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Recap: Transporting the remains of the executed Master, The Seventh Doctor is forced to land on Earth, where he is shot. In the hospital, he’s killed when a Doctor gets lost using a probe in his hearts, and he regenerates but is suffering amnesia.

The Master has tricked a kid who helped get The Doctor to the hospital into opening the Eye of Harmony, which is inside the TARDIS, for some reason.

spoiler warning

Part Two:

The TARDIS rumbles as the eye opens. Smoke/mist wisps about.

In the park, The Doctor staggers, feeling it. Grace asks what’s wrong and he gasps that something is happening. Then, a moment later, he shouts, “I know who I am,” and kisses Grace.

Breaking the kiss, he tells her, “I! Am! The Doctor!”

Good,” she says, “now do that again!” She means the kiss and he obliges.

Yeah. That’s just crappy dialogue and there’s no fucking chemistry whatsoever between McGann and the actress, much less the characters. I don’t mind The Doctor kissing, or the feelings of the companions for him and stuff (after all, though it was never really shown, it’s often been implied off and on over the years that certain companions had romantic feels for him, and/or vice versa.) But this? It’s flat.

The eye is open. Light pours out of it. Good thing Bruce (I refuse to call him The Master. He is anything BUT The Master.) has sunglasses on, what what?

Suddenly, a holographic image of the Seventh Doctor appears above the Eye. Lee recognises him as “the guy I took to the hospital.” Bruce tells him it’s “The Doctor’s past life.”

Then, as they watch, he becomes the Eighth Doctor. Suddenly the hologram zooms in on The Doctor’s eye and we learn… okay, here’s the other part most Whovians have a big issue with… that it’s the retinal structure of a human eye.

Bruce proclaims that “The Doctor is half-human! No wonder…” and his voice trails off while I interrupt the narrative.

Now, I’m not really butt-hurt over this idea. I mean, if they came up with a better way to introduce it and had a good story reason, I could go with it. After all, it might even explain his affinity and devotion to the human race.

Of course, let us remember that, in the beginning, The Doctor was a human. He and Susan were not from Earth, but were humans from another planet in our future – when humanity had spread across the stars. It wasn’t until the last Patrick Troughton serial, THE WAR GAMES, that we learned he was a Time Lord – though, to be honest, he still could have been human and been something called a Time Lord.

I also seem to recall that there was a long-standing theory on The Doctor being half-human, something I first heard about back in the 1980s, long before this movie.

But, anyhow… back to the (horrible) tv movie.

The Doctor stops kissing Grace, much to her dismay, as he understands that The Master is there and after his body and has opened the Eye of Harmony.

In the TARDIS, they see what The Doctor sees. Lee recognises Grace.

The Doctor, realising they can see what he can see, closes his eyes. Grace keeps asking what the Eye of Harmony is. He says it’s the power source to his ship, which he names and then explains what TARDIS stands for. Yay, exposition.

He says The Master is a rival Time Lord who wants his body – if The Doctor looks into the Eye, his soul will be destroyed and The Master can take over his body.

Listening in from the Eye, Bruce scoffs, “Listen to all those lies.” Lee remarks that Grace believes him.

In the park, Grace apparently does NOT believe him, and tries to get away, thinking him mad. The Doctor says that if the Eye isn’t closed it will suck Earth into it. He tells her he needs an atomic clock to fix the timing mechanism of the TARDIS, in order to close the eye.

See, all of this could have been avoided if she had listened to him on the operating table. But, no. Instead, she kills him, forces him to regenerate and now all this is going down.

(Has a companion ever been DIRECTLY responsible for a regeneration? The closest I can think of are Nine to Ten, when he absorbed the power of the TARDIS from Rose, and again from Ten to Eleven, when he entered the booth to free Donna’s grandfather. And both of those were indirect.)

Grace runs off, leaving The Doctor holding her jacket. He opens his eyes and gives chase.

Bruce laughs. He tells Lee they need to get to The Doctor before he can find a clock. Lee says the woman is the surgeon who operated on him. Bruce says if they can find her, they’ll find him.

The Doctor and Grace have a conversation through the mail slot, while he pleads with her, repeating everything she’s already said, while she says he’s nuts and she’s going to call someone to take him back to the psychiatric ward, from which he’s obviously escaped.

She goes and makes the call. He moves to the window and gets her attention, saying he can prove the Eye has been opened. He pushes on the window, the glass warping and bending with his hand. He says there are subtle molecular changes, but soon they will be catastrophic.

The Doctor walks through the glass, and still Grace stays on the phone asking for a bed in psychiatric. The Doctor talks, “By midnight tonight, this planet will be pulled inside out.

She looks at the clock, it’s 9pm. She tells the person on the phone to make it two beds.

Bruce and Lee head off, Bruce saying, “Come on, she needs an ambulance.”

The Doctor tells Grace he’s lost twenty pounds in the last twenty minutes. She cracks a silly joke about weight loss. On the tv, they report all sorts of strange events, snow in Hawai’i, etc. Scientists are attributing it all to “minute changes in Earth’s gravitational pull. Fluctuations that happen once every thousand years.” Right.

Ah, the 1990s.

The Doctor laughs, “I love humans. Always seeing patterns in things that aren’t there.” Okay, that line is pretty cool, cuz truth.

As the news continues, they talk about a new clock being started, “the most accurate atomic clock in the world”. The Doctor is excited.

The doorbell rings. Grace answers it and it’s Bruce. The Doctor sees him, and they exchange looks, but he doesn’t seem to recognise his enemy. He asks if he knows where the ITAR, the Institute for Technological Advancement and Research, where the clock is.

After looking at Grace for a moment, Bruce replies, “Of course I do.”

The ambulance rushes through the streets. Lee is driving. Bruce sits in the back with Grace and The Doctor. It’s 10:30pm and he’s panicking. Grace tells him she’s on the board of the Institute and she’ll get them in with no problem.

He asks why she didn’t mention this before, but she says she was more concerned with the “Eye of Destruction”. She’s obviously still thinking he’s mad (she even whispers to Bruce, asking about giving The Doctor a sedative.)


There’s banter that I won’t even bother to repeat. See, I care about you guys, I’m sparing you from this shit.

Lee slams on the brakes, presumably for traffic, and Bruce’s shades fall off, revealing his green glowing eyes. The Doctor sees this but doesn’t react.

The planet’s about to be destroyed and I’m stuck in a traffic jam,” The Doctor complains, taking Bruce’s sunglasses off his face. Bruce vomits some fluid on Grace, burning her arm. The Doctor grabs a fire extinguisher and blasts Bruce with it. This seems to cause him pain.

The Doctor and Grace run until a cop stops them. The Doctor offers him a jelly baby. As the cop eats it, The Doctor grabs the cops gun and threatens to shoot himself if the cop doesn’t stop them. Grace argues and they step aside. Grace is swayed by a horrible argument and she takes the gun and fires it at the cop’s feet or bike or something and demands he turn over the keys.

Right, cuz there’s no other cops there to come help? Anyhow, they hop on the cop’s motorcycle and zoom off. The ambulance gives chase.

Wow, this is so stupid and bad and painful.

Lee prattles on about him and Bruce being a team. There’s more really bad dialogue.

The chase scene goes on and on…

AUGH this is bad.

FINALLY, they arrive at ITAR. They see an ambulance already there, doors open. They’re upset that it’s there, assuming it’s the one with Bruce and Lee. (And I’m sure they’re right, but that’s one hell of an assumption.)

Grace is on the board and gets them into the soiree. She tries to get in ahead of everyone else, being on the Board of Trustees, but the security won’t let them in, saying they’ll have to wait with everyone else.

Grace introduces The Doctor as “Doctor Bowman” to everyone. They meet Professor Wagg, the scientist behind the clock, just as The Doctor is about to tell Grace a secret.

The Doctor asks for a closer look but Wagg says no and he wants to hear Bowman’s secret. The Doctor confides, “I’m half-human, on my mother’s side.” The Doctor picks Wagg’s keycard and they gain access.

The Doctor laments not having his sonic screwdriver as he opens up a panel on the clock. He’s already told Grace they just need a small component and they steal it, only to be confronted by a very young security man.

The Doctor says he knows him, identifies him as Gareth, and advises him to answer the second question on his mid-term, not the third, as he’ll mess that one up.

He gives Gareth a jelly baby and wanders off. Grace asks what that was about, and he says Gareth will be on a seismology task force in ten years, where he will design a device to accurate predict earthquakes, saving many over the years, but has to pass Poetry first, thus the advice.

Grace sees Lee, pointing him out to The Doctor. They see Lee and Bruce together and try to dash off, but are seen by Bruce.

They come across four security men covered in the goo that Bruce spat at Grace. The men are paralyzed. The Doctor sets off the fire alarm, trying to distract everyone. They head to the roof and then use the fire hose to lower to the ground outside.

Bruce and Lee smash down a barricaded door as they reach the ground and hop on the motorcycle to escape.

Grace asks about her future but he says he can’t tell her.

They arrive at the TARDIS, but The Doctor realises he doesn’t have a key. Grace says she always leaves a spare in a cubbyhole above the door – apparently The Doctor does, too, as he says the last half of the sentence in sync with her and then boosts her up, where she finds it above the P in POLICE BOX.

She asks why a police box and he says the cloaking device got stuck. He opens the door as a motorcycle cop comes barreling down the alley. The cop drives right into the TARDIS and Grace stares into it. We hear the siren get faint then louder as the cop drives out and heads off.

That was kinda cute.

Inside, the Cloister Bell rings. The Doctor says the TARDIS is dying. They go to the console to put in the chip he took from the atomic clock. She complains that it looks low tech, and he says the TARDIS can take her to any planet at any time anywhere.

She rattles off some big scientific words, suddenly developing a brain, it seems. He doesn’t seem to blink an eye at this.

The chip is plugged in. The Eye of Harmony closes. He fiddles with the console, but there is little response. He says they may be too late, but she says there’s still twelve minutes before midnight.

He sets the coordinates for one minute past midnight. The ceiling above becomes a giant 3D viewscreen of sorts, showing planets exploding. He says the only way is to go back to before they got there to close it. But the problem is the TARDIS is out of power from the Eye being open too long.

She pleads with him to think and he asks her if she’s good at setting alarm clocks. She says no, but he explains they’re going to jumpstart the TARDIS with the Eye of Harmony.

As they work, she becomes possessed and attacks The Doctor, hitting him with one of the tools. Her eyes turn solid black and she looks up as Bruce and Lee walk in.

Grace and Lee rush The Doctor’s body on a gurney to the Eye of Harmony. He recovers, “Oh, no, not you, Grace.” Lee says she’s possessed, there’s no point talking to her. Lee says that soon everything “is going to belong to The Master, again.”

Again? What’s he been telling you,” The Doctor asks.

When he gets his body back from you, I’m going to be rich,” Lee boasts. I don’t like this stupid kid. I don’t like any of this stupid movie. Can we be done yet?

The Doctor asks if he believes him and Lee questions why he shouldn’t. The Doctor points out there won’t be anywhere to spend the money.

Which is why we have no time to waste,” Bruce says, entering the room, dressed in Time Lord robes.

But time to change,” The Doctor points out.

I always… dress for the occasion.”

Bruce says Lee is the son he’s always yearned for. The Doctor scoffs. Bruce tells Grace to put something on him, that looks like a crown of nails. Jesus reference much? The Doctor pleads with Lee to believe him, pointing out that Grace is possessed by evil, not good. The boy starts to look like maybe it’s sinking in.

We see a bunch of hospital people partying, including Pete, wearing the Richard Nixon mask. The clocks say 11:55pm.

Wagg stands in the ITAR, meditating, anxious about his life’s work.

Bruce has Lee open the eye again.

Wagg calls the guests (who were let back in, obviously) making big proclamations about the new clock. Gareth comes and whispers in his ear. “What do you mean it won’t start,” he asks the boy.

The Doctor pleads with Lee, The Brucester says this is Lee’s chance to see the universe. The Brucester lets slip about how he wasted his lives, and The Doctor gets Lee to understand that Brucester has been lying.

Lee refuses to open the Eye. Brucester breaks Lee’s neck.

The Doctor asks how he’ll open the Eye. The Brucester calls Grace over and kisses her, sucking out his possession from within. He forces her eye to the beam of light and the Eye begins to open.

Grace cries out that she’s blind. The Doctor tells her that her sight will return. Sure, the world is going to end and all you care about is your eyesight. Within moments it starts to clear up.

The Brucester assumes a position so that the Eye of Harmony links he and The Doctor. The Doctor says he cannot move as long as the Eye links them and yells at her to go the console room to reroute the power as they’d planned before.

She runs off.

Outside, the alley is filled with lightning.

We get flashes of Brucester writhing, as he says he can feel The Doctor’s thoughts and memories. We see flashes of scenes from earlier (would have been nice to see ones from the first seven Doctors) and The Doctor begins to plead that it cannot end this way.

Grace fiddles with wires under the console.

Both the party goers and the people at ITAR count down the last thirty seconds.

The Brucester’s head does all sorts of stupid warping effects. Yay 1990s.

Grace fiddles with wires, complaining that she should surgery was different.

The Brucester proclaims that he is alive.

Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… One…

It’s midnight.

The TARDIS console column comes to life. Grace pulls levers and such, talking about alarm clocks. She sees the screen say ENTERING TEMPORAL ORBIT and she runs off wondering what that means.

The Doctor says, “She did it. Your life force is dying, Master.” Things look bad for the Brucester.

Grace runs into the Eye room and steps in front of the light beaming into The Doctor’s eyes. This frees Brucester who rushes over as Grace struggles to free The Doctor.

Brucester throws Grace off the balcony and she falls hard. She looks dead. The Doctor rushes down to check on her, but Brucester attacks him. The struggle over to the Eye. There’s bad dialgoue. There’s even stupider fight choreography.

In the end, Brucester is sucked into the Eye of Harmony.

The Doctor picks up Grace and carries her off.

We see a clock roll backwards. The date on the TARDIS console rolls backwards, going to December 30th.

The Doctor places Grace and Lee next to each other in the room with the Eye and energy leaves it and envelops both of them, bringing them back to life. Oh, yay, this makes me happy.


Doctor, I have your things,” Lee says.

The Doctor asks Grace how it feels to hold back death and she hugs him.

The Eye closes and The Doctor says “Incredible, what a sentimental creature this old TARDIS is.”

Apparently, just by going back in time they were able to be brought back to life.

Lee asks where The Master is. The TARDIS rumbles and The Doctor says, “Indigestion.”

He shows them Gallifrey on the roof-display. He sets the date for December 31st and takes them back to Earth.

We again see the countdown at the parties. Oh, yay, because that was so worth seeing again.

The clocks strike midnight and all around the world, everyone celebrates the year 2000. Meh.

The TARDIS materialises and The Doctor steps out. Fireworks and horns and people celebrating can be heard all over. Lee gives The Doctor his bag. The Doctor tells Lee to keep the bag of gold dust and the boy heads off, but The Doctor tells him to take a vacation next Christmas, to get out of town.

The Doctor tries to tell Grace something, but she says she doesn’t want to know. He asks her to come with him, she asks him to come with her. He says it’s tempting… but obviously he won’t.

They kiss again. Aw. Still no chemistry. They part ways, thanking each other. She watches as he enters the TARDIS. She waves, he doesn’t. The TARDIS disappears.

She stands there, amazed. Really? After coming back from the dead, a disappearing police box is amazing.

Inside the TARDIS, The Doctor listens to jazz, tinkers with the TARDIS and then sits down, picking up his book, “Now where was I?”

The record gets stuck on “time” again. “Oh, no, not again,” he says… and the final credits roll.



Sigh. So, my buddy Glenn Walker suggested that I do this as part of the “classic” run of Doctor Who. I suppose it has merit, including it, so here we are. I’m not a fan. I’m not expecting that will change with this rewatch – I just watched it about three years ago, to see how bad it was, and it was still bad.

But, anyhow, here we are. Gonna do two posts, try to find a halfway point that makes a good cliffhanger-ish ending and cut it there. Might be before or after the halfway point of the movie, but hey.

Still seems unreal that I’m done. But, anyhow, let’s do this…

Part one:

We open with some scenes of planets as The Doctor does a voice-over, talking about the trial of The Master (which took place on Skaro, which doesn’t really make any sense to me) and his last request – “He demanded that I, The Doctor, a rival Time Lord, should take his remains back to our home planet – Gallifrey.”

We see The Master being killed, Dalek voices saying “Exterminate” as he stands in an energy cage of sorts and then explodes. The Doctor’s voice-over continues, “It was a request they should never have granted.”

The opening sequence begins, the sparks from the exploding Master turning into a field of stars and music plays. The Doctor Who logo comes up (and I have to admit, I really liked this one) then zooms into space. We get a bit of the time tunnel effect as the main cast names come up.

The theme is pretty unrecogniseable as anything to do with Doctor Who, I have to say. It’s horrible.

We see The Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) placing The Master’s remains in a box for the trip back to Gallifrey, as the Eighth Doctor continues the narration voice-over, talking about how, though The Master had used up all his thirteen lives, rules didn’t matter to him and so The Doctor was taking precautions with his remains, “Because, even in death, I didn’t trust him.”

The Doctor sits down with some tea, listening to some soft jazz-type music. I like the sitting room and library of books with the TARDIS console amidst it all.

The console column is two moving parts, one moving down from the top, one rising up from the center of the console, another neat design. (I’ll give them props – some of the set designs for the TARDIS in this movie are most excellent.)

We see The Doctor’s 900 Year Diary (a tribute to The Second Doctor’s 500 Year Diary) laying on a table.

The box holding The Master’s remains shakes and we hear some grunting.

The Doctor eats fruit and reads The Time Machine.

The lock on the box breaks and opens. The record playing gets stuck on the word ‘time’ and keeps repeating until The Doctor gets out of his chair to reset the needle, returning to his book.

He glances at the tea, seeing it swirling in the cup. Suddenly, the cup launches into the air and lands on the ground, breaking.

The box with the remains breaks in half. Something silvery slithers under the TARDIS console, which begins sparking all about. The Doctor rushes to it, fiddling and pulling levers, pressing buttons and the like. He pulls at a viewscreen (which they do in the new series, at least in one of the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS versions that I can think of off the top of my head.)

Oh no,” The Doctor exclaims, reading the screen, which flashes INSTIGAGTE AUTOMATIC EMERGENCY LANDING and CRITICAL TIMING MALFUNCTION. (Huh, guess a timing belt is more essential on the TARDIS than in a car…)

The Doctor hustles to the box, discovering what he already fears – The Master has escaped.

The TARDIS exits the vortex, appearing in space near Earth.

In San Francisco’s Chinatown, three oriental youths run through the streets, pursued by someone in a car. They climb a fence and then pull their guns out to shoot at the car, which backs out of the alley as the youths shout at it.

As they walk off, four men with automatic weapons step out of hiding (they were just hanging out there in case they came down that alley?) and open fire, killing two of them. As they take aim at the last one, who they address as Lee, the TARDIS appears in front of them.

Their bullets bounce off the TARDIS. The Doctor open the door and exits and gets gunned down. The black car pulls up and the men jump in, one of them yelling, “What was that thing?”

Lee comes out from behind the TARDIS, after the car zooms off. He checks on The Doctor, who gasps, “Timing… malfunction…” (you’re not kidding, Doc.) Lee says he’ get him an ambulance.

The Doctor looks over at the TARDIS, seeing the silvery goo of The Master’s form oozing out of the keyhole. “Stop it,” he begs Lee, who looks over at the TARDIS, having no idea what The Doctor is referencing. “Hang in there, old guy,” Lee tells him, “Chang Lee will help you.”

Does anyone talk like that? Really? Granted, it’s 1999 (in story, as identified by the caption that let us know we were in 1999 San Francisco), so The Rock would talk like that. Maybe Chang Lee is a fan of The Rock?

Chang Lee goes off to flag down an ambulance, stepping in a puddle that moves along afterwards – it’s The Master!

An ambulance races down the road, sirens and lights going. Inside, the EMT asks Chang Lee if The Doctor is rich, saying he’d better be, based on where they’re going. (The EMT is played by Eric Roberts and we’ve already seen the opening credits which list Eric Roberts as The Master, so surely you can see what’s going to happen here.)

EMT Eric hands him something to sign, but Chang Lee says he’s not signing anything. EMT Eric says if he don’t sign, they can’t do anything (that’s bullshit, he’s dying.) Reluctantly, Chang Lee takes the clipboard to sign it and asks what the date is.

December 30th,” EMT Eric replies.

Nine…teen…ninety-nine,” Chang Lee says as he dates the form. Filling out the form, he lists the name of the patient as “Smith, John”. Now that’s funny.

The ambulance arrives as the hospital and The Doctor is rushed in. In the ambulance, we see a silvery snake move under the driver seat.

The Doctor is taken to an OR.

The silvery-almost transparent snake moves into the back of the ambulance.

A nurse puts up the X-ray, bewildered by the two hearts. The doctor tending to him says it’s a double exposure. The Doctor was shot three times, once in shoulder (went straight through) and two bullets in the leg. (So why is he dying – I mean, sure, with no medical attention, he might die from those wounds… but he’s unconscious and seemingly in bad shape.)

The ‘snake’ goes into the sleeve of a jacket in the ambulance.

One of the nurses says the patient’s heart “is still going like crazy”, but she doesn’t say which one. Even if they thought it was a double exposure on the x-ray, the monitors would pick up the extra heartbeat. The doctor says they’ll have to alert cardiology and when they ask him who’s on duty, he says, smirking, “Amazing Grace.”

We cut to the opera, where the camera zooms in on one woman watching in the crowd. Obviously this is “Amazing Grace”. Her beeper (oh, yeah, it’s 1999) goes off and she has to leave, much to the resigned disappointment of her date.

We see Grace rush through the hospital in her gown and then in the pre-op scrub room, barking orders. They tell her the X-rays are double exposed every time, so she tells them to try again. They say they’re getting another machine.

A nurse brings a phone to Doctor (Grace) Holloway, saying it’s “Brian”. The nurse holds the phone as Grace talks into it (as she just prepped her hands for surgery), apologising to Brian (her date, we presume). She argues, but he hangs up.

The Doctor lays on the table and Grace prepares to operate. The song from the opera is put on the stereo and as Grace gets ready to cut, The Doctor murmurs, “Puccini… Madame Butterfly,” and opens his eyes, grabbing Grace’s wrist (which is over him, holding a scalpel.)

He tells her not to do it, she tells him he’s going to be all right. He says he is not human, he is not like her (to which she replies that nobody is) and he continues, saying he needs a beryllium atomic clock, still struggling with her.

They gas him, and he struggles, as she says they’re going to cut him open to see why his heart is behaving so erratically. He is gassed and just as she declares that “he’s under”, The Doctor sits upright, exclaiming, “Timing malfunction! The Master! He’s out there!”

They force him back down and hit him with some more gas and Grace starts to cut, but again he protests. He finally goes black.

 spoiler warning

Overhead, a hospital director takes some people on a tour, as they watch down into the OR and observe the operation. Grace seems to be lost with the probe, but somehow causes a seizure. The probe snaps inside The Doctor and they’re forced to use defibrillators… but to no avail.

The Doctor is pronounced dead at 10:03pm and Grace demands to see his X-rays, stat. When she reviews them, she declares, “This is no double exposure.”

Chang Lee is woken in the waiting room by a nurse, who brings him to meet Grace. She tells him that “Mister Smith” died. He offers to take Smith’s possessions to the family and Grace confronts him, not believing him.

Chang Lee dashes off and Grace gives chase, still wearing her gown. Lee gets away.

We get a series of pretty skyline shots.

EMT Eric is snoring in bed as his wife complains. We see his jacket on a chair and ominous music plays as we zoom in. The ‘snake’ oozes out of the sleeve to the floor, and rises up, demonstrating a cobra-like head/hood effect.

Two guys in the morgue talk about going to a costume party. One of them is played by Will Sasso (ah, the 1990s…) They check The Doctor’s tag, which reads ‘John Doe’. They slip him in a cooler, to wait for autospy the next morning.

EMT Eric still snores. His mouth open, he rolls onto his back and, as his wife lay awake, her back to him, the ‘snake’ dives into EMT Eric’s open mouth and sliding down his throat, ending the snoring, much to the wife’s delight.

Will Sasso watches Frankenstein on tv at the morgue.

In the cooler, lightning flashes about The Doctor’s body and the sheet covering him flies off. Electricity crackles all about.

This is mirrored in the movie Sasso is watching.

The regeneration is more subtle than the ones we’ve seen of late; The Doctor’s face stretches and goes from McCoy to McGann pretty quickly.

More parallels – in Frankenstein, the monster’s hand falls into sight from beneath the sheet as Victor hustles about. In the cooler, The Doctor’s hand drops into sight, twitching and flexing.

The Doctor’s eyes open and he sits up as Victor Frankenstein gives the “it’s alive” monologue.

Hearing a thump, Sasso calls out wondering if that’s Ted. He gets no reply. The thumping continues and he goes to investigate. He watches in shock as The Eighth Doctor kicks down the door to the cooler he was in and staggers out.

Sasso faints. (Wow, this is just compelling telly.)

The Doctor staggers out, sees Frankenstein on the telly and then wanders into the hallway, humming the Puccini aria. Lightning flashes outside and there’s thunder. He’s still walking about, wrapped in a sheet. He enters a room filled with trashed gurneys and the like. Water is all over the floor and there’s a get well soon card on the floor.l

Seeing his reflection is dozens of surfaces, he wonders who he is. He falls to his knees, crying out, “WHO! AM! I?” (Get it? Who? Hahahaha, so clever.)

EMT Eric is awake in his bed, sitting up. The storm rages outside, but his wife is sound asleep.

Grace is sleeping on a couch in a lounge in the hospital the next morning.

The Doctor is still wandering about in his sheet. He starts going through lockers looking for clothes. He sees a long scarf.

In the streets, Lee opens the bag, examining a sonic screwdriver, a yoyo and other objects.

The Doctor examines a Richard Nixon mask, but tosses it aside. He takes a jacket and searches for more clothing.

Lee holds up an item that I’m guessing is the TARDIS key, though it doesn’t really resemble a key that much. It has strange carvings on it, and Lee mutters, “Weird.”

EMT Eric’s wife wakes up as the alarm goes off. Her husband stands at the window, shirtless, holding up his hands, muttering in a dark voice, “I must find The Doctor. This body won’t last long. I need The Doctor’s body.”

She cracks, “Sense of humour, no more snoring, you don’t need a doctor, come back to bed, honey.” She’s feeling frisky. He tells her his name isn’t honey but she can call him Master. “Well, come back to bed, master,” she replies.

Ah, the 1990s.

She screams when she sees his eyes, which are glowing green. He grabs her by the throat and kills her.

In the morgue, Sasso tries to explain while Grace gives him a hard time. We learn his name is Pete. We later see Grace walking down the hall, passing the newly regenerated Doctor.

He recognises her and follows her. He hears someone say the word time and this resonates with him.

The hospital supervisor suggests it was a double exposure and burns the x-rays, saying they can’t afford to advertise their mistake – suggesting it was HER mistake and they need not let anyone find out, saying he’ll take care of it.

She argues. He says he knows what is best. She says they need to find his body and learn from him. She threatens to quit if he covers it up, but he says she doesn’t mean that and walks off.

We next see Grace carrying her possession into an elevator. Just before the door closes, The Doctor walks in. He says, “Puccini. We’ve met before.” She says they haven’t.

He follows her, prattling on about Madame Butterfly, saying he doesn’t know who he is, but thinks she does. She yells at him to leave her alone. He follows her into the car, pulling out the probe and she realises that it must be him, especially as he rants about having two hearts.

He yells at her to drive, to get away, “Before they kill me again!”

Bruce (EMT Eric/The Master) shows up at the hospital, wearing shades. A nurse asks him why and he stiffly replies, “I had a bad night.” She laughs. He asks about the gunshot wound victim, saying he has orders to move the body.

She tells him the body is gone, stolen. He asks about the things, but learns that Lee ran off with them. His body is starting to fall apart already, evidenced by a fingernail falling off as they talk.

Grace takes The Doctor to her home, where she learns that Brian took all his stuff and left during the night.

She tells The Doctor to take off his shirt so she can listen to his heart. He corrects her, “Hearts, plural.”

She suggests he has selecdtive amnesia brought on by shock, but he says, “Maybe, I can’t remember.”

Listening to his hearts, Grace is amazed that he actually does have two hearts. She asks who he is.

I was dead too long this time,” he replies. “The anaesthetic almost destroyed the regenerative process.”

Oh, yeah, right,” she says. She gets up, wanting to do a blood draw. He tells her he has thirteen lives. She argues the dead don’t come back and that you can’t turn back time. He says he can. She gets mad, saying she’s not a child, and not to talk to her that way.

He says it was a child’s dream that led to her becoming a doctor. As she leaves the room, he says, “Don’t be sad, Grace, you’ll do great things.”

Lee is down where the TARDIS is. He uses the key (which is a key) and enters. He steps out and walks around it, after seeing how massive it is inside. He goes back in, calling out to see if anyone is in there.

I really like this TARDIS console room. It’s massive and filled with a library and the console and… Bruce. The Master.

When Lee touches one of the pillars, the console comes to life. The Master is amazed that the TARDIS likes him. Lee replies, “What are you talking about, Bruce?”

I am not Bruce,” he says. “It took me a while with the talking and the walking, but I am not Bruce.” Okay, why did it take so long – The Master has possessed bodies before when he was out of regenerations – took over Nyssa’s father’s body, starting the Anthony Ainley Master era.

I am merely inside his body,” he explains. Lee isn’t impressed until he takes off his sunglasses and reveals his green eyes. He seems to control the boy and orders him to give him the bag. When he takes it, and his eyes leave Lee’s, the boy seems to regain himself.

The Master demands Lee tell him where the person he got the items from is, saying he has his body and if they don’t bring him back there, he will die. When Lee asks what’s in it for him, The Master tells him he gets to live.

At her house, Grace examines blood through her microscope as The Doctor puts on a pair of Brian’s shoes, which she tells him to keep. She says his blood isn’t blood. She suggests going for a walk.

As they walk, she posits that he’s a result of some genetic experiment, but he says he doesn’t think so. She asks if he remembers his family, and he says no, but then has a recollection of laying in the grass with his father, “It’s a warm Gallifreyan night.”

She repeats the name and he gets excited, saying that’s where he must be from and asks her where that is. She doesn’t know. She asks what he remembers. He goes on about a meteor storm and then gets excited about the shoes he’s wearing. I think it’s supposed to be cute, but it’s dumb.

Bruce” tells Lee that the TARDIS belongs to him, not to the man he found. Lee says that he was told that guy died, and Bruce explains that that body regenerated. “My body can do this twelve times, but he’s taken most of my regenerations.”

What’d he do with them,” Lee asks.

Unspeakable crimes,” Bruce replies.

Like what?”

Genghis Khan.”

What about him?”

That was him.”

No way!”


WOW. That’s just horrid dialogue. The Master just said “Way!”

He asks Lee what he wants. Lee says a million, no two million, no a billion bucks. He offers Lee a bag of gold dust, saying he gets the rest when he gets his body back. They have a deal and ‘Bruce’ shows Lee around.

They end up at the Cloister Room, which Lee opens the door to, again, because “the TARDIS likes you.” They ascend a central structure in the room. “Here is the Eye of Harmony, the heart of this structure,” ‘Bruce’ tells Lee. It powers everything. He says if they can open the Eye they can find ‘him’.

He tells Lee to pull the “reflector staff” from its mooring, which Lee does. It reveals a hole from which a beam of light emanates. Bruce tells Lee to look into the light, “If the TARDIS really likes you, the Eye will open.”

When Lee argues, he grabs Lee’s head, shoving his face into the light. As the boy cries out, the Eye begins to open…

And that’s as good a cliffhanger as we’re going to get, I think, so we’ll stop here, pretty much the halfway point.

Recap: Tegan, still retaining a fragment of the Mara within her mind, has caused the TARDIS to go to the Mara homeworld, on the eve of a ceremony celebrating the anniversary of the Mara’s defeat at the hand of the Federation. Things look dire as both Tegan and Lon, son of the Federator (governor of several planets) are infected by the Mara…

spoiler warning

Episode 3:

The Doctor is locked in a cell, but Chela brings him some food, telling him he will be kept locked up until after the ceremony, later that afternoon. The Doctor protests that is too long, it will be too late.

TeganMara sends LonMara to fetch the great crystal.

Chela confides that Dojjen, the Director before Ambril, was convinced that the Mara will return.

For a few moments, we see the old man from the beginning of the serial, still seated out in the desolate wasteland, eyes still closed.

Chela says Ambril has charge of the great crystal and it is safe.

Lon returns home. Lady Tanha demands to know where he has been. She gives him a hard time for being out, having fun while she was being bored at the official dinner. She sees he has an artifact from the secret room, but he passes it off as a fake from the marketplace. She examines it while he goes to his quarters.

Nyssa skulks about some corridors, but quickly hides from Chela. She watches him enter the room to report to Ambril. Chela tells Ambril that he feels The Doctor is harmless and Ambril agrees.

Nyssa finds where The Doctor is being held.

Having donned gloves (presumably to cover the tattoo on his arm), Lon takes the artifact back from his mother and leaves again, Lady Tanha demanding to know where he is going.

Ambril hands a journal to Chela – it is Dojjen’s journal. Ambril tells Chela to read from it. He does, and it talks about the Mara being in the mind, in the heart. Ambril proclaims it to be nonsense when Chela asks if it was written in some code.

Lon enters just then, saying he is glad to hear that. He says he is there to ask a private favour of Ambril, and the Director dismisses his assistant.

Nyssa tries to pick the lock, but it is a simple mechanical lock. Nyssa hides as the door opens and Chela brings Dojjen’s journal to The Doctor. Nyssa overhears that the key should be in Ambril’s possesion, or at least his office, and slips off as Chela gets The Doctor to read the journal.

Ambril protests to Lon that he swore an oath, one dating back to the destruction of the Mara. He tells Lon that not even the Federator himself may see the great crystal. Lon pulls out the artifact, catching Ambril’s attention.

Chela tells The Doctor that was the last thing Dojjen wrote before “he danced the dance of the snake.”

Ambril is ecstatic at the artifact; when Lon mentions that there were many, “scattered around”, the Director is almost speechless. Lon offers to show him where the rest are and they depart.

Nyssa sneaks in Ambril’s office after they depart.

Chela explains that the Federation banned the snakedance a century ago. The dance is one of purification, to prepare against the return of the Mara. But since the Federation was using the story of their destroying the Mara, they drove the dancers into the hills so they wouldn’t spread their ‘sedition’. Chela confides that according to the legends, the dance involved certain “mental powers”.

Nyssa finds the key, only to discover Lady Tanha and her guard watching her from the doorway to Ambril’s office.

In the bazaar, children (and adults) watch a puppet show, a very Punch and Judy style one. Ambril and Lon look on.

Lady Tanha takes the key from Nyssa, and insists that she come with her.

As the puppet show goes on, a puppet of a giant snake attacks the male puppet after he hurt/killed the female one, and swallows him up. Lon collects some candles from a seller and then leads Ambril off.

Lady Tanha brings Nyssa to the cage where The Doctor and Chela are still conversing about Dojjen.

Ambril protests when Lon brings him to the snake cave, saying that every inch has been searched, that it possibly couldn’t be the source of the artifacts, but the Federator’s son insists. Lon then says he should be blindfolded. When Ambril protests, Lon says that if he wants to have the claim to have discovered it all on his own, he’ll have to play along. The Director is easily swayed by this and agrees.

After Nyssa has been locked in the cell with The Doctor, Lady Tanha asks Chela about her son. The assistant director confides that he had been there, but had private business with Ambril.

Lon leads Ambril through the caves to the secret door. (Surely Ambril would be able to guess what room they were in…) Lon leads him through the door and then allows him to remove the blindfold. (The candles they have are not lit, amusingly enough.) Ambril is delighted to see the room and the artifacts.

As he moves about, he finds the marketplace barker, who is doing his spiel. Lon laughs at Ambril’s confusion until TeganMara yells at him to stop wasting time. She demands to know where the great crystal is.

Nyssa reads the journal. The Doctor says that there must have been something to convince Dojjen about the reality of the Mara, something concrete enough to send him down the path he took. Nyssa, regarding the crystal, comes to the conclusion that they must be man made, for them to be so perfectly aligned to the thought patterns of people.

Ambril asks if this is all a prank, a hoax. Lon brings up the artifacts, smashing one, asking if they’re a hoax, too. Ambril says no, they can’t be.

The Doctor and Nyssa realise that the crystals are beyond the technology of the people of the planet. The Doctor says, according to Chela, the crystals are 800 years old.

TeganMara learns that The Doctor has been asking about the crystals, too. She says he must not be allowed to interfere, he must be killed. Lon tells the Director that the crystal must be placed in its proper place during the ceremony. Ambril protests, and Lon starts smashing the artifacts until the Director agrees.

We learn of the (postulated) origin of the Mara – the Manussans created the great crystal to create matter out of thought. But they did not understand that the matter created would be influenced by the thoughts, the quality of thoughts, the emotional aspects. The frustration and anger and discontent in them created the Mara.

Returning the the bazaar, Ambril removes his blindfold. Lon promises that after the ceremony, Ambril will be allowed to “discover” the artifacts again.

The tattoo on TeganMara’s arm comes to life.

We see the old man again. Eyes still closed. Still seated.

Nyssa wonders why Dojjen didn’t destroy the great crystal when it was in his charge, if nobody believed him, if none would listen to his warnings. The Doctor says this is a good question.

Lady Tanha prattles on to Chela about her son and his boredom. Chela is out of his league, and seems to be afraid to say anything to her ladyship. Lon and Ambril return, saving Chela from having to fret any longer.

Nyssa is getting stir-crazy and frets, while The Doctor advocates patience.

Lon says Ambril has an announcement to make. The Director announces that during the ceremony, Lon will play the part of his ancestor. As part of the ceremony, the crystal will be placed in its proper place. Chela is horrified at this, but Lon bullies him into submission. Ambril is dispatched to fetch the crystal. Chela gets the key from the desk as he departs. Lon notices and asks his mother what was on the table after the assistant director slips out the door.

TeganMara taunts the barker with the now three-dimensional snake on her arm.

Chela frees The Doctor and Nyssa. He leads them out.

Lon sends the guards to seal the entrances. The guards surround the escaping prisoners and Chela. Lon arrives and gives order for them to be killed. Nyssa screams… and the credits roll.

That scream seemed awfully forced, even for this show. Kinda a lame cliffhanger because of that. Would’ve been just fine without it – in fact, much better. Nyssa’s seen too much to scream at the threat of being killed.

Episode 4:

Lady Tanha shows up and stops the guards from killing the heroes. As The Doctor says they’re not there to kill Lon, his only concern is Tegan and the great crystal, Ambril shows up, carrying a box.

We see the old guy again. Yep.

Preparations for the ceremony/festivities fill the bazaar.

TeganMara taunts the barker with the snake. Yep, still.

In Ambril’s office, The Doctor and Chela and Nyssa challenge why the crystal is being put in its rightful place during the ceremony – particularly why Lon requested it and why Ambril is going along with it.

The Doctor demands to know what Lon has done with Tegan. Lon mocks The Doctor’s accusations of evil. Lady Tanha orders them taken away, but Lon says they should be allowed to see the great crystal. Ambril protests, but Lon over-rules him. As the Director is about to open the chest, The Doctor, Chela and Nyssa run off.

In Ambril’s office, Lon is admiring the great crystal, which is palm-sized. Ambril reports that they have escaped into the marketplace. He presses Lon about their arrangement, which Lady Tanha overhears. She tries to inquire about what he’s up to, but Lon passes it off as a “surprise”.

In the marketplace, an “attendant demon” surprises and touches The Doctor. Chela explains this is part of the day’s festivities, and those touched by an attendant demon (a man in costume, obviously) must pay a coin or have water dumped on their head. Chela saves the day when The Doctor confesses that he has no coins on his person, by paying for him.

I did recall this bit and always thought that was a neat little ‘tradition’. I don’t know if it was taken from some historic one or made up, but I really like it, always have – for whatever reason, it always has resonated with me.

Lady Tanha tries to see Lon’s arm; he’s explained it’s “just a scratch”, but she’s a mother and tries to see it, worried it might be infected. Finally, he yells at her to leave him be.

A giant snake puppet is led through the marketplace. A man with a bullhorn calls out, asking who will be the one to stand up to the monster. There’s music and excitement.

Ambril has brought Lon the costume for him to wear at the ceremony. Lady Tanha is standing with her back to the room, motionless, unresponsive. She seems to ignore Lon and the others.

The Doctor, Nyssa and Chela go somewhere in the desolate area. The Doctor sits, focusing his thoughts on the crystal, hoping to reach out to Dojjen. The crystal glows in his hands. “Now we wait,” he announces.

Lon returns to Ambril’s office in the most garish costume. Lady Tanha is so proud, so complementary. It’s possibly the most ricockulous outfit I’ve ever seen in this show, and that’s saying something.

Chela asks the same question Nyssa did earlier – why didn’t Dojjen destroy the great crystal when he was the Director? Again, The Doctor has no answer. Just then, Dojjen (the old man we’ve seen, which is no surprise) shows up.

The snake is paraded through the marketplace.

Dojjen has a little snake bite his wrist, then passes it to The Doctor. Nyssa protests, but The Doctor says he has no choice.

The procession makes their way to the snake cave.

Dojjen speaks to The Doctor via his mind, telling him to look into his eyes. Dojjen says for him to ask his questions. The Doctor has trouble doing so at first, but then asks what is the snakedance. Dojjen says this is the dance. There’s some really annoying music playing in the background, making it hard to understand everything that is being ‘said’.

There’s some talk about the “slow point” (I think, like I said, hard to discern) being important to destroy the Mara and the slow point is found within.

At the chamber of the Mara, Lon tells Ambril he will tell him when to place the crystal in its proper place. Outside, the great snake has arrived at the cave. The bullhorn man tells them all to submit to the great snake.

The Doctor comes out of the state with Dojjen, saying he hopes he learned what they needed to defeat the Mara.

In the chamber of the Mara, the snake puppet and procession has arrived. Bullhorn dude calls out, asking who shall stand up to the snake. He asks thrice, and on the third time, Lon stands up, saying he will challenge the Mara in the name of the Federation and his own.

First, Lon is to be tested. It’s all ceremonial and such. He faces three temptations – fear, despair and greed.

As they approach the cave, Nyssa gets snarky with The Doctor for helping her. Not sure what that was about.

At the final temptation, Lon breaks character, destroying the fake crystal in the snake puppet’s mouth, challenging their beliefs, calling it all a farce. He demands Ambril hand over the great crystal. When the Director protests, Lon removes his other glove, revealing the tattoo of the Mara!

A guard outside is taken out by The Doctor and company.

Lon takes the great crystal to the snake carving in the wall. He says after 500 years, the Mara has returned and how fitting it is he that should restore the crystal to its owner. He opens the secret door and TeganMara walks out, instructing him to do it now.

Lon does so and the wall lights up. Everyone collapses, crying out, holding their heads. Tegan throws down the snake from her arm, which grows large. The Doctor yells at everyone not to look, to find the still point (told you it was hard to understand what was being said) within to resist. Nobody is listening, though.

Tegan and the snake merge. Her face is in its mouth and speaks, demanding to know who is resisting. The Doctor is the sole who is not looking at her/it. The Doctor rises, focusing his intent on the blue crystal Chela gave him. She calls out for him to be stopped.

The Mara uses Tegan’s voice, trying to trick him into looking, calling out to him for help, but he resists. She sends Lon and the barker to stop him but when they touch him the crystal burns them. Dojjen, through The Doctor, attacks the Mara. The Doctor is able to leap forward and pull the great crystal out, destroying(?) the Mara.

Tegan screams as the Mara is cast out again.

Dojjen, back in the desolate area, rises and walks off.

People recover slowly. Tegan cries and The Doctor sits next to her, assuring her that the Mara has been destroyed… and the credits roll.

Ok, not the best, but much, much, MUCH better than Kinda. I wonder if I found KINDA so disappointing because I was partially remembering this one? It’s been… must be close to twenty years since I’ve seen most of these.

I’ve been wracking my brain, trying to remember what this one is about. I know I’ve seen it. So, let’s find out!

Episode 1:

We open with an old man sitting in a desolate terrain; he appears to be sleeping, praying or meditating. We focus in on a blue gem hanging from around his neck.

Nyssa steps into the TARDIS console room, showing off a new outfit. In response, The Doctor announces, “We’re not where we’re supposed to be.” Like that’s ANYTHING unusual. He doesn’t know where they are. She keeps trying to get him to notice her outfit, but he doesn’t.

Tegan is seen sleeping in her room.

Nyssa consults a book about where they’ve arrived. The Doctor finally notices Nyssa change of outfit, but doesn’t compliment her on it. When Nyssa reads from the book, she mentions the planet was the former homeworld of the Sumaran Empire and this alarms the Time Lord. He demands to know who set the coordinates (it was he, of course.)

They realise that Tegan read the coordinates from a star chart for their journey.

Tegan is having dreams. It looks like she’s reliving her experiences from KINDA. Oh, joy. She wakes up screaming.

We see a blue gem (much like the one from the old man’s neck) mounted in a snake statue. In the room a bored man in robes descends a staircase. Another man, seemingly a guard, stands near the base of the stairs. The robed man approaches the table where the snake statue sits. He picks it up and reclines on a couch, examining the statue.

Nyssa asks Tegan what happened; she says she can’t remember her dream, but The Doctor picks up that it’s a recurring dream. Nyssa tries to console her that it was only a dream, but Tegan says it wasn’t just a dream and The Doctor believes her.

A woman, the bored youth’s mother, enters and says he needs to get dressed as they are to be shown the caves – it is expected as he is the Federator’s son. The youth is unimpressed by his mother’s explanation of his duties.

When she asks what is wrong, he says he’s bored.

In the console room, The Doctor asks Tegan where they are, since she chose the coordinates. Concentrating, Tegan is able to identify the system they are in, though she doesn’t know how she knows that. The Doctor throws the name Sumaran Empire at her, asking if she recognises that one. She seems… affected, albeit confused.

The youth whines about how it’s all nonsense, that “the Mara was destroyed 500 years ago, and we’re still celebrating it”. He questions that the ceremony held every ten years is just to reinforce that life is better under the Federation’s rule.

His mother says it is and brings up the legend of the return of the Mara. The boy says it’s all very good, but nonsense.

Nyssa questions why The Doctor is making such a big deal about Tegan’s dreams, but the Time Lord says it’s important. Tegan asks if she’s still possessed, if the Mara is still inside her. The Doctor admits that it’s a possibility, and he suspects the Mara is trying to take her over during her dreams and that’s why she gave the wrong coordinates.

The mother tells the boy about the snakedancers, saying they were the only ones who truly understood the Mara. She relates how they were taken to meet them, she and her husband in disguise, as it wasn’t an officially sanctioned trip. She describes the savage dwelling of the snakedancers.

A man enters, asking if they are ready. The mother says her son will be ready shortly. The boy asks about the statue, and the man says it’s a tribute to him in honor of him being deputised in his father’s name. It’s one of a pair, from the Middle Sumaran Empire period.

Tegan is hypnotised and The Doctor asks her where she is; she says Deva Loka, the world of the Kinda. The Doctor says she must go deeper within herself. She starts talking childishly, about being in her garden and telling lies. Seems she is six years old now. The Doctor urges her to go deeper, further, into the dream.

Adult Tegan resists, saying she mustn’t.

We see a bazaar, people milling about. A man calls out for people to face themselves, mentioning the Mara. Like a sideshow carny barker, he urges people to come to the hall of mirrors.

Tegan, still hypnotised, is outside the cave in her mind. The Doctor her urges to enter the cave mouth, the snake mouth. He tells her she’s safe, but she must go in and look. Reluctantly, she does. Suddenly, she shouts “Go away,” in a voice not her own and wakes up.

The Federator’s son is called over by the barker. When the barker realises whom he is addressing, he apologises and admits his hall is just trick mirrors that amuse people.

The Doctor and Nyssa speak of the voice; The Doctor, working on a device, says it was the Mara speaking through Tegan. He puts the device on Tegan, saying it will help her, prevent the Mara from taking her over. The Doctor says they must find the cave from her dream, saying it must be nearby.

The Federator’s son and wife are led to the snake mouth cave – ahah!

The Doctor and companions leave the TARDIS; Tegan is wearing the device, which includes ear phones. The Doctor tells Nyssa that Tegan cannot hear any sounds, so Nyssa must be her ears. When Nyssa says she’s awake, so why the concern, The Doctor says that dreams are constantly occurring in the mind. They set off.

In the caves, their guide gives them the history of the cave system. Lon, the Federator’s son, barely listens, instead calling out “Hello,” and listening to the echoes sound until his mother reprimands him… but even then he continues.

In the bazaar, Nyssa checks on Tegan, who seems rather out of it. We see through Tegan’s vision, which seems rather distorted – she’s almost out of it, it seems.

The guide shows Lon and his mother some pictograms. Lon asks the man’s opinion on the legend of the return, which the guide says is superstitious nonsense.

Outside the cave, Tegan freezes up – it’s the cave from her dream.

Lon mentions that Ambril (their guide)’s predecessor, Dojjen, believed in the legend. Lady Tanha (Lon’s mother) agrees and encourages Ambril to take them to the chamber of the Mara, deeper within.

Nyssa stays outside the cave with Tegan while The Doctor goes in.

In the chamber of the Mara, there is a great snake carved into the wall, but it is missing a blue crystal in its mouth. Lon asks where the crystal is, and Ambril says as the Director, it is in his safe-keeping.

The Doctor walks the caves, hearing Ambril’s lecturing about the history. Lady Tanha chastises him to be quiet, even if just briefly. She examines the snake, saying it is horrible. She seems unsettled and asks Ambril if the legend is just a story, but before the archaeologist/director/guide can answer, The Doctor enters and says it is not, but the guard attending Lady Tanha and her son grabs him.

A marketplace peddler approaches Nyssa and Tegan, as they sit outside the cave. He has little toy snakes on sticks, and this frightens Tegan, who runs off. Nyssa loses her in the bazaar.

Lon orders them to allow The Doctor to have his say before he is thrown out of the cave. The Doctor explains about Tegan and the Mara’s influence and Lon agrees to go meet Tegan.

Tegan runs through the bazaar, then collapses.

Outside the cave mouth, Lon is disappointed to find that this Tegan is gone.

A woman in the bazaar brought Tegan inside her abode and removes the device from her. Tegan says she shouldn’t remove it, though she cannot recall why. It turns out that the woman attending her is a fortune teller. She tells Tegan she’s a charlatan, but Tegan seems frightened by the crystal ball… suddenly, she speaks with the Mara’s voice and tells the woman to look into the ball.

Back in the TARDIS, Nyssa and The Doctor worry about Tegan – they had hoped she had returned there. The Doctor wonders why the Mara has made its return, why now.

The woman looks into her crystal ball and sees a snake skull and she screams as the crystal ball explodes and TeganMara laughs… and the credits roll.

I’m hoping this is better than KINDA, cuz I really did not like that one. So far, it’s not bad.

spoiler warning

Episode 2:

The Doctor says their answers are out there, as this is the Mara’s homeworld. They leave, Nyssa to scour the marketplace looking for Tegan, The Doctor to talk to Ambril for more about the Mara.

Tegan finds Nyssa in the bazaar, near the crowd outside the fortune teller’s hut. After watching Nyssa a few moments, she reveals herself to her. Tegan goes on about the woman screaming and screaming, what great fun it was. Nyssa remarks that she’s not wearing the anti-dream device.

When they bring out the woman, Tegan hides. Nyssa finally gets a clue that there’s something wrong with Tegan. Tegan seems to switch personalities, alternately asking Nyssa for help and then yelling at her to leave her be.

The Doctor goes to see Ambril, who thinks he is a crackpot/con man. The Doctor learns that tomorrow is the ceremony to commemorate the defeat of the Mara. The Doctor demands it be called off, and Ambril sarcastically says he will do so, immediately, and then orders for his assistant to show The Doctor out.

Nyssa searches the bazaar, but Tegan hides from her.

The Doctor tries to explain what’s going on; when he brings up Tegan’s dream, Ambril’s assistant reacts, saying it has to do with the legend of the return.

Tegan enters the hall of mirrors. I thought mirrors were the Mara’s bane… She plays around, observing her reflection. In one, her face is replaced by a snake skull.

Chela, the deputy to Ambril, is given leave to explain the legend to The Doctor; he says that the legend says the Mara was not destroyed by the Federation, but banished. According to the legend, it returns in a dream, to regain power over men, in the meeting of the minds in the blue crystal.

Ambril says it’s all hogwash and as the legend approaches any detail, it becomes more and more vague.

Looking for Tegan, Nyssa enters the fortune teller’s hut, finding the anti-dream device.

Ambril shows The Doctor a headdress called the “six faces of delusion”, but points out there are only five face in the headdress. He uses this to argue that “any legend that cannot count” shouldn’t be taken seriously. The Doctor urges him to put the headdress on and Ambril does so, revealing the sixth face – that of the wearer! This angers Ambril who shouts for him to get out.

Tegan argues with the Mara, asking how the mirrors do not repel it; the Mara points out there was a circle of mirrors on the Kinda world and there is no circle here. As she talks to herself, the barker enters, approaching stealthily. I imagine he only hears Tegan’s side of the conversation.

You’re divided against yourself, a stranger in your own mind,” the Mara tells Tegan. She turns to the reflection (the snake-skull-headed Tegan), who speaks to her. In the mirror, the reflection has the snake tattoo on her arm.

Chela gives The Doctor a small blue crystal, called a Little Mind’s Eye; he says it is used by the snakedancers in their rituals. He says the great crystal is named the Great Mind’s Eye. As Chela leaves, The Doctor calls out, asking who the snakedancers are. Everyone nearby stops talking and turns to regard him, shocked.

Apparently the barker heard both voices, as he commends Tegan on her performance and her ventriloquism. Tegan stands still, seemingly in some state or trance. He prattles on and he suggests they work together to make money.

The Doctor and Nyssa reunite; Nyssa tells her about Tegan’s behavior and gives him the anti-dream device.

TeganMara scoffs at the barker, saying he is not important, that there is only one who is.

Lady Tanha seems to be getting ready for some event; Lon says he’s not going and she says it’s just as well, as he’d likely spoil it. She says his behavior that morning was unforgivable. She leaves to go to the dinner they’ve been invited to.

The Doctor and Nyssa return to the chamber of the Mara. He says he wants to investigate the pictograms, telling her about the ceremony on the morrow.

Lady Tanha returns to beg her son to attend the party. He rolls over on his couch.

The Doctor and Nyssa examine the pictograms; they see one that seems to address the minds meeting in the great crystal, and keep looking for more clues.

Lon is visited by the barker, who says he’s been sent to fetch him, that he’s been summoned. Lon finds this to be a fascinating concept, that someone dare summon him.

Nyssa points out that the mouth of the snake in the wall seems to be fitted to hold a great crystal.

Lon is led to meet TeganMara at the hall of mirrors. Tegan offers him her hand, which has the Mara’s tattoo. He takes it, as if to kiss it in a gentlemanly fashion, but she links fingers with him and he screams.

The Doctor exclaims, “That’s it! The great crystal, the Great Mind’s Eye!” He dashes about, followed by a questioning Nyssa, saying the crystal focuses the mental energies on a part of the chamber. They find the spot where the crystal would focus the energies at, but it’s been scratched off.

He pulls the small crystal Chela gave him out of his pocket, regarding it. “I wonder,” he proclaims and dashes off.

Ambril explains how the Manussan civilisation disappeared overnight. She’s rather bored and hungry as he prattles on.

LonMara stands, laughing at his reflections in the trick mirrors. TeganMara yells at him to be silent and to follow him, and he does. The barker does, too.

Back in the TARDIS, The Doctor tells Nyssa to sit down on the floor as he does. He asks her to focus her thoughts on the small crystal, to see what happens, postulating that it would be of the same material as the great crystal.

TeganMara leads LonMara and the barker to chamber of the Mara; seeing the great crystal is gone, she demands to know where it is.

The Doctor adjusts the anti-dream device, putting it on and focusing on the small crystal.

TeganMara bares her arm tattoo and a secret door opens in the wall. The three enter.

Nyssa watches as The Doctor focuses on the crystal, wearing the anti-dream device.

Inside the secret chamber, the barker rushes in, picking up broken items off the ground.

The crystal glows in The Doctor’s hands. Nyssa is amazed.

The barker says the things are worth money. Lon is not impressed, but he wants to hear about the great crystal.

The Doctor says that the crystal has the property to change thought to energy. He postulates that the great crystal could even make thought into matter – and free the Mara from Tegan’s mind. He leaves to go warn Ambril.

Lon says he knows where the great crystal is… or at least he knows who knows where it is and how to persuade him.

The Doctor interrupts Ambril’s dinner party, demanding to know where the great crystal is, saying it is the medium that the Mara will return through. Ambril has his men drag The Doctor off.

TeganMara and LonMara decide the barker is no longer necessary. They join hands and demand that he looks at them. They both talk with the Mara’s voice and Tegan’s eyes glow red… and the credits roll.

A bit of a lackluster cliffhanger, that. But this serial is far superior to KINDA, thank goodness.



Recap: The TARDIS lands on a planet with some strange natives. There’s an expedition from another planet. One of them is quite bonkers. The leader seems changed by something the natives did. And there’s some evil force at work. Dum dum dum!



Episode 3:


Todd screams as some little doll springs out of the box. Everyone laughs. The Doctor says the Kinda have a sense of humour. Hindle demands to know what’s happening. The Doctor tells him nothing, but then says, “Wait,” and looks into the box. The power fails. Hindle screams about the lights.


The door to the cage opens and the prisoners depart. The Doctor stares around, perplexed and then The Doctor and Todd see visions of the Kinda, with the old woman and young girl (who gave Sanders the box) beckoning to them.


The Doctor says the box linked them to the Kinda; Todd says she feels no different, but points out Sanders was affected. They leave Sanders behind and depart the base as the doors close.


Aris covers his arm, obscuring the tattoo of the Mara.


Adric brings Sanders and the box back to Hindle; he doesn’t want to see the box. Adric asks for permission to search for The Doctor and Todd, but Hindle is too obsessed with the book of regulations. He reads a passage about the setting of explosive devices, as a barrier from the outside.


Todd tells The Doctor that something is following them; he says it’s nonsense, but a moment later agrees. They discover that the Kinda have been following them, as a large group come out of the woods. One male Kinda, a jester type, performs for them, then The Doctor does a magic trick.


The Kinda applaud, but then Aris arrives, speaking for the Kinda to seize the outsiders. The Kinda are shocked at Aris’ speech; Karuna runs forward, but Aris repeats his demand that the “Not We” be killed. When Karuna tries to read his mind, he fights her off, saying it is forbidden. Another male comes forth and communicates with Karuna.


She says, “Yes, it must be say.” She tells The Doctor they have a prophecy about one who will rise among them who has the gift of voice and he must be obeyed.


Aris says that is he and he must be obeyed. Karuna argues that only the wise woman knows the truth. She says that the wise woman instructed the Not We should be taken to her cave. The Doctor and Todd hurry after Karuna as Aris demands they not leave.


Adric tries to sneak off as Sanders and Hindle work on their explosives, but he is stopped by Hindle’s pet Kinda. (My fingers want to type “Kindle” for Kinda.)


The Doctor asks Karuna about Tegan; the young girl explains they’ve seen her near the place of dreams, but will take him there later. She explains that Aris had bene sick because one of his brothers is a hostage of the Not We. She also explains that Aris is one of her seven fathers, something The Doctor and Todd both find shocking. Karuna finds the idea that the Not We generally only have one father to be “very sad”.


Adric tells Hindle he does not want to play some game, saying it’s childish. Hindle demands that he plays, saying it’s not a game but real. Adric still refuses, quite childishly. Sanders tries to play peacemaker and offers to help instead. Hindle reminds him that he’s still in charge and the two set about putting something together.


Karuna takes The Doctor and Todd to meet Panna, the wise woman. Panna is shocked to learn that a male was with Todd when the box was opened, saying no male could open the Box of Jhana without losing his mind.


Panna says that he must be an idiot, that would be the only way.


Again, Adric tries to sneak off. Hindle stops him.


Karuna tells Panna that Aris has found voice; the old woman says it is all beginning again, history is repeating itself. She says the Great Wheel will begin rolling down over the centuries, unstoppable, until once again… she says she must show them.


She talks of the turning of the wheel, the rise and fall of civilisations, of suffering and death. The Not We sit down with Karuna as Panna begins chanting.


Aris arrives at the cave opening; Panna tells the Not We woman and the idiot to stay, as Karuna leads her to speak to Aris and the Kinda with him.


Hindle almost cries when he realises Adric has slipped off.


Aris challenges Panna, saying that he has voice, the Kinda know the prophecy and only listen to him. Panna tells Karuna to read the others. She tries, but says it hurts her to do so. Panna urges her to do so and she says they all obey Aris.


Aris commands Karuna to come to him and the young girl obeys. Aris says they will destroy the dome and the Not We. Panna says this will not free them, that this is merely the beginning.


Panna demands to know who Aris is. He says he is “Aris, he who speaks,” but Panna says he is not. Aris leads the others off to destroy the dome, Panna protesting. At this time, Todd and The Doctor come out and they guide Panna back to the cave.


The Doctor mentions the “mark on his arm,” and Panna (though blind) knows what it is – the snake. She says it is the mark of the Mara, the Evil One. The Doctor says he has heard the legend of the Mara. Todd protests they’re wasting time, but Panna says she must sit down, so that she can show them, so they can understand.


Adric runs to the vehicle thing; Sanders catches up to him, politely saying he needs to not antagonise Hindle.


Panna chants and the cave opening seems to change, grow dark. Lights flicker and flutter. Panna says they must pass through and they do.


They see visions – Kinda gathered, clutching their heads. Timepieces all about, analog clock, alarm clocks, sun dials, more. Time runs out. The Kinda seem afraid, worried.


The jester dances for the Kinda. They applaud. As he cavorts, he falls and writhes. Evil laughter (Aris’ laughter) is heard. As the land sands pass in the hourglass, The Doctor says it’s the end of everything.


All goes white, and they find themselves outside the cave. Todd goes back into the cave, to check on Panna, and (melodramatically) proclaims that the old woman is dead… and the credits roll.


I’m really not feeling this serial that much. It should be really good, but the crappy characterisation/acting/melodrama is ruining it for me.)


Episode 4:


The Kinda move through the forest; Karuna stops, her eyes widen, and she turns back.


The Doctor says that while there are trance-like states that resembles death, he suspects that Todd is right. As they talk, Karuna arrives and when The Doctor tells her that Panna is dead, the young girl replies, “Idiot, don’t you know anything? Of course I’m not dead.”


Aris leads the Kinda to the dome. He tells them that the dome must be destroyed. He takes the jester’s… little face on a stick, not sure what to call it… and breaks it. He then orders the others to gather branches.


Karuna leads the Not We through the forest; The Doctor and Todd argue whether the girl is Panna or not. Karuna explains that she is both and both are one. They ask Karuna where the Mara come from. She says they inhabit the dark places of the inside.


When Karuna explains that the Mara only could have crossed over through “the dreaming of an unshared mind,” The Doctor realises that it was through Tegan that the Mara crossed over into the world.


Sanders is making cardboard cut outs of people. Hindle praises him on his handiwork. Adric whines, wanting to go for a walk. Hindle says that the outside “is for grown ups, it’s not for us, is it?” Hindle’s mind is completely broken. Sanders too – both men talk to the little cardboard figures like they were real.


Tegan is found by the chimes. Karuna/Panna explains that the chimes help them dream and it is forbidden for anyone to dream there alone. There are great evil there that could endanger a solitary dreaming mind.


The Doctor wakes Tegan, though Karuna warns her there is risk in that. Tegan wakes, talking of her strange dreams. She refuses to answer questions about her dreams, saying they’re private. He asks her again, saying she’s been asleep nearly two days.


The Kinda have assembled what appears to be a branch and grass version of the scouting vehicle from the expeditionary dome. Aris gets inside it, saying they now have a guardian, just as the Not We do. He says they cannot fail in their attack.


Tegan tells The Doctor about her dream as they and Panna and Todd walk through the forest. The Doctor says the Mara used her mind and body to cross over to the world.


Adric has exited the dome in the vehicle. Aris demands the Kinda attack it and they try to knock it over, but Adric frightens them off with firing something. The boy is panicking inside, crying out for someone to help him (jesus, I didn’t remember the companions being so goddamn whiny and useless during this run…)


Aris’ “construct” is destroyed, but The Doctor jumps out and speaks to Adric, warning him that the machine is operating off his fear. He gets Adric to step out and the boy tells everyone that Hindle has the dome wired for “total destruction”.


The Doctor and Todd rush into the dome, leaving Adric to Tegan. When Adric worries about Aris, they see that he’s gone.


In the control room, Sanders greets The Doctor and Todd. They find Hindle hiding in a box, who jumps out, like a child trying to surprise them.


Tegan and Adric argue over doing something to help; the boy argues for action, Tegan argues for doing nothing at all.


Hindle threatens to blow the dome, but Todd distracts him by asking him about the city. He’s completely nutters. This is rather uninteresting. When The Doctor asks how Hindle is controlling the Kinda, he shows him his mirror.


When The Doctor accidentally steps on some of the people, Hindle has a hissy fit and orders the button to be pressed; but The Doctor covers his mouth and the struggle. In the struggle, the mirror is broken and the Kinda seem to fall out of Hindle’s control.


Todd picks up the box; Hindle is about to press the button himself, but sees it and demands to know what it is. She says it’s nothing. He demands her to show him, and she agrees, but asking him to promise not to open it.


She hands him the box, and takes the detonator from him. She warns him not to open, but of course, he does. His mind is touched by the Kinda again. The lights flicker again, just like before.


Adric and Tegan snark and argue. Completely asinine and immature and ridiculous and stupid writing. God, I hate this shit.


The Doctor arrives, saying that all is well in the dome, but they must deal with the Mara. The Doctor says that they’ll use mirrors on the Mara and Adric says there are some reflective solar panels.


Later, they have the panels set up in the forest. The Doctor explains to Todd that according to the legends (which he had conveniently heard of before, of course), “No Mara can bear the sight of its own reflection.” They have the panels set up in a circle, to create endless reflections.


When Todd asks what will happen to Aris, The Doctor is unsure but hopeful that he will survive like Tegan did.


Karuna leads Aris into the trap. Aris chases her into the circle. The Doctor confront him. Aris speaks about still having control over the Kinda, because of his voice, but The Doctor says they know the truth about the Mara within him.


The Mara detatches itself from Aris, becoming a giant snake in fact. Aris struggles with it. When the Mara is separate from Aris, they pull him free, but close the mirror circle again.


The Mara grows larger, towering over the mirrors. However, the circle of mirrors has it trapped… but Tegan seems to fall under its sway again, until The Doctor shakes her out of it. He orders the gaps between the mirrors to close.


The Mara grows weak, and in a burst of light, disappears. The Kinda applaud and take away the mirrors. Checking on Aris, The Doctor says he’ll be okay. Karuna/Panna says that the curse of the Mara is gone, too, for it is the Mara that starts the clocks.


Todd gets frustrated with the mumbo-jumbo, but The Doctor assures her, “It’s finished.”


Sanders and Hindle, dressed in uniform, wander the forest. They both seem at ease, relaxed. Hindle worries that everything will be entered in the log, as per the manual. Sanders says that he never reads the manual and the two men seem at ease with each other and their own selves.


Todd reports to The Doctor that she’s recommended that S-14 be left alone, that it is not suitable for colonisation. Nyssa has recovered (this was done as she wasn’t originally planned to be a companion and the script had only been designed for two companions) and she and Adric and Tegan await The Doctor as he says goodbye to Todd.


When Nyssa asks what they’ve been up to, The Doctor plays it off as “nothing much” and “having fun”. They leave… and the final credits roll.


Wow, I didn’t remember this as being quite so bad. I know the show has a long-standing dim view on authoritarian figures, especially military… but still. Wow. It felt like a tribute to the season of Troughton where just about every serial was a base under seige, and there was some megalomaniacal authority figure, or someone going mad under the pressure.


It was annoying back then, too.


Anyhow, that’s done… let’s hope next week’s is better!


I have no concrete recollection of this serial right now – just a vague idea that I really liked it, or parts of it, and I think there’s something creepy about this one? Who knows, I could be mistaken…


Episode 1:


A building in a forest. A man inside enters a control room, where another man is asleep at the monitor. The new man turns on the light, strides over to the sleeping man, takes his gun away. He then dons a tribal mask and scares the younger man.


Tegan wanders around the TARDIS, which is sitting in a forest. Adric and Nyssa are seated nearby, playing checkers. They discuss Nyssa’s condition – she assures them that she’s fine, but has another attack, apparently her third. The Doctor comes out, working on a machine – a Delta Wave Augmenter – that is supposed to help her.


Adric notices that the sonic screwdriver is the key component of the DWA.


The two men regard the console; the elder asks about Roberts, but the junior says there is no sign. He then, formally, files a complaint at the senior man (officer, it seems – they seem to be some sort of military or paramilitary group)’s inability to establish proper security.


A woman enters and the senior officer asks her to give her opinion on the natives – she says the Kinda are no threat to the expedition. She then brings up that since they’ve taken Kinda as hostages, the Kinda might consider the expedition to be the threat.


The Doctor, Tegan and Adric go wandering in the forest. They come across some crystalline structure hanging, like wind chimes. The Doctor wonders who built it and why.


The woman complains to the senior officer, saying he rides the younger man too hard. The senior officer, who is in charge, is old school.


She brings up that they’re still missing Roberts and the others – the expedition is down to only three.


Tegan is horribly bored as The Doctor rambles on about the crystals and the apparent lack of civilisation around them. She seems to be in a trance – she snaps out of it, saying she was getting sleepy. The Doctor keeps messing with the crystals as Tegan sits down, falling deep asleep.


Adric has found an armoured suit/vehicle. The Doctor finds him, but the boy slams the ‘door’ shut, which seems to activate the suit.


Natives approach Tegan, who is sound asleep.


The Doctor and Adric are taken prisoner by the wearer-less suit/vehicle. They are brought to the expedition base and herded within. They are greeted with a gun; the junior soldier demands to know where Roberts is. The senior gets him to lower his gun and asks what they’re doing on S-14. The woman walks up as this goes on.


The Doctor quickly learns the natives are called Kinda and are the ones who built the chimes. He asks if they might provide some breakfast.


Tegan still sleeps, wearing leis left by the natives. Her eyes snap open. Something seems to be communication with her, perhaps influencing her. We get an extreme close up of her eye and see within – in shadow, she stands there.


At the command room, Adric and The Doctor eat breakfast as they learn about the difficulties – the loss of half of their team. They don’t know if the Kinda are responsible. The senior officer explains about the taking of hostages.


The woman takes The Doctor to see the Kinda hostages. The junior officer tries to protest something.


In the shadow area (her mind?), Tegan wanders and finds two people in Victorian or similar era garb, all in white, playing some game at a table. A man and a woman; the latter tells Tegan, “You can’t possibly exist, so go away.”


As The Doctor examines the two Kinda hostages, the woman, a scientist, points out that the Kinda all wear a symbol that seems to be the Double Helix. I think her name is Todd.


The game players ask each other if they saw Tegan. They debate whether they saw her, saw the same thing, or if sharing a hallucination makes it real or not. We see they have snakes tattooed on their arms.


A younger man walks up behind Tegan, laughs loudly. As she turns around, he disappears. Then the game players seem to move away, shrinking or fading.


Todd explains that Deva Loka seems to be a veritable paradise – no predatory lifeforms, extremely temperate climate year round, trees produce fruit regularly all year, no disease, etc.


She tells The Doctor she thinks the Kinda are telepathic.


Tegan runs through the dark shadowy area, the young man laughs at her and she stops. He says she does exist (she expected to be told that she didn’t, as the game players did). He tells her to guess where she is, she says it looks like “the middle of nowhere”.


Todd tells The Doctor that the Kinda don’t speak, they have no language, but yet they communicate. She gives The Doctor an apple; The Doctor says he thought local produce was forbidden, but she says she’s a scientist and doesn’t care about Hindle’s (the junior officer, who is designated security officer) prohibitions.


The young man laughs at Tegan. She notices that he has the same snake tattoo on his arm. He explains he is the same as the game playing couple.


A Kinda approaches the expedition base. Inside, the two hostages react, lifting their heads. Todd shivers and regards them. The Doctor sees the one outside and Todd says he comes often, but the others stay away.


The Kinda leaves when he sees them watching him.


The Doctor asks what the plans are for the planet; she says they’re investigating the planet for colonisation. Hindle shows up and demands to know what they’re talking about, saying he’s security and can go wherever he wants, when Todd protests his presence in her lab.


Hindle sees Todd has been eating an apple and takes it; The Doctor and Todd leave as Sanders (senior ofc) has requested they attend him. When they leave, Hindle throws a hissy fit, smashing stuff.


Sanders is going out, and puts Hindle in charge.


Tegan wonders if she’s dreaming all this, or imagining it. She tries to wipe it all away, but she can’t. The young man tells her that she will agree to… do something, I can’t understand, even though I keep rewinding it to listen… sooner or later, “this side of madness or the other.”


Hindle has the two Kinda hostages out of their cage and is using a mirror to do something with them. They stare at him, he at they. One takes the helix symbol off the other and hands it to Hindle. He says “very good”. The helix-less Kinda uprights the chair he knocked over in his hissy fit and Hindle sits down, both Kinda kneeling on either side of him.


The young man asks if Tegan has changed her mind yet. She says she has not. He says he has someone for her to meet and a duplicate of herself comes out. She says it’s a bit obvious, and he agrees – one of them is a fake, and it’s up to them to work that out.


The Doctor asks if he can accompany Sanders, but he says no. They recommend that Hindle shouldn’t be in charge, that he’s not stable enough, on the verge of a breakdown. Sanders says this will do him some good, then. He departs and Hindle pulls out his gun on The Doctor.


Hindle accuses Todd of not being reliable as well, saying they’re under arrest, as the two Kinda hostages (well no more) come forward, pointing guns at them as well.


Hindle says he has the power of life and death over all of them… and the credits roll.


Yes, this is the one with the creepy bits – am enjoying the Tegan shadow/mind stuff. Hindle and Sanders are one dimensional idiots, quite reminiscient of the Patrick Troughton era, where every person in charge of a base was a moron or a megalomaniac or otherwise unfit.


Episode 2:


Sanders goes out in the… it’s not a suit, it’s a little vehicle on treads you sit in and operate.


Two women stand in the woods. An older woman and a young girl; not dressed like any of the Kinda we’ve seen before. The elder speaks, “Listen.” They hear the sound of Sander’s vehicle. “It’s coming, have you got the box,” she asks her companion.


She calls out to Karuna, the young girl (teenager?) with her – it seems the old woman is blind. Karuna seems nervous, worried, saying that it is dangerous. The old woman says, “There is no other way. The Not We must know how it is with the Kinda.” So, they are Kinda?


Karuna argues, but the old womans she must not doubt, her doubt is the only danger. A Kinda named Aris arrives – maybe he’s the one who was watching the expedition? Karuna is instructed to read Aris and she does. She reads fear and hurting and confusion.


It seems the males do not/cannot talk. Aris wants to know where his brother is. He questions that if the Not We have voice (as the women do), does this not mean they should listen, but the old woman argues, saying it is not the same.


Aris asks to be healed, but the old woman sends him away, saying there is not time. Aris finally leaves and we hear Sanders’ vehicle getting closer and closer


The Doctor, Adric and Todd are locked up in the cell that held the two Kinda. Adric is doing magic tricks and Todd flips a lid, she’s pissed they’re not trying to escape.


Hindle has the Kinda former hostages dressed up in expedition gear. He’s playing commander and chastises one for his tie being a mess. He’s completely bonkers, it seems.


Karuna continues to argue with the old woman, saying it is too dangerous for a male, only a woman could understand. Karuna approaches Sanders’ vehicle and gives him the box. Sanders reaches out and opens the box and his eyes go wide and his face gets all fuzzy-glowy.


Adric asks The Doctor about Tegan. The Doctor hushes him and they hear footsteps. The Kinda open the cage and Hindle, on a video screen, asks them to accompany them. He tells The Doctor to “be sensible”.


Tegan is still sitting by the chimes, still in a trance-like state. Again, we go deep inside her eye and see the two Tegans sitting back to back. They don’t seem to be talking.


Hindle is babbling on about particles and fungi and bacteria and virii when the prisoners are brought to him. He points outside, talking about growth everywhere, but to what purpose, he asks.


Todd says Hindle is need of urgent medical care, but Hindle keeps screaming for them to keep silent. He says Sanders will not return, since the others did not. He announces that a fifty mile radius around the dome will be razed by fire and acid.


The Doctor asks what Hindle is defending against; Hindle says the trees, nature, “seeds, spores and things.” He says the Kinda serve the plants.


Adric suddenly agrees; I think we’re finally seeing him play along? He tells Hindle that he’d like to help and Hindle is glad for it.


Tegan and Tegan snark at each other. They argue over whose memory of being three years old and not liking ice cream is.


The Doctor and Todd are placed back in the cage. Adric asks Hindle what he’s to be looking for, and Hindle replies, “Everything”. Adric, watching the monitor, says there is something, and while Hindle is distracted, Adric swipes a card key or something.


The young guy with the Tegans shows up and suggests how confusing it would be with more; the two Tegans try not to think of it, trying to think of anything else – whale bones, watches, windmills, wibber. However, one of them thinks about if there were ten, and ten appear.


However, they suddenly disappear and the two Tegan merge into one.


Adric brings food to The Doctor, who tries to find out what Hindle is up to. Hindle is watching and Adric seems wise to this, playing a long.


If in doubt, then fire and acid every time, don’t you think?” – The Doctor, mocking Hindle’s plan.


Adric tries to pass off the key, but Hindles sees it and warns them.


The young guy taunts Tegan. She says she wants to be alone, and he fades to a ghostly outline… and so does she. She gets scared and tells him she agrees. They both become non-outlines again. He tells her to hold out her hand and he takes it.


Tegan screams as his snake tattoo moves from his arm to hers.


She wakes up and there’s an evil tint to her make up. She stretches and we see the tattoo on her arm now.


Adric is being punished for trying to help. The Doctor and Todd confer; he tells her that she was right, the Kinda are telepathic, and he’s been trying to contact them. He doesn’t understand why they’re following Hindle.


Hindle is about to announce the punishment of Adric, but stops when he sees Sanders returning in his vehicle. He screams for Sanders to go away. He begs them to make him go away, he cries out for his mom.


Tegan walks through the forest, laughing and hugging herself.


Todd says she never thought she’d be happy to see Sanders. The Doctor points out that he’s the first to return.


Hindle tries to explain about Adric and Todd being unreliable. Sanders has a goofy grin on his face and says he’s brought a present for Hindle. He hands him the box and tells him to open it and see. Hindle is nervous and says he thinks he’ll hold off; Sanders replies, congenially, “As you like. You know best.”


When the two military men return to the control room, Todd and The Doctor are horrified to realise that Sanders won’t be saving the day.


Aris goes to the chimes, plays with them, then sits down. Tegan, in the tree, drops apples on him.


Hindle is afraid to open the box. Sanders tries to coax him into open it.


Tegan talks to Aris, saying telepathy is a very boring way to communicate. She drops down out of the tree, talking differently, huskily. She moves a bit more sensually than we’ve seen. They touch (so they can communicate – though I have to say, it seems the Kinda telepathy is more empathy) and she says he’s unhappy.


She takes his hand in hers and says she could help free his brother from the dome. She agrees that the people in the dome are evil. She says she is the Mara, and this frightens Aris. She tells him not to resist, that she is his strength.


He cries out at the snake tattoo moves from her arm to his.


Sanders, The Doctor and Todd are sent into the cage, with the box. Watching from the video, Hindle instructs them to put the box on the floor between them.


Aris lays the unconscious Tegan down and crosses his arms. He says, “All things are possible,” is a whispery, sibilant voice. Like Tegan before, he runs about, laughing.


The Doctor asks Sanders who gave him the box. He doesn’t quite remember who gave it to him or what is in it. Hindle (with Adric with him) orders The Doctor to open the box. They argue. He yells over and over for them to open it. They keep arguing.


He finally says if they don’t open it, he’ll have them shot. Reluctantly, The Doctor opens it. Todd screams, super-melodramatic like… and the credits roll.


Over the top, much? Well, that’s the cliffy you get until Thursday, kids. Let’s hope it gets better… or at least doesn’t get any worse?  

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen this one. Already found out a spoiler and based on that, pretty sure I have not. Let’s do this!

Episode 1:

A ship flies through space and we hear a voice over, a man sentencing “Eldrad” to obliteration. As he talks, the scene shifts to a dome on a wind-blasted terrain. Inside the dome, a robed figure wipes away frost to look out the window.

Central Command contacts Dome Six, and the robed figure finds his companion dead. The figure sits and responds to Central Command’s communication, reporting that the temperature continues to fall, but the “obliteration module” (the ship we saw flying through space) is still on course. They discuss collapse of some barriers and the impending loss of control and the ability to live on the surface.

Central Command gives the order to detonate the module now, before control is lost. The robed figure argues that if they detonate too soon, there is a slight chance that some particles of Eldrad might survive. Reluctantly, the robed figure obeys the orders and is then told to evacuate immediately.

We are treated to a spinning of stars effect with some grating music. Then a fade to black.

Humans in modern Earth clothing set up explosives in a quarry. They trail away and the TARDIS appears. Sarah and The Doctor step out and try to talk over the siren going off. Sarah complains they’re not where they’re supposed to be.

A man on a high embankment tries to wave them off. They wave friendily to him. He tries to tell the man working the plunger not to do it, and Sarah finally realises that there must be a reason there’s a siren and tells The Doctor to run. They do run but the explosions are set off and they’re covered in the rubble.

The Doctor crawls out and looks at the mass of rubble, fearing Sarah is deep beneath. He sees his coat, which she was carrying.

An ambulance is seen moving through the streets, siren blaring.

Sarah is trapped in a pocket beneath several large rocks. She reaches out and touches a hand with a missing finger. Her screams alert the others to her location. They pull her out but she’s unconscious and has a death grip on the hand she found.

At the hospital, The Doctor is being checked out. The doctor working with him tells him that Sarah is still unconscious but seems otherwise uninjured. Talk of him being a doctor comes up and instead of the usual disclaimer that he’s not a doctor of medicine, he instead says that he’s sort of a doctor and studied at Gallifrey. When the doctor attending him says he’s “not heard of it, perhaps it’s an island?”, The Doctor agrees that perhaps it is.

They go to see Sarah Jane. Her left hand and forearm are rigid, clenched. The object she was holding too was removed and taken to pathology.

At the path lab, The Doctor realises that the hand is from a silicon-based life form. He asks for access to an electron microscope, saying he’s not sure what it is, but it’s no hoax.

Sarah Jane wakes and opens her hand; inside is an object, perhaps a ring, that glows bue. She gets up out of bed.

The Doctor says the answer to the hand, which has been there for 150 million years, might lie in the quarry. He leaves after asking Dr. Carter, the path lab man, to prepare another slide.

The Doctor puts a Patient Not To Be Disturbed sign on Sarah’s door on his way out. She leaves momentarily after he moves on, heading to pathology. There, she slips in and takes the hand. Using the ring, she blasts Dr. Carter, saying “Eldrad must live”. A voice in her head tells her that none must interfere.

At the quarry, The Doctor tells the quarry foreman that he suspects the hand came from outer space – either a space ship or by itself, but he wonders why and where.

Dr. Carter recovers and gets on the phone to the reception desk, telling them to hold Sarah if she tries to leave, but they say she left an hour ago.

The Doctor returns to the hospital to find Sarah gone. He ends up in pathology and talks to Carter, who tells her what happened.

Carter looks at the electronic microscope again, saying it’s changed. The Doctor posits that the sample has been absorbing radiation in the machine, possibly regenerating. He tells Carter to put it somewhere safe and asks where the nearest nuclear reactor is.

Sarah Jane approaches the Nunton Complex R&D facility. An armed guard steps out to greet her and she blasts him with the ring and walks in.

Carter and The Doctor drive, presumably to Nunton.

Sarah enters an R1/reactor area of the complex.

Carter’s car drives, following the signs to Nunton.

Sarah enters a “R2” or Radiation Level 2 area.

The Doctor and Carter are stopped at the front gate by more armed guards.

Sarah has made it to “Radiation Zone Class 3” area. A technician calls out to her and she blasts him with the ring. She moves on to a Radiation Class 4 area, and then approaches a door marked RADIOACTIVE SOURCE EXPOSED DO NOT ENTER.

She winds the crank on the door and enters. An alarm sounds. She sits down and opens the tupperware style container she’s been carrying the hand in. As she watches the hand becomes less fossilised and the fingers begin to move… and the credits roll.

CREEEEEEEEPY. I like it. I have never seen this serial before. I’m excited.

Episode 2:

In the operations center, a higher up is yelling that he can’t think and wants the racket stopped. The alarm is sounding over and over and the call for people to report to emergency stations, this is not a drill, repeats over and again.

The Doctor and Carter give the guards who are bringing them in the slip and head to the command center.

The hand has regrown the missing finger and is flexing. It must be communicating with Sarah, as she says, “Yes, I understand.” She rises and closes the door.

The higher up screams at everyone to shut up. That’s real professional. But it works, so I guess that’s ok. He begins instructing everyone on what to do – gee, you’d think they’d have been trained on what to do and be doing it instead of standing about blabbering so the boss can yell at them.

On the PA, he announces that the intruder has broken into the outer core of the neutron reactor; they don’t know if she’s a suicide job or has the skill to make it go critical but are beginning shut down procedures.

As the shut down procedure on the neutron reactor isn’t working, Mr Driscoll is ordered to get a team of men suited up and armed to get her out of there.

The Doctor and Carter arrive and talk to the top man. Carter is hearing a voice in his head, saying, “Eldrad must live!”

The Doctor asks Miss Jackson for layouts of the building and he punches them up on the computer she indicates.

Armed techs/guards try to open the door but cannot open it – the manual locks are jammed.

The top man tries to talk to her via the PA. When he’s told the levels are rising, he says she’s had it, there’s no way she can live. He orders an evacuation as The Doctor gets on the PA to try to reach her.

Sarah cries out, “It’s no use! There’s nothing more to say, because Eldrad must live!” Carter hears this in his head, in another’s voice.

The Doctor plans to enter via a cooling duct, despite the temperature being 200C. Carter follows him.

Sarah turns off the video monitor, preventing them from being able to see her. The hand begins to crawl out of the tupperware.

The hand crawls to the main reactor door and Sarah begins to pull open the latches.

On the way, Carter attacks The Doctor, saying Eldrad must live, but he falls to his death. The Doctor heads on to the cooling systems.

The head man calls in and talks to his daughter and wife, but he doesn’t tell her anything is wrong, just saying he has to work late.

The Doctor enters the outer core area; as Sarah moves to blast him, he says, “Eldrad must live,” and she holds off. When he gets close, he renders her unconscious. He takes her out, watching the hand, but the ring falls from Sarah’s hand as he slips her out.

The head man gets off the phone saying good bye and to kiss the children, and is about to cry when the alarm ceases. The Doctor contacts, him addressing him as “Professor Watson”, though I haven’t heard his name as yet.

Watson gets on the PA and issues the all clear.

The Doctor checks out Sarah with a rod that seems to be a radiation checker. She is murmuring, half conscious and wakes up. The last thing she remembered was being under the rock, and someone reaching out a hand to her.

Watson comes in and reads her the riot act. The Doctor uses the device to show them that she’s not been irradiated. Watson and Miss Jackson demand an explanation and The Doctor says they won’t believe him, but they press him to try. He begins at the quarry.

The hand is seen crawling to the main reactor door. Back in the command center, The Doctor, Watson, Sarah Jane, Driscoll and Jackson see the hand moving, trying to get in.

Driscoll enters, wearing a radiation suit. He picks up the hand with tongs and puts it in the container. Seeing the ring on the floor, he picks it up. It glows green-blue and he seems in a trance.

They scan it and place it in a decontamination safe. The Doctor asks Driscoll about the ring, but he says he didn’t see anything. The Doctor asks him to go back in and look for it.

The Doctor uses his mental powers to put Sarah in a trance so he can ask her about Eldrad. She just asserts that Eldrad MUST live, we MUST obey. He confirms that Carter “saw the light”.

Driscoll reports that there’s nothing in the reactor room. Watson tells him to leave and he does, pausing to look at the ring, which glows again.

The Doctor uses hypnotic suggestion to free Sarah of Eldrad’s control.

Watson tells The Doctor that Driscoll didn’t find the ring, but the Time Lord figures out that Driscoll must have found it and is under its control.

In the decontamination area, a man hears banging from the safe and reports it in to Watson. The Doctor says he’s on the way down and Watson tells the man to wait. Driscoll shows up and attacks the man and opens the safe. He opens the safe and takes the hand, which grabs his hand.

The Doctor arrives just in time to see Driscoll leave and contacts Watson to tell him what’s going on and to have him put guards on alert for Driscoll.

Driscoll rushes through the compound. Several guards follow, but he blasts them with the ring. The Doctor catches up and Driscoll blasts with the ring, but The Doctor hides behind a console box – the blast scortches the metal, so maybe the ring has different blasts it can do.

Driscoll is back at the reactor, opening the door Sarah could not. He walks in with the hand as Watson issues another evacuation. The Doctor and Sarah pull back from the reactor, seeing the door is open.

In the command center, consoles begin to short out. An explosion knocks Watson to the ground… and the credits roll.

Pretty intense stuff going on here!

Episode 3:

Watson recovers and staggers out the door of the command centre.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane lay on the floor of the corridor, surprised to find out they’re not dead. The Doctor goes in and closes the ginormous vault door, saying an “unexplosion” has taken place.

Watson arrives yelling for them to come out, that the radiation is lethal, but The Doctor says it’s fine, indicating on the wall-mounted sensor. He explains that a nuclear explosion happened but it was absorbed. He posits that Driscoll has been vaporised, but Eldrad is rebuilding himself, using the reactor’s energy.

Watson returns to the command center and gets on the phone to call the military. He comes back to inform The Doctor they have ten minutes.

The Doctor begins to wonder if Eldrad is a threat or just afraid. Watson and Sarah Jane run off, The Doctor lingering behind to watch as the vault door begins to fall apart before catching up with them.

Two jets fly in, part of the tactical strike from the military. The missiles are fired, but there are no explosions. The Doctor advocates trying to communicate with the being.

Inside the reactor, there is a large hole in the door. A voice can be heard, “What is this place, where have I come to,” and a feminine figure covered in silica and rock/crystal formation steps out. It recoils at its appearance; apparently its form has been determined by the creatures around it – perhaps even by Sarah Jane’s touching it (and that would explain it being feminine.)

Returning to the complex, The Doctor leaves the others, but Sarah Jane rushes in after him. They make it to the reactor, where they encounter Eldrad. The Doctor and Sarah Jane talk to Eldrad, discovering ‘she’ absorbed the missiles explosions to complete the regeneration process.

She realises that The Doctor is not from Earth and demands to know why he is there; he explains he’s a friend of the planet and is there to help them. He introduces Sarah Jane, who is very nervous.

Watson makes it to the command center and can hear the discussion between The Doctor and Eldrad. Eldrad demands to know why he tried to destroy her, but The Doctor crosses both his hearts and says, “We’re the ones who saved you.”

Eldrad’s eyes turn blue and The Doctor is transfixed. She reads his mind and sees that he speaks the truth. He tries to explain that the humans sometimes try to destroy what they do not understand.

Eldrad explains she was betrayed, her people tried to obliterate her. She says she will return to get revenge, but The Doctor says it has been 150 million years. Again, she scans his mind. She sees he is a Time Lord. This time, her mind scan of him results in his collapsing.

When Sarah accuses Eldrad of being cruel and destructive, she is almost wounded by the words. She tries to explain – Kastria, her homeworld, was a planet ravaged by the solar winds. She built the barriers to protect the planet, she created silicon forms for their bodies, she created machines to rejuvenate the planet’s soil and atmosphere.

Kastria became a battleground between two alien races, the barriers were destroyed. The aliens manipulated the leaders and discredited her, having her sentenced to obliteration.

Eldrad begs The Doctor to help her save Kastria, asking her to take her back in time to save her planet. The Doctor says he cannot take her back in time, it would contravene the First Law of Time. But he will take her to Kastria in the present.

Eldrad senses another presence; Watson is skulking nearby, and Sarah Jane lies, saying they’re the only ones there. She even gets in (another) dig about the deaths, saying, “The only living ones, at least.”

The Doctor asks Eldrad if she agrees to his conditions and, after a moment’s thought, she does. They step out of the reactor area and Watson opens fire on Eldrad with his pistol that he collected from his office. The bullets do not harm her and she blasts with her ring, but misses. He runs off and she chases him to the command center.

Watson is reloading his gun when she catches up. She tells him he will die slowly, “as traitors deserve,” and uses her mind to envelop him in an aura of pain.

The Doctor arrives and tells Eldrad if she does not let him go, he will never take her home. She releases him and says he will leave and after making sure he is okay, The Doctor and Sarah Jane leave with Eldrad.

Watson stands, befuddled. Miss Jackson arrives with more questions. She claims to have only seen The Doctor and Sarah Jane, but nobody else with them.

Returning to the TARDIS, entering the older control room. Eldrad asks where the TARDIS’ armaments are, and he indicates his head, saying, “They’re in here.”

Eldrad tries using her mental attack, but The Doctor explains that while in there, they are in a state of “temporal grace” and she cannot harm him.

The Doctor explains that he’s not really helping Eldrad, but more helping Earth by getting her off world. Plus, he wants to see Kastria. This upsets Sarah and she storms off.

The Doctor asks Eldrad to help him plot the course to Kastria. She agrees but gets irate when there’s some turbulence and he asks to check her coordinates. She goes on about not trusting anyone and he preaches at her about getting over her paranoid distrust.

They make it to Kastria, outside the dome we saw before. Eldrad tells him, “You will have to trust me, Doctor.” They raise the scanner and see the blasted exterior. The Doctor says the atmosphere is “near enough, Earth normal” though the radiation count is “a bit high”. This seems to please Eldrad, who says, “That is all I should need.”

Judith Paris, who plays Eldrad, is an extremely attractive woman, under the makeup and ornamentation. Well, honestly, even with it, she’s rather attractive. Her smile is quite fetching.

They depart the TARDIS. Eldrad says that Kastria is as it once was, before she built the solar barriers. She claims there will be survivors, living in the thermal caves. When The Doctor says there is no power, she laughs, “Do you think I would not have planned for my return?” She plunges her ring into an impression on a console and the dome lights up and hums with energy – energy from the core of the planet.

Eldrad opens a door, saying they will descend to the thermal chambers, but when the door open, a spear or projectile of some sort pierces her. She spins about, crying out… and the credits roll.

I’m really rather torn as to where this is going and whether I’m supposed to be rooting for or against Eldrad.

Episode 4:

The Doctor and Sarah Jane run over, but she waves them off and removes the projectile from her chest, saying it was filled with an acid designed to neutralise the molecular bonds of her body. She says there is no antidote, only the “regenerator chamber” on level 306 can save her.

They rush her into the elevator.

A robed figure receives a report from a computer about the intruders descent.

Departing the elevator on level 306, Eldrad points the way. The Doctor helps her shuffle out as Sarah heads down the path indicated.

The computer identifies the intruders as two aliens and one Kastrian.

Sarah steps into a trap, but Eldrad says the trap only affects silicon-based lifeforms. The Doctor gives her a hard time for being melodramatic.

Walking into a chamber, rocks collapse from above, but they avoid it. They both help Eldrad walk in. Sarah Jane says, “If they were dead, you’d think we’d see some bodies.” (Not after millions of years, you wouldn’t!)

The Doctor informs Sarah they have – the sand on the floor is broken down silicon lifeform bodies. This squicks her out completely.

The computer asks for orders to activate “automated defense procedures”.

Sarah questions about the aliens, realising that they must have been silicon life forms, too. The Doctor agrees, noting that silicon life forms are very rare and for two such to exist in the same galaxy is quite the coincidence.

Sarah almost falls into an opening. The Doctor saves her and kicks some rocks (bodies?) down.

The Doctor: “It’s an abyss.”

Sarah Jane: “It’s a long way down, too.”

Eldrad indicates they have to cross the bridge over the abyss. Sarah Jane says it’s not safe. The Doctor hoists Eldrad over his shoulders and crosses. Sarah Jane follows, on her hands and knees.

The computer keeps updating the progress of the intruders’ progress, saying they’ve reached the regeneration chamber, but if they enter, they will be eliminated. The robed figure never speaks that we see, at least not yet.

At the chamber, Eldrad moves to use her ring to open the door, but The Doctor stops her. He pushes them to the side and takes the ring to open the door. Sarah almost waltzes in, but The Doctor pushes her away again. Probing the doorway with a extendable stick, he triggers some sort of blast which destroys it.

He collects Eldrad and walks in. Good thing the gun was only a one shot. Cuz, that’s the sort of booby trap I’d set up…

The computer still has not identified Eldrad, yet.

The Doctor realises that the ring carries Eldrad’s genetic imprint, which allowed her to rebuild her body using the radiation on Earth. As The Doctor tinkers with the controls, Eldrad’s body is covered with black marks, perhaps cracks?

Sarah Jane has done a complete 180 degrees, now urging The Doctor to hurry, worried for Eldrad.

The computer identifies Eldrad (probably with the genetic info on the ring). The computer then begins to malfunction.

In the regeneration chamber, a large block comes down and smashes her body. The Doctor says they’ve been used, “they were determined to destroy Eldrad one way or another.”

Sarah says she’s confused, and asks what they should do now. The Doctor says they should leave. Just then, a door slides open, and they hide. A massive, male silicon life form steps out, identifying himself as Eldrad.

The Doctor deduces that Eldrad modeled himself after the first “primitive” he encountered – Sarah. I was right!

Eldrad begins some maniacal laughter, saying that the booby trapped regeneration chamber could not kill him, as he created the chamber, too. He goes on a bit of a megalomaniacal rant about controlling Kastria, his creation.

I liked the feminine Eldrad more better. (Though, interestingly enough, the male Eldrad is played by Stephen Thorne, who played Omega in THE THREE DOCTORS)

On a mirror/monitor, Eldrad’s enemy, Rokon appears and says he has won nothing but defeat and then the screen goes blank. The Doctor asks who Rokon was and Eldrad goes on a rant, revealing that there were no aliens, that the King (Rokon) turned against him, so he destroyed his own barriers.

Eldrad seeks to be the ruler of a conquering Kastria, spreading the rule of silicon life forms across the galaxy. He storms off to find Rokon, but finds only a brittle body.

The Doctor and Sarah Jane follow, watching him discover Rokon is long dead. The Doctor taunts Eldrad, but Eldrad says he will grow new Kastrians from the database, restoring the planet to its former glory and then conquer the universe.

Eldrad enters the database to find nothing, no genetic codes to grow the Kastrian people anew.

Another recording of Rokon activates, explaining that they knew he might return. After the destruction of the barriers, that the only future they had was a miserable existence below ground, the Kastrian people elected to die and destroy the race patterns.

Rokon salutes him, “Hail, Eldrad, king of nothing.”

When Sarah says, “I wouldn’t want to live here, or have him as leader,” Eldrad overhears and says he will take over Earth and use them instead. He wll be their god.

Eldrad demands his ring, which The Doctor still has. The Doctor throws it and when Eldrad runs after it, the Time Lord and Sarah run off and set a trap with his scarf. Eldrad, retrieving the ring, runs into the trap, tripping over the scarf and falling into the abyss.

The gravity of the law finally caught up with him,” The Doctor quips.

They return to the TARDIS and depart. I do love the old feel to the secondary control room. En route, the ship begins casting wildly and The Doctor opens up the console, with Sarah Jane handing him various tools (somehow knowing what each one is. Another ‘gift’?)

She complains that she might as well be talking to the Moon, as he never listens. She sits down, complaining that she’s sick of being tired, cold, wet, savaged by monsters, never knowing if she’s coming or going.

Oh, boy, am I sick of that sonic screwdriver! I’m going to pack my goodies and I’m going home!” She repeats herself but he’s too busy tinkering to notice until she storms off. The Doctor realises there’s nothing wrong with the TARDIS and gets out of the console, only to receive a mental call from Gallifrey.

He realises that he can’t take Sarah to Gallifrey, and must take her home first. She arrives, with her stuff. The Doctor tries to be nice, hoping to break it to her gently that he has to take her home; she mistakes his gentleness for trying to apologise, saying it’s too late, she’s got to go.

The Doctor: “How did you know?”

Sarah, suddenly realising that she’s not in control of this decision, “What?”

The Doctor: “I’ve had a call from Gallifrey. I can’t take you with me, you’ve got to go.”

Sarah: “Oh, come on! I can’t miss Gallifrey. I was only joking, I didn’t mean it. Hey, you’re not going to regenerate again, are you?”

Sarah thinks he’s just trying to trick her into staying.

The TARDIS materialises and The Doctor says they’ve landed, cutting Sarah off from listing a bunch of people she’ll say hello to for him. He tells her they’re at Hillview Road in South Croydon.

That’s my home. Well, I’ll be off, then.” She grabs her coat and possessions and turns to him, “Don’t forget me.”

Oh, Sarah, don’t you forget me.”

Sarah walks to the exit, “You know, travel does broaden the mind.”

Yes. Until we meet again, Sarah.”

Sarah just nods, probably knowing there won’t be much chance of that, at least not any time soon. She exits and watches the TARDIS disappear, then looks around.

This isn’t Hillview Road… I bet it isn’t even South Croydon. Oh… (laughs), he blew it!”

Whistling, she sets off down the road, after talking to a dog… and the credits roll.

Oh, man, I’m crying. Sarah Jane is definitely one of the best companions of all time. I haven’t regretted seeing a companion going since Jamie and Zoe. This was a fun serial, I rather enjoyed the dichotomy of feminine and masculine Eldrads.