gifts from Logar are. K-Master says they’re hidden in safe keeping, at the ruins, and then leaves, dragging Peri behind him. Timanov and his followers, well, they follow.

The Doctor deduces that the residue in the cave must be what prevented him for forcing Kamelion to revert.

Turlough slips in then, and opens the door keeping The Doctor and unbelievers in the flame chamber. He tells them that he rerouted the flow. They check on Malkon, who is unconscious but alive. Turlough tells The Doctor that he suspects that Malkon is his brother.

At the ruins, K-Master (grabbing Peri by her wrist), leads Timanov and the faithful. He points out his overturned TARDIS, covered by rubble, saying it is a wonderful gift and they just need to remove the rubble. Timanov looks like an eight year old boy at Christmas morning.

Turlough explains that the last Trion ship crashed and Malkon was the only survivor. He says the ship “must have been the ship my father was on,” though how he deduced that isn’t remotely clear. He tells The Doctor that he knows his brother would have been the only infant on the ship.

The Doctor asks Amyand if he knows of the ruins; he says he does and will lead him there. Turlough gets up to go with them and the Time Lord wonders why he doesn’t want to stay with Malkon. Turlough says he could be useful there and shows him the brand on his arm.

Does everyone on Trion have this mark,” The Doctor asks.

No, you have to be very special,” Turlough replies.

K-Master watches with glee as they uncover the M-TARDIS. Timanov and the others realise it is just a pillar of stone. Peri tries to warn the Elder that K-Master is about to “pull a bunk”.

K-Master promises that “This is a day of reckoning for us all.”

The Doctor and Turlough follow Amyand through some tunnels; the Time Lord says there must be some reason why The Master is using Kamelion as his pawn, that something has happened. Turlough wonders if he’s having another regeneration crisis, but The Doctor doesn’t think so, saying The Master’s current body should last for a few years yet.

The M-TARDIS is lifted upright. Peri calls out, telling them not to let him enter, but he pushes her in and follows, stopping to turn to Timanov and snipe, “Gullible idiot,” before closing the door.

A moment later, The Doctor, Turlough and Amyand arrive.

In the M-TARDIS, Peri exclaims, “It’s just like The Doctor’s,” and it is, though the colour scheme is different. K-Master says the M-TARDIS is, “Infinitely superior, as I am to that galactic philanthropist.”

Turlough shows Timanov his mark of Logar, saying he is the new chosen one and orders him to let The Doctor into the D-TARDIS. Turlough does a great job of bluffing and Timanov gives in when Turlough brings up the murder of Malkon.

Even though Turlough has given The Doctor the comparator back, The Doctor realises that the temporal stabiliser has been removed too.

The M-TARDIS disappears, much to Turlough’s dismay and everyone else’s surprise.

The Doctor realises that the M-TARDIS is still on Sarn.

Peri and K-Master exit the M-TARDIS, finding themselves in a control room that K-Master says is “in the heart of the volcano.” She stands up to him and he shows her the TCE, threatening her with it. To demonstrate, he uses it on some nearby hanging safety suits (for dealing with extreme fire/temperature, obviously.) He shrinks two of the three suits and says if she misbehaves, that will be her fate.

The Doctor asks Amyand what Logar looks like.

Turlough confronts the elders, saying that perhaps he will choose new elders, including a chief elder who would be more faithful to the new chosen one. Timanov says this is a time of crisis, they must not change things. Turlough insist they obey him in all things, and Timanov says they will be guided by him.

Using the TARDIS computer, The Doctor creates a mockup on the screen, with Amyand’s help, trying to generate a visual of Logar. It seems to be a man in a spacesuit.

In the heart of the volcano, K-Master creates a quake. Turlough orders everyone into the TARDIS. The Doctor puts the visual of Logar on the screen and the elders genuflect. Turlough insists that The Doctor is a friend of Logar.

The Doctor asks Timanov if he’d ever seen Logar; the chief elder says he did once, on the summit of the fire mountain, when he was just a boy. Logar spoke to him, beckoned him to inhale the gases. He said it was intoxicating, invigorated. He said his body and mind felt stronger and fitter.

The Doctor wonders if that’s what The Master is after.

The D-TARDIS detects the Peri and K-Master in the heart of the volcano.

K-Master tinkers with things until the column of flame in the mountain turns blue.

The elders leave the D-TARDIS to gaze upon the change of the mountain. They see a great plume of blue fire. Timanov says the blue flame has not been seen in many generations. It is a sign of mercy from Logar to heal the sick.

The Doctor confronts Turlough, demanding to know what interest the Trions have here, but Turlough says he doesn’t know. The Doctor asks if this was a planet abandoned by the Trions, what was his father doing there? Turlough doesn’t answer, and The Doctor says if he’s holding back anything that will help The Master, their friendship is at an end.

In the heart, the flame turns from blue to yellow again. K-Master is delighted, saying they control the nusmismaton gas, a rare force in the universe. He says when the surge comes again, he will be ready to “absorb it’s infinite transforming power”.

Peri flips some random switches on a console and shoves K-Master from behind, knocking him down. She rushes off into a tunnel and hides. K-Master dashes past her and she slips back into the M-TARDIS, closing the door.

In the sacrificial chamber, The Doctor examines the residue, realising there are trace elements of numismaton gas. He says this would be very useful for “a Time Lord who cannot regenerate.” He still wonders why The Master needs it in such quantities.

Sorasta arrives to inform them that Malkon is much worse. Turlough demands that The Doctor take his brother to the TARDIS, but The Doctor refuses, saying he must get back to the bunker to control the flow.

Peri is in the M-TARDIS and regards the “control box” she saw earlier. It’s the size of a crate, about knee high. K-Master is banging on the door outside, but cannot get it, so she decides to open the control box.

She opens it up, revealing a miniaturised Master inside! He looks up, “You escaped from my slave, but you will obey me… or die!”

And the credits roll.

I didn’t remotely remember that part until just before she opened it. That was unexpected and cool and quite the cliffhanger.

Episode 4:

As she recoils in disgust, Peri knocks over the control box. Outside, K-Master falls down and reverts to K-S-Howard.

Little Master scampers and runs from Peri.

The Doctor realises that the gases can be used to save Malkon and opens the gas valves and instructs Sorasta to have Malkon brought to the Hall of Fire. (Oh, I like that name. The Hall of Fire, like the Hall of Justice from Super-Friends? The possibilities are endless…)

When Timanov gives Turlough an amulet, Turlough says he’s seen one of them before. Just then the fire in the chamber comes back. The Doctor, entering and seeing this, proclaims, “Excellent!” Amyand says that flame will burn, not heal, but The Doctor says the residue has to burn off first.

The Doctor sees the amulet; Turlough says it’is a “coded circuit release key” and he knows the lock it opens.

The fire turns purple, which The Doctor proclaims to be “pure Numismaton gas,” and to demonstrate it being safe, he steps into it. (ooooh… now those possibilities…)

Turlough grabs Malkon’s body and carries it into the gas/fire.

Peri chases the mini Master. She has a sneezing fit, which allows him to escape. High drama, that.

The other sick and infirm accompany The Doctor and Turlough in the chamber and they are all restored. When they exit, the fire becomes regular fire again (oh, how convenient). Timanov is elated.

Suddenly, there are quakes; Turlough insists that Timanov bring everyone there.

The Doctor asks Amyand to take him to the seismic control center. Turlough says they won’t need to use the TARDIS to escape, though, if he can activate the communication relay on his father’s crashed ship. If so, the Custodians of Trion can send a rescue ship.

The Doctor questions why Turlough was concerned earlier about the Custodians; he says that the Misos Triangle is the mark of prisoners, and that Sarn was a prison planet for very special prisoners. Amyand asks if his people are prisoners, too, but Turlough says they are the remnants of the indigenous population. (Lots of facts thrown about with no way of knowing how they know this for certain.)

Mini-Master hides under the M-TARDIS control console. He threatens her, she gets tough. He operates the doors and she slips out. Seeing K-S-Howard still laying, writhing, she quips, “Pleasant dreams,” as she walks by.

The Doctor confronts Turlough, wanting to know how his family became prisoners; Turlough says there was a civil war, in which his mother died. His father was on the wrong side and when the war was over, Turlough was sent to Earth, his younger brother and father to Sarn. He tells The Doctor that the Trions have spies/agents on many planets (and lists off a bunch.)

Mini-Master crawls about inside the wires and such.

Amyand is upset at learning that his people’s beliefs were based on aliens using their planet as a prison. The Doctor says with a leader like him, his people will go far.

Peri is back in the rocky terrain. The mountain seems to be generating a lot of smoke/steam and there’s great rumblings.

The Doctor and Amyand are alarmed by the increasing instability and hurry to their destination.

Turlough and a Sarn search the Trion ship for the communication relay. The ship begins to shake as quaking increases.

The Doctor and Amyand are trapped between various small eruptions and unstable areas. Peri sees them and calls out to them. The follow her to their destination.

Turlough gets the communication unit operating, but there’s interference. However, they reach a Trion who demands to know their name, rank, etc.

My name is Vislor Turlough, junior ensign commander,” and he gives his ID code which I’m not going to keep pausing to get just right. He reluctantly gives the last digits, as they obviously identify him as a traitor/prisoner/rebel.

Mini-Master gets back in his control box and tries to awaken Kamelion.

The Doctor tries to reverse the chaos The Master has started.

Turlough says they’re sending a ship, but he’s almost fearful. The Sarn with him tries to console him. Turlough quips as long as they don’t send him back to “the worst place in the universe – English public school”, and makes a brave face and tries to laugh it off.

The Doctor says he should have the eruption held back for a while and then leads Peri and Amyand into the M-TARDIS. Peri shows them the control box. The Doctor takes the dimensional stabiliser from the M-TARDIS and then they upright the control box.

Mini-Master stares up at them. The Doctor taunts him. They banter. It seems he was making a new TCE when this happened. Kamelion had felt The Master’s pain and led them to him to help.

K-S-Howard gets up to his feet, turning into K-Master. K-Master enters and orders them out of the M-TARDIS, threatening with the TCE. They leave.

The Doctor says The Master is going to move his TARDIS into the flames to be cured by the gas. He’s in the process of giving Amyand something to give to Turlough (the stabiliser, I’m guessing) when Peri points out they’re trapped in there, as there are flames outside the entrance.

The Doctor finds the sole safety suit from the Trion geologists (the one out of three that The Master did not shrink to intimidate Peri earlier) and tells Amyand it’s his “turn to play Logar”.

Turlough tells Sorasta that she needs to take her people to the ruins; she asks why and he tells her that is where the rescue ship will land.

Logar, I mean Amyand, exits through the flames.

The Doctor tinkers with things to give Kamelion a heart attack. The M-TARDIS disappears, then appears in the flames there. K-Master steps out with the control box and sets it down, in the flames. K-Master points the TCE at The Doctor, who is standing by the controls.

The Doctor says he won’t risk shooting and damaging the controls. The Doctor (quietly to Peri) says he hopes K-Master will walk out of flames, and the robot does so. They activate the trap and K-Master goes down, reverting to K-S-Howard again.

K-S-Howard apologises and asks The Doctor to destroy him. Peri and The Doctdor exchange a look as Kamelion takes on his true form. She walks back and The Doctor uses the TCE on the robot.

Turlough asks Timanov to go with them. The Elder says he wants to stay, to die there. Logar enters just then, demanding they all rise, and removes his helmet to reveal Amyand.

Timanov says that Logar is everywhere, that he cares for the faithful. Amyand says, “Perhaps that’s why he sent a spaceship, he wants you to live,” and offers his hand, but the Elder turns his back. Amyand departs.

Seeing the Trion ship (wow, that was fast) on a monitor, Peri proclaims that to be “a REAL spaceship.” The Doctor gives her a look as if to say, “You’re lucky the actress playing you signed a contract, or I’d throw you in the fire for that.” He tells her that it won’t do them any good, the TARDIS is their only way out.

Turlough puts in the stabiliser in the D-TARDIS. A Trion officer walks in as Turlough sets a time delay take off. They exchange (un)pleasantries as they exit.

The flame turns purple again. The Master rises up out of the box, resuming his natural size.

The D-TARDIS appears in the control room. The Doctor sends Peri in.

The Master gives a haunting diatribe, “I shall come from this fire a thousand times stronger to hound you to the borders of the universe,” and begins laughing. Suddenly the flame turns yellow. The Master begs and threatens, and is saying, “Won’t you show mercy to even your own – “ when suddenly his words are cut off and he screams, apparently burnt up by the fire.

(A tease about their relationship… ooooh.)

The Doctor watches, horrified, then enters his TARDIS and leaves as the control instruments begin to explode.

In the TARDIS, Peri asks if he’s okay. He says, “Yes, of course, I’m all right,” but he’s obviously not.

The people of Sarn are boarding the ship. The Trion captain says they must hurry and board. Turlough asks if he’s under arrest, but he learns that former political prisoners are no longer persecuted on Trion, that he’s welcome to return.

Just then, the TARDIS appears. The final call for boarding is sounded. Turlough urges Malkon to go on with the captain as The Doctor and Peri exit.

Turlough tells The Doctor that his exile has been rescinded. Turlough is reluctant to leave The Doctor’s side, but he says it’s time to go home. They shake hands.

Turlough regards Peri and says, “Look after him, won’t you? He gets into the most terrible trouble.” And with that, he turns and walks away… one of my most favourite companions of all has left.

Peri seems confused. The Doctor says he must get her home, but she doesn’t seem thrilled about that. They enter the TARDIS. She says she wanted to travel, that she has three months of vacation before school. The Doctor all but reluctantly agrees, “All right, why not,” he says with a smile.

Flipping a toggle, the TARDIS lurches and they both grab the console. The Doctor looks across the console at her, “Welcome aboard, Peri,”… and the final credits roll.

Sad to see Turlough go. Apparently Mark Strickson left because of the show’s format – 4 x 25 m episodes didn’t allow for enough character development for the companions. When he later found out that the following year, the show went to 2 x 45 m episodes per serial, he regretted leaving. I would have much liked to have seen Turlough and The Sixth Doctor together…

I recall some parts of this, enough to look forward to it.

Episode 1:

On the planet Sarn, two men cross a hilly region; they’re dressed in khaki coloured clothing, loose and covering little. One collapses, but says he’s afraid to go on. The other says he’s afraid, too, but the others are depending on them.

In a citadel, two other men walk, talking about the times when unbelievers were sent to the fires. There’s a very Arabian feel to things here, as one (seemingly the elder/more important) seems more a Sheik, dressed in flowing white, as opposed to the cargo shorts and boots and loose top of the other (which was similar to the two men in the hilly area.)

The Sheik says that sending “the occasional free-thinker to the flames” is a good thing, as it “encourages faith in our traditions.” Wow.

Okay, I was wrong, the Sheik dude seems to be the advisor to the younger man, who says he could never order a burning. Sheik dude says when the time comes, he will have the strength. “It can be a rewarding experience for those consumed in the flames. Unbelievers are such unhappy souls.” WOW. Yikes.

Timanov is the advisor, Malkon is the young man he’s advising. Timanov warns Malkon that they must appear to be strong, they must be loyal, that Logar (their god, apparently a fire god) is testing them.

The two men continue their climb; again, the younger complains – his feet are hot, he can’t breathe. His name is Roskal; Amyand, the other, jokes that Timanov says that Logar is benevolent and perhaps when they crest the mountain and find him, he’ll be waiting with a cool drink and new shoes.

They complete the climb, to find nothing inside the area atop the mountain. Amyand proclaims, “Logar is a myth!” They both laugh.

On Earth, we see some items being brought up from beneath the water; a man in the boat chastises the divers for being careless. He sorts through the basket, finding a metallic object, seemingly modern.

There’s a strange logo on that he nor his assistant recognise. They set it aside, saying they have to worry about getting the statue first.

Timanov and Malkon stand on a balcony set into the mountain, observing a grandiose vista. Timanov (guess he’s a high priest or something along those lines) praises Logar for it. Malkon asks why he’s trying to destroy the planet and Timanov basically says who are we to understand the god?

Malkon is “the chosen one”, we learn. Malkon wishes he has Timanov’s faith. On Malkon’s arm is a double down-pointed triangle, which Timanov says is the sign of Logar, and that is why he is the chosen one.

It’s worth noting that’s the same symbol from the object the Earthers found.

Malkon is having doubts; Timanov is getting frustrated with him. He all but yells at the youth, saying he was found on the slopes of the mountain, but before he can give us the exposition, Malkon cuts him off, talking of the strange dreams and memories he has. Timanov becomes gentler, softer, saying he forgets how young Malkon is sometimes.

Another man watches Roskal and Amyand return from the mountain through a telescope.

In the TARDIS, The Doctor reflects on the Daleks as Turlough listens. His companion warns him of being obsessed and depressed.

Suddenly, Kamelion’s screams and they run off. They find him connected to the TARDIS through a console in the hallway wall. Turlough is sent back to the console to… I’m not sure what, but to make things better? Kamelion says something about “contact”.

Turlough reports they’re getting a distress signal.

Kamelion apologises to The Doctor, saying he was confused. The Doctor returns to the console chamber just after Turlough tears out some wires. The Doctor sees the damage and asks what he’s done. Turlough says he thought the random emissions were interfering with Kamelion.

The Doctor then asks why he reset the coordinates, but Turlough says he didn’t; they realise that Kamelion was hooked up to the TARDIS and must have set them to the signal.

A young woman (who will soon be introduced as Perpugilliam “Call me Peri” Brown) greets the boat as it comes back and sees the statue of Eros being unloaded. She chats up the assistant to the boat, Howard – seems he’s her stepfather.

She tells Howard she’s going to Morocco with some “really nice English guys” and he chastises her, saying she’s got to use the summer for her college studies. She says he can’t tell her what to do. He brings up money… she gets emotional, and insists she’s made up her mind. She asks that they don’t argue, and he gives in, on the caveat that she get her return ticket to New York back, and he’ll advance her some money.

The Doctor says Kamelion denies hearing any coordinates in the signal. Turlough says the signal stopped before he could get a location fix. The Doctor has a hand-held tracker in case it starts up again; I guess Turlough intentionally stopped pulled the wires to stop the signal reception because he knew something about it?

Howard and Peri go to the boat, but he says he left his wallet in the hotel. She says he could send her the money in Morocco and he agrees. She sees the modern metallic object and picks it up, wondering what it is.

The TARDIS arrives on the beach.

Howard leaves Peri on the boat, apparently intending to strand her so she misses her connection to Morocco. She throws a fit (rightfully so, I suppose.)

On Sarn, Malkon addresses a gathering of citizens; he brings up the smoke from the mountain and the quaking of the ground, saying these are signs of a “time of fire”. (Uh oh, that sounds bad.) Logar is testing them, he says, but a woman steps up and says Logar is testing their common sense.

Malkon and Timanov argue that they stay, the woman says they need to flee the sea of fire that is to come. (I’m with her.) Timanov says that if they pass the test, the “outsider” will come, and there will be gifts and food.

Suddenly, Amyand and Roskal arrive to say Logar is a lie, a myth. He tells them they climbed the mountain, though Timanov says it is death to do so.

On Earth, the professor is haranguing his workers. The Doctor and Turlough arrive and the professor and Howard engage in conversation with him. After the Earthers walk off, The Doctor says they’ll have to take two readings to triangulate the source of the signal.

Turlough volunteers to go back to the TARDIS, as The Doctor has the hand held unit.

Peri sits on the boat, flipping through her passport. She puts it, her wallet, and the object with the mark of Logar in front of her. “Could be platinum,” she says out loud.

Back at the TARDIS, Kamelion tells Turlough not to interfere, that he must find the point of contact, “I must obey!” Turlough says that he’s not going to take the TARDIS anywhere, that he’s not going to receive any more messages from Trion, “You’re finished, Kamelion!”

Turlough induces some feedback, which causes Kamelion to scream and go limp.

Peri, in a binki (hubba hubba), takes a plastic bag with her items, and jumps into the water. On the TARDIS scanner, Turlough sees her flailing and thrashing in the water. Cursing, “Earthlings,” he rushes out to save her.

The Doctor sits at a cafe, having a beverage, when his beeper goes off. He slams down some alien coins on the table and dashes off, much to the dismay of his waiter.

The woman challenges Timanov, saying it’s his last chance; if he cannot produce a sign from Logar, it is he “who will burn on the sacrificial altar”. Timanov screams, “Logar! A sign!!!” Suddenly, behind them, the fires burst high in an alcove (a fireplace of sorts?) Timanov kneels, “Thanks you,” as the others watch.

Turlough brings Peri into a room in the TARDIS, putting her in a bed. In her bag, he sees the double triangle symboled metallic object. Tearing it out of the bag, he grabs her, demanding to know where she found it. She babbles something about needing the money and seems to drift to sleep.

Turlough raises his shirt, where we see he has a mark on his arm matching the object as well, just like Malkon!!!

The Doctor runs towards the TARDIS. He comes inside, just as Turlough is taking a data core out of the object. He pulls out the beeper, which leads him to the object Turlough has. Turlough says he found it on the shore.

In her sleep, Peri moans, begging Howard not to be mad at her, not to leave her. Nearby, in the hall, we see Kamelion start to change, picking up on her dreams, apparently. He transforms into Howard, though wearing a black suit and tie, and sits up. He looks over at the connection to the TARDIS port in the hallway and has a rather unsettling grin.

Peri wakes up, wondering where she is. She sees the object is gone from her plastic bag.

The Doctor plugs the data core into the TARDIS console, and there’s a spark and smoke. Suddenly, the doors close and the TARDIS is in motion. KamelionHoward enters, saying they meet again. Peri enters, too, and The Doctor learns that Turlough saved her.

As the ground quakes and rubble falls, Timanov pontificates, saying that the spirit of the mountain calls for the death of the unbelievers.

Peri says she wants to go back to the hotel, but learns they’re not on Earth.

Malkon is pressed to decide, but a man runs in; having seen the TARDIS, he believes that the Outsider has come.

The Doctor and Turlough exit to investigate where they have arrived; K-Howard and Peri watch. She obviously doesn’t believe they’re no longer on Earth, and thinks that K-Howard is her stepfather. K-Howard starts saying, “The TARDIS is mine,” and he closes the doors and flips some toggles.

Peri asks what he’s doing. He crows, “The TARDIS is mine, contact has been made!” She screams as his visage shimmers, revealing the laughing form of The Master.

Who are you,” she demands to know. And, in response, The Master repeats the very first lines his character ever said on the show (albeit as played by Roger Delgado, not Anthony Ainley), “I am The Master. And you will obey me,”… and the credits roll.

Now THAT is a cliffhanger, folks. That’s how it is done.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

In the temple, Malkon orders that the unbelievers be released, that the arrival of the Outsider shows Logar’s desire for lenience. Timanov insists there must be a sacrifice, but Malkon is resolute.

Peri tries to escape the TARDIS, but K-Master stops her. However, during the struggle, Kamelion frees himself of The Master’s control and reverts to his natural form, asking her for help.

Outside the TARDIS, The Doctor and Turlough see the double triangle mark again; Turlough says that it is the “Misos Triangle”, and means that there are people from Trion (his home planet) there.

As they walk off, talking, The Master’s TARDIS appears.

The man who saw The Doctor’s TARDIS arrive talks with Timanov, describing its arrival. Timanov says every visitation is different. The man suggests that perhaps another chosen one has been sent, since “the boy is weak”. Something elates Timanov, but he doesn’t explain.

Kamelion explains why he looked like Howard, what happened. She asks if he is a robot. He is about to send her out to find The Doctor when he transforms, this time into Howard, but with silver skin.

In his TARDIS, The Master watches The Doctor, saying how predictable he is.

K-S-Howard gives something to Peri, saying to tell The Doctor about The Master. The Master asserts his control over Kamelion, who becomes K-Master. The Master summons Kamelion to him to release him.

K-Master departs The Doctor’s TARDIS (from now on, we’ll use D-TARDIS for his and M-TARDIS for The Master’s) and asserts that she will come with him or die. AS they exit, there are more quakes. The M-TARDIS is tipped over, and a block hits K-Master, who goes down. Peri runs off.

A bunch of the Sarnites gather at some machinery; they comment how the dials are going crazy and wonder if the machine is controlling the mountain.

Peri runs across the rocky terrain.

The Doctor and Turlough wander about; The Doctor doesn’t think anyone is alive, but Turlough feels otherwise.

K-Master recovers, checking his head (for blood? For an injury? He’s a robot!!) He tries to upright the M-TARDIS, but cannot. The Master orders him to bring the D-TARDIS inside his.

Timanov and Malkon argue; the priest says that Sarn was once great but is on the verge of extinction because they lost sight of the good that is Logar. He yells again, then gets quiet, saying the heretics must be executed.

In the D-TARDIS, K-Master realises a part is missing (the part that K-S-Howard gave her, obviously.)

Peri looks about, seeing Turlough and The Doctor in the distance. She calls out to them, but they don’t hear her.

K-Master is in pursuit of Peri. She sees him and runs off. He laughs and follows.

The Doctor asks why Turlough has never mentioned his homeworld, suspecting that he is/was in some trouble there. Before Turlough can answer (or avoid answering), they are met and brought to Amyand and Sorasta (the woman who challenged Timanov earlier.)

Introductions are made. When they say they’re not from Logar, they are welcomed. They are brought into their lair; Turlough questions why they didn’t get help from Trion, but this raises suspicions. The Doctor downplays things for the time being.

K-Master catches up with Peri, demanding the component that was removed. Peri finds herself stuck between The Master and a cliff. She threatens to throw it off the cliff.

You will obey me, I am The Master!”

So what? I’m Perpugillian Brown and I can shout just as loud as you can!”

I’ve always loved that line.

Changing tack, choosing tact, The Master tells her that if she destroys the component, she’ll be trapped on Sarn when it explodes.

Showing brains as well as spunk, she appeals to Kamelion to resist. K-Master struggles. The Master asserts himself, who becomes K-S-Howard. Peri says she’s his friend and he turns away, struggling. Peri slips away, as K-S-Howard staggers about.

The Doctor informs the Sarnites that the tunnels they use as shortcuts will direct the lava from the volcano at them and suggests they move before it erupts. He offers the use of his ship to leave.

The Doctor determines that the machinery is used to tap the volcano to generate power. The Sarnites accept his offer. They quickly deduce that The Doctor and Turlough as the “messengers from Logar” that Timanov is searching for.

Out of breath from searching, Timanov takes a break, while his associate looks about. They see K-S-Howard staggering towards them, and take him to the be Outsider.

Peri makes her way down a treacherous slope, sliding down a bit (in shorts, on rocks, that had to hurt.)

As Timanov and his crony watch, they see K-S-Howard become K-Master and genuflect before him. They greet him and he demands to know who they are; Timanov is shocked, but says he is the Chief Elder of the Sarns, “I’ve been keeping the faith.”

The Sarnite heretics invade the temple, bringing The Doctor and Turlough with them. Amyand speaks to them, saying they brought two Outsiders, and bring for The Doctor and Turlough. Amyand tells the people that they are not messengers from Logar, but just people, like them.

Sorasta brings Malkon, who asks if they have proof of what they claim. The Doctor greets him, who welcomes then. The Doctor says that the spirit of mountain is fire that will pour down on the village. He says he can’t save their planet but he can take them to safety.

Meanwhile, Turlough has been inspecting equipment in the temple – he realises the items are from a Trion spacecraft and asks where they came from. Malkon says they are gifts from Logar.

Turlough wants to know where the crew from Trion are, but Amyand says Malkon speaks the truth, that Timanov has always said the objects are gifts from Logar.

The Doctor says one of them is a transceiver unit, and suggests they can use it to contact Trion. Turlough says that will ruin everything. This confuses The Doctor, but his companion demands of Malkon where the Misos Triangle pendant he wears comes from. Malkon says it is but one such thing a chosen one has.

The Doctor tries to interject, but Turlough is obsessed with finding out more. He tells The Doctor he suspects the equipment came from his father’s ship.

Peri, overwrought, sits down in the rocks, asking for help. She looks about, hopelessly.

Malkon shows Turlough the mark on his arm, saying it is that which makes him a chosen one. Turlough asks, but when Malkon says they cannot as it is in the forbidden zone, he then orders him to take him to the spot where he was found.

Malkon replies, “No one can order a chosen one!”

Turlough lifts his sleeve, showing he bears the same mark, “Except another chosen one.”

Where did you get that?”

Probably the same place as you – Trion. It’s a unique custom they have.”

The Doctor works on the transceiver. Timanov arrives, demanding for the arrest of all unbelievers. Timanov says the Outsider has ordered that The Doctor be sent to the fire. There’s a struggle and a man is shot.

K-Master arrives; The Doctor seeing his arch-nemesis, is not delighted.

Turlough and Malkon are in the wreckage of the Trion spacecraft. Peri finds them there. She tells Turlough about Kamelion turning into The Master and Turlough drags her out, saying they must tell The Doctor.

K-Master demands that the heretics be burned; Sorasta says only Malkon can order a burning. The heretics struggle with the guards. The Doctor demands he stop it, but K-Master is enjoying it far too much. The Doctor stands, helpless, as the heretics are dragged to the fire chamber… and the credits roll.

A decent cliffhanger, that. And a good one to end this post on. See you in a few!



Recap: Trapped in a time corridor, the TARDIS is taken to London, 1984. There, they encounter some Daleks. Elsewhere/when, a Supreme Dalek and Daleks and humanoid servants of the Daleks free Davros from cyrogenic suspension on a prison space station. They need his aid to get revenge for losing the war with the Movellans.


The Doctor has just arrived on the Dalek ship and found that a man he thought an ally is actually a Dalek agent!!


spoiler warning


Episode 3:


Daleks and troops arrive, demanding that The Doctor be exterminated. Lytton shows up, saying he must be duplicated first. The Daleks confirm this with the Supreme Dalek, and the Time Lord is led away.


Lytton and Stein discuss the impulsiveness of the Daleks. There’s a great bit here.


Lytton: “They’ll kill anybody, even if they need them.”

Stein: “How much longer until it’s your time?”


Turlough and the remainding prison crew find the self destruct controls.


The woman tending to Tegan hopes to knock out the duplicated colonel, but he doesn’t want any tea. After he leaves, she (still haven’t named her that I’ve caught, at least) and Tegan try to uncover one of the cannisters in the dirt (what the builders thought were bombs.)


At the duplication chamber, The Doctor sees the bodies of several of the military men from Earth.


Duplicated colonel tells his fellow duplicated soldiers that the girls know. One of them says the Daleks will tell them what to do.


The Daleks are instructing Davros that he must complete his research quickly; he demands a sample of the virus and two Daleks for experimentation. They argue this last part, but then leave to consult the Supreme Dalek.


The Supreme Dalek informs Lytton that the self destruct chamber has been invaded by the hostiles. He argues, but the Supreme Dalek demands he obey.


Stein warns The Doctor to be careful how he acts with the Daleks. The Time Lord says they need his brainwaves intact.


Tegan and the scientist lady put one of the cannisters under the blanket Tegan was sleeping in.


Turlough gets Mercer to agree to come and check out the time corridor, to see if it could be used to escape the destruction of the station once it’s initiated.


Stein lets it slip that Davros is there.


The duplicated colonel tells Tegan that she’ll be transferred to the Dalek ship.


Davros’ pet engineer uses the mind-control device on another humanoid.


Lytton and his troopers approach the self-destruct chamber. The prison crew gets the door shut just in time. Lytton has his men take out the outside camera.


Strapped down, The Doctor taunts the Daleks. It comes about that Stein is a duplicate, and apparently all the humanoids serving them are.


Turlough and Mercer make their way to the corridor, but find the way guarded. Mercer insists they go back.


Tegan slips off, leaving the chick behind; they use the cannister to make her bed look like she’s still sleeping there, but the scientist has to stay to make it seem convincing.


A Dalek trooper shows up at Davros’ laboratory; he prepares to add the trooper to his personal army.


The Doctor tries to find out how the duplication process works, but Stein refuses to tell him. They show him pre-duplicated Turlough and Tegan. The Daleks reveal their plan is to send him to Gallifrey to assassinate the High Council!!! Yes, folks, it’s the lead up to the Time War!


When they find the Dalek troopers outside the chamber, Mercer frets. Turlough points out that if the Daleks are trying to stop the self-destruct, then Davros must still be on board. “You may not be able to help your friends, but you can still kill him,” Turlough points out.


Two Daleks enter Davros’ laboratory, to “assist” in the research – to provide living tissue. When they open their casings, the mind-control device is used on them and they are now his servants.


The Supreme Dalek orders a sample of the Movellan virus to be transferred from Earth.


Scientist lady watches as one of the cannisters is beamed away. The sound causes her to collapse, covering her ears.


The Daleks leave Stein to oversee the duplication of The Doctor. Stein seems to have a moment of self-struggle/doubt.


The cylinder appears in the time corridor booth.


Tegan is in the street, but the two bobbies follow her – so I guess they’re not the soldiers.


Mercer and Turlough determine that Davros is using Dr. Styles’ lab.


Dr. Styles gets the self-destruct console unlocked. “Why am I so excited, this is the last thing I will do.”


Two more Dalek troopers are added to Davros’ cabal.


Duplicated colonel discovers Tegan’s escape.


The bobbies approach Tegan; at first she’s happy to see them, but then sees the guns they bear and runs from them. She sees a man by the river using a metal detector. The bobbies shoot him and she screams, “No!”


The Doctor tries to get Stein to recall his childhood, growing up. This seems to break the Dalek control, but there’s conflict. The control wins out and Stein continues the process.


Tegan is prisoner of the bobbies.


The Dalek Troopers gain access and shoot Dr. Styles and her associates just as they were going to activate the self-destruct.


Turlough convinces Mercer they need to get back to Earth, there’s nothing they can do there.


A Dalek blames Lytton for almost letting the space station be destroyed; despite Lytton pointing out that they won, they stopped them, the Dalek says it is going to report this to the Supreme Dalek. (I’m gonna tell on you!!!)


Tegan is brought back to the warehouse. The scientist lady is shot when she tries to run away. Tegan is dragged to the time corridor.


On a monitor near The Doctor, we see wavy images of his companions, starting with the current, then working back. Tegan, Turlough, Nyssa, Adric, Romana II, K-9, Romana I, Harry, Sarah Jane; then the Fourth Doctor is seen. Then Jo, the Brig, Liz Shaw, and others. The Third Doctor is shown.


The Doctor pleads for Stein to resist; the conditioning seems to be dominant.


Davros is informed that The Doctor has been taken prisoner and demands he be brought to him at once. He goes into a rant about exterminating The Doctor and creating a new race of Daleks with he as their leader… and the credits roll.


A good cliffhanger. (Oh, apparently the reason this was done as two longer episodes originally was because of rescheduling for the 1984 Winter Olympics.)


Episode 4:


Tegan appears in the time corridor booth on the Dalek ship. She steps out, sees the TARDIS (but doesn’t dash to hide in there?) Suddenly, Mercer and Turlough show up. She tells him The Doctor is there, pointing out the TARDIS.


On the screen, we see Zoe, Victoria, Jamie, The Second Doctor, Steven, and others. The Doctor cries out in pain and so does Stein. He shuts off the machine and releases The Doctor.


Davros sends his pet Daleks to secure the TARDIS.


The Doctor and Stein take the troopers posted outside the duplication chamber prisoner. Stein says he could turn on The Doctor at any time, if the conditioning reasserts itself.


Tegan and Turlough and Mercer unite with The Doctor.


The Supreme Dalek and Lytton are aware of The Doctor’s escape. Lytton calls his special guards.


Seeing that they’re being watched by a camera, The Doctor destroys the duplication device before they flee back to the TARDIS. Once there, Tegan asks where they’re going. When The Doctor says they’re going to Earth, Turlough, AMAZINGLY says, “Best news all day.” (Sure, I get the context of why he’s saying it, but considering he complains every time they end up on Earth, it’s ironic.)


Stein tells them about the virus; Tegan realises that’s what must be in the cylinders back at the warehouse, and Stein confirms that.


Before they can leave, The Doctor says he must kill Davros. “Davros created the Daleks, he must not be allowed to save them.”


Stein and Mercer insist they accompany him. He gives the companions orders to wait as long as they can but if they are attacked, to leave at once.


Davros and his pet engineer see The Doctor being escorted by Stein and Mercer; Davros wonders if that’s The Doctor, and his pet engineer says that the Daleks wouldn’t assign Stein to escort just anyone.


Lytton is informed by the Supreme Dalek that Davros has gained control of two Daleks. He is ordered to exterminate them and destroy Davros, who has been deemed “unreliable”.


Davros greets The Doctor. He promises the Time Lord that he will suffer tenfold for what he experienced. The same old conversation between the two ensues.


Mercer hands his gun to The Doctor, much to Davros’ dismay. The Doctor tells him, in a haunting speech, “Until I walked through that door, I foolishly hoped you’d changed enough for me to not have to do this. I’m not here as your prisoner, Davros… but your executioner.”


Davros pleas, saying he had planned to recreate the Daleks, and this time he would not make them totally ruthless. This brings The Doctor to lower the gun. Still, it seems Davros only wants this to make them stronger. He offers The Doctor the chance to join him as the head of the new Dalek army.


Stein and Mercer go out to deal with approaching troopers; The Doctor raises the gun at Davros once more.


In the TARDIS, the companions see that The Doctor preset the controls. They slip into the time corridor once more.


Davros calls The Doctor, “Soft, like all Time Lords, you prepare to stand by and watch.”


Mercer shoots the two troopers when Stein’s attempt to bluff them seems to be failing. They argue, and Stein struggles with his conditioning. More troopers show up and Mercer begins firing. Both Stein and Mercer are shot.


The Doctor, hearing the fight, goes out. Stein, who is still alive, tells him to stay back. While they argue, the door to the laboratory closes, locking The Doctor out.


Over the comm link, the Supreme Taco, I mean Dalek, berates Lytton. He says that he has sent Daleks to destroy Davros, and Lytton must go to Earth to destroy Davros’ pet Daleks.


Stein walks down the hall, struggling with his conditioning.


In the warehouse, Tegan and Turlough slip out of the TARDIS. Turlough argues they’re being there. Tegan says the virus is the only effective weapon they have.


Davros gives one of his pet troopers the virus to use on the Daleks on the ship.


The duplicated soldiers engage in combat with Davros’ Daleks and pet troopers. The Daleks win.


Tegan and Turlough are in the sick bay. They get a cylinder and head back to the TARDIS.


Stein makes it to the self-destruct chamber but sees guards.


Lytton’s troopers reach the warehouse and a firefight begins.


The Supreme Dalek sends more Daleks to destroy everyone, including Lytton and his troopers. The Doctor watches them depart, then grabs some metal boxes from a cubbyhole in the wall. (From the same one that Stein took the gun he turned on The Doctor when they first arrived, I think. I’m guessing these are explosives.)


A Dalek stops and exterminates Davros’ trooper and medic who had the virus.


Lytton’s men are shot; Lytton feigns death.


Stein shoots the guards then enters the self-destruct chamber.


Davros’ Daleks and troopers search for the TARDIS. They are attacked by the loyal Daleks.


The Supreme Dalek sees Stein and sends Daleks to stop him.


Davros’ Daleks argue with the loyal Daleks over who is traitors or not. They begin shooting each other. As they fight, The Doctor appears in the warehouse via time corridor. He hides behind crates, placing the explosives on the Daleks when he can, destroying several.


Lytton stops feigning death and shoots at The Doctor, who dashes off. He enters the TARDIS and finds Tegan and Turlough and the cylinder.


Davros checks on his escape hatch. Because, you know, that would have been put in the prison med lab. He then shatters one of the small ‘eggs’ with the virus in it.


A moment later, the door to the med lab is shattered. Two Daleks enter, telling him they are there to exterminate him, but before they can, the virus kills them.


The Doctor activates the canister, which begins smoking. He takes it out of the TARDIS and sets it down. A trooper takes a shot at him, but he dashes back in to the TARDIS.


Lytton and a trooper watch as the Daleks begin to die from the virus. “They’re dying, and so are you,” he says, shooting the trooper with him. He then slips out the door.


Stein finishes his work on the self-destruct console, “Done… must rest.” He sits down, seemingly struggling with himself.


Davros proclaims, “The Daleks are dead. Long live the new Daleks!” Suddenly he begins shaking. “What? This cannot be. I am not a Dalek, I cannot die,” he protests, smoke pouring out of his chassis.


In the TARDIS, The Doctor and companions watch as the Daleks die. Tegan is horrified by the scene and turns away from it. The Doctor shuts off the image, saying Earth is safe from the Daleks, at least until they develop a cure for the virus.


However, the Supreme Dalek appears on the scanner, saying he has not won. He tells The Doctor that he does not need to invade, that he has duplicates placed throughout the planet and soon the collapse of Earth society will happen.


The Doctor says the duplicates are not stable, but the Supreme Dalek says that they cannot fail, their destiny is to rule.


Daleks enter the self-destruct chamber and shoot Stein, but he leaps forward onto the console, activating the explosion; the space station explodes, destroying the Dalek ship as well.


Seeing this, The Doctor seems to feel Earth is safe. When Tegan asks if Davros was the one who destroyed the space station, The Doctor suggests that perhaps it was Stein, who “finally decided what side he was on.”


Lytton, dressed as a cop again, meets the two bobbies. They salute him and fall in line and the three men walk off. (I always liked that ambiguous ending there.)


The Doctor assures the companions that the duplicates are unstable and will eventually break free of Dalek control. Turlough suggests alerting the Earth authorities and The Doctor agrees, saying, “Come along,” to Tegan.


I’m not coming with you,” she replies, not following. The Doctor stops, turns around and comes back, followed by Turlough.


I beg your pardon?”


I’m tired,” she says.


What’s the matter,” he asks, softly, perhaps the most gentle he’s ever been with her.


Emotions wracking her, she answers, “A lot of good people have died today. I’m sick of it.”


You think I wanted it this way?”


No. It’s just that I don’t think I can go on.”


You want to stay on Earth.”


She relates what her aunt Vanessa said about when you stopped enjoying something, to give it up. The Doctor tries to protest but she cuts him off. “It’s stopped being fun, Doctor.” She shakes hands with both of them, “I’ll miss you both.”


As she runs off, The Doctor begs her not to leave, not like this. She turns around, still moving away, “I must, I’m sorry,” she says, then turns and slips away.


This scene has always struck a chord with me. As a teenager, I was very fond of Tegan (she’s hot, yo) and this one always wrenched my heart a little. Still does.


The Doctor looks at Turlough, “It’s… strange. I left Gallifrey for similar reasons. I’d grown tired of the lifestyle. It seems I must mend my ways.” He and Turlough enter the TARDIS and depart (sure hope they’re going to alert the authorities about the duplicates still…)


As the TARDIS fades, Tegan returns, and sees that it’s gone. “Brave heart, Tegan,” she says out loud. After a pause, “I will miss you,”… and the final credits roll.


Great serial. Wow. Loved it, love it still. Wow.