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I originally watched this back in February 2012; that was a LOOSE CANNON fan reconstruction, as two of the episodes were missing.  Two years later, they released it on DVD with the missing episodes redone through animation (and the original audio track.)

If you want a play-by-play of the episodes, read my original entry here.  This will be a much shorter post with just some thoughts on the new production and whatever pops in my head.

The first episode is one of the lost ones, so it’s animated.  The animation is the same style done in THE POWER OF THE DALEKS (also a Second Doctor serial, in fact, his first) – it’s not the best, but I don’t mind it.  It works.  It’s done in black and white, like the remaining video is.

Early on, we exposed to how stupid some writers thought Polly should be; they arrive on the Moon and she thinks The Doctor got them to Mars, as promised.  (I seem to recall that, in some serials, Polly was especially stupid, and in others, wasn’t stupid at all and actually quite useful.)

The second episode is video; it repeats the ending of the first, and we see a Cyberman carry out one of the patients from the sickbay.  Polly walks in and sees it, uttering a scream.  The Cyberman exits before others come in behind Polly, so they don’t see it.

She claims it was a Cyberman, but Hobson, the head of the Moonbase dismisses the claim, saying that was a thing of the past.  (Ben and Polly, of course, were the First Doctor’s companions during the introduction of The Cybermen.)  It’s interesting that the original show didn’t have Earth people continually forget every time there was an invasion of aliens.  It’s one of the few things about the new run that I really don’t like.

Some very silly shit happens in this episode, like The Doctor taking off a man’s boot while he’s busy working, trying to fix the malfunctioning weather control device.

Jamie, who’s taken a blow to the head (and is in the sickbay, as a result) is “fever-dreaming” of “the phantom piper”, some sort of Grim Reaper for him.  He sees a Cyberman twice during his less than lucid phase, thinking it’s said Grim Reaper.

Episode three is animated.  The voices of The Cybermen are really hard to understand, so I’m grateful for the subtitle function on the DVD.

Jamie and Ben argue, seemingly trying to impress Polly… and then when they go off to use Polly’s idea (acetone on The Cybermen), Ben tells her, “this is men’s work.”  Good for her, though, she ignores him.  (This episode is one where she’s more useful than others.)

Obviously, this was before gold/gold dust was determined to be the weakness of The Cybermen; they refer that radiation was used against them the first time, but this story they use a “Polly cocktail” of various chemicals, sprayed on the chest units of The Cybermen.

The animation gets a little cheaper/poorer quality in a couple scenes this episode.  Guess the budget got a bit tight.

Episode 4 is original video; it opens with The Cybermen marching across the surface of the Moon towards the Moonbase.  It’s a great scene… doesn’t compare to the CGI’d masses of Cybermen we get nowadays, but it’s still quite effective.

Apparently, travel time from Earth to the Moon in 2070 is just a matter of hours.  I look forward to that!

Anyhow, a fun serial with some significant flaws (common to the first several years of the show, sadly.)






Recap: Reunited with Jamie, Six and Peri have followed the trail to Earth, hoping to rescue Two from the Sontarans. However, we learn that Dastari is part of the plot as well and they hope to isolate the symbiotic link of the Time Lords and their TARDIS, so that the Kartz-Reimer time machine might be used by anyone.


We leave off with Peri being captured by Shockeye, who wants to cook and eat her.


spoiler warning


Episode 3:


Shockeye grabs Peri, who struggles to no avail. He is delighted at how “ripe” she is, and knocks her out. Hoisting her over his shoulder, he laments that she’s not a “jack” (male.)

The Sontarans have taken Jamie and Six captive; Stike sends Varl to inform Chessene that they have another Time Lord. Stike orders Six into the Kartz-Reimer time machine, but he refuses.

Stike threatens Jamie’s safety, and Six reluctantly enters. (The machine has a very THE TIME MACHINE feel to it.) Stike acdtivates it and it leaps several seconds into the future and Six exits. Stike asks if the machine is now primed and Six says it is.

When Stike is about to kill Jamie, the highlander stabs the Sontaran in the leg and the two of them escape. Chessene, accompanied by Varl and Dastari, arrive to find Stike stabbed. Dastari recognises the knife, saying Two’s companion had a knife like that.

Six and Jamie run across the courtyard and into another part of the hacienda, where they find Two. (Yay, finally!) They start to untie Two (who is still in the wheelchair, bound), but when Shockeye returns with Peri, Two feigns sleep and the other two hide.

Stike and Varl seethe taking orders from Chessene; when she leaves, Stike tells Varl that the time machine has been primed and they no longer need the Androgum.

Chessene and Dastari discuss her contingency plan – she wants him to turn Two into a consort for her, by using Shockeye’s genetics to turn the Time Lord into an Androgum!!

As they are discussing this in front of the presumably unconscious Doctor, Two hears this, as do Six and Jamie, who are up the staircase.

Shockeye sharpens his knife, preparing to start cutting on Peri. Chessene interrupts, saying Dastari needs his assistance and the cook reluctantly complies.

Stike sends Varl to contact Sontaran High Command, to report their possession of a functioning space-time machine and requesting permission to use it to rejoin the fleet. Stike plans to set the Sontaran craft to self-destruct to wipe out everyone else there.

Two is wheeled to the operating theatre, protesting he doesn’t want to be turned into an Androgum. When Shockeye begins to question this, Chessene shoots him with a blaster.

Six rescues Peri from the kitchen.

Shockeye and Two are hooked up to each other on beds in the operating theatre. Dastari and Chessene discuss Stike; she says she has no further use for the Sontarans and they will be destroyed.

Six wonders why Stike hasn’t acted, trying to kill the Androgum and Dastari yet. He explains it’s all been his plan – that he knew Stike was sneaking up on them and letting the Sontaran believe that the Kartz-Reimer time machine will work for them – however, Six has removed the “briode nebulizer”, so it won’t work.

Chessene tells Dastari that she prepared three canisters of “coronic acid”, which is lethal to Sontarans, just in case. They leave to fetch it. While they’re gone, Shockeye awakens and is enraged at Chessene’s betrayal.

He finds Two, who is seemingly transforming into half-Androgum already; his face is becoming mottled, and he has pronounced eyebrows, like Shockeye does.

They begin talking food and recipes. Shockeye is delighted to learn that Two knows about the cuisine of the planet. They discuss plans to go eating but Two says they need proper clothing first.

Dastari instructs Varl and Stike to follow him, saying the other Time Lord has returned and they need their help to recapture him. Six and the companions are listening from behind a wall.

A double double-cross,” Six says to Peri, “it gets more interesting by the minute.”

The Sontarans enter the subterranean tunnel, only to find themselves in a trap. Chessene drops two canisters of the gas, which spark like fireworks, and the Sontarans scream in agony.

Two and Shockeye, dressed in waist coats and top hats, walk out, arm in arm, talking food. Six and the companions see this, startled.

Dastari and Chessene find the operating theatre empty. She says they are “hunting food” and Dastari says they must perform the second procedure within an hour or it will not take. Chessene knows (from the widow’s memories) that there are many restaurants in Seville and says that is where they will be.

After they head upstairs, Stike staggers out of the shadows, severely wounded, but still alive. “Treacherous hag,” he groans, “I shall return to destroy this Androgum filth!”

Two and Shockeye discuss whether the locals eat their own. The talk turns to Shepherd’s Pie. They flag down a lorry and assault the driver and take the truck to Seville. As they drive off, Six and the companions run up.

Jamie says he can’t believe his Doctor would let someone be killed like that, but Six says it’s the Androgum changes. He tells them he’s already starting to feel some changes to himself, which means they have to hurry. They run off after the truck.

Stike enters the Kartz-Reimer machine and activates the controls. It shakes violently and electricity crackles all about. Stike collapses out of the machine.

Having caught a ride to Seville, Six and the companions see the lorry. Jamie questions how Six and Two can be the same person; even Peri wonders how they both can be here.

When you travel around space and time as much as I do, it’s almost inevitable that you’re bound to turn into yourself at some point,” Six explains, then urges them along.

Chessene and Dastari are seen riding around in a horse-drawn carriage, seemingly in no hurry whatsoever.

Two and Shockeye debate hors d’oeuvres; Shockeye thinks there is no need and that “eight or nine” main courses is enough. Two argues, saying it is the custom here and all the great chefs (several of whom he rattles off their names) agree that one should begin with a light dish.

They discuss food and head to the destination.

Six and the companions see Dastari and Chessene and hide in an alcove, then follow them. Six realises they’re checking the local restaurants and wishes he’d thought of that.

As Dastari searches, a local woman throws him a rose.

Even further wounded, Stike staggers out of the hacienda. Before he can make it to his ship, it explodes.

Oscar and Anita (ahah, forgot all about them) are working in the restaurant that Two and Shockeye have chosen for their meal. There’s some silly banter and all. Not terribly amusing, but not horrible.

There’s more walking about Seville as Six and the companions search. Suddenly, Six sees a cat and says “there’s more than one way to cook a cat,” saying they can be good eating. Peri is stupid and doesn’t get what he’s saying.

Suddenly, he realises that he’s changing as a result of Two’s procedure (though I thought it wasn’t going to stick if a further procedure wasn’t performed.) He recovers himself and they set off again.

Apparently, time has passed, as Oscar and Anita are amazed at the bill for 81,600 pesetas (quick google search says maybe about $600); so far, they’ve eaten “lobster, clams, squid, brains in white sauce, two whole suckling pigs, a ham with figs, eight steaks and an entire family paella!”

Plus they ordered twelves breasts of pigeon to go with the twelve bottles of wine. “And they’re still eating!”

Again, Six and companions almost run into Chessene and Dastari.

Anita tells Oscar that she thinks the bill needs to be paid. He gives them the bill, but Shockeye doesn’t understand the custom, until Two explains it to him. Shockeye gives him “a twenty narg note”, but Oscar says it is not acceptable.

Seeing the restaurant, Jamie and Peri recognise it as the place that Oscar works.

In the facility, Oscar demands payment; Shockeye takes offends and stabs Oscar. Anita screams and Shockeye runs off. Just then, Six and companions come in, and again, Oscar thinks Six is a police officer.

Anita says she’s called the ambulance, but Oscar quotes Shakespeare and dies.

Jamie has been checking on Two (who is passed out at the table) and points out that Two’s face is reverting to normal. Six wakes him up and asks if he can walk. Six drags Two out, pretending to be a police officer.

The Two Doctors exit the restaurant and argue. Peri breaks it up and leads them off, but Chessene and Dastari says they will come with them; she has a gun, so everyone complies.

Back at the hacienda, Shockeye has changed back into his clothing. Looking out the window, he sees Chessene and Dastari and their prisoners.

Inside, everyone is startled at the damage. Shockeye comes down, carrying Stike’s leg, saying that it seems the Grand Marshal was the cause of the damage.

Chessene orders everyone down to the cellars and hands her gun to Shockeye.

In the cellar, Dastari examines the Kartz-Reimer module and realises that the nebulizer is missing. Six hands it over, explaining that Stike had forced him to prime the machine. They put it in and, to test whether he isn’t trying to trick them, they put Peri in and send it on a test run.

The module returns, Peri intact. Chessene orders Dastari to chain them up and Six argues, asking where her gratitude for handing her the secret to time travel is.

As Dastari complies, Shockeye asks if he might still have the chance to cook a human; she complains that he should have had enough chance to sate his appetite in the city, but he says that was “a mere snack” and points out that she “promised we could have a human before leaving Earth!” She gives in and suggests he have Jamie.

Six, Two and Peri are chained to pillars, but Shockeye drags Jamie off. Dastari taunts them with the key, placing it on a nearby table, before leaving them. The Time Lords discuss the nebulizer and Six reveals that he left “a thin membrane” on it so that it would work once, suspecting that Chessene wouldn’t trust him.

Using a wheelchair, Six flips the table to get the key and they free themselves. Six frees himself but they hear Jamie’s screams, and Two tells him to leave the key and go help Jamie.

Shockeye is using a device to tenderise the meat; Dastari is uncomfortable and tells the cook to kill him first, but Shockeye protests, saying it works best on a live animal. (The writer’s agenda is strong in this episode. Shockeye even uses the “primitive creatures don’t feel pain in the way we do” line.)

As Shockeye is about to cut Jamie, Chessene bursts in, accusing Dastari of failing to properly secure one of the Time Lords. Dastari argues, but she won’t listen and orders him to find and kill the Time Lord.

Dastari argues more, saying that if they kill a Time Lord, it will be the end of all they have worked for, but she is enraged and demands he do it. Dastari leaves and Shockeye begins talking about having Jamie’s saddle and haunches for supper, but she says nevermind that, she orders him to help find the escaped Time Lord.

After they leave, Six slips in to the kitchen and cuts Jamie loose. Shockeye returns and attacks Six, who limps out of the hacienda after being cut in the leg by the cook.

Chessene orders Shockeye to pursue him after he points out the blood from Six’s leg. Dastari watches as, after the cook runs off, Chessene seems overwhelmed by the blood and she collapses, running her hand through it.

Two finally has his and Peri’s manacles freed and as they move to leave, Dastari comes down the stairs, gun pointed at Two. “Chessene wants me to kill you,” he says.

Six limps off into the woods, Shockeye in close pursuit. (Yep, it’s Doctor Who, there’s running involved.) Six finds Oscar’s moth net and kit. He takes the poison crystals (from the container that Oscar would put them in after catching them to kill them) and pours them into a rag, then adds water. The mix begins to smoke.

Six grabs Shockeye from behind, first putting the net over his head, then convering his mouth with the smoky rag. Shockeye goes down, presumably dead.

In the cellars, Chessene confronts Dastari, who refuses to kill Two and Peri. Dastari says there’s been enough killing and it is all his fault for trying to elevate her. She shoots Dastari and when they try to run, she orders Two and Peri to stop.

Jamie, who had been following Chessene, throws his knife as she moves to fire. The gun is knocked from her hand and she jumps in the Kartz-Reimer module to escape.

It begins to shake violently, then explodes. She falls out, screaming, and and falls to the ground, dead. As they watch, her features revert to that of a proper Androgum.

Six hobbles down the stairs to say that Shockeye has been “mothballed”. (No, really, he said it.) When he tells Two that it’ll be a lot of work for him to put the K-R module back together (as Two doesn’t have a TARDIS, and I guess he can’t/won’t give him a ride), Six is dismayed to see that Two has a “Stattenheim remote control”.

Two’s TARDIS appears on command, and goodbyes are said. Jamie steals a kiss from Peri, then says goodbye to Six.

Do try to keep out of my way in future and in past, there’s a good fellow,” Two says to Six. “The time continuum should be big enough for both of us… just!”

Do you know, I think I preferred you as an Androgum,” Six retorts as his predecessor departs.

Peri and Six banter as they leave; she asks if they’re going fishing again, and he replies, “No. From now on, it’s a healthy vegetarian diet for both of us.” Peri laughs… and the final credits roll.

I’m sorry, but the heavy-handed message really brings the story down. It could have been so much more. Ah well, still pretty fun.



Recap: The Second Doctor and Jamie are sent to Space Station Chimera to demand that the time travel experiments there are put to an end. However, Sontarans attack and kill just about everyone there. The Sixth Doctor, suffering an attack when his earlier incarnation is being tortured near to death, decides to pay a visit to one of the smartest men he knows, Dastari, head of projects at Space Station Chimera.


The Second Doctor is taken to Earth by the Sontarans and their allies, and back on the Space Station, the Sixth Doctor and Peri fall afoul of a trap and a survivor, respectively…


spoiler warning


Episode 2:


Peri’s attacker bangs its head. She rushes off, griping, but finds The Doctor unconscious. She tries to rouse him, but he’s slow to respond due to the gas.


She tells him that she thinks it’s a human that attacked her, but he says they haven’t reached that part of the galaxy yet. They go back to investigate and discover the attacker is none other than Jamie!!!


It’s Jamie… but how did he get here, he should be with me,” The Doctor explains.

But he’s not now, Doctor, not any more.”


The Doctor realises he must have been there, and wonders where his former self is. Jamie wakes and struggles, but The Doctor sedates him.


Mumbling in his drugged state, he says “They killed The Doctor,” and Six says he’s deranged. Jamie keeps asserting that his Doctor was killed.


Six begins to put pieces together, recalling his experience earlier in the TARDIS and Peri points out that he did say he was being put to death. Six puts Jamie under hypnosis and questions him; Jamie tells him that Two and Dastari had an argument about the Time Lords.


Jamie tells them that the “knights came and killed everyone.” He describes them as heavy-armoured and they had no necks, their hands were just two great fingers. Six recognises Jamie’s “knights” as the Sontarans.


Oscar and Anita haven’t found the wreckage. He says they should summon the authorities, but she says people might be dying. She appeals to his ego, suggesting if he plays the hero, he might be forgiven by the British Council.


Back at the control center, Peri questions Six as he claims he never thought it was the Time Lords. He says the only thing that gave him doubt was the last entry in Dastari’s journal, but he realises now the Sontarans must have forced him to write that before they killed him.


She asks why the Sontarans want to frame the Time Lords. He says he doesn’t know, but posits that perhaps the Sontarans were afraid the Third Zoners were getting too advanced and might end up assisting the Rutans against them in their war.


He consults the computer if he’s right, but the computer replies, “No speak.” It seems the computer has a fault, possibly as a result of the tampering he did. He uses the keyboard to access the databank instead.


Peri asks who the Rutans are and we get some exposition about the eternal war between the Sontarans and the Rutans.


Six pulls up the Kartz and Reimer experiments, talking about how the Time Lords had to be sure that their experiments wouldn’t accidentally cause the end of the universe… and then suddenly realises that he might Two might be dead after all, if he arrived during a time experiment, anything would be possible.


When he tells Peri that all of reality could end in a few centuries, she laughs, and leaves to check on Jamie. Six pontificates and waxes poetic about the end of everything, “No more sunsets, no more gumblejacks,” and then sees Peri trapped in a tube being tortured.


It’s the same tube we saw Two in earlier. Six sits down, trying to work the controls, frantically. As he watches it changes from Peri to Two, then again to Dastari and finally Six himself. Each of them in the tube, being tortured, in agony.


He sits back, and the tube is empty. Peri arrives with Jamie, who says “He’s not The Doctor I know!”


I am so, Jamie McCrimmon. I am another aspect of him, just as he is of me. I was him, he will be me.”


Jamie looks confused, “Who will I be?”


Six brushes it off and shows Peri what he’s found – the playback of her in the tube. Needless to say, she’s upset by it. Jamie says that’s how they killed The Doctor, but Six says it’s just a fake and that proves that his former self is being held captive.


But why am I in it,” Peri asks, confused. Six explains that the computer scanned her when she looked in the mirror earlier (as did he when he was waxing poetic.)


Six says that this is a big conspiracy, one that was centered around capturing Two and Dastari both. He says that Dastari is the only bio-geneticist “capable of isolating the symbiotic nuclei of a Time Lord.”


Peri makes the (Sherlockian) leap of deduction that is how he controls the TARDIS, through symbiosis. Six doesn’t dispute this, and says that if the Sontarans learned the secret of unrestricted time travel, they’d be invincible.


Six says their only chance to find his other self is through telepathy. He lays down, saying he might be seconds or days, but not to touch him, not even come near him.


As he lays down and prepares himself, Jamie looks over at Peri, “I think your Doctor is worse than mine.” I love Jamie so much.


Chessene enters a basement level in the estate, where Dastari is attending to an unconscious Two. She asks how he is, and the scientist says, “This will bring him round,” and administers an injection.


Two opens his eyes, murmuring, “Jamie.”


Six cries out for Jamie, murmuring, “Where am I? I am where?” Then he wakes up, asking if he was gone for long. Jamie says just minutes.


Six begins making the tolling sound of a bell and jumps up, saying they’ve got to go, but he’s not quite sure where, “Something to do with getting my hair cut,” he says – referring to the location, not far from Seville.


The Sontaran ship is seen parked at the estate, a giant sphere. It then fades from sight.


Varl brings a case down into the basement, and tells Chessene and Dastari that Group Marshal Stike is placing the ship in ‘clear’ (invisible) so that the locals don’t see it.


Dastari complains that they should have chosen a less populated planet, but Chessene tells him that according to the old woman’s mind, nobody comes there. It seems Dastari is part of the plot, not a captive. He asks if there are any defense installations nearby, but Chessene says the old woman did not know of such things, “There was very little in her mind to absorb.”


Shockeye, who is nearby, complains that her body wasn’t any better, just bone and gristle.


Dastari pays him no mind, complaining that they should have chosen a completely uninhabited planet, as their plan involves “a delicate operation – we cannot risk any interruption.” Yep, he’s seemingly part of it.


Chessene says the Group Marshal favours Earth for its location, and she says Shockeye also desired it. She explains, when Dastari questions, that she indulged Shockeye because, as an Androgum herself, “I am aware of the potency of such desires.”


You are no longer an Androgum, Chessene,” Dastari argues. “I have raised you to a superior plane of life.”


Chessene turns away from him, “There are blood ties between the Franzine Grig and the Quancing Grig, Dastari.” She is referencing her and Shockeye’s clan/family/bloodlines. She explains that Shockeye does not yet know the extent of her intentions and when he does find out, he will feel she has betrayed their inheritance.”


Dastari says she must go on without the trappings of blood and race.


Shockeye catches a rat and begins to eat it. Dastari is horrified, but Chessene says all their chefs sample the meat raw before they ever cook it. Shockeye tells her that “rat” is foul, but smoke-dried, “it just might be tolerable”.


In the TARDIS, Six has narrowed down the location from the sound of the bells – three miles or so from the city. He realises that the Sontaran ship in hyperdrive would have just reached there.


Jamie returns to the console room, dressed in proper highlander regalia. There’s some banter and then The Doctor activates the TARDIS; Peri braces herself, melodramatically, but it turns out wisely so, as there’s a violent start.


My Doctor wouldn’t have done that,” Jamie says after getting back to his feet.


Your Doctor is an antediluvian fogey,” Six replies, slapping away Jamie’s hand as he reaches towards the console. “Allowing himself to be captured by the Sontarans! If anything happens to myself as a result, I will never forgive himself!”




Both companions give him a hard time about his switching of personal pronouns.


Two wakes up, woozy from drugs. He sees the Sontarans approaching, “Oh, I don’t like the company you keep, Dastari.”


Stike and Varl approach, and Two remembers the attack on the space station. He wonders what they’ve done with Jamie. Chessene says he is dead and Two begins frantic, thrashing on his bed, as Shockeye and Dastari fasten restraints on him.


Oscar and Anita come across the TARDIS just after it has materialised. As The Doctor and companions exit, Oscar approaches, saying there has been a great catastropher.


Oscar introduces himself (as Oscar Botcherby) and Anita. They say there’s been a plane crash, saying it landed near a nearby hacienda and they saw some survivors.


Six says they may have seen three fugitives whose trail they’ve been on for a long time and asks for them to take them to the hacienda. There some (supposedly) comical bits that end up with Oscar and Anita leading them to the hacienda.


In the basement, Dastari wheels in the Kartz-Reimer time experiment module. Two says he can tell by looking at it that it won’t work. Dastari argues it worked well enough to bring him to them. They banter, argue, Dastari saying that Kartz and Reimer were on the right track, and several Androgums traveled into time, but couldn’t be brought back.


He tells them they also know that the Time Lords have a symbiotic link to their time machine. Dastari says he plans to “cut him up” cell by cell or gene by gene until they find it.


Apparently the plan is to give Chessene the power of time travel; Two is horrified, saying it will give her great power for evil, but Dastari won’t hear it. He seems completely smitten with the idea of making Chessene a goddess.


After Dastari leaves Two to go back to his equipment, Stike approaches the scientist, demanding to know why time is being wasted. Dastari tells him that careful preparation is being made. They argue, Stike saying that this should have been done in advance, but Dastari says they could not have done so.


Stike says every hour is precious, that his forces await him. Dastari gets Stike to wheel the cart of tools over to the operating theatre. Reluctantly, the Sontaran does so, and Two mocks him for it, but it goes over his head.


Just as well,” Two quips some more, “a face like yours wasn’t made for laughing.” There’s some banter and then something weird happens.


Somewhat out of character for a Sontaran, Stike volunteers that he might have “made a tactical error”. He talks about the loneliness of being in charge, and Two suggests that he retire. “When I die, it will be alongside my comrades on the front.”


So… I have no idea what that was all about.


Six leaves the others behind to scout out the hacienda.


Stike appeals to Two to let Dastari know where to find the symbiotic link, so time won’t be wasted. Two laughs at him for trusting the word of Chessene, saying she is an Androgum, lying and betrayal comes as natural to them as it does Sontarans.


Stike slaps Two, saying, “That is for the slur against my people!” This is apparently exactly what Two wanted, as he demands satisfaction for the slap, and he challenges him to a duel.


Stike refrains, even when Two says, “You are not only without honour, but you are a coward as well!” Stike turns on him, seething, “As you are not a Sontaran, Doctor, you cannot impugn my honour!!!” The Group Marshal storms off.


Well, that didn’t work out, did it,” Two asks himself, dejected.


Six skulks around (yeah, right – even without his gaudy coat, he sticks out like a sore thumb) the hacienda, hiding as he moves about.


Shockeye is reading some cookbooks. Chessene is surprised that he could learn anything from the humans, but he waxes on about that humans hunt just about every animal on the planet for food and even raise animals specifically for eating, talking about how they’re force-fed and kept in small areas to fatten more quickly, saying it’s fascinating. (It’s worth noting that the writer of the serial, Robert Holmes, was a vegetarian and this was part of the theme involved.)


Six continues to sneak up to the hacienda and peers into the window, apparently into the kitchen where the Androgums are speaking. Shockeye says he cannot find any recipes for cooking “the human animal” and Chessene points out that some species do not eat their own kind.


Six is precariously perched on a stool outside the window, which gives way beneath him. He lays down, out of sight of the window, as Chessene looks out, but not seeing him. She tells Shockeye she heard something, but he says he did not. “You were too busy talking about your favourite subject,” she replies. He goes on to wax poetic about eating a human and she promises him they will find him one to eat and she will even join him, as she, too, is curious about the experience.


Oscar, Anita and the companions are chatting; Oscar says he’s between roles so he’s managing a restaurant for a friend. Six returns to the them, saying he didn’t find anything, but he knows the Sontarans are there.


As they talk, it comes about that aliens are there and Oscar is startled, thinking that the “officer” (he thinks The Doctor is an Interpol agent) is “joshing” him.


Jamie asks if the woman The Doctor saw was dark haired, wearing a long grey frock. He says that she was at the space station. They talk about Dastari’s alterations on her, and Six agrees with Two’s summation of how stupid that was.


When Six says they need to find a way in without being detected, Anita says she knows a secret way into the cellars. He tells Peri to knock at the door and play lost tourist. Everyone but Oscar heads off.


When Peri knocks at the door, Shockeye, who is upstairs, looks out the window. Seeing the succulent, young human, he begins licking his lips and making other almost obscene gyrations.


Dastari apologises to Two for not giving him a full sedative, saying he must be at least minimally conscious for the procedure. Stike yells for them to hurry up, as he feels it’s a delay for his “war effort”.


Dastari snaps at the Sontaran, telling him that if he wants this to be done properly, it will be at his pace. The Doctor passes out and Dastari is about to start cutting on The Doctor’s skull, when we hear Peri calling out, “Hello, is anyone there?”


Anita shows Jamie and Six where the entrance is. Six tells her to collect Oscar and get off the property to safety. There’s a (sightly) comical bit where, after Anita shakes hands with The Doctor, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, and Jamie offers her his hand, hoping for the same, and gets a less warm handshake.


Peri is talking to Chessene, pretending she’s an advance scout for a program to send American students over in the summer. As they talk, Shockeye is seen descending the stairs in the background. Chessene steps away to consult with Shockeye, who wants to eat her.


Chessene tells him he might get his chance, but she was trying to read Peri’s mind and kept finding “The Doctor” in it. She tells him to have Dastari wheel Two near her, to see if she gives herself away.


Jamie and Six have a comic moment when, descending a ladder, Six falls. Man, the laughs just don’t get any better than this.


(That’s sarcasm, in case you weren’t sure.)


Stike argues with Chessene’s orders to bring Two upstairs. Dastari pulls the “if you kill me, you won’t have the results you wish for” card. Stike gives in, but threatens them that they have until the end of the day before he kills them all and leaves, if the operation is not completed by then.


Shockeye and Dastari get Two into a wheelchair, as Six and Jamie, having entered through the passage, sneak behind them and watch. Though Jamie wants to rush after them, Six tells him to hold back, saying they need to look around first and warning that the Androgum (Shockeye) could break them both in half with one hand.


When Two is wheeled by, Peri doesn’t seem to have any reaction to her. Chessene instructs Shockeye to show Peri around. She begs off, saying that her friends are awaiting her. Shockeye gives chase.


Six examines the Kartz-Reimer time machine, saying it’s almost perfect, but it wouldn’t work for anyone but a Time Lord… unless they could inject the bio print into the machine, then anyone could use it.


Varl and Stike have been listening all the while, and interject themselves into the conversation at this point.


Peri runs from the hacienda, pursued by Shockeye. She slips and falls, of course, and he catches her. He looms over her, “Pretty, pretty, here my pretty one…”… and the credits roll.


Pretty (hahahahahhah) good cliffhanger there, what what?


Oh! Oh! I’m excited for this one. I recall the general storyline and the fact that I loved this serial (and why not), but I haven’t seen it in so long!!!

Episode 1:

We open with The Second Doctor (Two from now on) and Jamie (in black and white) looking at a large space station on the scanner. The view becomes coloured, as Jamie says that isn’t “a wee laboratory” but more like “twenty castles in the sky”.

He razzes The Doctor for not always being able to go where he wants, and Two points out that he got Victoria where she wanted to go. (Now there was a useless companion. Pretty, but goodness, did I loathe her.)

They keep talking and it becomes apparent that this is during the time that Jamie and Victoria were Two’s companions; that’s a shame, I wish they could have gotten Wendy Padbury (Zoe) to reprise her role. I really enjoyed the original chemistry she, Jamie and Two had.

Two says they have other things to worry about, pointing a device on the TARDIS console that has never been there before, a “teleport control”. He yells at the ceiling, “You think I’d never flown a TARDIS solo?!?!?” Jamie looks about, properly confused.

Okay, I know a lot of people bitch about how this story breaks canon, by having Two working for the Time Lords, when it was his final story that revealed he was as much on the run from the Time Lords as anything else.

I suppose the writer(s) could have worked harder to come up with a better way of working him into the story. But this show has constantly evolved, often changing past things – after all, the First Doctor was a HUMAN, not an alien, albeit from the future and NOT from Earth. But he had one heart, did not regenerate.

Hell, when One regenerated into Two, first off, it wasn’t called regeneration (that didn’t come about until the FINAL serial of Pertwee’s run as The Doctor) and secondly, it was the TARDIS that did it, it wasn’t a biological/physical feature of The Doctor himself.

So, to everyone complaining about this, or about the John Hurt bit from the current run, shut the hell up.

Anyhow, rant over, back on to the show!

Two tells Jamie that the devices gives the Time Lords “dual control” over the TARDIS. He then sets the controls to quietly slip in to the laboratory complex they were viewing on the screen. When Jamie questions why he’s being sneaky, he says he doesn’t want to draw attention, saying he’ll be mobbed for autographs, and just wants to speak to “Dastari, Head of Projects.”

After a rocky landing, Two takes the recall disc (from the new addition to the console panel) and tells Jamie not to stray.

Do I ever,” Jamie asks, one brow quirked.

It has been known,” Two replies. “And let me do the talking. All you have to do is stand in the background and,” and Jamie says the rest of the sentence in perfect harmony with Two, “admire my/your diplomatic skills.”

A man in garish clothing, with a large scimitar and a bandolier, is offended as Two and Jamie exit, asking how dare they “transmat that object into my kitchens?!”

Two asks how dare he speak to him like that. The man grabs a kitchen knife (why, I wonder – he’s got a FUCKING SCIMITAR on him) and introduces himself as “Shockeye o’ the Quancing Grig,” whatever that means.

Two says he’s not interested in the pedigree of an Androgum and says he is a Time Lord. This puts Shockeye in his place, who apologises vehemently. Shockeye is delighted to learn that Jamie is a Tellurian (human from Earth) and wonders if he is a gift for Dastari.

Shockeye wants to buy Jamie, saying he would be a succulent meal. Two and Jamie do their best to get out of the kitchen ASAP.

Two explains that Androgums are the servitor class there. As they walk off, they hear the TARDIS dematerialising.

Back in the kitchen, a woman says that will not make their allies happy, as she promised the “Group Marshal” he could have the Time Lord’s vehicle. Shockeye asks if it will make any difference, and she says not to her, as she has the “Kartz-Reimer module”.

She says this proves the Gallifreyans are suspicious and supports her choice to lay the plans she did. They discuss the plans, and she says that Stike is already moving; Shockeye is upset, saying that “the calgesic won’t have affected the scientists yet.”

This is fascinating as I do recall Shockeye, and to a lesser extent the lady. I know who their allies are, but not what they’re up to.

She assures him it will have by the time Stike’s forces arrive. Shockeye then asks if the scientists enjoyed their meal and she confirms that Dastari praised the chef’s work, saying he had outdone himself. This brings great pleasure to Shockeye.

The Doctor and Jamie confer with Dastari. Two explains that he’s fallen from favour since the first time they met, when he was an emissary of Gallifrey. Two confirms that he does act on the Time Lords’ behalf, as price for the freedom he has. (Okay, so that does vehemently fly in the face of the story of the regeneration from Two to Three, so I can see some of the nerd rage over this being warranted.)

When Dastari complains that they have received no help from the Time Lords, Two argues that he cannot expect much help, due to their policy of “strict neutrality”. Dastari says there has been much displeasure amongst the Third Zone governments.

Two says not to chide him, he’s just the messenger. “Officially, I’m here quite unofficially,” he says.

Dastari, not missing a beat, replies, “You’ll explain that paradox, I know.”

Two reminds him that he’s a pariah, an exile, so the Time Lords can always deny having sent him. Dastari asks why has he been sent, and Two answers that the experiements in time travel by professors Kartz and Reimer need to be stopped.

Dastari questions how the Time Lords can equate their demand with their policy of strict neutrality, and again, Two brings up that he is persona non grata and can be denied.

(Okay, another tangent here. I know a lot of people like the new run because there aren’t a plethora of other Time Lords, that The Doctor isn’t bouncing about and “on call” for Gallifrey, but I miss that. I really do. I love Gallifrey and the Time Lords and all that associated.)

Chessene, the woman who had been talking to Shockeye, arrives to inquire if Dastari’s guests require refreshment. Two stops Jamie from answering in the positive, though it’s been a day since they ate. (“One meal a day is sufficient,” the Time Lord tells the highlander.)

It comes up that Chessene is an Androgum who has been augmented to genius-level intellect. The Doctor does not approve of such experiments and warns Dastari, “She’s still an Androgum, you can’t change nature.”

Dastari argues that he has in her case. They continue to argue, Two arguing against meddling with things like that, Dastari saying that their races have become weak and effete and if the Androgum could apply their “boiling energy” (apparently they are an energetic race?) to pursuits of sciences, there is no telling what might be achieved.

A man sits at a screen, almost bored, when suddenly three Sontaran battlecruisers show up on the screen. The computer identifies them and says they’re hostile (that’s kinda redundant), but before the man can initiate a red alert, Chessene zaps him with something (killing him or rendering unconscious, I’m not sure which) and tells the computer to maintain standard scanning procedures.

spoiler warning

We see The Sixth Doctor (whom I’ll refer to as Six frequently, especially when the two are together) fishing, while a bored Peri throws rocks into the water.

After some banter and misquotations, The Doctor gets a catch, struggling with it, talking about how it might be a record, but much to Peri’s delight, pulls out an ugly alien fish that barely fills The Doctor’s hand.

Dastari tells Two that he has no authority to make Kartz and Reimer abandon their work. Two argues that he does, that he sanctions every experiment done there. He tells Dastari that the Time Lords have monitored up to “point four on the Bocca scale… anything much higher would threaten the fabric of time!”

What about the web of time?

Dastari argues that the professors know what they are doing and are responsible scientists. Two says they’re “incompetent meddlers”. Dastari suggests that the Time Lords are only insisting this because they want to keep a monopoly on time travel.

When Two says he doesn’t think that’s the case, Dastari brings up that the TARDIS wasn’t allowed to remain on the station, suggesting that they feared Kartz and Reimer getting a look at it.

The Doctor tries asking nicely, saying the Time Lords just want a chance to study the experiments to make sure they’re safe and once they pass muster, they will allow the experiements to continue.

This is a poor choice of words that offend Dastari. The Doctor rephrases, saying “there would be no more objections.” Dastari says he doesn’t not have the authority to ask the scientists to submit their work for analysis. He continues, still angry, saying that the Time Lords have no right to make any such demands.

Two gets mad in turn, and they argue more.

Suddenly, Dastari seems ill, weakened. He sits down, visibly stricken, but Two continues to rant, saying how could anyone so intelligent could be so pig-headed?

Jamie is laughing at this point, and Two notices, “What are you smiling at, you hairy-legged highlander?”

Jamie gets in the best dig yet, “I’m just admiring your diplomatic skills.”

Dastari, meanwhile, has fallen unconscious at the desk. As they notice this, they hear the sound of blaster fire. A man runs in, calling out for Dastari, but is shot from behind. The Doctor orders Jamie to run and we see a Sontaran hand threatening Two with a blaster.

Six and Peri return to the TARDIS, The Doctor talking about finding other planets to fish. Peri is bored, bored, bored.

When Peri asks what’s the deal with fishing, he says he needs to relax, he hasn’t felt quite himself. He is about to go on about “This regeneration…” but suddenly has difficulty speaking, then collapses to the floor, writhing in agony.

Two is seen in a booth, writhing in agony. Jamie watches from outside, in a hallway, but Shockeye comes upon him. When the chef approaches, Jamie draws his blade, fending off the Androgum. Shockeye is called upon by Chessene, who demands to know if he’s stocked the ship.

While the chef explains he was bringing special rations (as the standard traveling fare is so beneath him), Jamie runs off. She says he is of no import, as Stike will kill everyone on board. Shockeye mourns the loss of a chance to cook him, but seems happy when he gets Chessene to agree to go to Earth, so that he might get to eat a human.

When she chastises him for thinking with his stomach, he quotes their law, “The gratification of pleasure is the sole motive of action.” She says she still accepts that law, but there are other pleasures than the purely sensual.

There’s a little tension here; he sees her as impure, untrue to their people. She sees him as a purist and beneath her. When he brings up her lack of using her proper Androgum name, she says she has not forgotten her lineage, but ahead of her are greater things.

Six recovers, Peri asking if he’s all right. “Of course I’m not all right! What happened,” he replies. When she says he fainted, he scoffs, saying he never faints. He says he felt a weakness, and then he was somewhere else.

She suggests some celery and he agrees, also suggesting jelly babies. Then he talks of having a clarinet or a flute… then recalls it was a recorder. He talks of being killed then but existed now and completely confuses her.

Circular logic will only get you dizzy,” she says.

Peri suggests that he should consult a doctor. He asks her if she’s trying to be funny, but then says that’s not a half bad idea. He pulls out a chain of cards, going through them (and name dropping like he always has done), before finding one for Dastari!

He sets course for Space Station Chimera, rambling about the various studies and experiments at the station.

Their TARDIS arrives in the kitchen, which is full of foul meat, left on the tables to rot. Peri complains about the smell, which Six says is “mainly decaying food… and corpses.” He goes on to wax poetic about the smell of death.

They exit, moving through darkened corridors. (So the Sontarans left the life support systems going? I wonder how long it’s been.) They find signs of laser bolts and The Doctor says it’s recently happened.

Peri suggests leaving (again, sigh, always with that) and The Doctor says he wants to find out what happened. He had originally thought it was a comet strike or some such accident, but now he’s seen someone deliberately attacked, he can’t believe it. “Who would want to stop the brilliant work that was being done here? Pure research, it threatened no one!”

The station computer replies, “It threatened the Time Lords.” The Doctor demands that it explain, but it orders him to leave. When he refuses, the computer threatens to activate “defense alert”.

The computer begins to depressurise that section. The Doctor scrambles, looking for a manual override on one of the doors. As he works it, Peri collapses, but the door shortly opens and they slip in.

On Earth, at what seems to be a Spanish estate, we see a Sontaran, Chessene and Shockeye arrive. She seems to detect a solitary female occupant. She tells Shockeye it is older and might not be edible.

Peri recovers, finding that she and Six are in Dastari’s office. Six talks about Dastari in the past tense, and when Peri questions, he tells her that forty of the greatest scientific minds were killed her.

She asks why the computer said that Time Lords were behind it, but he says he doesn’t know.

The lights come on, and he explains the computer has lost track of them. The Doctor points out the carpeted floor in Dastari’s office and explains that they were being tracked by the heat of their feet on the floors outside, but in here, it couldn’t detect them through the carpeting.

You mean it got worried and switched on the lights,” Peri asks, not quipping as one would expect.

Something like that,” Six replies, bringing out a smile from Peri.

The Doctor tells her to think of it as a game between them and the computer. She replies, “I love games, Doctor. Games where I’m not expected to end up dead.”

Six is distracted, going through Dastari’s… office book? Appointment calendar? Diary? Not sure what, but it seems to detail the experiements they were doing there, which Six finds fascinating.

(Ah, it’s his day journal.)

It details the “time control experiments”, which he explains is news that the Third Zone was so close to that technology. He stops, then reads from the journal, “The Time Lords are demanding that Kartz and Reimer suspend their work, alleging that their experiments are imperiling the continuum.”

(Ok, he didn’t have time to record that, so that’s either a slip up in writing/editing or someone else entered that.)

The entry goes on to say that Dastari refused their demands and that his colleagues feared forcible retaliation from the Time Lords. “All agree that we must stand firm and refuse to be intimidated.”

When she asks, The Doctor says it couldn’t be the Time Lords, they would not have stooped to massacre. He refuses to believe it, saying there must be another explanation.

Peri suggests that someone could be setting up the Time Lords; he initially disputes that, but then realises she could very well be right.

She complains (shocking) about it getting hot in there and he says that the computer is trying to bake them now. He says they have to find a way to the computer controls and turn it off.

He rummages through Dastari’s desk, complaining that he can’t even find a paper clip. Taking a piece of wire from a ornament, The Doctor trips the lock on the door, opening it.

Back on Earth, an aged woman prays at an personal altar, rising to her feet with the use of a cane. It seems she’s blind, as she uses it to make her way out, but runs into Shockeye. The woman asks who is there in Spanish, and when Shockeye says “it cannot see”, she switches to English, “You are English?”

Now, why would they be speaking English?

He knocks her out and then inspects her, saying the bones are dry and brittle. Chessene says her mind may still be of use and instructs him to bring her.

Shockeye turns to the Sontaran, “You carry it, Varl.” I’m shocked, I thought all Sontarans has S-names. (No, wait, the first one ever seen was called “Linx”. Never mind.)

Varl snaps at Shockeye, saying he does not take orders from civilians and leaves to follow Chessene. Shockeye is left to pick up the old woman himself.

Back on Chimera, Peri whines about wondering if they could just leave, but The Doctor says they have to stay and find out what happened. Peri sees a dead body of an Androgum, but The Doctor says not to worry about it.

They slide down a service tunnel and find themselves in the service ducts. After bragging about his unerring sense of direction, The Doctor gets turned about several times. As they make their way, something in the shadows watches them, growling.

At the estate, Shockeye tells Chessene that Varl is setting up a beacon for the Sontaran ship. She says that Stike must be discreet in landing, “This planet is greatly over-populated.”

Delighted at the prospect, Shockeye all but giggles when he says, “But the time I leave it, madam, that might not be a problem.” He’s so delightfully corny and over-the-top. I love it!

When he asks if she learned anything of import from the “dead mind”, she says they are in a region called Andalucia, four kilometres from Seville. Shockeye is disappointed to learn that the woman was not concerned with food, but religion.

They argue some more, the same argument before – she calling him a primitive, he saying she only says that because of “the alien filth” injected into her by Dastari, and reminds her that she is still an Androgum.

Six and Peri move through the service ducts, which are like a giant jungle gym of tubes. He explains they’re “Fluidic streams, interesting application of an old idea. I think I detect Dastari’s hand in the design.” He explains that the fluid carries signals, but Peri hears something growling.

They, too banter, some of the same of their old arguments. As they set off, she hears the snarling/growling again. The Doctor, who didn’t hear it, says it must be hydraulics, but then they both hear it and he agrees that there’s something in there with them.

The continue on to their destination, below the central control area. He starts tinkering with the lines, but has difficulty remembering all the color codes.

Varl watches as a Sontaran ship approaches.

An Englishman and a local women approach the estate; she tells him about the old woman, how her mother used to work for her. He has a net, so I’m guessing he’s a collector of butterflies or somesuch.

Varl approaches Shockeye, “Our leader is in descent orbit,” he tells him. Shockeye says that Chessene is their leader. Varl argues that “Marshal Stike commands the Ninth Sontaran Battle Group!” They argue who is responsible for planning and running their operation.

Anita, the local woman, leads Oscar, who is in fact hunting moths, to a spot she says they frequent. He agrees that it “looks like splendid moth country.” Saying they are ladies of the night, they are early, and he sets down his lantern and net and waxes poetic about moths.

As they talk about his passion for moths, the Sontaran ship is seen blazing overhead. She drags him to go investigate, as he whines about the sight of gory entrails, which he can’t stand the sight of, “except, of course, on stage”. So he’s an actor.

They observe the Second Doctor being carried into the hacienda. Oscar worries that there will be injuries, but she insists they go see if they can help.

Peri has crawled down the ladder and finds something, calling out to The Doctor, but he’s still tinkering with things. She is attacked by something or someone, and her scream distracts The Doctor, who ends up getting gassed by a booby trap. He passes out and falls, landing on some cables… and the credits roll.

Okay, so there are some silly bits and all… still, enjoyable. Looking forward to when the two Doctors meet!

This is it, the final post on The War Games. So here we are, spoiler warning time!

Episode 8:

 The resistance ponders what to do – they want to set up some precautions in case the space-time machine returns to the general’s quarters. Their first idea (explosives) is shot down by Zoe, who says if they blow up the machinery in the general’s room, the Time Barrier zone around the chateau will go down and the soldiers will be able to get them. Instead, they decide to set up a machine gunner.

 The Doctor and the processing apparatus are brought back to central command. The SC informs the War Lord that the prisoner is in the security room. He examines the prototype improved processing device and instructs the SC to have the Scientist to return to “the home world” and have it mass produced.

 The War Chief tells the War Lord that the prisoner might resist interrogation and may need special treatment; the War Lord tells him to be sure that he gets it.

 The SC uses the truth helmet on The Doctor, demanding him to admit that he’s working with the War Chief. The Doctor seems to resist the compulsion.

 Zoe rattles off a list of resistance leaders as they discuss whom to contact next. Arturo Villar of the Mexican Civil War is considered to lead the largest resistance group and must be the first they recruit.

 A space-time machine appears and the machine-gunner fires on the guards, who duck back in. A sonic rifle takes down the gunners, but Carstairs throws a grenade in and the machine leaves.

 Still the SC tries to get The Doctor to admit, and still The Doctor resists. The War Chief interrupts, saying that since he is of the same race, he knows that the truth helmet can be resisted by The Doctor. The SC latches on to this admission, “Then you admit it – you do know him!”

 “Of course I do. And only I can deal with him.” – The War Chief

 The SC reluctantly releases The Doctor into the War Chief’s care. The guards take him away to the War Room. After the WC leaves, the SC moves to his desk and presses a button, demanding he speak to the War Lord on the top security channel.

 In the War Room, the War Chief dismisses everyone so he and The Doctor are alone. Oh, this is gonna be good!!!

 “You may have changed your appearance, bu I know who you are.” – The War Chief to The Doctor

 When the War Chief starts pointing out that The Doctor has a TARDIS, and that he cannot be a stranger, our hero replies, “I had every right to leave.”

 The War Chief begins to explain the purpose behind the War Games. The aliens have designs to conquer the galaxy, a thousand worlds, and mankind is going to be their army.

 “We can bring peace to the galaxy… and you can help.” – The War Chief, appealing to The Doctor. (Oh. Oh. What a concept for an alternate reality story. Imagine The Doctor slipping into an alternate reality, finding one where his 2nd incarnation accepted the WC’s offer, and they succeeded?)

 In the chateau, the resistance men drift off to sleep, and Mexican rebels slip in, taking them hostage. Arturo Villar and his men have arrived to speak to Russell. When Zoe stands up to him, he tells her, “For such a little woman, your mouth is too big!”

 Since Russell is not available, Jamie pretends to be the second in command, acting tough with Villar. This is the comic relief segment, apparently.

 As the War Chief continues to try to win The Doctor over to his side, the War Lord, accompanied by the Security Chief and guards, arrive. The War Chief admits to the War Lord that The Doctor is a fellow renegade Time Lord. The SC argues for The Doctor’s execution. The War Lord says that if The Doctor helps destroy the resistance, he will be allowed to live. He tells the WC that if they are unsuccessful, he will have them both killed.

 The resistance leaders finalise their plans for their attack on the central command zone.

 In the Roman Zone, the resistance attacks and take out the communication device there. In the Crimean War Zone, the same happens. Each time, the SC sends guards and technicians are sent. It continues through the various zones, and then they begin phase two of their plan.

  In the barn, a man rushes in, opens the panel to the communication device. Villar is there, but stops his man from destroying it.

 In central command, the WC criticises the SC for spreading his men so thin to all the different areas. The SC says that they believe the attacks are being coordinated from the American Civil War Zone, as that device was not damaged. He wants to use a neutron bomb. The War Lord shoots down the idea, saying they will be more subtle. He turns to The Doctor and says that this will be his opportunity to prove his loyalty and save his life.

 As the resistance leaders, now assembled at the barn, prepare to destroy the communicator, The Doctor’s face appears in it, asking for Jamie and Zoe. He says not to send the army, just the leaders – he’s arranging for a space-time machine to be sent there.

 It arrives and they cautiously enter. Petrov (a Cossack) is left behind to supervise as the others all board. The Doctor brings them back and is happy to see them. He leads them into a trap, and then rushes to stand by the War Chief, who thanks him and says, “A nice, neat little package for us to dispose of.”

 Jamie and Zoe cling to each other, looking at The Doctor in disbelief, and he gazes back, his eyes full of torment… and the credits roll.

 In a serial full of excellent cliffhangers, this is by the far the best yet!

Episode 9:

 The resistance leaders are taken prisoner, while they threaten to kill him for his treason. The SC wants The Doctor taken prisoner, too, but the WC insists that he is working with them and is still needed. The others leave and the two Time Lords talk some more. The Doctor begins to suspect that the War Chief does need him, something to do with the space-time machines.

 He compliments the WC’s accomplishments with the space-time machines – remote control and other modifications always resulted in “the shortening of the life of the time-control units” in The Doctor’s time, (on their homeworld, which still has not been named, I must note.) The Doctor is very curious to know how the War Chief got around that – the WC says they will talk later, they must not keep the War Lord waiting.

 The Doctor realises that he has not solved it and that the War Chief wants him for his TARDIS – eventually, the time-space machines will burn out through use.

 The resistance leaders are placed in a cell; the others blame The Doctor for tricking them, but Zoe and Jamie insist that he had a good reason and Zoe brings up that there was a reason he had to bring them there, and they must figure it out.

 The War Lord tells The Doctor that he is bothered by his sudden decision to work with them.

 “I like to be on the winning side.” – The Doctor

 The War Lord is amused by The Doctor’s “silver tongue”, comparing him to the War Chief in that fashion. The Doctor offers to modify the processing machines to work better – a faster solution than waiting for the Scientist to mass produce new ones on the homeworld.

 The Doctor is taken to the processing room and the War Lord and War Chief consult. The War Lord is staying until the emergency is over and the War Games have recommenced.

 The SC brings The Doctor to the resistance leaders and leaves him there, with no guards to protect him. They move in menacingly on him.

 The War Chief and Security Chief butt heads yet once more. The War Chief realises that the SC has been up to something and leaves the War Room to see where The Doctor is. Once he leaves, the Security Chief has a technician play back a recording… that’s not good, I shouldn’t think.

 The Doctor tries to explain that he had no choice – they were planning on dropping a neutron bomb that would have killed them all. The explanation isn’t going well, but the War Chief arrives in time, with guards, to save him.

 The Security Chief listens to the discussion between the Time Lords, where the War Chief talks about taking over as supreme leader.

 Jamie is sitting on a chair, under the spell of the processing apparatus. The War Chief watches as The Doctor works the machine and when Jamie gets up, The Doctor speaks to him as if he’s been processed. It seems obvious that Jamie is playing along. Zoe is dragged there and The Doctor gives her a wink after she’s placed on the chair.

 The War Lord returns to the War Room, but the Security Chief plays the discussion back and has the guards take him to the security bay, and gives orders to collect The Doctor on the way.

 Villar comes out of the machine, not realising it is all a trick and attacks The Doctor, trying to kill him. The others quickly jump to his defense and they explain it’s all a charade.

 Zoe, keeping watch, alerts them that guards are approaching with the War Chief. The resistance jump the guards, and the War Chief makes a deal to work with them.

 The Security Chief sends a blanket announcement to all security zones, summoning all security guards back to the nearest control point. As he speaks, the resistance attacks the War Room. An alarm is sounded and the SC makes an attempt to sneak away, but the War Chief blasts him with a sonic rifle. He hands over the rifle to the resistance, saying, “It was a personal debt I had to settle.”

 The Doctor and the War Chief discuss what to do – the War Chief wants to take one of the machines and leave this world, but The Doctor says they must put an end to the fighting and return everyone back to their proper places. The War Chief says there are only two space-time machines working and they don’t have enough life to transport so many to all the proper times.

 The others hear all this and Russell asks if The Doctor can keep his promise to get everyone back where they belong. He says he can… but the idea is obviously very hard for him to consider. The War Chief realises what The Doctor is thinking and says, “You can’t…. if you summon them, it will be the end of us. They’ll show no mercy.”

 The Doctor yells at the WC to stop the fighting. The War Chief gets on the communication board and puts out a general order to cease all fighting. Zoe and Jamie ask The Doctor who he and the War Chief were talking about.

 “The only people who can put an end to this whole, ghastly business and send everyone back to their own times – the Time Lords.” – The Doctor

 “Who are they?” – Jamie

 “They’re my own people, Jamie.”

 He tells them that this is not exactly a good thing but says there are no alternative. He sits down on the floor and sets out six pieces of plastic or some other hard material. He closes his eyes and concentrates.

 The War Chief tries to stop him, pleading for him not to do it, but the resistance leaders restrain him. As The Doctor concentrates, the pieces line up on the floor and, then of their own accord (perhaps powered by The Doctor’s mind), they assemble into a cube, much to the surprise of those watching.

 The Doctor explains that the box has all the information about what’s been going on here, plus an appeal for help. He explains that returning everyone is more than he can handle. When Jamie asks why he’s never done it before, he replies that he’s never really had the need to, until now. They realise that the War Chief has slipped off, while everyone was distracted and rush out to find him.

 In the landing bay, the War Chief recalls a time-space machine, but two guards stop him. The War Lord is there and the War Chief says they must return to the homeworld to get reinforcements, as there has been a revolt.

 But the War Lord says it is too late – he heard the recordings. The War Chief tries to claim that the recording was a forgery. He tries to escape, but the War Lord has his men kill the War Chief! They drag off of the body and the War Lord prepares the space-time machine to take them to the homeworld for reinforcements.

 The resistance arrives and attacks the guards and capture the War Lord. The Doctor tells them not to kill him, let the Time Lords dispose of him. He tells everyone he is going to summon the Time Lords and they need to stay here to await them… but he cannot stay.

 He turns to his companions and says, “Jamie, Zoe, this is where we say goodbye.” They don’t understand why he’s afraid of them, and ask, “But I thought they were your people, your friends?”

 “Yes, Jamie, they are my people, but… oh, it’d take too long to explain. I have to go!”

 Oh, now I’m gonna cry. This is why Jamie is so awesome (and Zoe, too.) The highlander tells The Doctor, “Now loo, if you’re gonna be in trouble, you’ll need me to look after you,” and Zoe chirps up, “Me, too!”

 Reluctantly, he agrees that they can accompany him, but telling them, “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” He readies the space-time machine, and then sits down and concentrates again, and the cube disappears. He gets up to leave, but Russell and Villar stop him, the former wondering why he wants to leave so bad if the Time Lords are friends and the latter thinking he’s leaving them to die.

 Villar tries to stop him, even to the point of moving to shoot him in the back as he enters the space-time machine, but Russell stops him. The Doctor, his companions and Carstairs return to the 1917 zone – they to find the TARDIS and Carstairs to find Lady Jennifer.

 The War Lord tells Villar, “Don’t worry… when the Time Lords find him, he’ll wish you had shot him.” He looks up as there’s a strange, hollow noise echoing all about, and says simply, “They’re coming.”

 The Doctor, Carstairs, Jamie and Zoe run down a hill. They say their goodbyes to the Lieutenant and head down. As Jamie looks back, he sees Carstairs disappear and stops to indicate it. The Doctor yells for them to hurry and the hollow echoing is heard all about. They run to the TARDIS, but everything is in slow motion… the distorted voice of The Doctor says “We must get away” as the reach the TARDIS, but they collapse, and The Doctor’s hand touches the door… and the credits roll.

 WOW. That’s fucking dramatic, right there. Holy shit, I’ve got goosebumps!

Episode 10:

 Zoe cries out, her voice distorted. The Doctor, his voice also distorted, says it is a force field and they have to concentrate. Jamie helps him with the key and they struggle to get in the TARDIS. The Doctor struggles to the console. Inside, they feel the effects, but not as strongly. The Doctor gets the TARDIS in motion, and they seem to be unaffected now.

 The Doctor explains that he was bored with life – the Time Lords just sit back and gather information and knowledge and observe and live forever (barring accidents.) He wanted to explore and meet people and see things and civilisations.

 Jamie asks why that’s a bad thing, why the Time Lords frown upon it… and The Doctor replies with the best quote ever, the biggest understatement of all time and space: “Well… it is a fact, Jamie, that I do tend to get involved with things.”

 Jamie’s response is lovely, too. “Aye, you can say that again! Whenever there’s any trouble he’s right in the middle of it.”

 Zoe asks what The Doctor is going to do – he says he’s set the controls for the farthest known planet he can find.

 Again, Jamie gets the awesome reply, “Oh, in that case, we’ll probably end up right in their laps.” Suddenly, the TARDIS begins to land, which The Doctor says is too soon.

 We see the footage of the TARDIS landing on the water (from Fury from the Deep), but the scanner then shows them below water. Suddenly, water starts dripping in from the roof and The Doctor says the Time Lords are weakening the TARDIS’ defenses. He takes them to outer space, saying they have given them the slip.

 A disembodied voice echos throughout the TARDIS, “There is no escape, Doctor. Return the TARDIS immediately to our home planet.” When The Doctor asks why they won’t leave him alone, the voice replies, “You have broken our laws, you must return for your trial.”

 Again, The Doctor tries a quick transference jump, hoping to get somewhere safe. They land somewhere surrounded by crocodiles or alligators, and then the controls start moving on their own.

 The ship travels and comes to a stop. Using the scanner, they see multiple time-space machines lined up. Obviously, they’re on… well, they haven’t called it Gallifrey, yet, just the Time Lords’ homeworld.

 In a most chilling sequence, the voice says, “You have returned to us, Doctor. Your travels are over.”

 The Doctor confirms that they’re on his home planet. He tells Jamie they can’t get away, not this time, and the three of them exit the TARDIS (which still looks like a police box.)

 Outside, a man in robe-like garments tells them to accompany him, though Jamie questions it. The Doctor tells Jamie they must do as he says. The man leads them into a chamber where the War Lord stands. He does not acknowledge their arrival.

 The man joins two other men in the same robes and informs them the witnesses have arrived. The tallest of the three, a man with grey hair, says they will wait until needed and then instructs the trial to continue.

 The War Lord is being tried for his crimes against the humans who died in the War Games. A Time Lord speaks in details about the various offenses involved in the scheme of the War Lord and his people.

 As the Time Lord speaks, The Doctor explains to his companions that the Time Lords usually do not get involved, and a trial is a rare thing, but since he summoned them, they were forced to get involved. Jamie asks if they can get away, but The Doctor says while they may be able to, he doesn’t think he will.

 The Doctor is instructed to step forward, and he does so. He asserts that everything in his report was due to his personal observation. The Doctor identifies the War Lord as the accused. They ask the War Lord if he has anything to say in his defense, and they use their minds to cause him pain when he refuses to do so.

 He refuses the authority of the court, saying the humans would have killed each other anyways, that the ends justify the means. The War Lord tells the tribunal, “If I am guilty, then you are guilty, too!”

 In the docking bay, two Time Lord technicians examine The Doctor’s TARDIS console. One of them hears the sound of an arriving space-time machine and goes to investigate, to find guards from the War Lord’s people. They fire their rifles at the technicians, killing them both.

 The tribunal announces that the War Lord has been found guilty, and his attempt to implicate others is transparent. The War Lord says they have no authority over him, and when his guards burst in, he adds, “and no power with which to pass any sentence.”

 The guards take The Doctor and his companions hostage, telling the tribunal he will have them killed if they try to stop him. The tribunal says they will not endanger innocents.

 The War Lord tells The Doctor he will help them if he wants to save the lives of his two friends. When Jamie insists that The Doctor cannot steer it properly, the War Lord snaps, “Of course he can steer it, now into the machine,” and the guards push everyone into The Doctor’s TARDIS.

 The Doctor tries to explain that the directional control is faulty, but the guards grab Zoe and point a gun at her. The War Lord gives coordinates for his home planet and The Doctor says, “I’ll do my best, but I can’t promise anything.” He flips some switches, telling his companions to hide their eyes and run.

 Bright light fills the console room and a shrill sirend sounds. The guards are blinded and disoriented as our heroes dash out. The War Lord and guards give chase, but two of the tribunal stand outside, waiting. The Doctor and his companions hide behind them.

 A force field surrounds the War Lord and his men, and one of the Time Lords tells him that a force field has been placed around his planet as well, “so that your warlike people will remain prisoners forever. You have been found guilty of all charges and you and your murderous associates will be dematerialised. It will be as if you had never existed.”

 And the War Lord and his guards fade into nothingness.

 Jamie and Zoe walk to the TARDIS, saying, “Well, it’s time to go, come along, Doctor,” but the force field surrounds them. The Doctor tells them the Time Lords won’t let him go.

 The tall Time Lord gestures and The Doctor follows them; the companions are told they must wait there while The Doctor is on trial.

 Back in the trial chamber, The Doctor is told he is on trial for breaking “our most important law of non-interference in the affairs of other planets.”

 When asked if he admits to them, he replies, “I not only admit them, I am proud of them. While you have been content to merely observe the evil in the galaxy, I have been fighting against it!”

 He asks them to allow a thought channel, so that he might show the evils he has fought against. On a screen, we see each of the following and he tells the Time Lords about them – the Quarks and the Dominators, the Yeti and the Great Intelligence, the Ice Warriors, Cybermen, and worst of all, the Daleks. 

 “True, I am guilty of interference, just as you are guilty of failing to use your great powers to help those in need!” – The Doctor. Man, this is some good fucking stuff here. Wow.

 The tall Time Lord says they must have time to consider his words – he has raised “difficult issues”.

 Zoe and Jamie are told they are being taken back to their proper time and place. They ask for permission to see The Doctor, and the Time Lord seems surprised they are attached to him. The Time Lord leaves the three of them together to say goodbye.

 When they ask what is going to happen to him, The Doctor replies, “Oh, nothing much. I expect they’ll make me listen to a long boring speech about being a good boy. They like making speeches.” Obviously, he’s not aware of how seriously they’re taking it.

 The two companions try to talk him into attempting an escape and he gives in – he seems very afraid of the Time Lords and of what they are capable of. They leave the room and make it back to the TARDIS bay, where the Time Lords are waiting.

 The Doctor finally convinces his companions that this is it and they say their goodbyes. And I’m crying, a little, even though this serial aired before I was even born and I’ve know the ending of it for most of my life. Jamie and The Doctor exchange some touching words, then they wave goodbye and enter one of the space-time machines.

 The Time Lord tells them that they will remember their first adventure with him, and they will be returned moments after they had left with him. He then tells The Doctor to follow, as his fate has been decided. They return to the trial chamber, and on the screen, we see Zoe, back on the Wheel. The sounds of a space-time machine dematerialising can be heard as she looks around, a bit confused. Tanya, one of the characters from THE WHEEL IN SPACE, approaches and asks if she is all right, to which she replies in the affirmative, and that she just saw The Doctor and Jamie off.

 Tanya says they’d better get back to work, there’s a lot to be done if they’re to get the Wheel back to normal. Zoe stares off, frowning, and Tanya asks, “Are you sure you’re all right?”

 In a bit of a heartbreaker, Zoe replies, “Oh, yes, I thought I’d forgotten something important, but it’s nothing.” Ok, getting sniffly all over again.

 She moves to follow Tanya, but stops and looks around one more time.

 The Doctor asks the Time Lords if she’ll be all right, and they answer, “Of course.” When he asks about Jamie, the screen activates again, and we see Jamie getting up from the ground, dressed in his full piper regalia again. A redcoat appears and takes aim with his rifle, but Jamie ducks.

 Jamie snarls, “Try to murder a McCrimmon will ya? Well, I’ll show you.” He draws his sword and charges, shouting, “Brigadoon!” The redcoat runs away and The Doctor laughs, pleased.

 “They both will continue their lives as if nothing had happened,” they tell The Doctor. They go on to tell him that they have accepted his plea that evil must be fought and he still has a part to play in that battle. They say because of his frequent visits to Earth, he must have special knowledge of it. The Doctor agrees that Earth seems to be more vulnerable.

 They tell him he will be exiled to Earth, in the 20th century, and he will remain there for as long as they deem proper. The secrets of the TARDIS will be taken from his mind for that duration.

 He protests that they cannot exile him to “one primitive planet in one century… besides, I am known on Earth!”

 “Your appearance has changed before, it will change again. That is part of the sentence.” Notice they’re not telling him that he’s regenerating, so this is still not part of the parlance. Very interesting, that. It’s just another change, this one induced. (Remember, when he regenerated from William Hartnell’s Doctor, it was explained that the TARDIS was responsible.)

 Outraged, The Doctor yells, “You can’t just change what I look like without consulting me!” When they tell he will have some say in the matter, he settles down, but remarks, that he is “very particular!”

 They show some sketches on the screen, which he begins to shoot down, “He’s too old, he’s too fat, too thin, too young, that won’t do at all!” They accuse him of wasting time, but he maintains that he has the right to decide as people on the Earth attach a very great deal of… and the rest of his words are garbled as the screen fades to black and we hear grunting.

 The Doctor’s face appears on the screen, with Troughton making some amusing facial contortions. Multiple mirror images spin about his central face as this goes on, and he watches them. He keeps asking what is happening.

 The Time Lords say it is time for him to choose and begin his exile. We see The Doctor spin away, as he protests they cannot do this to him, and then he fades from sight, leaving only a black screen… and the final credits roll.

 Wow, what an amazing serial with an amazing sequence of events. I’m amazed and impressed. I know I saw a little bit of this as a teenager and obviously, back then, I was a fucking moron, because I got bored with it and didn’t watch much.

 I feel worn out from this experience – I was so anxious about seeing this, so emotionally invested. Obviously, Doctor Who is a very important show to me – after all, why else would I be doing a year long view and recap blog about it? So, this is a very emotional and personal adventure and at times it affects me strongly and this is one of those times.

 I thank you, whomever you are, for joining me, following along. Two Doctors down, five more to go.

All spoilers, all the time.

Episode 5:

 Carstairs has Zoe at gun point. He begins to pull the trigger, but the Scientist arrives, telling him that he’s done a good job, capturing the spy, but she mustn’t be killed. Despite this, Carstairs goes on about her being a spy and pulls the trigger, but the gun doesn’t fire/is out of ammo. The Scientist says that he is Carstairs’ superior officer and the soldier snaps to attention, saying, “Prisoner delivered, sir!” The guards with the Scientist take Zoe away as the Scientist leads Carstairs in the other direction.

 Von Weich is tied up and held at gun point. Jamie asks how long they’re going to keep them there, and the black soldier says they’ll let Russell decide what to do with them. (Jamie and Lady J aren’t exactly thought kindly of because they stood up for Von Weich, not wanting him killed, in hopes of using him to find The Doctor and Zoe.)

 The resistance thinks there’s a tunnel in the barn as they keep seeing lots of troops coming out of it. Jamie and Jennifer try to explain it’s not a tunnel but a machine, but they won’t listen.

 One of the other resistance men says there’s no tunnel, they’ve got the supplies loaded and it’s time to go. He points his gun at Von Weich and he and the African-American soldier struggle while the others watch. During the fight, Jamie and Jennifer make to sneak off, but a man in another military uniform shows up and fires his gun to get their attention.

 Harper is the African-American, Spencer was the man he was fighting with. I’m assuming the new arrival is Russell. As he sets everyone to duties, scolds them, Von Weich is fiddling (oh not, not again) with the video communicator in the barn. Jamie grabs him and pulls him away and directs everyone’s attention to it – since they’ve already resisted the processing, they’re able to see it for what it is.

 Back in command centre, Zoe is brought into a room with spiral patterns on the wall. There’s a strange humming in the room. The guard shoves her in a chair and a little man in a dark outfit (similar to the War Chief’s) comes in. He tells her she will be answering the questions, not asking them. He walks over to her, puts on a blocky helmet and fits a piece the juts forward down (like a magnification device). There’s a buzzing from the helmet and he starts asking questions, which she answers as if compelled.

 He doesn’t believe her when she answers that she was born in the 21st century. He questions her what the TARDIS means and she answers. She mentions The Doctor and he learns forward, flashing images of men into her mind, saying she will identify anyone known to her, “particularly this Doctor!” We see the first several images, but none are known to us.

 The Doctor runs (it IS Doctor Who, after all) through the corridors and ends up in a room with Carstairs and the Scientist, who demands to know what he’s doing there. The Doctor says he was so interested in the demonstration he wanted to come along and see how it was going.

 He tries to explain that he was trying to catch “the girl” (Zoe) when he ran off. The Doctor tries to pick the Scientist’s brain, and learns that only the War Chief knows the timing of the plan. He watches (allowed to stay because he sucked up to the Scientist’s ego) and is asked to tie down the man, which he does, but only loosely.

 When the deprocessing is completed, The Doctor and Carstairs overpower the Scientist and throw him in the deprocessor and turn it on.

 Jamie and Jennifer are explaining about the video communicator and the box that brings the troops to (presumably) Russell, who has trouble believing it. Von Weich manages to trip an alarm, and we see a man at a communications board in the command centre, responding asking what the emergency is.

 The War Chief consults the interrogator who was working with Zoe – she didn’t recognise any of the men (all known resistance leaders, presumably) they showed her and thus feel she is part of “a small resistance group”.

 If the War Chief knows The Doctor, he doesn’t acknowledge it with his subordinate. However, he does ask if all things were otherwise normal with the girl, and the interrogator responds, “Yes… the normal pattern of resistance activity. Did you expect something else?” So, perhaps he does know more than he’s sharing with his lackeys.

 The communication board worker brings in news of the emergency call from the Civil War zone. The War Chief tells the interrogator to follow, that Zoe can wait. As they leave, The Doctor and Carstairs come around the corner and knock out the guard left in the security room with Zoe.

 After Zoe tells him what happened, The Doctor puts on the headset. He sees several faces, including that of Harper. As he asks her what they were asking about, The Doctor cycles through the pictures – we see Harper and others from the Civil War, men from the 1914-1918 war (World War One), and he says there are “scattered groups of resistance”, but wonders if they can somehow organise them. With Zoe’s power of recall, they’ll be able to know all the men (faces and names) to contact in each zone.

 Guards are summoned to go to the landing bay to go to the American Civil War zone. The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs follow them there.

 Back in the barn, everyone’s still arguing, when Jamie hears the sound of arrival of the machine. Everyone hides, and when two guards come out, Harper jumps out but his shot. The resistance grabs the guards and disarm them, but Harper is dead.

 The War Chief and the interrogator argue; the War Chief is putting the blame on the interrogator (he’s also the head of security, I gather), even saying that the only reason they knew of the intruders was because he pointed them out. The interrogator responds, “Yes, that has been troubling me… how did you recognise them?”

 The War Chief quickly deflects the questioning, saying that the interrogator’s incompetence is threatening this whole operation. “When I came to your people I was promised efficiency and cooperation. Without the knowledge I have,” and he grabs a large pendant hanging from a chain that he wears around his neck, “this complete venture would be impossible!”

 Oh, wow, I have no idea what that thing around his neck is… oh, this is so exciting. I mean – okay, I think it’s pretty obvious he’s another time lord. But what is he up to? Why are they doing this? Who are these other people? They’re not humans, we know that by how they refer to the Earth people.

 The interrogator tells him if he has any complaints, take them to the War Lord. This doesn’t have quite the effect he was hoping for, as the War Chief calmly replies, “I intend to do so.”

 The interrogator returns to the security room to continue with Zoe, and finds the unconscious guard.

 Jamie argues with Russell and finally says he’s going on without them, though. Lady Jennifer tries to go, but Russell says he’s going with Jamie and Lady J is needed back at their base – they’ve got hundreds of injured men and she’s a trained nurse. Russell takes two of his men with him, and as the machine dematerialises, Von Weich looks on with a very satisfied grin.

 The interrogator goes to the Scientist’s lab and finds him trapped in his machine. He lets him out and finds out that Carstairs was freed by The Doctor. He mentions altering the War Chief, but the interrogator says no. He dismisses the guards and the two men talk – he tells the Scientist that the girl, under the “truth machine”, revealed they have the knowledge of space-time travel, just like the War Chief.

 “[The War Chief] is not of our race. Who knows where his true loyalties lie?” – the interrogator.

 Aha, we learn that the War Chief is “a traitor to his own people.” Yes, I rather assumed that was the case.

 The War Chief is alerted that the machine is returning from the American Civil War zone but has not followed proper procedure; the War Chief first tells the communication man to alert the security chief (interrogator dude, obivously), but then says he will handle it personally, and sends out a call for all guards to report to landing bay.

 At the landing bay, The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs hide. The Doctor says they just need one of the machines to land – if he can get inside again, he feels certain he can control it. (Of course he can, it’s obviously a form of TARDIS, brought in or created by the War Chief.)

 Alarms go off and a bunch of guards arrive. The arrival light flashes and the machine (sounding more like a TARDIS now) arrives. The door slides open and Jamie and his associates arrive, only to be ambushed by the guards, who open fire… and all the men fall, including Jamie… and the credits roll.

 Oh, this is so exciting, I don’t want to stop, I want to keep watching, but it’s getting late, so I’ll watch the last five of the serial tomorrow.

Episode 6:

 The Doctor and Carstairs drag Zoe away, to keep her from getting caught. The guards start collecting the bodies as The Doctor leads the Lt and Zoe to the processing room.

 In the security room, the Security Chief and the Scientist discuss The Doctor; the Security Chief believes he and his companions came to “this planet” without being brought by them. The Security Chief says that he thinks the War Chief is responsible.

 And then, in response, we have a historical moment in this show. Are you ready? I’m bouncing, I’m excited.

 The Scientist questions, “Are you suggesting he’s bringing in his own people, the Time Lords?” SQUEEEEE! There it is, said for the first time ever! Woo hoo!

 The Security Chief tells the Scientist they must find proof before going before the War Lord with their accusations. He tells the Scientist that before anyone is reprocessed, they are to be evaluated and if anything is out of the norm, they are to be brought to the Security Chief.

 The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs find a bunch of guards in the processing room. They skulk about to an adjacent room.

 In the processing room, Jamie and several others of the resistance are seen laying. The Scientist has one on his table and is using the truth helmet to scan his brain; the scan seems to indicate that all is normal and he has the guards take him away.

 The Doctor demagnetises one of the wall panels to access the processing room. Through a crack, they watch as Jamie is scanned – Zoe is delighted to see that he is alive. Jamie’s scan reveals that his brain is different and the guards prepare to take him to the Security Chief, but the War Chief shows up and starts questioning the Scientist on why Jamie, particularly, is being taken to the SC.

 The War Chief allows Jamie to be taken, but informs the Scientist to include him in any such unusual developments. After he departs, Carstairs grabs the sole guard and The Doctor confronts the Scientist.

 Back in the Civil War zone barn, Von Weich is sitting, guarded by one young man with a gun. The boy is rather nervous and it’s obvious Von Weich is going to try something. When the boy fetches a canteen for Von Weich, he starts to make a break for it, but the boy stops him.

 Jamie is being interrogated by the SC, revealing how The Doctor and his companions got there, and whether or not they were summoned there or not. The WC and SC argue. The WC tells him if he suspects him, go to the War Lord, but be absolutely sure, or he will crush him.

 The Doctor, Zoe and Carstairs free the resistance me and make a run for it. Alarms go off and guards come running. The Doctor tells Russell they need to return to the time zones and find the various pockets of resistance to link them up into once concerted effort.

 Von Weich asks the boy to get his monocle out of his pocket for it. He uses it to brainwash Private Moore, though the boy resists at first.

 The WC and SC are brought to the processing room, but there’s nobody within. The Security Chief makes an accusation that only a “space-time machine” woud have allowed them to escape, but the War Chief finds the loose panel in the wall.

 “I am sorry to crush your wild theories, but there’s your space-time machine!” – the WC, before sending the guards to the landing bay to cut off the prisoners’ escape.

 They rescue Jamie from the security room and march off, everyone wearing military uniforms from World War I. Guards approach, several of them slipping past a force field The Doctor erects. The resistance quickly defeat them, and Zoe, Russell and several others take the space-time machine to the 1917 zone. The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs stay behind to get the processing machine.

 The machine arrives at the barn (though The Doctor said he was pre-setting for 1917…) and Russell steps out. Von Weich commands Moore to attack Russell and Russell tries to use words to break the conditioning, but they fight instead. Von Weich gets a gun during the fracas and uses it to capture Russell. As he’s about to shoot the resistance leader, Moore grabs his rifle and kills Von Weich.

 The SC points out that the War Chief knew they’d be able to operate the space-time machine (he’s still looking for any evidence to back up his theories about the WC’s bringing in his own people), but the WC points out that it was merely logical to make that assumption – after all, that was how they gained access to central command. (Though, really, it wasn’t; The Doctor and Zoe initially just rode one of the machines on automated pilot…)

 The War Chief tells the Security Chief that he’d better “do something about this resistance group before the War Lord arrives.”

 The Scientist sees The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs stealing the processing unit. They make their way to the landing bay and The Doctor sets the controls for the space-time machine and they make their getaway… but something stops the machine. The Doctor sets the lock so they cannot get in, and begins to fiddle (oh dear) with the master controls, which he mentions is a “slightly different design to the TARDIS”.

 When the SC sends a message to surrender and their lives will be spared, The Doctor assures Jamie and Carstairs that they’re safe, “this thing is impregnable against outside attack.”

 Jamie’s response is spot-on, “You mean like the TARDIS?” The Doctor’s reaction is only to glance at the highlander.

 The War Chief tells the Security Chief they need to force them out and he walks over to the control panel. He activates the dimensional control, and within, it begins to get smaller – we haven’t seen that happen since the First Doctor dealt with The Mad Monk, I don’t think.

 Inside, the walls, ceiling begin to close in on them. As the War Chief says they have thirty seconds, we see the three of them pushed together, crying out in fear… and the credits roll.

 Another wonderful cliffhanger and we finally have the term “Time Lords” in use. This is such geeky, wonderful fun.

Episode 7:

 As they’re being squashed, The Doctor says they have to do as the War Chief demands. He crawls out of the space-time machine, waving a white cloth – a flag of truce, though the War Chief and Security Chief seem not to respect that. The Doctor throws down a capsule of gas which disorients/incapacitates everyone, steals the master circuit from the control board and rushes back in to the space-time machine to escape.

 Later in the command centre, the War Chief and Security Chief argue over who is to blame. Klaxxons sound, signalling the arrival of the War Lord. After more arguing, the WC goes off to greet him, leaving the SC in charge of the command centre, where they wait to see where the space-time machine will land.

 The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs ready to depart as soon as it lands – The Doctor knows they’ll be able to detect them once they do.

 Sector 5 – the Roman zone – seems to be where the map indicates the space-time machine has landed, and the SC sends a man to contact the Roman commander. The War Lord, a thin, bearded man wearing spectacles, has arrived with the War Chief at his side. The War Lord is unhappy to discover that the intruders stole the revised processing machine.

 The Doctor, Jamie and Carstairs quickly find themselves pursued by Romans and run towards the Time Zone Barrier.

 The Security Chief and War Chief butt heads yet again, the SC blaming the WC for The Doctor’s presence. They begin yelling and the War Lord tells them both to cooperate or else.

 Escaping through the mist, The Doctor and his two associates have made it to the 1917 zone, but are captured and taken before General Smythe. Zoe and the resistance watched the capture from afar and she says they must follow.

 The Doctor is taken away for execution – Smythe seems to have a personal vendetta in mind. He reports in that he captured them but The Doctor was killed trying to escape. The War Chief tells him to find the machine and bring it and the others to him. When Smythe asks Jamie where the machine is, they tell him only The Doctor knows where it is.

 Suddenly, the resistance attacks, saving The Doctor and storming the general’s HQ. He sends a plea to the War Chief for assistance, but Russell bursts in and shoots him as he was trying to deactivate the “area control”.

 The War Lord says that the resistance are foolish as they’ve gathered their numbers in one location. The Security Chief advises sending in his guards, but the War Chief says that would be foolish and it would invalidate the experiment and it would be better to use artillery to destroy the chateau. The War Lord says it woud be equally foolish, as bombing the chateau would destroy the control machinery and the Time Zone barrier would fail – instead, he says to use conventional forces.

 Both armies are pushing on the chateau. The Doctor tells the resistance that he just needs time to work on the machines – if successful, they will have a safe base of operations.

 Back in the command centre, the War Chief and Security Chief butt heads yet again. The SC accuses the WC of letting The Doctor get away/escape. The WC assures him “this Doctor will die.”

 The Doctor manipulates the machinery to surround the chateau with a Time Zone barrier, cutting off the armies from attacking and giving them a safe base of operations!

 The War Lord tells the WC that the SC is correct – he has failed. He turns to the SC and criticises his leadership of the security forces, as well. He declares that he, personally, will take charge of the “whole situation”.

 In the chateau, they deprocess one of them men, a Frenchman. The Doctor tells Russell with more equipment, he can rig up a machine that will handle larger numbers.

 A space-time machine is heard arriving in the general’s office. Guards exit and blast their way in, grabbing The Doctor and the processing machine, dragging them back into the machine and leaving. Zoe, Jamie and the others rush in to find the machine gone… and the credits roll.

 See you tomorrow for the final chapter of THE WAR GAMES!